The following letter was sent years ago to all the major television networks. I have not seen any action taken on any of the following suggestions so it is up to ALL OF YOU to get these suggestions acted upon!!!  I also sent these letters to all the last five Presidents and the leaders of Congress.

I am writing to you directly because I feel that when one wants something done that should be done, then go right to who has the most responsibility to get it done right. That is you.

Now there are three things that I would like to discuss with you, so let me begin.

First, I would like for you to stop promoting smoking. You are the MOST responsible for the continuation of this terrible deadly drug addiction that has affected us all either directly through poor health and/or emptier pockets on indirectly through higher health insurance cost for us all. You in the media are advertising the reasons one gets this tobacco habit every time you show someone smoking on T.V. or the movies for that matter. People learn from what they SEE. Stop showing people how to smoke, how it�s supposed to make one look and feel. Every time you show someone smoking cigarettes or tobacco you help others do the same. Oh, yes you do!!! Stop being the pushers of dirty deadly bad habits!

Make a corporate rule that all shows are not to show anyone smoking and then go through all the upcoming reruns or movies and cut out all smoking scenes. And if the scene has someone talking and smoking, just either cut the frames to show a part of the picture that doesn’t show the cigarette smoking or forward or reverse to the last frames and dub in the voice. But stop promoting smoking! No excuses!!! You have better because and Ii really don’t want to go through with this but I will get others to boycott every product that is advertised during that particular show. Full page newspaper ads will drive up support.

Now I’m sure that all these different do-gooder organizations would go along with such a boycott, but let’s not let it go that route. Be responsible, please stop being a pusher of bad habits. Be a leader, don’t wait for others to do it or force you to do it, but lead the way to the righteous thing to do. I’m sure the many, many people would appreciate it if you do.

Now I would like to comment on your comedy shows. They stink mostly. What’s wrong did people forget how to write comedy? Sometimes I’m lucky to get five laughs out of a show and mostly those laugh tracks are the only ones laughing. We need humor!!!! It is the best medicine for an drag out, miserable day. Humor makes one feel good and you all are doing a poor job at making the public feel good about T.V. You are boring the public not only with your so-called sitcoms, but mostly all your other T.V. shows too. People have had enough of your cop shows, your late night soaps, as well as your daytime soaps which to this day I can’t see what is so exciting about boring stories. They want excitement and you aren’t providing enough of it!!!! The viewer wants a different kind of humor, instead of your typical punch-line humor. It seems that that is basically the only kind of humor there is on T.V. series. You need adapt more motion humor and situation humor into your shows. By motion humor I mean humor that is derived from action, not verbal response. You should test your comedy writers to see if they can even write motion humor. Make sure they know how and adapt that knowledge to the programs they write. Also, why do you have the same cast playing the same characters every show.. Why don’t you give actors different scripts about different things in each show in which they play different parts? Keep the audiences interest going that way.

Now for the other thing I’d like to share with you. I am sending you a short story script that I wrote. It is entitled “The Absolute Truth of Life”. However it’s just my opinion, not necessarily the absolute truth of life. However it is I believe an interesting story that could serve for a base for an exciting movie. It could be lengthened to show different scenes of violence being committed to show how one is hurting another through what they do. Also a more in depth look at how we are polluting the planet would fit in nice. And the story could be presented in a whole new way to suit your taste. For I know that some parts you may not want to present at all. Especially the part about abortion. The abortion part I was going to take out before I sent you the story, but I thought it only fair that I show you how I wrote the whole story. You can use it any way you want. But I’m sure that the audience would love seeing a story based loosely on this story I’m sending you. In fact if you could somehow get proof that a spirit does leave the body at death, which is true, then that will really intrigue the audience. I’m sure that also the movie can lift the consciences of some people so that they are better people in the future. Now I would like to say that as much as you can rewrite the story for a movie, I would like if possible to see the script before production. This way I could at least advise or put my two cents in.

Now onto another subject. What if you all had to take your shows to every little cluster of audiences around the country and show them each show? Would be expensive right? And it would take the mucho amount of people, buildings and much more. However, you use a tool, namely the T.V. to get lots of people all at once using one set of actors.

Well, we have the same problem today with education. Most people experience learning basically the same way. The sit in many expensive buildings while being taught by expensive teachers. Why, oh why can’t you all get together and offer college courses and vocational trade courses on cable or free T.V.? Think of the drastic change such an action would bring. NOBODY would have an excuse for not bettering themselves. Everybody would get an access to an education of any kind. The cost of the federal, State and local governments would be greatly reduced. People would then look at T.V. as an education tool, which it should be, instead of an idiot box. You could make this type of programming without any inconvenience to you at all. Simply have the educational programs run late at night when you aren’t really using the airwaves much. People can then record the shows on their V.C.R.’s and play back as much as needed to learn any subject. Tests could also be sent in to a special address using computerized forms which would cheaply enhance the publics knowledge. Books could also be advertised and bought to do the courses. This way education does not become the privileged of a few, but the opportunity of all. A brighter nation is a more successful nation. All the businesses could also chip in by providing completely detail information of their trades and operating that is needed to operate on a V.C.R. tape to be shown by you on T.V. This way businesses would have the personnel trained for whatever trade needed to operate their business. You ALL are the only ones who can provide this type of service. It is your responsibility to do so. End the decrease of ignorance once and for all. Give to America a nation prepared to meet any challenge with educated people. Help lower the cost of government. You could even have commercials on these shows to help lower your cost. Not that your cost should be that high cause actually you can just put a camera in any classroom and just about get all the information needed to do the T.V. course. Businesses would be more willing to co-operate than colleges because colleges are trying to save their ass just like the military is today.

So it is up to you all to help bring a better America or a continuation of a run down America. Educate America and the world cheaply. Another thing, why don’t you all ask people to send in scripts for production. If you give some kind of reward for good scripts then maybe you would get better T.V. After all T.V. doesn’t have to be dominated by T.V. series. It’s time to broaden the horizons of T.V. as variety is the spice of life. So that is all I have to say for now. Please get back to me on my suggestions. GOODLUCK!!!


Ron McCune///////////////////////////


To whomever may concern

Ron McCune

xxxx Mahaffey

New Port Richey, FL

To St. Petersburg Times,

Folks, I would appreciate it if you would print the following letter in your newspaper, in the letters to the editor section.

The column, I would like, would be headed by, �To Whomever it may concern�.

