******************************MY BETTER AMERICA PLAN********************************* Hello, my name is Ron McCune and I am running for President of the United States. I am running for the Presidency because no one else in the government will present any other way to get our country out of the many messes we are now in. Plus My Better America Plan is the ONLY way for our country to solve it’s problems. As much as I feel that I have a better chance of going to the moon than becoming President I feel I have to run for the office of President to get my ideas out to the public.
So because I won’t win the office of Presidency I am also running for Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives. Also My Better America Plan is the only way to get our government spending under control.
Until I can afford to get someone to set my web page up right this is how my web page will look. As of now the web page is sometimes repetitive, not fancy and or well organized but what matters is what I got to say not how good and proper my web page looks. I am still working on fixing up the web page. Someday I’ll get the web page looking better. I am still learning how this web page building works and after paying five different people to get my web page put up right I am now stuck with fixing it myself. I really don’t know much about this computer stuff and how to properly make a web page. So cut me some slack.
This web page is set up in different sections. The way I have it set up is so that everything I have to say, except the current events, is on my Home page. If you want to read about different subjects that is on my Home web page section you go to the subject page that you want to read about.
This web page will be updated periodically in the Current Events section. Anything new I have to say about anything will be in the Current Events section. So if you have already read everything I had to say on my Home page go to my Current Events sections to see what else I have to say.
This web page as of now is set up as if I was having a conversation with you. It will be updated periodically in the Current Events section as events evolve around the world. Until I set the page up better just read my Home web page from top to bottom or put in a word search for whatever topic you would like to read about.
This is a web page that shows you HOW YOU CAN ALL SAVE YOUR LIFE, YOUR PLANET AND YOUR COUNTRY!!! As events happen I will be offering my opinion on different solutions to the event. Also on the bottom of my Home page section of my web page are updates on matters of concern to ALL of you about the upcoming election and the after election politics.
So read the bottom of the Home web page section and the Current Events section often to see issues that face ALL voters this election and freedom fighters throughout the world.
Also on the bottom of the Home section is thoughts about how to solve Japan’s nuclear power plant meltdown problem and ways to DEFINITELY prevent it from happening again.
So considering that I haven’t got any action from the government on these ideas that I present I’m announcing my intent to run as a write in candidate for Congress representing my district every year for the rest of my life. The reason I’m doing this is that I’m going to present a plan for a new kind of government on the federal and state level.
I will call it My Better America Plan. It is up to you the people to decide if you want this new government plan. I will NEVER be able to get the government to initiate these ideas because these ideas are ideas that will take away many of their jobs and affect the income of EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE!!! THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT these ideas to happen but you the public need for these ideas to happen. And now that the 2010 elections are over and the Republicans have taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives and it is now Feb. 1 and I don’t see ANYTHING being presented by either political party to get our country out of the mess that it is in I feel I have no choice but to declare my candidacy for the President of the United States. I don’t expect to win but I know my ideas have to win and the only way to get this government changed to the way I described is for us the people to do it ourselves. Neither political party will. Hopefully enough of you will convince the Republicans and Democrats to initiate the ideas presented in the Better America Plan. The ideas I present are ideas that will show you how to have a lot less costly government and still get the same services that you get today. We can run our government in a less costly and more efficient way. On the last part of the web page I’ll explain in more detail about this new government and why we need it. The ideas will be discussed in different parts of this web page and then at the end of the web page I’m going to add more ideas and summarize the ideas presented. Also I don’t want some who previously read the web page before to miss any new information so I don’t arrange everything in order of subject. I get thoughts about different things at different times and if I was to put a thought into a part of the web page that you already read then you would miss my new thought. So I just insert the new information at the end of the web page so that you can just continue on with what I have to say and not miss anything. The purpose of this web page is to make you look at life and things differently. I will help make you think outside the circle on subjects of interest to you. I will offer you a new way to look at religion, politics, education, health care, the environment, pollution, gun control, protection for women, building and maintaining a home or high rise, recycling, worldly events and more. Also on the last part I’ll be discussing current events as they are happening. I’ll show you on the last part why the Earth will be like Mars in about 100 years and how turbo jet engine airplanes and rockets are one of the major causes of global warming and how we can eliminate global warming immediately if we got rid of turbo jet engines and went with propeller airplanes. I’ll discuss how the BP Gulf oil spill has created a black hole in our gulf air moisture stream and how it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a hurricane to develop in the gulf this year and maybe more. As far as Mother Nature is concern we now have a desert like condition in the gulf oil spill area!!!! And BECAUSE OF THE BP OIL SPILL OUR NATION IS NOW EXPERIENCING SUCH DEADLY STRONG TORNADOES. On the bottom of the web page is more details on this FACT that the BP oil spill is the cause of these deadly tornadoes and how we CAN get the oil companies to lower the cost of gas by starting a GAS PRICE WAR!!!This web site is set up now so that the first section addresses the environment problems that we face and then I’ll discuss a little religion with you and then I’ll address health issues and then onto politics and a new and better way to run your government and your life. After you read all of this information I hope for the good of all that you do take some action on the things that I talk about on this web page. You can e-mail me at You can write me at P.O.Box 252   New Port Richey,Florida   34656-0252.  