What I will offer you here is an idea for a new health insurance plan. Now first of all let’s make one thing perfectly clear, the argument that government run programs are just more bureaucracies for us tax payers to support and shouldn’t be done is ridiculous because we are ALREADY SUPPORTING A HUGE PRIVATE SECTOR HEALTH CARE BUREAUCRACIES!!! AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR WANTS PROFITS!!!!! LOOK AT ALL THE BUILDINGS AND EMPLOYEES AND PROFITS THAT MUST BE MET BY YOU AND ME TO SATISFY THE PRESENT DAY SYSTEM!!!!! OF COURSE MANY IN THE HEALTH CARE BUSINESS DON’T WANT CHANGE!! THEY ARE MAKING PROFITS!!! Profits before the good of the patient in some cases. So having a system where anyone can join in a health care plan that is modeled on the idea that this plan is a no fault health insurance plan. In other words this plan doesn’t cover irresponsible behavior such as deceases caused by drinking or smoking. The deceases health care cost would be passed on to the alcohol, cigarette and other decease causing industries so that those that want to drink or smoke or do other things that worsens ones health will pay for others that choose to also do and got harmed. Also in this health plan the amount you pay will depend upon YOU!!! That’s right,your body is going to determine how much you pay. Those that are overweight will pay more as well as will others that have down things voluntarily to their bodies which causes them to have to see a doctor. Then we will set up a system which will eliminate much of the unneeded cost of or present day health care system. We will eliminate the right to sue for malpractice thus lowering the cost of health care inmencely and review and lower all payouts for past lawsuits and put a cap on all fees charge by lawyers. We will do our best to eliminate bad health care given out by having all health cases reviewed by retiring doctors who could point out mistakes before they happen.Those that become harmed will be offered life time jobs for the government to help support oneself and a tax free life along with other assistance. Doctors will be freed from the fear of lawsuits and instead will be able to practice in a way that will lower the cost of medical care. Doctors will be able to totally concentrate on the job of being a doctor and providing the right care you need. You will be issued a Medical I.D. Card and number that the doctor can use and have others update as he taking care of you. A quick look in the computer will tell the doctor all she or he needs to know. No more massive amounts of people pushing paper and getting payed for it with OUR health care dollars.No more lawyers earning ridiculous fees. No more having someone else besides doctors determining whats going to happen to your body. No more unnecessary medical test will doctors order cause they are scared of lawsuits thus lowering the cost health care. See folks if we do things differently we can achieve better health care at a lower cost. If we take the profiteering out of health care we can make it cheaper. If we take away much of the unnecessary cost we will lower the cost of health care. If we were to set up a system where as doctors would get payed a set salary to practice medicine as well as the others needed to provide health care we would then lower the cost of health care. If we employ just enough doctors and their needed support groups and OWN AND USE JUST THE AMOUNT OF NEEDED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO SUPPORT OUR MEDICAL NEEDS WE WILL HAVE SUCCESSFULLY LOWERED THE COST OF HEALTH CARE WHILE DELIVERING QUALITY HEALTH CARE TO ALL!!! We can have round the clock service to suit our needs better at no additional cost. You would be able to go to any doctor at any time because your health history will always be available to any doctor. AND NO MORE PRECONDITION REJECTION!! IF YOU ARE SICK WE WILL CARE FOR YOU HOWEVER YOUR RATES MAY HAVE TO BE HIGHER! Also while we are on the subject of health isn’t it about time that we start making food stamp recipient’s health determine what kind of food that that person can buy with their food stamps. When I see my tax payer money going to a food stamp person who uses that food to make their condition worse then all I can say is that things have got to change here. If your condition is a overweight problem then your food stamps are for a select group of healthy foods only that will not make your condition worse but instead improve your condition. What we are going to create is a new system to identify foods that overweight people and all of us should follow. We are going to put either a green or red dot on all foods. A red dot food is food that is not reconmented for overweight people and cannot be purchased by overweight people who are on food stamps or any other kind of government assistance and that includes Social Security payments. Now a green dot food is food that your body needs and uses and then disposes of without adding weight onto your body. We the taxpayers of America are going to forse the overweight to lose weight. ///////// What I would like to discuss with you now is a plan for women to use in helping themselves not to become pregnant. I Like to call it the 9-12-9 plan. The plan works on the idea that at the end of a women’s period till her next period there usually is 30 days so women will have to adjust for their day difference. Now most women ovulate mid way between periods so a women has to figure that to be safe give some time before and after that mid time of your monthly cycle. That’s why the 9 days after a women’s period she can use no protection from pregnancy and then the next 12 days to use condoms for protection against pregnancy and then the last 9 days or until her next period the women would not have to use any protection against pregnancy. Following this plan will help insure women who don’t want to become pregnant won’t!!! Now also with the health care plan I offer we can make it so that women can see a doctor and get her tubes tied which will cut down on health care caused by pregnancy and the needed cost of the child. We can slow the population growth a lot by offering this service to ALL women world wide!!!/////