Your Honor, your Honor, hold your horses here. Before you give this overpriced taxpayer supported vicious murder case to the jury we the people would like to call to the stand one more witness who we believe may have been of the murder scene as it was happening and may be able to shed some light on the truth. Thank you your honor, now will the witness please come forward. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help me, o.k. never mind. We all know it�s impossible for you to lie.

Now it is a known fact that you were at the murder scene after they happened because your footprints are there. What we now want to know is were you at the scene of the murder as they were happening and if so do you know whom the murderer is. So to find this out please follow me.

Now it is a known fact that a dog was barking loudly near the time of the murders. It is also a known fact that a dog would bark loudly if that dog was accosting someone or as would be the case here, to arrive upon the scene of the murder as it was happening and then barking loudly to confront or chase away someone who was harming the dog�s master. It is also a known fact that a dog arriving after a murder has happened and the murderer has left, would whimper, maybe give a bark, then listen and pause and then continue a bark and a listen until some attention was received. So since we believe that that you may have been at the scene of the murders as they were happening and because of your great sense of smell and other great senses that you, the deceased�s victim�s dog perhaps you may know who the murderer is, especially if the murderer was the defendant as it being that you are familiar with the defendant and his looks and body odor. So now, we the people would like to conduct the following test to see if you know who the murderer is. We would like to request witness protection for the witness until this test is done.

Now for the test. First, I would like all those who know this witness to please come forward and pat the witness on the head for a while. Then pick up the knife next to the dog and put the knife down on the other side of the dog and then again pat the dog on the head for a short while. Then I would like the sequestered defendant to come into the courtroom, go to the dog and do the same. What is that objection I hear from the defense? Have you no regard for the truth? Haven�t we both paid enough to know the truth or is someone paying not to let the truth be known.

Come on O.J., take the test or are you scared? Well, I�ll tell you what O.J., if you are guilty and you are judged to be not guilty you know that sooner or later you are going to have to encounter the witness for I�m sure someone will see that it is so and when that happens the whole world will be watching. So, what are we waiting for O.J., on with the show? Say what O.J., you want to wait until after the jury returns a verdict and hope that the jury sets you free? Come on O.J. we the people cannot take a chance in letting a murderer free. So pet the dog, damn it! Now!

Ron McCune

And the undersigned!

That’s all folks.

Thank you

p.s. if you are too chicken to print, this letter please let me know as soon as possible so I can find some other paper that has the balls to publish it. Also, don’t give out my address and phone number or print it. In addition, I give permission to anyone to publish this letter elsewhere. say L.A. //////////////////////////////////////////

Sept. 15, 1996

Ron McCune

Mahaffey Dr.

New Port Richey, FL 34653


I am writing to you in the hopes that you can help me help others, or that I can help, you help others. Or even better, we can help each other help others. But the fact of the matter is that many need help and from what I can see nobody knows what to do to help and detailing how we can help those in need of help is what this letter is all about.

Now let me just say that just because I have not typewritten this letter on some fancy paper, does not mean what I have to say isn’t worth much because what I have to say will help people and save lives. However, being a single parent who is barely making it, financially, and being that my health is going downhill fast, I’m too broke to afford a typewriter or to pay to have this typewritten. So please disregard the grammar and please for the sake of womankind, children and mankind, please listen and act on what I have to say because it is important.

Now I will say that I have tried to get the government to act on these suggestions but as I found out the government is not always the one to get the job done that needs to be done and now I turn to you and I pray you don�t let me down too. For if you do let me down, you are really letting millions of people down who need help. Now let me begin.

First, do you want to prevent a murder? Well you can. Very simply too. And in the process, you can throw a lifeline to many in need of help. How you may wonder? By just setting up a system that enables anyone to record what it is that they are about to do. Now think about it. Why is it that many women are killed many times across this planet of ours? Because the killer believes, they can get away with the murder. Well, what if there was a way to know who the murderer is? Do you think that person would murder someone if they thought that someone knows who they are and that they, the murderer, would be identified as the person who was with the victim? Well, I think not. That is what this program is all about.

What I have in mind is, a phone recording system set up where as someone could call the number (i.e. 1-800-U-RECORD) and can then record up to two minutes any message they want. Now at the beginning of the recording one would push the buttons on the phone to record their personal area code and phone number so that when the search for ones recording is needed it can be done easier. For those without phone numbers, they could press the # button and then press the phone buttons that spell out the first three letters of their first name and the first three letters of their last name. Then the first thing they all must be instructed to say is �Hello, my name is�.�. This way searching the recordings will be made easier for someone seeking the right recording. Then the person should be instructed to say exactly what it is they are going to do and with whom they are going to do it with. Now a good thing also would be for the person making the recording, which in 95% of the time would be a woman, would be to have the woman give the phone to their date so that, that person can give their name and maybe address. At least we will have a voice recording of that person which can help a lot if need be. To play the recording over the airwaves would sure help in identifying the wrong doer because someone might recognize the voice of the person the police would be looking for if need be. In addition, in the recording the person could describe the appearance of the person they are going out with so that voice and physical identification could be used to search for wrong doers. And all known information that could be used to find the wrong doer should be given on the recording.

Now with this system in place, in all the places we need it, worldwide, I do believe that we can cut down on the molestation of women worldwide. Especially where I believe its needed most and that is right here in the good ‘ole U.S.A. Let�s make it a better world, a more secure world, a more responsive world, a more caring world for all. Let�s not let another woman go out without a lifeline, a phone lifeline to help her on her way through the rough life women have to face. Let every woman, and I believe a few men, have the ability to confront their aggressor that the authorities are going to know that I was with you and that you will be confronted if anything happens to me. I do believe that many a wrong doer will not do wrong if the wrong doer knows that they will most likely be caught if they do wrong. Lets give women who get picked up by men they do not know enough about the ability to defend themselves in some way. This may be the only thing that would keep them alive and free from harm. Now in order for this to work, I do suggest that this recording program MUST be kept in the strictest confidence and recordings released only to authorized police personnel who are investigating the physical harm of someone. This information should not be able to be used by jealous spouses or others who seek information on the tapes for reasons other than personal safety. We have to have the complete trust of those making the recordings that what is on the tapes is only to be heard by the police if the police need information about a felony crime.

So there you have it, a way to cut down on crimes against women and a few men. Are you going to help to get this truly needed lifeline started? I hope so. Please do! I can only make the suggestion; you can make it a reality. I�m too poor to do it but you have the ability to do it. Let�s not let another woman suffer because of our inactions. Too many have suffered already.

