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******************************MY BETTER AMERICA PLAN********************************* Hello, my name is Ron McCune and I am running for President of the United States. I am running for the presidency because no one else in the government will present any other way to get our country out of the many messes we are now in. Also My Better America Plan is the only way to correct the mess we are now in. However I do not want anyone to vote for me in the next election. I am only running to present my ideas on what it is that we have to do. To read up to date material about the 2012 election go to the Current Events section and the bottom half of the Home section and you will see my thoughts about the 2012 election and why it is important to re-elect President Obama and elect the Democrats. Also I’ll show you why Willard Mitt Romney and the Republicans are bad for America in many ways.
This web page as of now is set up as if I was having a conversation with you. It will be updated periodically as events evolve around the world. Hopefully the web page will be made to look nice someday and put into proper order and format. Until I set the page up better just read my web page from top to bottom or put in a word search for whatever topic you would like to read about. This is a web page that shows you HOW YOU CAN ALL SAVE YOUR LIFE, YOUR PLANET AND YOUR COUNTRY!!! If you have already read this web page then please scroll down to the bottom of the web page to see any new ideas I have to offer concerning present day events. As events happen I will be offering my opinion on different solutions to the event. Also on the bottom of the web page I’ll be adding periodic updates on matters of concern to ALL of you about the upcoming election and the after election politics. And there is a lot of thoughts and ideas about HOW TO WIN ANY OF THE REVOLUTIONS IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND THE ANTICIPATED AND HOPEFULLY SOON TO START CUBAN REVOLUTION!!! WHEN ARE THE CUBANS GOING TO GET THEIR REVOLUTION GOING!!!! So read the bottom of the web page often to see issues that face ALL voters this election and freedom fighters throughout the world.
Also on the bottom is thoughts about how to solve Japan’s nuclear power plant meltdown problem and ways to DEFINITELY prevent it from happening again.
Considering that I haven’t got any action from the government on these ideas that I present I’m announcing my intent to run as a write in candidate for Congress representing my district every year for the rest of my life. The reason I’m doing this is that I’m going to present a plan for a new kind of government on the federal and state level. I will call it My Better America Plan. It is up to you the people to decide if you want this new government plan. I will NEVER be able to get the government to initiate these ideas because these ideas are ideas that will take away many of their jobs and affect the income of EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE!!! THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT these ideas to happen but you the public need for these ideas to happen. And now that the 2010 elections are over and the Republicans have taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives and it is now Feb. 1 and I don’t see ANYTHING being presented by either political party to get our country out of the mess that it is in I feel I have no choice but to declare my candidacy for the President of the United States. I don’t expect to win but I know my ideas have to win and the only way to get this government changed to the way I described is for us the people to do it ourselves. Neither political party will. Hopefully enough of you will convince the Republicans and Democrats to initiate the ideas presented in the Better America Plan.
The ideas I present are ideas that will show you how to have a lot less costly government and still get the same services that you get today. We can run our government in a less costly and more efficient way. On the last part of the web page I’ll explain in more detail about this new government and why we need it. The ideas will be discussed in different parts of this web page and then at the end of the Home Page Section of web page and my Current Events section I’m going to add more ideas and summarize the ideas presented.
Plus I don’t want someone who previously read the web page before to miss any new information so I don’t arrange everything in order of subject. I get thoughts about different things at different times and if I was to put a thought into a part of the web page that you already read then you would miss my new thought. So I just insert the new information at the end of the web page so that you can just continue on with what I have to say and not miss anything. The purpose of this web page is to make you look at life and things differently.
I will help make you think outside the circle on subjects of interest to you. I will offer you a new way to look at religion, politics, education, health care, the environment, pollution, gun control, protection for women, building and maintaining a home or high rise, recycling, worldly events and more. And on the last part of my Home Page and Current Events section I’ll be discussing current events as they are happening.
I’ll show you on the last part why the Earth will be like Mars in about 100 years and how turbo jet engine airplanes and rockets are one of the major causes of global warming and how we can eliminate global warming immediately if we got rid of turbo jet engines and went with propeller airplanes.
I’ll discuss how the BP Gulf oil spill has created a black hole in our gulf air moisture stream and how it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a hurricane to develop in the gulf this year and maybe more. As far as Mother Nature is concern we now have a desert like condition in the gulf oil spill area!!!! And BECAUSE OF THE BP OIL SPILL OUR NATION IS NOW EXPERIENCING SUCH DEADLY STRONG TORNADOES. On the bottom of the web page is more details on this FACT that the BP oil spill is the cause of these deadly tornadoes and how we CAN get the oil companies to lower the cost of gas by starting a GAS PRICE WAR!!!
This web site is set up now so that the first section,my Home Page, addresses the environment problems that we face and then I’ll discuss a little religion with you and then I’ll address health issues and then onto politics and a new and better way to run your government and your life.
After you read all of this information I hope for the good of all that you do take some action on the things that I talk about on this web page. You can e-mail me at rmccune999@yahoo.com   What I have to offer you is a new way to run our government, which I will call My Better America Plan. The  My Better America Plan is the collection of all the ideas put forward on this web page.  After you read the contents If you agree with the changes in government and other thoughts contain within I would like for you to pursue them and to let your voice of approval be felt in this campaign by driving with your headlights on during the day time every Saturday and Monday till the election.
This plan will run our government differently by cutting the cost of government in nearly half which will balance the budget immediately while making a serious effort to pay off the national debt in eight years and if not then surely the foreign owed debt. Considering that a large amount of the rest of the national debt that is owed is borrowed money from the Social Security trust fund we will have no problem at all dealing with that by adopting the changes that I will recommend to you on this web page.
The Social Security system will be drastically changed under the Better America Plan so that seniors are taken care of better while helping to take care of themselves. It can be done and surely together we will do just that! A new way to think can bring a better life for all of us.
That is the main reason for this web page and if we have to create a new political party to achieve this new government I will show you how to do that. But I believe we can get the present parties to adopt most of the changes needed. After all we don’t need another ” Ralph Nader Disaster.” It’s bad enough that the Republicans got in that way once,we need not ever to let them do that again.
  Consider this web page as kind of like a football game where we are at the last play of the game and we need a touchdown to win and in comes a play that will surely win the game. Well folks, what you will see on this web page is a set of plans that that will succeed in getting us out of a lot of problems that every single one of us encounter.
Also on this page I will show you how we can easily end global warming, show you a way to provide free education on any subject at one’s own pace, offer you a new kind of health insurance plan that everybody can participate in, show you how we can recycle nearly everything we use, show you how to built a house that can withstand a hurricane and possibly a tornado while also being able to provide for free a good amount of the heating and cooling and electricity needed for the house. I will also show you how to immediately bring peace to the Middle East, which is one of the biggest problems facing us all.
All these things and more I will discuss on this web page. So please read it all so you can decide what you can do to help better our lives and save this planet, our paradise that we spirits are gifted to enjoy. Help save this paradise for an eternity as it was intended to be.
And please disregard the poor English for what I have to say is what is important here. And the way I present this web page is as if I were talking to you. That is why I don’t use paragraphs and such. I want to contain space and just say what I have to say so that you get the point. That is why certain words are in capitals, I want to emphasize those words. Also the web page is being put up before it is fully finished and will be updated weekly and hopefully daily depending on my ability to do it and your help.
