There I was, lying near death, on some planet in this never ending universe. Sickness was overwhelming my physical body. My breath was getting shorter, my health was getting weaker. I knew I was about to leave this physical body I have inhibited and journey on to my next life.

Where will I go, I thought as I gazed to the stars above? What form of life will I be? Will the next world I journey to be as beautiful as this paradise I am about to leave? Will my next life be as wonderful as the life I am about to depart?

Suddenly, I felt my physical life start slipping away. I could feel myself sliding from my physical body into my spiritual body. I became my spiritual body as I left my physical body, the body I occupied on this planet, behind to waste into nothing as I traveled on to my next life.

Then quickly my whole life that I lived on that planet flashed before myself. I knew then that my judgment time had come. A time to reflect upon all my actions on that planet. A judgment of ourselves we are all faced with before we travel into everlasting life.

Everything I did during my lifetime on that planet I quickly examined and judged in a perspective I never had before. It was that the truth of God and reality of what really is became perfectly clear. I was then able to judge my past actions in my last life accordingly to the absolute truth of God. For it did not matter what I thought was the truth, it only mattered what really was the truth according to God! For we are not judged on what we thought we should have done, but what God knows we should have done.

After I judged myself, I found myself inside what seemed to be a brightly lit tunnel. This is a common effect we all experience when we leave our physical bodies. The after life experience is what it is referred to as.

In this tunnel I saw many other spiritual beings slowly progressing towards a brightly lit area ahead. I then realized I was about to again experience life everlasting with the spirit of God. The most wonderful experience possible I was again going to enjoy. I was going to feel God’s spirit within my spirit in God’s kingdom. My spirit, the real me, the part of me that can never die, was going to spend an eternity in the kingdom of God.

I was so happy to be able to enter God’s kingdom. After having judged my actions of my past life in accordance to the absolute truth, I was able to face God with no remorse or shame. God was able to welcome me into the kingdom of God. I was worthy of God’s love so God let me be worthy of God’s spiritual paradise, God’s kingdom in Heaven. A place where spirits live in total happiness. For there is nothing in Heaven that could bring any kind of sorrow. That is the joy of having an environment with no problems, no worries, no shame, no anger, no hate, nothing that could bring any unhappiness. That is the ecstasy that heaven has to offer all spirits!

Unexpectedly, I started experiencing a tugging feeling. It was as if something was holding me back, as if someone didn’t want me to enter everlasting life yet.

Suddenly, I felt myself being directed towards another planet in space. The planet appeared as a tranquil rotating sphere from afar. White clouds gently rolled over its blue skies and beautiful landscape. From its magnificent mountains to its sculptured valleys, to its spacious oceans, the planet looked so picturesque.

I came upon a crowd of spirits gathered around the blue and green planet. They all seemed a bit gloomy and worried. As I neared the group, one spirit turned towards me and said “Welcome, we have been expecting you.” I was taken aback somewhat, one moment I’m living on one planet, and the next moment I’m fixing to enter everlasting life only to be directed to some other planet in space.

One spirit approached me as I stood there bewildered. It was as f the spirits knew I was coming and had so much so say to me.

“This is the planet its inhabitants refer to as Earth”, the spirit said. We have all been living down there at one time or another. We all had the chance to experience the paradise God ahs offered us. We were all able to partake in the Earth’s many bounties.

“A wonderful planet it surely is.”. There is many different creatures living on this planet. There are creatures of many different feathers that soar through the blue sky with such grace and beauty that it will amaze you. There are small and gigantic creatures that swim so gracefully in the vast amount of water on the planet. There are many, many different creatures that enjoy the serenity and beauty of the many scenic mountains and vast open plains of this planet.

” The creature we spirits inhibited on that planet along with many other creatures on that planet, can see the beauty of nature with a magnificent set of eyes, hear all the wonderful sounds of nature with a finely tuned set of ears, taste nature’s many appetizing delights with an intriguing mouth that also creates many sounds to communicate, smell the many scents of nature, with an exquisite nose and feel and touch with a body that has unlimited excitements”.

“So what if some spirits can’t do some of these things. They can surely still enjoy the paradise with a magnificent brain, we spirits possess on this planet. For all spirits on this Earth are given the gift of life from God. Let no one deny this gift to anyone”.