Now on to the next request. How would you like to give almost everyone in America and perhaps the world a free education on almost anything? You can. That is you and all the other people looking for a good cause to invest in. This is something that has to be done NOW! This is something that is needed so much now because of the cost of education and the much needed education by us all for to better ourselves for tomorrow. No more shall education be costly with this plan. No more shall anyone anywhere be denied an education on anything with this program. With this program education will be a 365 day 24 hour a day operation whereas everyone better get a VCR, a TV or cable because with this new program education is going to FINALLY enter the mass media stage. I always said that if the entertainment system had to present the Bill Cosby Show, the way the education system presents education then Hollywood would have had to hire 50,000 people to play Bill Cosby and that does not include everyone else in the show along with those who help resent the show.

Well that is the problem with education today. We are still educating people the way they did in the 19th century, the 18th century, the 17th century, and so on. It is about time we start using that idiot box that is in almost every home in America and the world and instead of making zombies of the masses we are going to make the most educated people in the world at a lot lower cost than we are doing now. One teacher can teach millions of people over the television network or we pay the teacher to teach what 30-50 people inside an expensive classroom on an expensive campus supported by many expensive workers and many expensive things.

Come on, it is about time we start doing things cheaper, yet better. It is about time we start doing things differently. Heck, it�s past that time. Here we are entering the 21st century and 50 years or more after the invention of TV, we have yet to use the TV as an educational tool. How foolish are we? Well I will tell you how foolish we are. I have tried many, many years ago to get the government and the television industry to initiate an education system on television. Guess what? No action at all on their part on this request. Why? Well I believe that the television industry does not want an educational system on television because to do so would cause them to lose viewers to their mindless programs. Well that�s mighty selfish and only you are left to help bring this dream to reality. I beg you to do this for the good of the country. You and all the others like you, who look for good programs to invest in, are all that is left for something like this to happen. Are you also going to let the ability of one to benefit their intelligence going unheeded? Please don�t. I don�t know who to turn to next. Truthfully, can you think of anyone or group who can pull off what I have in mind. It is going to take a lot of money to set this up nationwide, and maybe worldwide. In the end, after it is set up, we will be able to educate everybody. Which is something we are nowhere near right now, on almost any subject?

Now think about it. Every industry of every kind we�ll have a fully knowledgeable staff for every job that they have. Every industry will have lower training expenses because of this program. Every person will have the opportunity to learn many trades and occupations so that they will never, ever, have to say that they don�t know enough to get a good job. Learning will become a lifelong undertaking. No longer will ones monetary situation keep them from learning. One will be able to learn at one�s own pace and ability. Many, many, many advances are to be had with this system compared to our present backward system of learning. It�s high time we start doing things different and be it education, recycling, the government and other things we have to start finding better ways to operate our government and our lives. Especially now, because of the fact that our country is bankrupt being that it owes 5 trillion dollars and growing and has no idea on how to pay for it and the only thing making any worth to all of that printed paper we call money, is the creditors who every month keep the disaster from striking us today. Think about it, if we don�t redesign our whole way of life so that the way we do things are done cheaper then all that money you have won�t be worth any more than the toilet paper in your bathroom. In fact, your toilet paper will then be of more use. We are facing insolvency.

Therefore, I hope you understand why it is so important that we do things different and cheaper and the education plan I am trying to push is just a part of the change that has to take place. Now this new education system could work something like this. On cable systems nationwide or maybe even worldwide, a variety of channels would be offered free that would teach college courses, trade courses, offer health advice, and teach us everything we need to know. Now I am sure every industry would love to be able to make a video of the learning process. Trades needed to run America�s economy and videos on how to run the rest of the company so the problem of getting the videos to show on the cable channels should not be very hard to get. And I�m sure we can get the best teaching professors to teach us all instead of the stupid way we do things now, where many professors are paid to teach a few at a time. Then with the videos, you can then have them sent to all libraries around the world where all can learn at their own pace.

With this cable system, you will need to have a TV guide that will surely look like something else because the listings would be a lot but if the networks don�t like it, so what. Advancement takes a back seat to no one. Those that offer no advancement have no right to gripe. The airwaves are going to be the new wave of learning and let no one stand in its way. Now I do not know how many channels you will need but I don�t think it will be that hard of an undertaking. It will be worth every penny invested. I am sure that if all you folks that look for investments to make for the benefit of children kind, could surely join and get this idea off the ground and running. DO IT! It is very important that you do and I see no reason why you shouldn�t. Considering that many businesses will want input in the training tapes, perhaps they too will join in getting this off the ground. Make it a big movement that is thorough in its teachings for reaching in its distribution and must have a way of testing people�s intelligence on different matters that they learn.

Now I figure that we can have set up perhaps at libraries and schools, a computer system that would test people�s abilities to verify ones intellectual progress on the subject of concern. These test sites should be a computerized program that would test and store ones records of progress so that all employers can check ones potential when hiring someone. A nationwide college on TV. A nationwide trade school on TV. Make the dream come true.

In addition, I believe a great amount of books on different available subjects would have to be offered through libraries to help people with their learning. However, as we all know it, quicker to see the move of a book than it is to read a book. Therefore, most of the learning, I believe, will be derived from tapes but books should accompany the tapes. We also should set up in as many communities as possible. A trade-training center where many trades and machinery can be studied and learned so all can get hands on experience on different machines and trades. Again, I believe industry would gladly help with this need. The only question now is are you caring to help with the educating of America? I hope you do.

Now onto my next request. I am trying to end a very bad habit that is killing many Americans and costing us a lot of money because of higher medical costs. This bad habit is smoking. What I�m going to do is force all television networks and moviemaker into taking all smoking scenes out of movies and TV shows. Now we all know that cigarette advertisements were banned from TV, but we all must have been asleep at the wheel because cigarette smoking is done fragrantly numerous times daily on the screen. The cigarette industry has pulled a fast one and has gotten their products advertised better now in the movies and TV shows than they did in commercials and this must be stopped and will be stopped but only if we the people rise up and put a stop to this terrible act. We cannot allow our children to learn smoking from the movies and TV. We have to have a society where no one is ever again shown how people smoke on the screen. We must learn that it is an unacceptable behavior and we�ll never learn or teach that if we allow it on the screen. Kids see people smoking and they believe that it�s O.K. to smoke. Well that�s no way to run a society and that is no way to raise our kids. Anyone who doesn�t agree to get smoking off the airwaves should not go around bragging how they take the high moral ground. This is what we must press on the Republican and Democratic parties. They will probably not support prohibiting smoking on the airwaves and being that I already tried to get President Clinton to support the ban and have yet to get any response; I figure that another battle plan has to be initiated. Now I will say that I have tried to get the networks to voluntarily take smoking off the air but they haven�t responded either. However, they all will once we put the battle plan into action.