Plus this web page will offer commentary on many subjects and news events as they happen so stay posted and check out the last section of this Home web page section and the Current Events section often as I will add comment to ongoing events as they are happening in the last section.
And I like to inform you that a lot of this web page is letters that contain information that I feel presents my ideas. Some of these letters were written years ago but the information is needed to be known. Also a lot of the letters addressed to whomever concern were sent to every President and leading politicians of both political parties since President Carter was in office and have gotten no response or action taken on most of the ideas presented so it’s up to you all to help get these ideas started. However that is why sometimes the information is repeated.
  Because time is short and we ARE at the critical stage on many of our problems I feel the need to get some action going NOW!  That is why the information on the near completed first section is going out now. If you want the rest faster than help me. Otherwise every time you view this web page it will be by e-mail till it is up. You just continue on from where you left off the last time you viewed it if I happen to send it to you more than once.  But the point I want to make most of all to you is that these Ideas are just that ideas and will amount to nothing unless YOU act upon them. So please take any ideas on this web page and use it or help me get it started.
Also I like to point out that every time I refer to the Republicans it’s the Republican party and it’s leaders and the party’s direction that I am referring to, not the individual Republican. And my criticism is meant to reflect upon the PRESENT REPUBLICAN PARTY AND IT’S LEADERS AND DIRECTION NOT THE OLD REPUBLICAN PARTY OF THIRTY YEARS AGO WHEN REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP WAS A LOT DIFFERENT THEN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF TODAY!!!
Also because I am old and because of my health condition I don’t think I’m gonna be around much longer so I would appreciate it if one of you would please pay Hostmonster.com which is the web page company that is hosting my web page, the money to continue this web page after I am gone because I hope for the sake of ALL of you that SOMEONE changes what what is into what what should be!!!!! I’m gonna pay to have the web page up for the next three years which is the most I can right now but after that it’s up to you because I’ll probably be gone by then.
So first let me start with the environment  and get my thoughts on that out to you before the rest of the web page is done because I feel that the importance of this information is such that why wait. We need to get some action going.This is a presentation of different ideas which will offer solutions to many of the problems that our environment has, how to recycle easily, a thought on what may be causing the bee disappearance and much more. Read on and be educated to a new way of looking at things and how we can easily get out of this impending disaster we have taken this planet upon.
First, I would like to discuss with you is a new way of designing houses and other dwellings to live in.  This kind of housing would use the power of the sun to provide heat for the dwellings by having magnifying glasses or to be more specific burning glasses or burning lens strategically placed in the structure. I hear that they use burning glasses to melt metals in the making of steel so it’s about time we put these burning glasses to use in heating our homes for FREE!!! If the heat of the burning glasses appears to be too much for household use we can move the objects under the burning glass swiftly as needed to prevent burning. We could use dirt for insulation safety from the burning glass. We could design it so that the glass either moves over an area and then at the end the area goes further into an area with no sun or we can also make it so that the burning lens tilts away from the sun when no more heat is needed.  These magnifying glasses or burning glasses would heat panels of rotating tubes or barrel like thing that would have four different kinds of sections in it or four different kind of panels. Or we can design the heating contraption to be like a record player with each song on the record being a different section and the arm of the record player being the burning lens. As the record turns or the arm turns it burns different sections. The arm could have multiple burning lens on it if needed. One section will be used to provide hot air for heating the dwelling, one section will heat water for hot water use, one section will be used to create steam for heating purposes and one section will be used to heat oil for heating purposes. I hear we can heat a certain oil to around 600 degrees which should be more than adequate to provide heat for the day time as well as the night time. One section would heat an object which could be made of rock or hard metal or metal balls or pebbles or rocks or boulders or a cone like object which would then have air pushed through  it which would then heat the house or dwelling.  These magnifying glasses would also  heat up circular panels of metal or plastic  or rocks  of various sizes which after heated would then be placed together to form a circle of heated tubes or a pit of heated rocks which would then be used at night to heat the house or dwelling. Each dwelling could have multiple sections on it to fit the needs of the dwelling. These tubes or something else better would be surrounded by a heated pool of hot water or oil which would get its heat from the magnifying glasses or heated from the power of the batteries that will get it’s power from the windmills and solar panels and solar cells. We could make the device sort of like a hot water heater. Have the hot water heater filled with hot oil or hot rocks and then have air tubes running through it which would then heat the dwelling. Or we could heat up rocks and use them for heating up the house at night and day .I heard that rocks hold their heating and cooling abilities for a long while.  There could be made a product like this to heat the homes already built by having the magnifying glasses placed on the roof or artistically placed around window openings to provide air entry.  This system could be tied into already existing ventilating systems. However because the present ventilating systems are not great at transporting air in a efficient way because they lose air temperature as they transport air a better way to get the heated or cooled air into the dwelling would be to have a new air circulating system whereas the baseboard molding that is on most floors would get an overlaying baseboard. This baseboard would actually be an air delivery system. The half of the room that is closes to the coldest part of the room would have an air intake system and the hottest part of the room would have air blown out of it. This air delivery baseboard system could be put along the top part of the wall where it meets the ceiling. The air circulating system could easily be put into any room and easily tied into the heating and cooling air system. We could also run an hot water or steam or hot oil lines into the rooms thus providing numerous ways to heat a dwelling. Doing this would easily and freely heat or cool any dwelling all day and all night year round and do it in a non-polluting way. .  We can also set this “heating devise” up in the back yard of a home and have it set up so that four or more houses could hook up to this “heating devise” thus lowering the cost of buying the machine while offering the possibility of more participation into a good idea. These magnifying glasses could also heat up water which could be used to heat up the house or to take a shower.  Heating a house with hot water and the heat put into a house by the constant feed from the magnifying glasses should heat up any size building, even high-rises. We could put these burning glasses on a panel attached to any high-rise. These burning lens would move up and down the panels as needed. Doing this can provide heat and hot water to each floor of a high-rise. Then we can reverse all the utilization of the equipment in the summer and use it to transfer cold air and water around the house. The combination of a set of tubes surrounded safely in rocks buried in the dirt slopes of the northern walls or buried surrounded by rocks in the ground and tubes that will run inside of a huge ice chest that has its own built in ice making machine will provide coolness. Air and water tubes will run through both to cool the dwelling during the summer. Then we MUST get away from the way we destroy this paradise as we live on it.  We must get away from using wood to built houses and instead go to a new way of building dwellings. A new kind of house that can surely withstand a hurricane and flood and most tornadoes. A new kind of house that will not fear the power of the wind but will use the power of the wind to provide power. A house that could be put up most anywhere by anyone because the house would be composed of easy to assembled recycled metal tubing that would make up the frame of the house. Heck we could design the frame to look like anything you want say a spaceship or boat or animal or anything.  The beer cans and soup cans of today will be the houses of tomorrow. The old cars, planes and other old no longer used metal objects could be all reused for the making of house frames. Or we could make plastic frames from all the plastic waste.  Or the blocks I now will tell you about could be positioned in a multi square or circular domed house that in itself could provide enough strength so as to not having the need for much more framing.  The blocks could be shaped like a German cross so that the blocks would interlink at each section of the cross to provide strength on all sides. Or design the blocks like the blocks of cement under bridges.   