“It is a beautiful paradise, this planet called Earth,” the spirit continued, “The planet has many different creatures that in many ways need and co-exist with one another. It’s a harmony that went on for a long , long time. All life on this beautiful and wonderful planet should exist forever”

“However, now the planet is threatened by the very species that us spirits have inhibited. The spirits on Earth are slowly strangling the life out of this planet”.

I looked at the spirit puzzled as I said, “Are you telling me that we spirits have messed up this paradise that God has allowed us to occupy? This planet that has so many joys to offer us spirits is now going to be destroyed by us spirits! How foolish can all of you be? How could you allow this to happen”?

By now a large group of spirits have gathered around listening attentively to the conversation. Gazing at them quickly, I knew what I was about to hear would not be pleasant. Something seemed to be bothering all of them. Their looks seemed to say many sad words.

One of the spirits then said, “What goes on down there on that planet, you would not believe. Us spirits have occupied a species down there that seems to lose all knowledge of reality, once the spirit transfers down to Earth. The spirits living on that planet do not realize that the spirit of God is within their spirit which then lives on this planet within this species they occupy”.

” This is the miracle of life! The three-in-one miracle!! The miracle of God’s spirit within our spirit that’s within the body that we inhibit on that planet! That is the absolute truth of life”!

These spirits on Earth do not realize the absolute truth. They do not realize the gift of life, the miracle of life! They do not understand the absolute truth of life”!

“The spirits on Earth do not understand what reality is. The spirits on Earth have inhibited a species that it identifies in its own way, not God’s way. These species call themselves many different things and go by many different identities. They do not realize that in doing so only drives them further from the absolute truth”!

“For if the spirit leaves all these physical or other attributes on Earth when the spirit leaves this planet, then how could all these identities be anything else but temporary illusions on one’s self.. So all these illusions of themselves that these spirits possess on Earth are just that, illusions, and shall be no more once they leave this paradise called Earth. So how could one be what one thinks one is today when later they are that no more”!

“These spirits on Earth do not understand who they really are. They believe their life ends with the death of their physical bodies. They do not understand about life everlasting”.

“For when they die on Earth, only their physical bodies die. Their spiritual body goes on for an eternity. The spiritual body knows not death, but only life everlasting. The physical body has the means to achieve death, the spiritual body cannot achieve death, because someone’s spiritual self cannot physically die. We live on forever”.

“This reality of life on Earth in the physical body and the life after they leave Earth in the spiritual body is not realized by these spirits on Earth. The reality of a spirit inside each and everyone of them is not known to them. For all of those physical beings on Earth do have a spirit. While on Earth the spirit is the link between one’s physical life and one’s everlasting life. That is the absolute truth of life”.

“Also, these spirits do not understand about their judgment time. They do not know that everything they have done they shall have to answer for when their judgment time comes when they leave this paradise called Earth. They do not understand that they will know the absolute truth of life when they leave their physical body and shall judge all they have done with their physical body in accordance to the absolute truth”.

The knowledge of what they have done on this planet with their physical bodies will be with them forever. Everyone of them has a flash of their existence on Earth when the physical body leaves that planet. What they have done on Earth they will have to all answer for when they leave and will all be judged not on what they thought to be the truth, but what is the absolute truth”.

“When these spirits know the absolute truth they will realize the wrongs they have done on Earth. The spirits will know that when they do wrong towards another spirit they are only hurting the spirit of God which is within everyone’s spirit.

“The spirits do have a chance to make amends for the evil they have done with their physical body while on Earth, but once they leave Earth it is too late for amends. Then those that have done wrong or have not tried to change the things they have done wrong will not be welcomed into God’s spiritual paradise”.

These spirits left out of God�s spiritual paradise will have an eternity to know how they have done wrong and will not be able to feel the spirit of God within their spirit, because God cannot possess evil. God is all good”.

“To be possessed by God’s spirit and welcomed into eternal life in the kingdom of God one must be free of all evil. One must be all good. One must be as God would be “.

“Those spirits that can’t enter God’s kingdom feel left out of the most wonderful experience one can have. They will know the joys they will miss in God’s kingdom. They will know that because of the wrongs they have done on this planet called earth, God will not be able to welcome them into God’s spiritual paradise. They know they can’t be possessed by the spirit of God”.

“The spirits left out of God’s spiritual paradise shall have an eternity to wonder why they have brought harm to other spirits on Earth during the brief time they were there”.