What I would like to discuss with you now is the situation with peoples bodies and the problems we have with them. The biggest problem is weight and how to deal with it so that it doesn’t become a problem.The easiest way to make sure you won’t have a weight problem is to remember that it’s very important that you put food in you that will go through you and out of you and not add on to you. So you HAVE TO KNOW what foods will be used as storage by your body as it builds itself and what foods will not add to your weight as it is used and disposed by your daily bowl movement . Two groups of food.One group good for you and the other group bad for you.One group will help you live and the other group will help you die.The chose is yours but the consequences of you choosing wrong is all of our problem because of the cost of health care and Social Security Disability cost That is why is is important to know food.Unfortunitly our education system doesn’t teach it and our food industry doesn’t give a rats ass if you live or die as long as they get your money. So after you and your parents payed all those taxes all those years to send you to school to learn, the system still doesn’t teach us how to eat right. It’s sad but most people don’t know how to eat right. And because of that they suffer and then die. So take it upon yourself to go to a health food store and look up books that teach you how your body works and how food affects your body.Good books such as Eat Right Live Longer and You Are What You Eat will teach you a lot about how to eat as well as many other books they have. In those books there is knowledge that was not taught in school that you need to know so that you can eat right. Once you start on a diet that fits with what needs to be done with your body so to achieve good health you will see results in months and after a year of good dieting you will see a new you.After a few years of good dieting most overweight people should be able to lose a lot of pounds If one is very much over weight it make take multiple years of dieting to lose all the weight one should but remember it took many years to create the weight problem .And the sooner you get rid of the weight problem the better chance you have at leading a better life.So take it upon yourselve to protect yourself from bad eating habits.