The plan is to start a nationwide boycott of all major brand products and major company�s services that advertise on TV. Also, we will stop attending all movie houses and stop renting all movie videos from video renting stores and stop buying all videos. Doing all these boycotts will go after those most responsible for the advertisements on TV and those profiting the most from movies and videos. These actions will defiantly force the TV industry and the movie industry to comply with the request to get smoking off the airwaves.

Now to get people behind this boycott, we�ll first have to publicize the boycott and convince the people to back up this boycott campaign until it fully succeeds. Therefore, I have written an ad that could be run in every major newspaper, which will get the campaign started. I have tried to get the ad run free in the �Letter to the editor� section but so far had no luck. So I guess that the newspapers will force us to pay for the advertisement but I�m sure that word to the publishers that man subscribers may just cancel their newspapers subscriptions may just change their minds. Then once the boycott starts I�m sure that the professional sports people and the big name companies are going to quickly join us in our quest to rid the airwaves of people smoking.

So there you have the plan. I hope you join me in this fight or please do take it upon yourself to help move this quest on or let�s work together. Either way, let�s do it! Get back to me on what you will do as I�m too poor to pull this off alone and am seeking all the help I can get in pulling this off. Or why don�t you take it to the finish. One other thing, we are going to boycott is all the pay for view cable stations. Then to start the whole campaign, I figure to have a commercial on TV that shows in fast motion pictures of all the famous people who have smoked on the screen. The whole commercial will visually show only this until the end. It will start out saying, �Hollywood sure pulled a fast one on us and the television industry is now partners to their total lack of regard for public well being�. No, I think a better one is, �So you think we got cigarette advertisement off the airwaves but look what Hollywood and the television industry have done. They have shamelessly taught our children and us adults what the whole deadly experience of smoking is all about�. What we see we learn. What Hollywood is teaching us is something we should not learn. So that to forever we will wipe from our conscience the image of a smoker we are demanding that the television and movie industry erase from all videos and movies the scenes where someone is seen smoking.

The movie making industry and the television industry refuses to comply. With a reasonable and honorable demand are asking you to join us in a boycott of all movie theaters and stop buying and renting all movie videos. Then to go after those that make television richer we are asking everyone to boycott all professional sports that are televised. Finally, to bring on tremendous pressures on industries we are asking everyone to boycott all major brand products advertised on television and to cancel all pay for view cable channels, except those that agree to take smoking off the airwaves. With all these actions I�m sure we�ll succeed in getting American�s to clean up their act. I don�t want my little brother and sister to ever see the image of a smoker. A little girl is shown in the last frame saying and looking right at the camera and the camera view is lowered from just her face to the rest of her, which is shown her to be holding her baby brother and sister, and a voice says, �Smile�. Then a flash is taken of the three children sitting on the couch. The camera then backs up as a parent says to the other parent, �A picture says a thousand words�. End of commercial.

Well, there you have my suggestions on the matter. What are you going to do to further the thoughts? Get back to me on it. Oh, one more boycott and that are all the companies of the tobacco industries.

Now onto the environment. What I have in mind is getting a recycling program going. First nationwide and then worldwide. Now I am sure there is no disagreement that such a program is needed, especially because no adequate program exists now and the only question is how we will do it. Well, this question I seek to address now. First, in every home in America we would have a new kind of garbage can. This garbage can will have different compartments that will have different color plastic bags to hold the recycled material. We�ll have a compartment for clear glass, colored glass, clear plastic, color plastic (plastic manufacturers are going to have to start setting up a system that allows the public to know which plastic is recycled together), paper, newspaper rack on bottom with colored bag or locate it on the side for back, metal, aluminum, good food waste, bad food waste, along with other waste. I think that covers it. I believe a good receptacle would look something like this following picture that can be made square or round.

Now each compartment will have a different plastic bag signifying what is in the bags. The bags will have drawstrings to ensure closure and make for easier handling later. Each compartments component could easily be disposed of without worrying about other components. Each component will have a way to secure the bag to the top of the can and hang freely down. When each bag is to be disposed of it will be put into a new kind of garbage can that has different compartments for each colored bag is special ingredients. Then having all the garbage already separated in the right way, the garbage trucks will have to change so that a can or dumpster can easily dispose of recycled garbage. This can easily be done in several ways. Once the recycled material is collected it will be determined which industries can use the stuff and as much force as possible should be used to get all industries to reuse this recycled material because of the simple overriding fact that future generations of people, our great grandchildren will need the material that we are gorging today. Take what you need from the Earth, your temporary physical Garden of Eden, but use the Earth wisely so that others too may enjoy our paradise forever. That has to be a goal of all of us and we must learn and practice. Then with all the waste material, not used by industries, we HAVE to start a new industry that will convert all recycled material waste into homes for the poor around the world. The poor are going to support a worldwide project that will take material and convert it into furniture and homes. I figure that the amount of metals, aluminum, wood, plastic, rubber and other materials that is daily discarded now will, with this program, make use of all of it. Thus saving the Earth and many of its people of suffering. If we can provide a good home with furniture with the entire throw away stuff of today, we will have lessen the burden on county dumps, lessen demands on Earth�s resources. In addition, we create enough fertilizer for many poor farmers worldwide because all the good food waste will be mixed with the entire world�s yard waste, which will make for much fertilizer of the natural kind, and start a program whereas the poor help themselves instead of asking the ones with money to help them. However, to get the program going it is going to need your help. Don�t let the future generations of people, animals and other life forms down and not act on this one. We have to be out to save the planet. Not on a do as you want policy of today. Things have to change and you all have the power to change it. In fact, there aren�t any other ones around to do it. I have tried the government but no response.