“For the time that spirits spend on Earth is brief compared to the eternity one faces in everlasting life, the life with no end”.

“It is a pity that some spirits shall not be able to enter God’s spiritual paradise because of the wrongs they did on Earth”.

“These spirits on Earth don’t even realize the wrongs they do. Many don’t even know they have a spirit. This spirit is forever. This spirit they have today on Earth within their physical body. This spirit they will be when they leave their physical bodies”.

“The spirits on that planet don’t even realize that they can communicate with their spiritual self through their physical self. They don’t understand that God’s almighty wisdom and understanding of the absolute truth of life is available to all those who reach out to God for it. God will possess and communicate with ones physical self through ones spiritual self”.

“However, God cannot reach out to someone who won’t reach out to God. Very few of the spirits on Earth know how to reach out to God. Very few of them realize that the spirit of God is within their spirit which is within them”.

All these truths these spirits on Earth don’t understand. So you can see they need some help understanding life before they leave this planet they call Earth. So much depends on them knowing the truth of life, the spirit said”.

I stood there speechless wondering what other facts they were going to tell me. What has happened to these spirits once they travel sown to this paradise called earth, I thought? What have they done to have caused so much concern to the spirits who have left there? Bewildered I asked, “Surely the spirits on that planet could not have done so much wrong even though they didn’t understand the truth of life. What has happened on this beautiful paradise that causes you all to worry? What has become of us spirits on Earth”?

Suddenly a spirit came forward. “Allow me to introduce myself. I was called Jesus when I lived on this planet called Earth. I tried to tell the spirits on that planet the absolute truth, but they did not understand me therefore they did not believe me” said Jesus.

So what did they do when you showed them the truth, I asked”?

“They killed me, ” answered Jesus.Say what,” I exclaimed, horrified beyond belief Jesus looked at me with such sorrow and cried out “Yes, they murdered me in the most cruel and vicious way they could. The spirits on that planet forced me to carry a heavy wooden cross a long way through angry mobs of spirits who cursed and spat upon me as they threw rocks and other things at me. They also whip lashed me along the way. Then these spirits hung me on a cross with steel nails that they embedded into my hands and feet. As my blood dripped from the crown of thorns that they stuck into my head, the nail wounds and from the  whip lashes that gave me along the way they then challenged me to create some miracle to get myself out of the murder that they were imposing upon me.”

“I looked at them all, knowing that they all misunderstood just what the truth of life is and couldn’t comprehend just what it was I was trying to teach them. All I could say was, ‘God forgive them for they do not know what it is that they do’! Then they took a steel spear and stuck it into my side to insure I would physically die. After that they took body down from the cross and stuck it into a hole in the wall. After getting over all this shock That I just went through I left my physical body behind and transferred into to my spiritual body. My spiritual body appeared to those who were watching my physical body. I hoped that this witnessing of life after death would help them understand what the truth of life was but it seems that I failed at that.” said Jesus sorrowfully.

I stood there speechless just wondering how these spirits could do such horrendous actions against another spirit for just telling them the absolute truth of life. “Jesus,” I said ” Surely you must of convinced someone that there is life after they leave this planet. Surely someone understands the truth of life! Surely someone has figured out just what it was you were trying to tell them! Your death must not be in vain!”

“Since my physical death I’m sorry to say that the spirits on that planet still don’t understand the absolute truth of life,” answered Jesus slowly,” You must understand that these spirits on this planet are a bunch of misinformed spirits. They have totally lost conception of who they are and just who they are and why they are able to enjoy life on this paradise they call Earth. They are a terrible disappointment.” said Jesus sadly. ” To try to explain the truth of life the spirits on Earth have created many kinds of organizations that they call religions. Just about all of these religions dictate that it’s members construct magnificent expensive buildings to pray in as their richly roped and richly cared for leaders instruct them in many different ways on their opinion on how to worship God and what is the absolute truth of life. Although God is somewhat pleased to hear prayers of worship God is sorrowed by the expensiveness of the place of worship whose buildings are not even offered to the homeless to sleep sheltered from the blistering night cold.”

“In fact the spirits on this planet spend more money and energy on building and maintaining these houses of worship than they do on the poor.” Jesus said.