So what to eat is the main question facing ALL of us.YOU have to decide what kinds of food will you be able to eat that will not harm you.If you want to lose weight you HAVE TO EAT ONLY food that YOUR MIND TELLS YOUR STOMACH TO GET THE NUTRIENTS out of the food and DISPOSE OF THE REST!! YOU CAN NO LONGER EAT FOOD that YOUR MIND DIRECTS THE STOMACH TO BREAK DOWN THAT FOOD and turn it into a energy provider fat cell.which in overweight people is cells that the body does not need.because it has enough of already.You can eat a lot of the food that will just go through you. It isn’t like like you have to starve yourselve in order to lose weight. But speaking of starving WE SHOULD ALL TAKE ONE DAY A WEEK TO STARVE OUR SYSTEM SO AS TO GIVE OUR STOMACHS ACIDS A BETTER CHANCE AT DOING THEIR JOB OF BREAKING DOWN, DISPOSING AND CLEANING UP THAT MAGNIFICENT BIOLOGICAL MACHINE WE CALL A STOMACH!!! I don’t mean that you have to eat nothing at all when I said to starve your stomach for a day just drasticly cut down on the amount of food you eat that day and ONLY EAT FOOD THAT DAY THAT will go through you and NOT ADD ON TO YOU! Your mind is geared to do certain things to each different food. IT DOES NOT HAVE the ability to not store calories that you give it when it does not need them. YOU HAVE THAT ABILlTY OF NOT NOT GIVING YOUR STOMACH UNNEEDED FOOD! If you give your stomach an apple it will break it down and use it all and dispose of it. If you give your stomach a plate of spagetti it will break it down and store all of the new food you have given it as fat cells.Those fat cells DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BODY UNTIL YOUR MIND DETERMINES THAT THEY ARE NEEDED TO PROVIDE ENERGY FOR YOUR BODY TO FUNCTION AT THAT MOMENT BECAUSE IT HAS NOT THE ENERGY AT THE TIME FROM FOOD IN YOUR STOMACH! THAT IS HOW YOU LOSE WEIGHT! Force your body to have to use up some of your stored fat for energy because you have given yourselve food all day that fills you but does not have a high calorie count yet has many proteins,nutrients and other things that our body needs in order to function properly These foods that your your body NEEDS and lives BETTER ON include whole wheat products,preferbaly 100% whole wheat because the whole wheat kernal contain nutrients that we need to properly regulate our bowel system.Think of 100% whole wheat as the roter roto of foods,natures natural regulator.100% whole wheat products just go right through you and pushes most everything out in the process because it has nutrients that signals your stomach intestines to work thus creating a movement of food through your stomach system. White bread and white flour products doesn’t have the needed nutrients because white flour is made from only the outer part of the wheat kernel and not the more nutritional inner part of the wheat kernel. The inner part of the wheat kernel is what your body needs so give it to it! White flour is not what your body needs if over weight is your problem so in order to lose weight you MUST NOT EAT any white flour products. Eat 100% whole wheat products only!! Now the other foods that go through your body as it is being used and not added on to your body as it goes into to you is beans, fruits and vegetables, whole grain and wild rice,not white rice. Now if weight is not a problem for you you should be able to add nuts and lean meats and fish to your diet to maintain a healthier you. Now for the foods to stay away from if you need to lose weight. ALL DEEP FRIED FOODS, ALL PASTERIES,BUTTER, ALL PASTA PRODUCTS,FATTY FOODS, FATTY MEATS, CANDIES AND CHIPS. So there you have it a weight loss plan and a healthier you plan.//////////


The world needs your help. For in all of your hands you all hold the possibility of stopping the growth of new A.I.D.S. cases. You folks have the power to drastically change the ways this disease is spreading. For the sorriest thing about this disease is that many are spreading it unknowingly or purposely to others. This growth potential must be stopped immediately. You are the only ones who can do that right now. To rely on the U.S. government to initiate a program to achieve or near zero growth like you only can is saying to others to be infected in the future people that corporate policies is more important than initiating a program that could save their lives. Sometimes in life you must lose money in the interest of man and woman kind. However in the end you may not lose any money at all and yet gain a lot of good publicity. What I have in mind is a program that will get many if not most of the A.I.D.S. carrying people to identify themselves willingly to other people as A.I.D.S. carrying people so that nobody will want to share a needle or have unprotected sex with that person. How do you get these A.I.D.S. carrying people to willingly do this? Easy! By telling them that you will supply them with a lifetime supply of the drug AZT. If they get a tattoo of the word A.I.D.S. enclosed in a circle in the middle of their right cheek of their buttocks. The government could and does pay for the testing. You just supply the drug. You could use drug stores nationwide to help in distributing the drug by making patients pickup of drugs at a pre-arranged destination. Now the cost of the drug could be lessened for you by setting up a fund where donations by the public could be sent to. Celebrities could also be encouraged to donate concert time where donations could be collected in benefit concerts. Also a payment plan by those receiving the AZT drug based on their income could be set up to alleviate the cost. Of course this payment plan should only apply to the financially well-off patients. You don’t want to give any A.I.D.S. patients reasons for not joining this program. But then to get them to join this program you MUST tell the people that all information collected will be held in the strictest confidence. Otherwise the percentages of people joining will be drastically reduced for a near zero growth rate. This way ten years or so down the line we will be looking at near extinction of this near dreaded disease that is growing like a wild fire. Put out this wild fire before it inflames much more. I beg of you to take the leadership that is needed to rid this terrible disease from the face of the Earth. Don’t wait for others to do what you can do best. Be a leader and try to get other drug companies that also have A.I.D.S. related drugs to also contribute to your program. This will also help get more people into the programs. For the sooner we get all these disease carrying people to stop spreading their disease, the better off we all are. And the best way is the program I have described. In fact it is actually the only thing. Only you can do it so please do.