What I have to offer you is a new way to run our government, which I will call My Better America Plan. The  My Better America Plan is the collection of all the ideas put forward on this web page.  After you read the contents If you agree with the changes in government and other thoughts contain within I would like for you to pursue them and to let your voice of approval be felt in this campaign by driving with your headlights on during the day time every Saturday and Monday till the election. This plan will run our government differently by cutting the cost of government in nearly half which will balance the budget immediately while making a serious effort to pay off the national debt in eight years and if not then surely the foreign owed debt. Considering that a large amount of the rest of the national debt that is owed is borrowed money from the Social Security trust fund we will have no problem at all dealing with that by adopting the changes that I will recommend to you on this web page. The Social Security system will be drastically changed under the Better America Plan so that seniors are taken care of better while helping to take care of themselves. It can be done and surely together we will do just that! A new way to think can bring a better life for all of us. That is the main reason for this web page and if we have to create a new political party to achieve this new government I will show you how to do that. But I believe we can get the present parties to adopt most of the changes needed. After all we don’t need another ” Ralph Nader Disaster.” It’s bad enough that the Republicans got in that way once,we need not ever to let them do that again.  Consider this web page as kind of like a football game where we are at the last play of the game and we need a touchdown to win and in comes a play that will surely win the game. Well folks, what you will see on this web page is a set of plans that that will succeed in getting us out of a lot of problems that every single one of us encounter. Also on this page I will show you how we can easily end global warming, show you a way to provide free education on any subject at one’s own pace, offer you a new kind of health insurance plan that everybody can participate in, show you how we can recycle nearly everything we use, show you how to built a house that can withstand a hurricane and possibly a tornado while also being able to provide for free a good amount of the heating and cooling and electricity needed for the house. I will also show you how to immediately bring peace to the Middle East, which is one of the biggest problems facing us all.
All these things and more I will discuss on this web page. So please read it all so you can decide what you can do to help better our lives and save this planet, our paradise that we spirits are gifted to enjoy. Help save this paradise for an eternity as it was intended to be. Also please disregard the poor English for what I have to say is what is important here. And the way I present this web page is as if I were talking to you. That is why I don’t use paragraphs and such. I want to contain space and just say what I have to say so that you get the point. That is why certain words are in capitals, I want to emphasize those words. Also the web page is being put up before it is fully finished and will be updated weekly and hopefully daily depending on my ability to do it and your help. .Also this web page will offer commentary on many subjects and news events as they happen so stay posted and check out the last section of this web page often as I will add comment to ongoing events as they are happening in the last section. And I like to inform you that a lot of this web page is letters that contain information that I feel presents my ideas. Some of these letters were written years ago but the information is needed to be known. Also a lot of the letters addressed to whomever concern were sent to every President and leading politicians of both political parties since President Carter was in office and have gotten no response or action taken on most of the ideas presented so it’s up to you all to help get these ideas started. However that is why sometimes the information is repeated.  Because time is short and we ARE at the critical stage on many of our problems I feel the need to get some action going NOW!  That is why the information on the near completed first section is going out now. If you want the rest faster than help me. Otherwise every time you view this web page it will be by e-mail till it is up. You just continue on from where you left off the last time you viewed it if I happen to send it to you more than once.  But the point I want to make most of all to you is that these Ideas are just that ideas and will amount to nothing unless YOU act upon them. So please take any ideas on this web page and use it or help me get it started. Also I like to point out that every time I refer to the Republicans it’s the Republican party and it’s leaders and the party’s direction that I am referring to, not the individual Republican. And my criticism is meant to reflect upon the PRESENT REPUBLICAN PARTY AND IT’S LEADERS AND DIRECTION NOT THE OLD REPUBLICAN PARTY OF TWENTY YEARS AGO WHEN REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP WAS A LOT DIFFERENT THEN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF TODAY!!! Also because I am old and because of my health condition I don’t think I’m gonna be around much longer so I would appreciate it if one of you would please pay web page company the money to continue this web page after I am gone because I hope for the sake of ALL of you that SOMEONE changes what what is into what what should be!!!!! I’m gonna pay to have the web page up for the next three years which is the most I can right now but after that it’s up to you because I’ll probably be gone by then. I hope my words of warnings and solutions do not fall upon deaf ears. Hopefully someone one day will DO THE RIGHT THING!!!! Hopefully someday everyone will DO THE RIGHT THING!!! BECAUSE IF YOU DON”T YOU ARE ALL GOING TO PERISH IN A HORRIFIC DEATH OF MASS STARVATION IN ABOUT 50 YEARS WHEN THE EARTH STOPS PRODUCING RAIN WHICH IS THE LIFE BLOOD OF EVERYTHING!!!!! NO MORE RAIN,NO MORE CROPS, NO MORE FOOD!!! IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!