Another spirit said ” Just as these spirits on this planet turned their backs on Jesus when he was born on this planet they continue to do the same to many more spirits. They don’t understand that to worship God one must also respect, care for and love all of God’s spirits. They don’t realize that the spirit of God is within all of us.”

Another spirit then said “These spirits don’t know that to worship God one only needs to meditate within one’s spiritual self to feel the presence of God’s spirit. One needs not build expensive buildings to pray to God. In fact God would rather see all that money and energy instead go towards helping others. When one helps others then one is doing God’s work.”

“But with all of their praying these spirits on this planet still don’t know the truth of life.” continued the spirit. “These spirits have divided themselves into many different categories and are constantly antagonizing one another in many cruel ways because of the divisions that they bring upon themselves.”

“These spirits on this planet label themselves with many made up identities. Because of biological reasons they look different so they identify themselves with many different descriptions. However they attach all sorts of conditions on these identities that they use which causes them to loss touch of who they are.”

“When these spirits leave this paradise that they call Earth they will not even think of any of these identities that they have label themselves with. All the characters that they label themselves with on this planet shall be no more once they leave this planet. In the after life they are all the same, they are all only spirits. They are no different in the after life so they are no different during their life on this planet they call Earth.”

“However,” the spirit continued, “these spirits go further into dividing themselves by putting all sorts of identities on the pigmentation of their skin, place of birth, the way they look and the way they feel about each other.”

“So because of all of these separations that they bring upon themselves they lose touch of their self and why they are able to enjoy God’s gift to us spirits, this life on a beautiful paradise they call Earth.”

“The spirits on that planet don’t know that when they partake of Earth’s many pleasures for their own self satisfaction or at the expense of other spirits and not let their spiritual self become part of their physical self they are only abusing the gift of life on this paradise that God has given us.”

“These spirits on this planet do not partake of this paradise in the way that God had intended it to be” another spirit said. “They live in ungodly ways. These spirits exhibit selfishness, greed, hate, anger and bitterness towards one another. Surely that is not the way that God meant for us to be on this paradise.”

“I can’t believe what I just heard,” I exclaimed. “Of all the lives I have lived and all the planets I have existed on I have never encountered anything like this. This paradise that God has given us spirits must be changed so that the spirits who live there can be one with God so that they will be one with God when they leave this paradise and enter everlasting life. It is becoming apparent to me that for many spirits that may not be so.”

“You have told me much about these spirits that I can’t comprehend. I can’t understand why it is not apparent to these spirits on this planet they call Earth that they are all the same. They are all the spirits of God. Their life is the life that God has bestowed upon us spirits. That life is god’s gift to us! God’s life is our life! God’s spirit is within our spirit. God’s spirit is our life. Without God’s spirit we would have no life!”

The more I heard the more bewilder I became. I then asked “Tell me, what kind of identities have these spirits given themselves that causes all of you to worry so much?”

As the spirits looked at me sadly one of them said “These spirits have lived on this planet a long, long time. Because of the different climates that they live in their skin pigmentation changed to different shade.”

“However, these spirits attach all sots of identities upon themselves depending upon the shade of the shade of their skin pigmentation. They even made slaves out of massive amounts of spirits just because of their skin pigmentation.”

“But they are not the yellow, black, brown or white skin beings that they call themselves. these are just made up colors and identities that they have given themselves.”

“All of these made up color identities will have no meaning once they leave this paradise they call Earth” the spirit said. “When these spirits leave this paradise they will not even think of themselves as brown, black, white or yellow spirits because then they will have no skin pigmentation at all.”

“However,” the spirit continued, “these spirits who live on this planet are taught from the first moment of their live on Earth to the last moment that they are either a white, black, brown or yellow being. They are taught that by everyone on that planet for as long as life has been existing on this planet. They have been brainwashed into believing these made up identities that they have given themselves. It seems like this brainwashing will never end.”

“They are not the colors that they call themselves but yet believe it to be so. So because of all of these color identities and all of the other fictional identities that they identify themselves with these spirits on this planet lose touch of what God meant them to be. They lose touch of who they really are.”

“All of us spirits have been living on that planet at one time or another,” another spirit said. “All of us have been brainwashed too. We believed the things we were told.”

“We were even brainwashed enough to divide this beautiful paradise into what we called countries. That seems to be the most antagonizing thing that we have done on this planet.”