The blocks could have indented spot on each block so that one could attach brackets to two connecting blocks to provide strength or to remove individual blocks due to damage or enlarging or downsizing plans. The roof could be domed so to provide the strength for the roof. Perhaps a pole(s) inside could give more strength. Or the wall framing inside could be designed to give support. This design should be strong enough to withstand a tornado but if it isn’t we could design a strong metal like cast iron or strong cast iron or steel reinforsed cement closets that are attached to the frame that has fast removable racks that can be used to hide in when there is a tornado or hurricane. Stock some water and food and we might be able to make it a party instead of a funeral. Heck put in a tornado alarm (anyone made one yet? Why not?) on the roof along with the fire alarm on your ceiling, then you’re protected.  Attached to these choice of designed metal frames will be blocks made from recycled glass and sand, two ingredients that would not rob the Earth of its tomorrows. These blocks will be composed so that there are layers of sand, glass and some form of insulated material so that the outside temperature of the block could withstand up to any temperature or wind condition while the inside of the block could be maintained at another desired  temperature. The glass part could have tiny air vent holes in them so that that hot or cold air is pushed through them and helps maintain a desired temperature.  These blocks will have little windmills designed into many of the blocks to provide electrical power.  In the blocks facing the sun, there could be installed  some kind of device that would help generate electricity, something like photo cells or something else.  Think about it, a house you could watch a hurricane in! These are ideas about how to built a better house A house that wouldn’t need much insurance. A house that wouldn’t need any more roof repairs.  A house that wouldn’t get any termites.  A house that may just be able to cut down on the problems that people with asthma have to face.  A house that couldn’t be burned down.  A house that you could see the stars from any room.  A house with movable soundproofed walls that change colors so that one can always change the rooms to fit their need of the moment.  A house that one could own for life because the building blocks last forever and the house could be moved anywhere simply by disconnecting the blocks and reassembling them elsewhere.  A house that you could add onto easily or downsize easily.  A house that could be raised up above flood level so one doesn’t have to fear flooding. A house that can be put on stilts that will have rolling balls on the bottom of the  support beam which would sit on  a foundation of support beams that are embedded in the ground. This way in case of an earthquake the embedded poles would move but the house wouldn’t move much at all if any. And the house should be able to withstand any major damage and perhaps have only very  little damage if any at all. These are ideas about global warming and how to easily stop it by building a better house. Perhaps also making the lower support beams into one or more sections with maybe sand or pressurized fluids would take care of the up and down movements in  the earthquake and the rolling balls would keep the house from going side to side. Or  put rollers going one way and another set of rollers going the other way would provide earthquake protection. Or have the part where the connecting support beams meet be connected in a way so that one is slotted to slip into the  other thus allowing side to side movement.  A house of blocks, blocks that have magnifying glasses positioned in front so that the suns rays will always be caught no matter what time of day.  The rays will be directed to a in-curved metal or plastic surface that would have portholes running through it that would circulate air through it that would then be routed to the surface of the inside of the block where the air would then heat the wall on the inside and  provide heated air for the house.  A wall heated  or cooled will warm  or cool a house quicker and better and cheaper especially when it’s free!! We could make the inner wall a sheet of plastic which would have port holes running through it that would carry hot or cold air or water or oil. A house or dwelling that has as it cooling and heating process of this type would I believe surely help slow the atmospheric problems we are having with less rain which is brought on by less humidity which is somewhat caused by air-conditioning which removes humidity from the air in a house as it cools it. What do you think is that dripping water coming out of the drain pipe of every air conditioner system. IT’S THE MOISTURE FROM OUR ATMOSPHERE!! AIR CONDITIONERS ARE DRYING UP OUR ATMOSPHERE!!  This house would greatly stop that need for air conditioning. After all did you ever see a deep cave that needed air conditioning?   Or have the building support poles rounded on the bottom which would then fit into a ground embedded support pole/beam that would have a U-shape top where the upper support beam would fit into. These blocks will have multy-layered segments which will consist of glass and sand and some other long lasting good insulator.  Maybe the used tires of today could be used, rubber would stop the transfer of heat and cold from one layer to the next.  Or plastic for that matter.  Or one can make the blocks out of mostly glass panels that would have four to eight panels with warm or cold air blowing between them with maybe a layer of insulation or more between the panels with wire added for strength if needed.  So there you are a house made of the stuff we dispose everyday, a way to drastically help end our landfill needs.  These interconnecting blocks would have different inside designs to meet the needs of the house.  There will be some with removable panels so that plumbing and electrical lines could be run.  The blocks would have interconnecting air ports so that the heat from the blocks on the sunny side of the house would heat the blocks on the side that gets no sun and the blocks on the shaded side of the house would help cool the house in the warm months.  When thinking about it more we are probably better off going  with  aluminum walls inside because it can transmit heat and cold a lot better than glass or plastic.  After all a soda is always colder in a aluminum can than in a plastic  or glass container. However I believe the best design for the block would be for strength   it should be designed as a mortar block made of cement that is designed to interlock. The block will have five or more chambers that is made of glass, sand and dirt. Some other insulating material could be used in the block but it would have to hold up for hundreds of years because the intent of the design of the block is for it to last hundreds of years. The outer chamber will be a double glass 2-3 inch thick mirrored blackened background cement chamber. Then there will be a half inch or so space and then a glass panel and then a layer of dirt and then a glass panel and then a half inch or so of space and then a glass panel and then a layer of dirt and then a layer of sand and then a layer of dirt and then a glass panel then a glass panel and then a layer of dirt then a layer of glass then a half inch space and then the inner wall panel. The block would have magnifying glass(s) on the outside panel that would heat the ball or other object in the block that would have air vents in it that would have air pushed through the ball that would then be pushed through the different chambers. Also on the outside of each block attached or build into the block would be little windmills that would be rigged to provide power that would be stored in batteries that would heat up the ball when there is no sun power.Or we can rig up the ball so that there is power to be gotten from a  group of bigger windmills built into and on top of the house. Each block would have a interconnecting inner wall panel air vent system that would have the capability to have air circulated through it in the summer time that would be cooled from traveling through tubes that would be embedded in a bunch of rocks that would be buried in the ground. The inner two chambers would be made to over lap the cement block. The inner wall no matter what it is made of would half small air vents through it for air to cool or heat it.  We could make the inner walls glass or aluminum or Plexiglas that has hot or cold water or air running   through it that would cool and heat it. The walls that get no sun would get there heat from the blocks that do and we could put a big one or more magnifying glasses on the structure or on the ground or in the air that would be used to provide heat.  The aluminum walls could be encased in Styrofoam that would be next to a layer of rubber from tires or the glass outer surface that would have multi layers that would also heat and cool if need be. The inner walls would have to have some kind of surface that would be 6 inch wide U shape wavy surface that would have fan or forced air blown at it. The air would travel along this heated or cooled surface where it will then be directed into the room  where it then would help cool or heat a dwelling . A  thermostat control constant air circulation would be maintain by having intake and outtake fans located along the ceiling and floor.   There would be different kinds of blocks made from some whose purpose is to have a hot water line near the base of each wall to help heat and cool a house, also the same for the top of the wall.  Blocks could be ordered wired reinforced for stronger security. The outside glass chamber will have detachable glass panels so that if repair needs to be made from damage from tornadoes, hurricanes or other misfortunes then it can easily be done.   All walls will have a way to attach things to it. All of the blocks will have on its inside removable replaceable fronts in case there is need to repair.  Blocks six feet off the floor on the inside could have a thing like layer of rubber or plastic attached to the brick so to prevent injury.  There could even be on the side of the house that gets no sun a wall of dirt or sand to provide insulation.  This pile of dirt could also  have metal air vents buried into it to provide cool air during the summer for the house.  