Don�t let my poor grammar influence you to where you think what I say isn�t so because what I say should be so and what I say is what you should be looking at not on how I say it. What I have to say now is very, very important. I have in mind an invention that can heat up a home or building without any cost. Well, just the cost of powering a small fan which could be powered by the sun. Now this heating system uses no fossil fuels of any kind and creates no pollution what so ever. Think about it, a way to heat homes around the world during winter with very, very little cost. The money saved by the consumers could easily be applied to the American economy as well as other economies and a sure rise in the GNP will soon follow. Also, the less use of oil for heating will reduce the pollution caused by oil and slow the worldly demand of a product that HAS TO BE around for future generations of people. What are we to say to future generations who will have not the means to make plastic because there is no oil left and all the other uses of oil will be no more. All because of us. No more, I say. Will you help me get this product on the market so that a direction we should be going toward, namely away from the use of oil, will be undertaken? Of course, I know I�m making a lot of suggestions so whichever ones you want to act on, feel free to do so.

As I say, I�m too poor and I do believe I�m about to lose my job so I can�t afford to do anything on any of my thought at the moment. So you see, I must urn to you for action. You can surely create the needed action on these matters I have discussed. You can surely help change the world from the ways of wrong into the ways of right. Do it or let�s do it, either way it must be done.

Sometimes I feel like a scuba diver would feel when he or she would say to a group of divers checking out a cave deep within rivers under the Earth and saying that we better be going before high tide or we�ll never get out alive. Well what I�m saying is that change must be done in many areas or we�ll never have a planet that will survive what we are doing to it and with some simple changes in many different areas, things can and will get better. But changes have to be made and the question is what do we change to become better in every way and the thought contain within are meant to help answer that. These thoughts and others I guess I will have to put into a book and entitle it �Blueprint for a New America�, if I want to get my ideas done if, you do not do something. In the book, I will show how to immediately balance the budget while paying off the national debt in perhaps 10 years. Now wouldn�t that be great! Well it�s possible and if you�ll like to hear about it, let me know. Let me say this though, my plan is the ONLY way to pay off the national debt so the sooner we all start my plan the better off we�ll all be. This plan and others I have, will help the country and the world.

Another plan I have could stop forest fires. What needs to be done is to have flatbed trucks drive along roadways ahead of the fire�s wind direction, have poles (approximately 50 feet tall or taller, if need be) and they will extend up only after leaving the truck bed. They will slide off so the truck can keep moving as it lays down the poles that will have fireproof material attached to it. The pole will rise up mechanically after the pole is laid onto the roadway or ground. It�ll be like a giant tennis net from ground to 50 feet or so high that�ll be attached to each pole and can be lowered or raised as need be. The fireproof �nets� will be wrapped around the poles or laid neatly on the truck so as the truck moves the net is leaving the truck and then a pole attached to the net slides off the truck and the more net and the pole XXX. Then a mechanism makes the net pull up all the way to the top of the pole once the pole lands on the ground from the truck. This can be rigged up to work from a helicopter too. In addition, this fireproof material can be used to cover homes in the path of fires. Either a helicopter can drop a tent like fireproof cover over the house or from the ground; fireproof wraps can be pulled with cars over the house to cover it up. Cables attached to fireproof wraps would be thrown over the house, attached to car and pulled over the house. About two or three wraps on a house should do it. Or even better, make shells that open up over a house, two shells per house, one at each end. They are transferred as half horseshoe like and place near house at each end, then spring open like a horseshoe to cover the house and lapped over in the middle fast and house surely saved and speaking of saving I want all of you people who donate money to good causes to contribute to a cause I want done. I want all foreign-posted military service people in lands where threat of bombing is severe to; at least, have the ability to survive this terrible incident. If you look at the building that was bombed in Saudi Arabia you will notice that the one thing standing undamaged in the whole place was the bathtubs. That�s right, cast iron is not affected by flying rock which is what causes most damage and surely glass won�t harm it so there you have the answer to the problem. What is needed are cast iron closets in each room so when warning by bell is sounded everyone gets into the cast iron closets which will have water, bucket, radio, 2-way radio, and food & made comfortable. Then everyone can be made more comfortable. Now I already tried to get the government to do this but I�ve yet to get response so I think you all have the ability to both get the military to do this or bury the darn things yourselves and give them to the soldiers as a resent from all of us over here at home. I think all you foundation folks should be good for at least 10-50 cast iron closets apiece and while we are at it perhaps throw in a bombproof bed while we are at it that will look like this. I think this idea should be undertaken as soon as possible. Please get on it. I am sure many people would appreciate it.

Now back to fires. I believe it is not the quickest way to put out a fire when you rely on just water. What we need is to cut off the oxygen, which feeds the fire. So if we were to drab a tent like cover that is fire proof over the burning house we�ll have cut off most of the oxygen and thus slowed the fire drastically. The horseshoe house fire protector I discussed earlier would probably work in this cast too. Now onto the people caught in fires. A way to get them out is to have a crane attached to a box big enough for ire victims to get into. This crane will have the ability to move in a way whereas it can maneuver up to a building, go through an opening such as a door or window, and enter the fire. The whole part of the crane that enters the building must be encased in a fireproof material. Then a loud intermediate alarm should be on the cage to attract fire victims and some kind of flashing lights would help. Fire department personnel can also be in there to help get fire victims. Now onto a way to help cool the Earth, while cutting the cost of cooling a home. Roofs around the world are a cause in some way for the Earth�s temperature rise. Of course, its not a major reason but if we can eliminate this heating of roofs then perhaps maybe we can cut down on the temperature of the Earth a little bit. Heck it is worth a try. So what I figure if we get most homeowners to cover their roofs with a tarp that reflects little heat or more at all. This tarp will be held in place above the roof about two or three feet. This tarp should be used on all tile roofs, as they are the ones I believe that give off the most heat. Another good thing about the tarp is that it helps cool a house in the summertime thus saving cooling cost. This is just another small change we can make to create a lot of good. Another plan of mine would enable farmers to be able to avoid a freeze of their crops during wintertime or whenever. This low cost way can save lots of crop damage and ensure crop growth. Again, if you want to help me get this project off the ground let me know. So there you have it. These ideas and others of mine if you want to hear them are for you to now carry on or help me carry them on. Being that I will be unemployed soon and being a single parent doesn�t leave me much choice in what to do. However, you can help me get many of these things moving. I�m not out to make a capitalistic gain on these suggestions even though common sense says I can sure use a job but my desires are to make this paradise that all of us spirits are blessed to enjoy into a better place that can survive our existence here. We spirits and we are spirits inside this physical body we inhibit. The proof of that being that many, many people have left their physical bodies during accidents. They became just their spiritual selves, as they watched what was going on with their physical body. After they were revived, they were able to tell exactly what happened to their physical body even though their eyes were closed. We spirits must do all we can to ensure that this truly physical paradise we call Earth that we are gifted to enjoy will last forever. Future generations of spirits and as well as spirits who have already been to this garden of Eden would want it to be so and these suggestions as well as others I have can help to achieve that. Hope to hear from you and hope we can work together on something of good.