“There are numerous countries on this planet and almost every one of these countries have trained killers to protect themselves from other countries spirits,” the spirit continued. ” These countries armies of trained killers are instructed with expensive destructive weapons whose intention is to bring the most possible harm to other spirits from other countries on this planet.”

“These spirits are proud of of their trained armies of killers and give them rewards for killing other spirits on this planet,” the spirit said. “Can you imagine that! Giving awards for killing other spirits! These spirits never cease to shock us!”

“Most countries even use the name of God to try to justify their killings of other spirits. Some spirits even try to convince themselves that they are doing the work of God when they kill other spirits”

“How would God have anything to do with the taking of a physical life away from a spirit. Why do these spirits on Earth think that God would take away a physical life that God has bestowed upon us. These spirits on this planet don’t understand what is going on. They do not understand the absolute truth of life.” the spirit continued.

“They even have wars between these countries that they created. You wouldn’t believe how many spirits have already been killed in these wars. As these spirits battle each other in these wars they fight to their deaths. The purpose of these wars is to kill the other country’s spirits. These spirits on this paradise are cruel.”

“These spirits on Earth even have had what they call World Wars. Many countries have joined in these World Wars and many beings have perished in these World Wars. These spirits have had two World Wars already. However you can say that since the beginning of time that these spirits on this planet have always been at war!” exclaimed the spirit.

“Now all the spirits on Earth fear what they call World War III. That’s because certain warring countries now possess what they call nuclear bombs. These countries already have enough of these nuclear weapons to blow up the world 60 times over. Can you imagine that! Now we all wait in fear because these spirits on this planet might just disintegrate this beautiful paradise.”

Another spirit then said “On this planet there are many other kinds of bad spirits who are killers who kill for many other reasons. These spirits kill each other for this stuff they call money. They kill others because of lust in their minds. They kill each other because of the hate they have for another spirit. They kill with no remorse at all. They have even made games of killing of other species. on this planet.”

“These spirits on this planet kill without knowing that when they kill another spirit they are also taking away God’s life that is inside of the spirit that is inside the physical body of the one that they killed. These killers are hurting God as they are hurting others and themselves. Because God will never welcome killers into God’s spiritual paradise,” exclaimed the spirit.”

I stood there baffled beyond belief. The more I heard about the spirits on this planet the more concerned I became. I wondered why these spirits let their lives progress the way they did. The life that the spirits faced on that planet sounded harsh and cruel.

“Tell me, “I said, “Surely the spirits on that planet know how to enjoy life in a good way. God must find some pride and happiness in the life that God has given us.”

“Oh yes,” answered a spirit, “Most of the spirits on that planet do show love and kindness toward other spirits but they do not show love towards all of God’s spirits. Many spirits only show love towards the spirits they know.”

“These spirits enclose themselves in groups called families and friends. These families and friends are mostly made up of loving, kind and peaceful groups of spirits. It is truly beautiful how the families and friends co-exist. God is aglow with joy from the wonderful experiences these spirits have with their families and friends.”

“However these spirits show a lack of concern for the spirits that are not part of their families and friends. They turn their back on those that they do not love or like. They mostly care only for the well being of their family and friends and the heck with anyone else.”


“Their lifestyles are are most evident of the lack of concern they have for other spirits on this planet,” continued the spirit. “These spirits on this planet are ruining this planet in every way possible. They have polluted the air, the water and the land with the waste that they have created from the way that they live. They don’t seem to care that they are slowly killing this planet and all that live on it. They don’t seem to care to stop doing it either. They don’t have a plan to stop it and aren’t seeking a plan to stop it.”

“We don’t know how much longer this planet can sustain the life threatening way of living that these spirits on this planet have adapted. The time is fast approaching when life on this planet may die because of the pollutants that they have manufactured. They don’t realize how fragile an environment can be. The end of life on other planets came about because of the environment and the same could happen here. That must not be so!” exclaimed the spirit.

“This is a beautiful paradise that should be passed on forever from one generation of spirits to the next generation of spirits. Let no generation of spirits deny the next generations of spirits that privileged of life on this paradise!”

“This is a one of a kind paradise. Nowhere is life the same on other planets. Nowhere else is the joy of physical life so enjoyable and wonderful.”

“It is not right that these spirits are destroying this planet for their own satisfaction. It is not right that this planet is being destroyed with such ungodly, selfish and sadistic lifestyles”

Another spirit then said, “Their lifestyles and ideological way of thinking have led these spirits on this planet to create different systems of governing. They have what they call a capitalistic system, a communist system, a socialist system and other ways of governing themselves.”