This house would have a roof that would funnel the wind into a  funnel that would in turn be used to generate electricity. Also on the roof would be a barrel like thing that will rotate and as it does will pull air into it and then distribute  it into the house. This way a house temperature could EASILY be maintained to match the outside temperature. and our homes will have fresh air which should cut down on the transmission of illnesses. We also can design the house if one wanted to so that there is a dirt roof where there is a yard or garden thus using the insulating power of dirt to cool and insulate the house while also using space wisely.  Why all houses do not use the power of the wind and sun to meet its needs is beyond me.  I mean when cities like Chicago create huge wind tunnels like they did when they created all those high rises along Michigan Avenue and not have one single windmill to capture this power of the wind, then all I can say is we’ll be at the mercy of the oil kings until we change our ways.  We must put  thousands of  windmills along Michigan Avenue and other windy streets that unfold on windy days from the new hundreds of feet high light pole/ windmill pole and tiny windmills attached to every corner of every inch of high rise is the way to go if you are REALLY going to do anything to gain independence from oil. WE the taxpayers should be building windmills  at every windy mountain cliff, ridge, canyon and  valley.  Every dwelling, especially high rises, should have windmills shaped like those toy fans connected to a stick that kids buy attached to every area that one can.  This kind of dwelling  would drastically lower the cost of heating itself while lessening the need for fuel and electricity.  Considering there is either wind or sun everyday, there will be power to be had everyday. When I hear that there is enough wind power in the states of North and South Dakota to provide enough electricity for the WHOLE NATION AND WE HAVEN”T DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT  I wonder why we haven’t tapped into a  source of  FREE ENERGY THAT”S  FREE OF POLLUTANTS !  EVERY CITY WORLD WIDE HAS A  GROUP HIGH RISES THAT IN ITSELF CREATE GUST OF WIND AS MOUNTAINS DO!  USE THESE GUST OF POWER! PUT AS MANY WINDMILLS AS YOU CAN WHERE THESE GUST  OF WIND OCCUR! THINK WE WOULD BE ABLE TO GET ENOUGH WIND  POWER IN EACH CITY TO PROVIDE ENOUGH ELECTRICAL POWER TO POWER THE PUBLIC PORTION OF ELECTRICAL USE FOR EACH WINDY DAY! FREE PUBLIC ELECTRIC  BILL EVERY WINDY DAY!!! THINK ABOUT IT!! NOW WHAT I HAVE TO PROPOSE NOW IS THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO OUR ENERGY PROBLEMS!!! THIS IS A SOLUTION THAT WILL LAST FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS WITHOUT ADDING MUCH COST TO FUTURE GENERATIONS SOMETHING ALL OUR KIDS AND THEIRS TOO WILL APPRECIATE AND GIVE US AN ENVIRONMENT THAT DOES NOT HAVE POLLUTION PROBLEMS!!!! I WANT YOU ALL TO THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MOMENT.HOW ABOUT WE AS A NATION DEVOTE OUR ENERGY INTO DEVELOPING A WIND MILL SYSTEM IN NORTH AND SOUTH DAKOTA AND OTHER WINDY AREAS AROUND THE COUNTRY THAT WOULD FEED US ALL THE ELECTRIC POWER WE NEED TO POWER OUR HOMES AND TRANSPORT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ANYWHERE FOR A LOT LESS,A LOT BETTER AND A LOT LONGER THAN ANY OTHER WAY OF DOING THINGS  NOW. WE COULD MAKE THIS A NATIONAL PROJECT WHERE IN THE END WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE CHEAP AND POLLUTION FREE AND ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF ELECTRICITY!!  Another way to drastically increase the power yield from wind mills is to create WIND DAMS!! When a dam is built they don’t take the river and run it through the dam as it was. They create pools of water and then feed it through the dam. We must take the force of the wind and put it through a HUGE funnel like contraption shaped like one of those baskets that they put food in at Thanksgiving time. As massive amounts of flowing air hits the windmill it’ll give us the opportunity to create a better wind mill. Then we have to rethink our design of the windmill. The present models DO NOT DO THE JOB GOOD ENOUGH!!! When I hear that the wind blade can only be made to go so fast and any faster would cause the blade to brake I wonder why we haven’t redesigned them yet. I believe a better design would be for a windmill to be designed where the blades would look like those toy fans on a stick that turn fast that kids play with. Multiple fans would be attached to a long steel or graphite steel rod or aluminum and graphite steel intertwined rods or some other strong metal. This long and strong and light weight vertical or horizontal pole would be also held up by magnetic force thus giving it less turning resistance. Putting multiple fans on a pole will give it more ability to turn as fast as the wind will take it We can put these wind dams along mountain ridges and between mountain canyons to help provide structure and maximum wind power. We could also start putting WIND MILL FUNNELS on top of electrical power line towers so to cut down on the cost of transferring power from where it is created to where it is needed. And it will enable us to use the existing power lines instead of having to built new ones.       We can take the work force that will be available with the government reorganization program that I describe later and combine that work force that will be available from  the govt student loan work payback program and throw in the combined national non-violent prisoner population who can work for reduced time and to pay for the care that they require during imprisonment. All of these workers should be able to give us a good start at achieving a low cost solution to our energy needs.
////////////  So if the house is well enough insulated, it should be easy to heat and cool. If a presently built dwelling is not insulated well enough then perhaps the easier way to solve the problem is to create house wraps. This would be some weather proof material that would wrap around the dwelling in a tent like way during the cold season. Also we can take all the dwellings of today and install a new type of inner wall that is just a inner plastic wrap wall that has air pumped into it that is heated or cooled to a desired temperature. The source of heat to be provided by magnifying glasses and battery power that is replenished by wind mill power and photo cell power. The cooling would be provided by the underground pipes or underground metal tubes encased in cement or rock. The inner wall plastic sheets of many different colors and designs would have on the side that touches the wall a insulating material that would deflect the cold or hot wall temperature from  penetrating the rest of the plastic wall wrap.Perhaps a couple or more of air layers could be designed into the plastic sheet wall.  Cut out for doors, windows, vents and other things could easily be designed. Doing this would help a lot in most of the dwellings and especially in the older dwellings and the rural dwellings and mobile homes and the poorly insulated dwellings. Also the poor people dwellings would save a lot of money and our country and the world would save a lot of energy which would help keep the price of oil low. More oil on the market place means lower prices. If you can’t sell it you have to lower the price to sell it. That’s the way the game works and we have to manipulate things so that we win!!! We’ve been taken for a ride too long because of our need for energy and we must redesign the way we do a lot of things so that we save energy and not have the need to rely on oil,coal or nuclear power. Lessening our need for energy derived from oil, gas and nuclear power will give us more money to spend on other things.          Also the idea of magnifying glasses used to provide heat could also be used to make a  new kind of clothes dryers.   The heat needed to dry clothes could easily be generated or at least supplement a dryer. An enclosure perhaps made mostly  of glass  could be made that would sit in the back yard that would be heated by the sun assisted by magnifying glasses. Hang your clothes you need wrinkle free on the spinning hanger while the rest tumble dry.    Magnifying glasses could be used to provide heat for tents, heck one could set up anywhere then. A magnifying glass {s} could be centered on a multipurpose tube which could be made to have air forced through it to provide needed heat anywhere and it could be carried on your back as you go, to provide heat on oneself simply by putting a tube onto oneself that will blow warm air onto your body.  A special turtleneck style undergarment that drapes over the shoulder, head and part way down the chest and back  with air passages built in could be used to provide warmth.  For when that part of the body is warm, the rest of the body doesn’t feel so cold. Or you can design a full body heated suit.  The tube could be used for a cane as you walk and a seat when you stop.  With four sturdy wheels it can convert to a cart or a two wheel cycle.  This lightweight tube could have the tent inside that unfolds by pushing the inner sleeve of the tube and and out pops a tent or an umbrella.  Heck magnifying glasses could be designed into coats so that heat could be put right onto oneself.  So there you are a new way to build a house from garbage that could be easily collected if we ALL were FORCED to use a new kind of garbage can that would have different compartments that would have different colored plastic bags which one would use to dispose of their garbage. If we the ones who mix up all our garbage, instead would just sort it out, then we could get enough products to build these homes.  We could even take most of the food waste we have and combine it with the yard waste we have, then maybe we could come up with a good fertilizer.  So if you would like to help me get these ideas going, please contact me.  Or go ahead and do it better yourself. I’m sure someone out there could add on ideas of their own and make it better.  But I do hope for the sake of future generations that someone does something, for time is running out for all of us.  We either change our ways or away we go!  This planet, a gift to us spirits will not sustain our present day lifestyles.