Also, you should seek to have all A.I.D.S. patients who are getting these anti-A.I.D.S. drugs at below cost to volunteer 6 or so hours a month or so doing volunteer work at various A.I.D.S. hospitals or patients homes. After all nothing in life is free. To get a little one must give a little. To make this disease less costly to society, the A.I.D.S. patients must shoulder more of the care for themselves. Giving the A.I.D.S. patients a program that helps themselves as well as helping other patients with A.I.D.S. would help bring out the best in these people.

Black and dark skinned people will probably have to have the tattoo put elsewhere if the tattoo on the buttocks cannot be seen. Maybe locate it on the bottom of their feet, but only if it won’t disappear with time.

Please don’t rely on the U.S. government to initiate this program as I have already suggested it to them and have gotten no reply. But then this government we pay for can’t do much of anything right. Maybe you’ll have better luck but why wait. The longer you wait the more will die. We are of a DEADLY disease here not some common cold. Drastic measures are called for to stop one of the greatest menaces that has hit our society in modern times. Maybe as the government sees the benefits of this program, they’ll kick in some money and/or the public too.

Also, you’ll have to periodically check to see if the tattoo is still embedded in the cheek of the A.I.D.S. patients.

Now you could say that people now can get this AZT drug under present circumstances, but aren’t you just providing a chemical to help a dying person live longer just to spread his or her disease all the more?


Ron McCune///////


Now to completely change subjects to a health issue. I would like to discuss with you a way I have to kill the flu and stop colds. I have worked for years around people who have had the flu and I haven’t caught the flu in years. Also I have NEVER had a flu shot! I have what I believe is a cure for the cold and flu. Every time I feel I am coming down with the flu or a cold I would take two Centrum equivalent vitamins a day for the first day I started feeling a little sick. I take one in the mourning with breakfast and one at dinner time. I only do this for one day and the next day I would take only one vitamin. The next day if I’m still feeling like I’m sick I would take two vitamins again. Every time for the last ten years that I have done this I have kick the flu out of me when I felt I was getting it. I NEVER had the flu develop in me this whole time. I would feel like I was getting the flu and then take two vitamins and then the feeling of getting the flu was gone. I NEVER developed the flu when I did this!!! I have only once had to take the two vitamins a day twice. Every other time taking the two vitamins a day would kick the flu out of me in one try. One day of this treatment seems to work fine for me. See what it will do for you!

Now onto health. I would like to suggest that every women who is pregnant should eat a hand full of soy beans every day during her pregnancy. The reason this advice should be taken by everyone is that there is all the different amino acids that a human needs for development in a soy bean. It is the only food on Earth that has all the 11 different amino acids that our body needs to create a protein. The body creates nine other amino acids but you MUST SUPPLY your body with the food to give it the other 11 amino acids that your body needs to create a good protein cell. Soy beans have ALL 11 of those amino acids that you must give to your body for good health. If a pregnant women eats soybeans every day the fetus will grab all the different amino acids the fetus needs for good development. Then maybe we will have less problems with birth defects. Also we should be giving soybeans to the elderly and for that matter everyone. Let’s all be assured that we are getting the right amino acids every day. Maybe we will all get healthier! We could and should start having it to be required that all foods that can should add soy flour to their products. Then we will ALL be getting ALL of the amino acids that make up the proteins that make up every single cell in your body. I sure that a lot of illnesses would improve and many would never happen. So do yourself some good and daily get some of your proteins from soy beans and then take a good multivitamin and your body will be able to perform better for you will be giving your body critically needed things it needs for good development every day. Eat well so you can be well so that you can live well.