“Some of these ways of governing are so unjust, cruel, self centered and evil. Some of these systems and governments enslave the majority of the spirits on this planet. This planet that God has given us to live on was meant to be enjoyed and not to enslaved for survival. The material happiness and financial gains that these systems of governing have have to offer causes most spirits on this planet to lie, cheat and steal from other spirits while it causes other spirits to literally work themselves to death.”

“Sadly none of these systems seem to be adequate when it comes to taking care of the poor and needy on this planet. There are many spirits enjoying the many material wonders of this paradise and there are many more spirits that are barely able to survive. There are many spirits who can fill their stomachs with the many delicious foods this planets has to offer yet there are many more spirits who are literally starving to death or are going hungry from lack of enough food to eat.”

“Because of the way this planet evolved some land was able to grow food easier because it was more fertile. But because these spirits divided up this planet into different countries some spirits have the ability to grow food while others don’t”

“Then these spirits who can grow more food selfishly store mass amounts of food for their own benefit. Meanwhile other less fortunate spirits suffer mentally and physically from lack of food,” continued the spirit sadly. “To share the many bounties on this planet with all of the spirits so that everyone could find happiness was God’s intention. Sadly that that has never ever happened.”

I stood there speechless momentarily and then said “How could all of this be true?

How could all of these things I was told happen to such a beautiful paradise? How could something so spectacular turn so ugly? I just wonder if this gift of physical life to us spirits on this beautiful wonderful planet will be wasted away. Only they and time will tell. What a future to have to face.”

I looked at Jesus and the rest of the gathered spirits and said, “I know now why you feel so much concern and sorrow for the spirits on this paradise they call Earth. But tell me, what is your reason for telling me all of these things. You act like I’m now part of this life on this planet.”

Jesus then said, “It is now your turn to partake of the physical wonders that this paradise has to offer. It is now your time to experience the physical life on this planet we have all had a chance to live on called Earth. Enjoy it the best you can but share the enjoyment with everyone else and not just yourself. And help preserve this planet so that this paradise will go on forever.”

“Share with all this wonderful paradise and you’ll be sharing the gift of life and love that God has given us. You will possess a mind that will give you the ability to love and care for all the spirits on this planet or you can be selfish, self centered and cruel towards other spirits on this planet.”

“The choice is yours but do not forget that you are a spirit that remembers all. You are a spirit that knows the absolute truth of life. You are going to be a spirit inside a physical body that has the spirit of God within your spirit!”

Jesus continued, “We want you to tell the spirits on this planet what we have told you. We want you to tell them the absolute truth of life. Tell these spirits that they do not die when their physical body stops functioning but instead only transfer onto their next existence, their spiritual existence.

Tell them to not fear their physical death but to rejoice in life everlasting. Tell these beings on this planet to be one with God so that God can be one with them in God’s spiritual heaven. Tell them to be ready for the after life on this planet. Tell them that they are a spirit inside a physical body that has the spirit of God within their spirit!”


You’ll be responsible for everything that you have done. And for all of you out there who don’t believe in the after life let me tell you something that made a believer out of me. Years ago I had a medical problem and I almost died. In fact I would have died had I not been given help. As I was getting help I was leaving my body and floating above myself as I was watching those that were trying to save me. I would go from watching myself then flow down into my body only to leave my body again and then finally getting back into my body for good. Then years later I talked to this guy who told me what happened to him. He had a fight and during the fight he got stabbed with a knife and was in serious condition. He was losing a lot of blood and during the trip to the hospital he passed out. However once he passed out he said he saw himself floating over his body watching all the commotion that was happening to his body. He was totally out and yet he was able to describe everything that the medical workers were doing to his body afterward when he recuperated. He also described what his relatives were doing in the waiting room. He was able to know what was going on around him even though his eyes were closed and he was not conscience and near death. How can so many people have this same experience of seeing whats going on around them even though they are not conscience. There is more to ourselves than just our physical self. The fact that so many of us had this SAME experience says that there must be a spiritual self to all of us. So be warned that all that you have done with this physical body that you temporary occupy will be with you for an eternity as you transfer from your physical body into your spiritual body. Do not do wrong for you will regret it forever.