I would also like to suggest to you a way that can greatly lower the need for gas consumption by vehicles.  All you have to do with your vehicles is to have a setup on expressways across the nation where your vehicles are somehow raised up so that rear tires on front wheel drive vehicles are riding on the ground while the vehicle is being towed.  This tow machine will be a double height rail system that will be setup across the nation in the middle lanes on expressways.  Perhaps between General Electric’s locomotives or some other pulley system. Perhaps a setup with the Segway motor or the new electric motor that is being used on the new electric car being built in California could be used to pull these small cars. Think about it small cars can be towed on the expressway instead of being driven. By doing so we will save a lot of gas and perhaps make it cheaper to travel and help extend the life of your car while reducing the need for more expressways and lead to a totally accident free travel system which WILL  help lower insurance cost.  Then on the safety of cars, why don’t you have an airbag system attached to the bumpers outside the car so that when an accident  is about to happen, by the sudden press of a brake an airbag is released, thus preventing less injury to people and the cars. Perhaps we should be using Styrofoam bumpers  combined with bubble wrap that is encased   in plastic bumpers would help protect us in a car crash better than what is being used now.  Heck, wrap the whole car with foam and bubble wrap encased  in plastic with foam covered interior and we can then drive a little safer  and  save gas. Who knows we may be having a whole new sport. Bumper car anybody? Please reply if you think my ideas will work.///////////

Want to stop global warming  immediately?  It’s easy, stop flying.  That’s right, do the math. If the new jumbo jets now being built can burn enough oxygen in two minutes to fill the Astrodome, then the planes of today are burning  enough air to fill the Astrodome in approximately four minutes.
There is 3,000 to 5,000 flights a day in the U.S. alone. I just heard on the news the other day that there was nearly  6000 flights for that day. Now I’m hearing that there IS NEARLY 6000 FLIGHTS A DAY IN THE USA!!!  On T.V. they show at times during the news a picture that shows how many planes are up there flying and this picture goes on all day long!!!! I hear that us stupid humans are daily streaming the upper atmosphere with 41 MILLION MILES of hot air from these airplanes EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus figure in all the heat exhaust from all those planes on the ground. Now taken together these planes  probably average out to 3 hours of flight each and a few hours on the ground.  So  figuring  3000 flights  daily enough air to fill 135,000 Astrodomes  is burned and heated up every day. Monthly 4,050,000 and yearly 49,725,000  Astrodome size air pockets are destroyed  and forever gone and are irreplaceable. Now that is on the low side and doesn’t include military flights.  Also factor in that there is  40,000 flights worldwide daily.  Averaging each flight at three hours  means every day  these planes are up there flying ,enough air to fill approximately 900,000 Astrodomes is superheated and destroyed   DAILY!!! Now lets talk miles. Every day airplanes fly 41,000,000 miles,weekly 287,000,000 miles, monthly 8,610,000,000 and yearly 103,320,000,000. And every decade that is 1,103,320,000,000 miles. THAT’S A LOT OF HOT AIR!!!!! Now I do hope that someone out there will get the correct figures on how many airplanes are up there and how much airspace are they burning up. NOW I KNOW A LOT OF YOU ARE LOOKING UP AT THE SKY AND THINKING THAT THERE IS A LOT OF SPACE UP THERE SO WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT PUTTING 41,000,000 MILES OF HOT AIR UP THERE BUT THINK AGAIN AND PLEASE FACE REALITY!!!! IT IS NOT THE TEMPERATURE OF THE AIR DOWN HERE THAT IS OUR CONCERN, IT IS THE 32 DEGREES BELOW ZERO UP THERE THAT WE ARE CONCERN ABOUT. THE COLD AIR UP THERE IS WHAT WE HAVE TO INSURE STAYS COLD!!!! WE CAN’T DAILY KEEP HEATING UP OUR UPPER ATMOSPHERE WITH THESE TURBO JET ENGINES!! YOU CAN’T PUT A HEATER IN A ROOM AND NOT EXPECT THE ROOM TO HEAT UP!! THERE IS ONLY A LIMITED AMOUNT OF SPACE IN THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE, ESPECIALLY YOU REPUBLICANS WHO I’M SURE STILL DENY WE HAVE A GLOBAL WARMING PROBLEM.   SO IF YOU REALLY WANT TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING STOP FLYING TURBO JET ENGINE AIRPLANES!!!  Also, since it’s introduction in the early 70’s the turbo jets are heating up our upper atmosphere and the Earth cannot overcome this situation.  We must go back to the propeller engine airplanes or kiss human life on Earth goodbye, because as temperatures rise, microbes will develop that will wipe us out. Also the melting of the ice in the north and south poles will lead to a world without much of a winter which will wreck havoc on Mother Nature.Also with all this melting of ice that was formed hundreds and thousands and millions of years ago we are releasing all the bacteria and other unwanted who no what things that was stored inside that ice into the ocean where it can wreck havoc on  many kinds of fish and birds worldwide. Who knows if eating the fish will hurt us if we eat the fish so we have better keep a close eye on the fish and birds to make sure that a problem doesn’t become worsened.  So STOP flying or kiss your world goodbye! Now all of you who don’t believe that turbo engines are one of the causes of global warming think about it, we had the fight of  World War II and with all the planes flying around  then and up to the 70’s and with all the coal burning homes back then we never experience the climate changes and lack of winters we face now. Also look at the weather maps for the area around Chicago’s O�Hara Airport. You will see that since the 70’s with the introduction of turbo jet engines that  the weather patterns were dramatically changed. I know, I lived there. I’ve seen how the amount of snow that felled when I was a kid during the 50’s and 60’s was not the same as the 70’s and thereafter.  Even the amount or rain is down a lot since the 70’s.Look at cloud patterns as they approach Chicago’s O�Hara Airport. They just disappear right on the radar. Something’s happening. Something changed and that was the introduction of the turbo jet in the 70’s.We must simply get rid of them if we are to survive. Moisture in the atmosphere cannot sustain itself when it comes in contact with the forces of a turbo jet engine.  It gets burned up  It’s as simply as that  Heck look at the exhaust of turbo engine jets, it looks like a heat wave in the desert. Well that’s what it’s doing to our atmosphere. Burning it up. Think of what that engine is doing nearly wide open up there in the sky sucking up the air and burning it up. Then think of the exhaust after it leaves the engine. It creates more damage on it’s own .Just as a fart is but a small amount of air it has the ability to affect all  the  air in a room. Well when the exhaust molecules leave that turbo jet engine it is heated  to 500 DEGREES!.The military turbo jets engine exhaust is much higher I believe around 1800 to 2400 degrees. Rockets are much higher. I hear the space Shuddle is the same temperature as a small star, like around 25,000 degrees!!!   Those heated molecules JUST SIT UP THERE BLOWING IN THE WIND AND HEAT UP MORE MOLECULES AND ROB MORE MOLECULES OF IT’S MOISTURE AND COLD CONTENT!!! ONE FOOTBALL SIZE STADIUM OF TURBO HEATED AIR CREATES MANY, MANY MORE STADIUMS OF DRY, DRY  HOT AIR!  MOTHER NATURE CANNOT REPEAT CANNOT RECOUP FROM THIS DAILY ONSLAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We can’t go on daily messing with Mother Nature and then try to say we are looking for ways to correct the worlds climate problems .WE ARE THE PROBLEM! We go way up there to 35000 feet   in these aluminum cans called airplanes and burn up the most critical layer of our atmosphere, the layer of air that was ALWAYS  kept cold  at 40 DEGREES  BELOW ZERO! Because in all the centuries of us humans,the caretakers of this paradise, living down here on earth, heating and polluting things down here, not one of us figured out how to warm the air up there. At least not till the INTRODUCTION OF THE TURBO JET!!!  