Ron McCune


Oct. 12, 1996

Ron McCune

Mahaffey Dr.

New Port Richey, FL 34653

President of AFL-CIO

815 16th St. N.W.

Washington D.C. 20006

Dear Sir and all those at AFL-CIO,

I am writing you in the hopes that I can help you and you can help me with the different ideas that I have to offer. Now I will say that being that I may soon be unemployed, I definitely don�t have much ability to carry out any of these ideas. However, I hope that you can assist me in getting them going or take them up yourselves but being a single parent I most certainly can take the plans too far being broke as I am.

Now for my first plan. I want to start a campaign, a buy American campaign. The way we are going to get this campaign started is with a billboard advertisement of different ads that convey different messages. The main one would be a billboard, in red, white and blue lettering, like this



and the rest of the signs in colors that are easy to read from afar. Also maybe the line REBUILD AMERICA should be added under BUY AMERICAN. The next billboard would read in red, white and blue lettering,




The next billboard will read in red, white and blue lettering,


SERVICES FROM ANYONE WHO DRIVES A JAPANESE CAR OR A KOREAN CAR! After all they don’t buy our cars so why should we buy theirs! Heck they won’t even buy our beef. They use their buying power to protect their markets and we should do the same!

Now I don�t know if the last line should read anyone who drives a foreign car because from what I see it is Japan that we have the trade deficit. The worse with but if there�s other countries then lets add them on.

The next billboard would read, in red, white and blue lettering,





The next billboard would read, in red, white and blue lettering,




The next billboard would read, in red, white and blue lettering,



Another billboard would read,



BUY AMERICAN. Another billboard would read, America is dying, economicly, and only you can save it by buying American autos and products and services. Don’t be a economic Benedict Arnold. Support your country while you still can before it’s too late.

Another billboard would read,




Another billboard would read,




Or another billboard would read,


Another billboard or ads for that matter would read, in red, white and blue lettering,




Another billboard or ad,

YOU SALUTE OUR FLAG AND SAY, YOU LOVE OUR COUNTRY THEN YOU BUY A JAPANESE (FOREIGN) CAR. HOW HYPOCRITICAL! BE A REAL PATRIOT. BUY AMERICAN! Another billboard or ad, The Japaneses and Koreans don’t buy our cars so why should we buy theirs!! Heck they won’t even buy our beef!!!

Another billboard or ad, Remember,you are the number one cause of our trade deficit! Stop the deficit, BUY AMERICAN!!! Another ad would read,


Now with all these ads I�m sure Americans will get the message about what is causing our economic problems, in some way that is and that we are on a mission to stop that. We have to do something to stop the Japanese auto manufacturers from taking over our domestic auto industry especially when the Japanese refuse repeatedly to reciprocate with balanced economic trade. We have to stop this foolishness of giving our country away.

We must come up with a program to get American�s buying American products and especially autos so that more people will be able to get jobs here in America. This plan does that. Have you got a better plan? If not then I�m asking you to help me get it started or you get it going. Again, my circumstances prevent me from doing much of anything now. Now I also would like to have at every car show nationwide a group of people passing out flyers to every person entering the new car shows a copy of these ads and a detailed report on our accumulative trade deficit with Japan and why it is important to not continue this situation. We must make as many people as possible aware that it�s up the each and every one of the new car buyers to rebuild America�s economy not someone else who has no intention what se ever of equaling a trade policy. It�s up to us, the American people, to fix the situation right. After all, if we don�t do it, it will never be done and we will all end up losing big. The auto industry is America�s biggest employer and it�s easy to drastically increase America�s economy if we can only get people to buy American cars. That is what this ad campaign is all about. Are you with me on this one? Are you going to do anything about what I suggested or are you going to do anything else to get the job done? If not then just remember, something is better than nothing. Now let us do something. Now I would have gotten this typed but I am broke. In fact, I need a job, got one?


Ron McCune


Help! Help! There�s a pusher in my house and the pusher is in your house too. Believe me it�s true. And it�s about time we join forces and throw the pusher out of our homes and our lives.

Now I�m sure you are wondering whom this pusher is and what is it that is being pushed.

Well the pusher is that idiot box in you house you call a television set and what is being pushed is cigarette smoking.

That�s right folks, what the television and movie making industries are doing is to carry on what we the people have banned from commercial television namely cigarette advertisement.

The television and movie making industries have taken the cigarette and turned it into a prop to make people look cool, act cool and be cool even though we are all aware of the fact that only stupid people smoke for only someone stupid would engage in a habit that most likely would sicken them and may just kill them. And it�s mighty sickening and disgusting that Hollywood would use this prop and it�s going to stop now!

We cannot allow television and movie making industries to stoop so low as they do when they take a deadly object, which the cigarette is, and uses it to create an image. Every time a person is shown on the screen, taking a puff or holding a cigarette an image is trying to be portrayed.

This is an image we do not need to be seen nor learned. It is terrible that the television and movie making industries would shamelessly brainwash our children and many gullible adults with an image that says its O.K. to smoke when we know it is not so. When we are trying so hard to get children not to smoke we do not need someone to come along and show them how it�s done and all the other mental hang-ups that one gets from smoking.

Also by having this deadly image portrayed daily on the screen, we are making it more difficult for many, many people who are trying to quit this awful habit. Should we help them quit or are we going to continue being an accessory to their self-inflicted injuries or death?

That is the choice America, are we going to stop Hollywood from destroying American lives in one of the many ways that they do? Well not only do I hope so, I think it�s your duty to do so and here is the plan to do just that.

Starting July 1st, we are all going to stop attending all professional sporting events. However, the Olympics have nothing to do with this boycott being that it is not a professional sporting event. In addition, we will not go to any movie theaters and cease buying or renting video tapes. Then to make sure we reach our objective we will stop buying goods or services from all large size companies.

By carrying out these boycotts, we will have hit financially at those most responsible for bringing us all that is on television and the movies while benefiting from it. Once they start feeling the financial squeeze from the boycott, they will then join us in our quest to erase from our consciences the image of a smoker.

That will be achieved by either making the movie and television industries cut out or black out all scenes with someone being shown with a cigarette. This will be done on all films shown on T.V. from now on and on all video tapes sold or rented. And no excuses! With the technologies of today it can be done. Moreover, if they do not they will face the consequences of our boycott.