Then the climate  change started. Slowly over the years our climate changed since the introduction of the turbo jet but in the last 15 years since air travel increased our climate change for the worst has hastened.. We have to  go back to the propeller airplanes. They did not affect the climate then and they shouldn’t now. I don’t remember seeing the heat wave effect emitting from propeller planes. I don’t think they burn up the airs moisture content either. Perhaps we can get an electric power engine that could fly airplanes. That would help a lot. IN FACT THIS IS THE WAY TO GO!!! With the power potential of the new batteries we could create a small airplane that anyone can fly or at least create a new kind of electric flying planes. But in the meantime WE HAVE TO STOP FLYING TURBO ENGINE PLANES!!!!!! EVEN IF IT MEANS WE WILL NOT FLY!!!! I challenge any country  or state or county around the world to outlaw these planes entirely or a set amount of days each week when they are allow to fly.. BUILD up your country’s or county’s air moisture and lower your heat waves and hot days! What I would like to see is for ALL of you to make a copy of this article about turbo engine’s affect on global warming and pass it out at every airport world wide so we can get the movement started and succeeded. Perhaps even hire people to pass out the fliers as they wait for flights. or as they go legally repeatedly into the airport making many numerous inquiries. We could make it a movement,if legal,to have a car party at the or near the roads leading to the airports and the roads going through the airports.  Let’s legally logjam the airports around the world while we are having a party in the airports. We the taxpayers pay for the airports so we meaning ALL of us get to use the airports restaurants and restrooms and bars which we’ll turn into a new hangout for all those looking to PARTY HARDY!!!! Then as our chauffeurs LEGALLY drive around the airport picking up and dropping off their numerous passengers to use our taxpayer supported airport facilities we do hope they are courteous as they stop traffic after bumper bumping someone and having to exchange the MANY MANY hard to find documents that need to be exchanged. Traffic jam city folks, that’s the goal. If folks can’t get to their airplanes in time the whole system SHUTS DOWN and then we’ll have no more global warming. If that’s what it takes to end global warming then that is what we must do if we legally can. !!!   I mean face the facts folks WE ARE NEVER GOING TO GET RID OF GLOBAL WARMING UNTIL WE GET RID OF TURBO JET ENGINES FLYING UP THERE!!!!!!! And I want you kids to start telling your parents that YOU ARE NOT FLYING ANYMORE ON TURBO JET AIRPLANES!!! SAVE YOUR PLANET KIDS!!! We are now faced with another situation that may hasten the end of the climate that enabled us humans and many other species to live. As the temperature rises changes will happen that us humans will not biologically survive. So we have to be careful not to create any more damage to our environment than we have already. TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE FROGS AND THE BIRDS AND THE FISH AROUND THE WORLD. THEY ARE THE CANARIES IN THE CAGE IN THE COAL MINE AND THEY ARE DYING BECAUSE OF A DECEASE THAT THRIVES IN THE NOW WARMER WATERS OF THE OCEANS THAT WE CREATED WITH GLOBAL WARMING!!! YET VIRGIN AIRLINES WANTS TO NOW OPEN UP THE SKIES AROUND THE EARTH TO SIGHT SEEING SO THAT THEY CAN MAKE MONEY!!! Virgin Airlines is trying to create with the money that you give them a new kind of jet that can fly around in space thus heating up more of our atmosphere. WE MUST STOP THEM BY BOYCOTTING VIRGIN AIRLINES AND ALL OF IT’S AFFILIATED COMPANIES!!! LET’S DRY UP THE FUNDS THAT ENABLE THEM TO DO THIS!!! And we better do something quick!! Because if you go down to near the last part of this web page you will see an article about how the Earth will be like Mars in about 100 years!!! Yes folks in about 35 to 50 years all life on Earth will be experiencing the beginning of the end of life on Earth. In 35 to 50 years when the snow covered mountain tops are gone the sun will dry up all rain clouds and then the sun will bake the Earth. We’ll have no rain which means no crops which means mass starvation and chaos. That’s your future!!!! Read all about it at the bottom of the web page. .!      //////////

Hold your horses folks! Before you put up another brick or steel beam the world and you need to hear me out. We are building dwellings and skyscrapers wrong and for our own good and the fate of our planet we must start doing things different. The foremost change is that we have to start using the forces of nature to it’s fullest potential when we design buildings. We also have to look at nature and ask ourselves just what can we learn from the way nature cools and heats the Earth and how may we adapt that knowledge into our building design. Just like a cave can be cool and a car a bit warmer then the outside cold  or hot air we must design our buildings so that nature helps us in any way we can. We MUST redesign our dwellings so that the inside is continuously as possible kept cool like a cave  on hot days and hot like a car in the sun on cold days. When asking ourselves these questions on how to build this ideal kind of dwelling the one thing that stands out most is the question of why oh why oh why haven’t we used magnifying glasses to help heat our dwellings and water. Duh. It’s free heat. So here we have you building a skyscraper and from what little I did hear on the news there is no mention of magnifying glasses at all. What you should be doing is having as much heat and hot water derived from the power of the sun as you can .You must create into the design a maze of panels that will face the sun at all times. These panels also can be designed into the windows as all windows world wide should be. Another invention waiting to happen. If I only had the means. But anyway some how we have to get the magnifying glasses to heat up some kind of metal or plastic which would have air pumped through it that would in turn be used to heat the building. Also water could be heated up for hot water use or use the heated water to further heat the building. Then you must design air exchange chambers on the sunny side of your buildings and the cool side of your buildings. The magnifying glasses will heat the air in these chambers and the design is critical because you want to maximize the effectiveness of the sun in all these designs. Maybe a big magnifying glass aimed at a funnel that has vented air running through its sides would do or a bunch of little magnifying glasses  at each window and support beams  would do. Maybe the plastic used for molding around car doors would be the best heat transferring material to use. I don’t know. You would have to figure this out. But whatever design you go with I hope you run it by me so that I can throw my two cents in. For who knows where a better or new or different idea can come from. Like the idea of using the wind to provide electrical power for a building. High rises are like man made mountains. They create valleys in between and around them that create wind force from nature’s blowing winds Why oh why haven’t you gotten one or many, many more windmills designed into your building? The parts of your building that withstand the most wind force should have big or little windmills attached to it. These windmills are to be shaped like the little plastic windmill toy that was attached to a wooden stick that kids play with. You can design you building to have hundreds of windmills and magnifying glasses to provide much of your power needs. Then take some of that power and put  automatic Segway machines on the delivery dock that will transfer most material and needs to the tenants via a transport system designed  into the building. Then have a multi-bin disposal system on each floor where all tenants will use there new multi bin garbage can to separate most of their soon to be recycled garbage. Have to go now. E-mail me at rmccune999@yahoo.com  Hope to hear from you. Will send more info  soon.////////////

I am writing to you in hope that together we can help save this paradise we spirits are gifted  to enjoy, this planet labeled Earth.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that our gift to us spirits  is in danger of ceasing to be.  Our earth’s refrigerator system is broken  and in the very near future within all  of our lifetime  we will see drastic changes which none of us really know yet how the outcome will be.  But it doesn’t look good .
So the plan must be what can we all do now to stop the disaster we are headed for.  And that is the main reason for this letter.  What I have I believe is a plan to somewhat drastically slow up the soon to be climate change.  So let me get right to these few ideas that may help us all a lot.
First thing we can do is to get all the pollution cars off  the road.  With your more public influence than  I, maybe you all can help get this plan going by having the government have a number to call say 1-800-POLLUTE,where anyone can report a terrible oil burner vehicle, boat, lawn mower or what ever else.  Now I have tried  the last four presidents on this plan and I hope you all better luck than  I.  But it can be done and it should be done.  If all these oil burners were to be off the road or wherever all with in a two month period then our pollution problem would decrease immensely immediately. The police can easily do this.  Then if all the people would organize and refuse to  travel by plane on one day of the week, say a day on the weekend, then the Earth’s atmosphere would have a near to normal air system up there and I do believe with time it would slow up this upcoming disaster. To prove my point all you have to do is look at the U.S. weather report for the whole country on  the September 11 when that disaster happened.  The country ‘s airplane systems was totally or near totally grounded and the air systems around the country drastically improve during that brief shutdown.  So if we shutdown for one day a week then the Earth’s atmosphere would be helped a lot. This could be done in a voluntary organized way initiated by the environmentalist. W e all know the airline industry won’t like it, but then they are the problem, we need a solution.  We need to do something.  And this is something that would help.  See to it that it is done.  I’m sure we can easily organize this plan.  Maybe we can even get it to a two day slow-down in air traffic.  And in getting their  airports traffic controllers to use the ground for a parking space instead of the sky then we definitely would improve the Earth’s atmosphere.  For we got to drastically lessen the abuse we are creating by moving the air molecules around up there from airplanes, and especially from rockets such as space shuttles and bombs. For bombs have to throw out a lot  of  pollutants and from what I understand these bomb ingredients are of a type that is comparable to the pollutants of the super volcano eruptions of years ago that helped bring along a long warming period in our Earth’s past. In fact we should do a test nationwide  or world wide and see what happens to the Earth’s atmosphere if we had no plane traffic for a week, I’m sure that would be a mighty interesting test results!  Let�s initiate a fly only if you really have to campaign.
Now onto garbage, the problem with garbage is we the people.  We have never really created a way to properly reuse disposed items.  Most things can have a secondary use life however, we can throw it into a garbage can.  And that’s where the problem begins and where the problem must end.  What we have to do is create a garbage  disposal can that has different compartments in it to ensure that each time you dispose of things you will put it with other items of the same kind. that bagged together can be put on a device that would separate this multi part plastic bag and then all the same like items could be sent out to places where it could be reused.  Now, all the garbage can be reused.  And  we must create ways to reuse all this FREE STUFF!  Yes, think about it, people are willing to give you all this throw away stuff so we could and here is one of my best ideas inventions, just take all the deposed of glass we could create homes of glass for the poor and every one else so that we would never have to rely on trees for homes which will drastically slow up logging which would help the environment.  Now this glass house invention I would like to get with you about helping develop a new kind of house.  A house that would use the forces of nature to provide all or most of the needs of its inhabitants.  This new house would cost 60% less to heat and most of the heating would not need any fossil fuels of any kind which would cut the need for fuel by 60% or more in these homes.  These homes cost less to make and can be assembled easily anywhere and be put up and  down in a week or less and can be moved anywhere so the home you buy can be yours for life.  Sounds cool don’t it !  These homes can have different out of sight outer exteriors and movable walls inside to facilitate needs.  These homes will never need a paint job or a roofing  job or have to worry about high electric bills.  In fact over time these homes pay for themselves with all the savings compared to standard homes.  Plus these homes last a lifetime and over that lifetime need little repair.  Also, they can resist hurricane and tornado winds and they are fireproof except for forest fires.  But they easily could be taken care of with another invention.  But think of the savings in fire insurance and all insurances of the house.  The house can be elevated in flood zones for further protection and can be added onto easily as family needs grow or shrink.