Now won�t you please join us in our attempt to clean up our act?


Now onto my next request. I believe a good way to really get interest in the next election is by holding an Election Day lotto. That�s right, by have a game to be made by voting. I believe more people would vote. Now I�d like to know if you�d help get this started by making a prize contribution of any kind. Be it money or free subscriptions to your magazine, etc. In addition, it would help if you could help spread the word to your friends and public acquaintances about this idea perhaps we can get every business in America to contribute to the Election Day lotto. All someone would have to do to enter the lotto is to go vote on Election Day and when they vote they take a dollar bill out and record the serial number on a sheet of registered paper that will be numbered by city, precinct, etc. That�ll be used when picking the winners. As I am hoping that there will be many winners due to having many perhaps just about all businesses making product or service contributions I believe we�ll be able to give incentive to people to vote. What they have to vote for is another problem and I hope maybe you�ll be interested in one or more of the following ideas. The first one idea I�m kicking around where a new political party is set up so as to formulate new ideas for how to run our country. Being that both political parties are obviously engaged in a way of doing things that results in things the way they are it, obviously we need a new voice, a new government, a new way of doing things, an escape from what we are now as a nation. The question that is never asked nor has yet to be answered at least until I have my say, is what kind of government should we have. There is an interview I would like to give to your magazine. What I have planned is for me to, temporarily, run for president under its banner of this new political party. That is until others better than I take up on what the party stands for. However, being that this new political party would be called the Boston Tea Party anyone can put forward a platform on which to run. Mine is a platform, which is a different way of running our government than any way presented so far. My way will be the Better American Plan. It will completely change the way our government is run and reduce the cost of government by 50% or more. It would pay off the national debts in 10 years; provide adequate health care for all. Also, move the country and the world on a path that will lead us into a safer fiscal environment instead of the welfare economy that exists today in our economy due to the size of our government. Which is probably 40& of our economy. So forty percent or somewhere around there of economy is the government then obviously we have to cut the cost and man-woman power of this government of ours. That is where the solution lies and that is where the Better America Plan comes in.

In the new government, we all contribute. All Americans are required to perform 3 days of work for the government per year. All construction cost of government will be done by prisoners. All upkeep of government run attractions will be born by visitors. N.A.S.A. Dept. of Education and Dept. of Labor will be history. Those who give a damn about stars and planets elsewhere will have to pay to find out whatever themselves, we are not going broke finding out things that do not mean a damn. Who cares about how many people are employed where; we will live without the information just fine. Who needs many, many teachers in many, many expensive buildings drawing expensive salaries when we can just have free education for everyone on T.V.? That�s right, we can get the same job done a whole lot less expensively by using the television as a learning classroom on every subject so that all Americans can become educated at any time in their lives on any subject they need. In addition, with computers we can all be tested easily and cheaply. The best possible government at the cheapest possible price. That will be the goal of the �Better America Plan�. With the elimination of the Social Security System also, we�ll be able to save billions of dollars. But don�t forget the old, for the �Better America Plan� will have the old caring for the old. When a person retires from the workforce, they will go into a system where old people (65-72) take care of the other old people. Also all old folks drugs will be purchased by government, at near to cost, and distributed in as cheap yet secured system as possible. Perhaps we can just use the mail system to distribute all non-narcotic drugs needed by the old and poor. The way of governing in the New American Plan is geared where everyone takes care of everyone so that the cost of help needed by all at one time or another is lesser. That is the only way to cut the cost of government, for the people to take the responsibility by themselves upon themselves. The children will take care of the children. All schools will also have daycare centers where older children care for younger children on a rotating class participation as needed. All schools will be children zones where children can and will play and stay. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With rearranging the appropriation of funds from unneeded government projects into projects that directly improve lives we will all achieve a new, better America. In all school zones, there will be a police guard to organized safety concerns, and then we will give OUR children the best this world has to offer. All kids will have free food to guarantee the best their bodies can be. They will have a swimming pool, basketball court, and all the other sport facilities to use all the time they are off school hours. Now being that schools are the only place around that have facilities where sports places are, it only reasons to use these facilities for the enjoyment of children. Also we the people own the school buildings, the government school system does not, so we the people can dictate that our schools be given to our children for them to use as much as they want. No more shall kids say that they have nothing to do. For at every school will be someone for them to do something with. We will let children have a place for them to call their own. While relieving stress on many a family we�ll offer children a world of great fun where they can play many different sports, study to be smarter, play video games, watch movies, talk with friends and make many new ones. So much they can do and no more days of nothing to do. So much proper direction can be given to OUR children, so much that we can immediately, immensely change the ways of our youth and prepare them for a happy, healthy, educated way of living instead of the everyone on their own way of living they, our children, face everyday. You do have the opportunity yourself to change immediately our education system. Thru the funds you donate, you can setup a free education system that will be shown free on cable T.V. This project I want started will take help from many as I have unsuccessfully tried the government and failed. Therefore, it is up to us the people to do what should have been done years ago. We need and must have A.S.A.P. a new education system in America. A way for all Americans to, freely, engage in an education of whatever they want, whenever they want, would greatly better our country. No more shall anyone be too poor, too old, or too unable to get an education. At any time in anyone�s life, they may better themselves. No more shall the T.V. be an idiot box that hypnotizes everyone with brain garbage that has tilted towards the perverse and violence because it is easily written material than better scripts that could be but is not. The television shall become the learning tool it should always have been. No more shall the networks controlling this video box in our house. This video voice box shall now become America�s new classroom. Maybe 40 channels in all. Can you imagine the mind power of the masses in about 4-5 years or surely even less? People will forever be improving themselves. The T.V. will be replacing all need, well maybe not all need, but most need for all forms of educational facilities. Just like when we eliminate needs for government we in turn, lessen the cost of government. When we also lessen the cost of the way we do anything we all benefit in some way through the lessen demand on our economy. To lessen the cost of doing anything and everything is the goal of the New America Plan. Be it cutting the cost of government by getting rid of the House of Representatives in Washington and throughout as many states as possible or by cutting the cost of the postal system by making only three days of mail delivery on non-commercial routes we will in the end, end up with a better economy. Of course, there will be pockets of recession caused by the massive layoffs of those who indulged in the �public welfare programs�. That will be cut but to stem a bleed, you must fix the wound. To cut to the cost of government and private sector you must change the way we do things and lay off some people. Everyone must realize that in the end we will be stronger economically and the other side of the coin is if we don�t cut the cost of everything possible, we�ll drawn in debt. The only answer to our problems is to change the way we do everything. We have to get rid of many government programs and change the way others are ran. We have to get rid of the unemployment compensation program as it is run now and instead when someone is approved for unemployment compensation they�ll work for that money. No more free rides in the new America that the Better American Plan will yield. Everybody works for what they get. You need food stamp; well you are going to work for them, no more free rides. People have to work to pay taxes so people will have to work to get that taxed money. In this way of doing things people will not try to abuse the system because they will have to work for any benefits that the new government offers. Also doing things this way will make people who pay taxes a little happier about paying taxes because they�ll feel that they are getting something for their tax money. In the end, people�s taxes will come down because the old will be taking care of the old, children will be taking care of the children, in a better, healthier environment. Prisoners will work for the government in factories supplying government needs. Welfare people will work for their benefits along with those that receive unemployment compensation, disability compensation, food stamps, recipients and any other government give-away programs. Then when we put a cap of $30,000 tax-free money of ANY & EVERY government retiree we will save a lot more. We are going to pinch every savings we can out of this government until it is the leanest damn thing we have to pay for. For that is the only way for our country to survive. To survive the challenge of paying off this 6 trillion dollar debt is the goal of the Better America Plan. We have to have a way of doing thing cheaper. If you are interested in pursuing these ideas and others, have such as the new house of tomorrow made of glass that will be nearly cost free to heat and air condition.


June 25, 1996

Ron McCune

P.O. Box

Port Richey, Florida

To whoever may concern at

I am writing to you in the hopes that you can agree with me on a serious subject and go along with a plan that will correct a wrong, a wrong that you are contributing to.

That wrong is the viewing of someone smoking on the airwaves. You having the power over a segment of the airwaves are promoting this wrong by showing this wrongful act.

Now, let me explain. Smoking is a learned habit. You could take a person who has never viewed a television or movie and never seen anyone ever smoke and give that person a cigarette, tell him or her how to smoke and let that person try smoking.

The odds are that person would not like the taste of smoking and being not intoned to the mental hang-ups of smoking probably would not smoke.

However, if the person watches others smoking almost everyday on this idiot box called a T.V. and in the movies that person watches will obviously. That person will have been, as we all are because of you, brainwashed into understanding the image of a smoker.

Now do you see the wrong you are doing? You brag so much about doing things to help people with all you do but on the other hand, in this regard, you are doing wrong.

For the sake of doing what is right, I am asking you to take smoking off the airwaves. I would like you to publicly come out and say that you are not allowing the viewing of smokers on your airwaves. The technology is there for you to do it. So please, no excuses, do what is right. Let�s not let the future generations become indoctrinated with the image of a smoker. Stop this indoctrination now. Be responsible, do what is right and what brings good.

I do believe if you are to do what is right and get smoking off the airwaves the public will look upon you with admiration and good will. However, if you unfortunately decide not to take off smoking from the airwaves then we will have to go to plan B.

Plan B is going to be one heck of a boycott against your business in every way we can. First, we are going to take out ads in every major newspaper. This will lay the groundwork for the boycott. From there, many people are going to spread out across the nation asking others to stop attending major professional sporting events. Then we are going to ask people to stop buying all major brand products. We are then going to tell the sporting club owners and major businesses that it is because of you and your airwaves that we are not buying their products. In addition, being that they are your biggest income I am sure you will feel the heat soon enough. And you know as well as I know that when someone tries something else well there�s that chance that they aren�t going to try your product again or not as much. Therefore, I do not think that all these large corporations, which are your main income, are going to appreciate you messing up their business. Then they will start getting mad at you and maybe even cancel their advertising account with you. You wouldn�t want that to happen now, would you.

Now you know as well as I do, that this boycott is going to go over big once it gets started. People are upset with the way the movie and television industries have warped the public�s mind and something like this is a good way for them to vent their frustrations out on you so I wouldn�t let it get to the boycott stage if I were you. On this one, you are going to lose big if you resist. If you do resist, what grounds are you going to resist? You won�t have a foot to stand on. So just, do it and get it over with.

Sincerely thank you,

Ron McCune


BEEEEP. This is a test. For the next sixty seconds on your wonderful yet delicate bod you will conduct a test. Remember this is only a test.

No, wait a minute. For some of you, no many of you, this test will be a reality. Now I don�t know which of you it will happen to but let�s all take the test now so that we�re all prepared for it when it does happen.

Now I want you to get on a scale. Don�t be shy, we won�t peak. Good, now I want you to get a large strong plastic bag and fill it with sand equal to your weight. All right, now go up to the roof of a ten-story building, go to its ledge and then take a rope that is the length of the distance to the ground minus one foot. Then tie that rope securely around your body. Now pick up that sandbag and jump off the roof and knowing that you will not hit ground let me mention to you that the object of this test is to hold onto the bag you holding with just your hands. No bear hugging now. O.K., did any of you succeed? I don�t think so.

Now I will explain the reason for this test. I hope none of you will do but unfortunately many of you will do, only in a different way, a deadly way, the car accident way. You see, when you are in a vehicle that is going down the road in a way its like you are rushing through space as you would if you were jumping off that ten story building. Be it horizontally or vertically, your body will move if it forced, be it from gravity or a vehicle. However, sometimes that vehicle you are in will suddenly stop because of an accident and unless you have your seat belt on, you are going to keep going forward. What will stop you is your dashboard or windshield or some other part of the vehicle, which many times will take that thin layer of flesh rapped around all the soft tissue. In an accident, it is as if you are the XXXX log that makes up all those different parts that make you tick for which doctors have hundreds of words for but we will just say your innards. They will literally up your vulnerable body part or bruise it so bad that you will wish that you did put on your seat belt. By then it would be too late. So don�t let it be too late. Buckle up. Be forewarned and for all of you who are too foolish to buckle up because you think it�s not cool or some other dumb reason, just remember that thought of a person trying to hang onto a sandbag after jumping off a building. Nobody, no matter how strong you are, is going to be able to hang onto anything in your car that will stop you from smashing into the insides of your car during an accident that will prevent them from getting hurt. Well maybe a very slow speed accident some of you might be able to but the chances are, that most accidents are at speeds above 30 MPH and not too many, if any people walk away unhurt from those accident they weren�t wearing a seat belt. So buckle up, don�t be stupid. Don�t get hurt.