So if you all want to help me develop this kind of house that can change the world into an environment that we spirits co-exist with so that this paradise will be insured to last an eternity as it was originally designed to be, let me know.  I would sure appreciate the help.  I can’t do it alone.  I haven’t the means or money or time or the power to do all these things.  Perhaps you all do.  Together we can do a lot.  And with the money that can be made from sales of these kind of homes and along with other inventive ideas.  I’ll explain a little later we can possibly help others take their ideas for changing things for the better and in the end we’ll succeed in actually stopping this scary global ice melt down and clean up this smelly polluted air we world wide have to deal with.  We can do things better if we do things differently.  But something has to be started and along with another invention that can easily be added onto every house in the world that would heat the house or dwelling easily cheaply without the use af any fossil fuels and also wash and dry clothes nearly for free, without the use of any fossil fuels.  I believe we could rid our need for a heck of a lot of fossil fuel being used in many different ways.  That’s the goal of many of my inventions.  Ways to  change things so that we can survive.  With your help we can change things around.  Think of all the possibilities.  With all the collected recyclable food waste and lawn waste we could easily combine to meet our  fertilizing  needs which would  then cut down on land fills. A better more environmentally friendly kind of fertilizer could be had and made cheaper.  And it’s for nearly for free.  A way must be found  to get all this so called garbage and get it reused and in thinking in that way all sorts of thoughts come up.  Good ways we can use this discarded  material we call garbage.  With the market already set up to easily use all the recycled aluminum and other metals we would lessen further the need for landfills and the need for draining from Mother Earth to satisfy the desires of its occupants.  Added up these changes will change things and with the way I’ve come up that can easily  put out most forest fires.   I am sure the environment can get better.  Forest fires can easily be put out, we just been doing it wrong. To put out a fire all you have to do is deprive it of oxygen. Simply have either a huge  tent like contraption that is made of fire proof material, probably cloth like fire-proof material, that is dropped on the leading edge of a fire from a single or multiple helicopters or a plane. Simply hook wires up to it to lift it away after you are done. We could wrap plastic or metal poles in fire proof material or use metal poles that will hold up to the fire.  Or you put up huge  fireproof curtains that is unrolled from a pole on the back of a truck on a road or dropped to unraveled from a plane or helicopter.  With this way of putting out forest fires, smog from this source will be lessened  Or you can unravel the fireproof 100-200 high wall of fire-proof cloth and attach it to the telephone poles along the roads or to trees. Make it into a wkw or wwkww  or KKKKK shape to make it efficient enough to stop a approaching fire.With all the roads and the trees and utility poles along them this idea would be easy to carry out.  When you are  done you just roll it up and go on to the next fire. Or you can drop huge fireproof tents over the leading edge of the fire. This tent will have a wall of fireproof material on top to catch flying embers. If a  fire approaches a  house you  just go over to the house and put a two part tent divided down the middle were circular poles would  unfold with the fire proof tent thus covering the house  Escaping fires in high rises and other tall buildings could EASILY be done by having a portable fire escape hook onto a building by cables from a helicopter as a window washer scaffolding is that would have stairs and drop cable capability that allows one to hook oneself onto the cable and slide down to the ground Getting on it is as simple as breaking the window and getting on or helicopter a wreaking ball to open a hole which is what should be done in all cases of fire when you can’t gain entrance or to help make exits. Heck if you can’t get in take a car and drive it into a wall to make an exit.. Also I would  like to talk to you about a  new kind of heating invention that could heat up any home, high rise building ,tent or any other dwelling  anywhere for nearly free, pollution free also we could change things around.  What do you say?  Are you with me on this?  What I see is a big organization such as a business or something dedicated to helping to get all these good creative inventive ideas from the drawing boards and into action.  We can beat this environmental disaster we created but we have TO START!  Let me know if you care to help get the ball rolling.  It’s too hard for me to do so.  I work 63 hours a week, seven days a week and I’m too exhausted and poor to do any of these things.  With your help these thoughts and become a reality, without your help these thoughts are just that thoughts.  But the disaster we face is a reality and that we have to do something about it.  To rely on a government of one kind or another to solve our problem will only insure that we will always have a problem because as we see now sometimes those that run the government aren’t always interested in solving  the problems, for sometimes they like the way things are now.  Sometimes they can’t see the light of a new day for they are focused on only their old ways. That’s why it’s IMPORTANT THAT YOU VOTE!!!! .  New ways must be initiated to negate our bad ways.  Together with a new kind of dwelling that utilizes all the powers of nature to it’s maximum  and a new kind of  electric car being developed  in California and the elimination of turbo jet engines we will survive this life threatening disaster we have put this planet in. Also since WE are responsible for MOST of the bad times being felt by the other inhabitants  of this planet isn’t about time we start helping them by FEEDING THEM!!!!! Stop taking pictures and making documentaries about the animals and start organizing a feed plan for every species. We should have  free vacation homes set up at all possible feeding arias around the globe. As animals are seen in the area the vacationers will help them get their food. AS each species sees that they will have a food supply to help them survive they will get healthier and will start kicking back and relaxing and maybe have a lot more time to have a little more fun and in the process reproduce. For it’s important to know that species reproduce at a rate that insures the survivability of the young. No food and a species won’t want to reproduce. If a species has a steady good supply of food and water then they will feel no fear of reproducing. Let’s build water holes and feeding lots around the world  stocked by us  that will help the other  occupants of this paradise. As was shown to us by the bees and their disappearance we need the species of this planet to survive. AND SPEAKING OF BEES  I think we got a BBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGG  problem here folks. The bees are  disappearing and I think I might know why and if I’m right we damn well better change things FAST!!!! Now hear  me out. I use to work at a fast food place and  as with all places where food is served  and windows and doors are constantly opening  there will occasionally be  flies there. No matter how clean you keep it there will  be a few flies that you notice periodically through out  the day.  However since  the place where I work put in the WI-FI system for computers I noticed less flies and when I saw one there was only one and not more than that usually. Before the introduction of WI-FI the flies would arrive in the kitchen area in small groups say two to five or more. They would hang out on certain areas and occasionally mingle closely with each other sometimes going up face to face with each other and rubbing their legs together and with each other.  The flies would HANG OUT on the electrical and computer  wires going up into the ceiling  It was like they KNEW it was safe up there  THEY DON”T DO THAT ANYMORE!!! WHY???  I observed a group of flies  recently and they were not communicating like they use to AT ALL!!! The flies would stay in a spot for a while a little distance between each other fly  and not go up to each other at all and communicate by rubbing legs. In fact at times two would show aggressive fighting behavior when they got near each other.. That got me thinking, are we messing with the frequency that these insects communicate on? Or is our signals or wave lengths or something else causing so much interference with the insect as to make it act abnormal. Are we causing them to not be able to communicate thus leading the queen bee to flip out because she can no longer transmit commands and she’s surrounded by hundreds of horny males who she can’t tell to buzz off so she decides to buzz off. Just as those flies I now see rarely do you see them in groups They can’t communicate .They are lost on how to survive Their whole lifestyle must change because now they can’t communicate. After a few generations will knowledge amongst certain insects be lost because of not being able to communicate?. If it’s flies and bees we have affected badly then what other insects or animals are we messing with?  I hope I’m wrong but someone out there please prove me wrong. Because we have to do what is needed to make sure they survive. If we have to stop WI-FI and or some other thing that is messing up their communication then lets do it. We have no other choice. Let’s start initiating ways that will  not only help cut down on pollution and change our demand for oil let’s start helping nature repair the damage that it has encountered when we can. For instance why don’t we park many ice making boats around the melting glaciers and help lower the water  temperature by continuously turning the sea water into ice. If we can make ice for our drinks then surely we can make it for Mother  Nature. Perhaps we could get the Navy to chip in big time with the ship needs. Let’s put our tax dollars and personnel  to work instead of just floating around the world waiting for a battle that will never happen. We can  also  create snow and ice on land..  Snow making machines could add layers of protection to land based icebergs and other areas that need it. During the winter let’s give Mother Nature a hand !   Then lets all who can especially all those suburban tile roof home owners, put up a white canopy on top of the roof  a few inches above the roof. This will greatly cut down on man made heat generated from the tile thus cooling down the building thus saving cost while cooling down the environment and creating a cool air reservoir on hot days. Also lets put a acre or more  wide path around each farm where trees and grass grow freely so to insure a filtering system for rain runoff so that not so much fertilizers will be entered into our water systems. We shouldn’t let farmers  that farm land within so many miles of  rivers and lakes to use many of the now used fertilizers. Perhaps we should be looking at farming pest control in a whole new way. Maybe we should be using machines to get the bugs out and not pesticides. Hook up a machine that travels perhaps automatically, down the roll of crops and as it does it shakes each crop as vigorously as possible without harming the crop and as it does that a force of air is blown at the crop from one side and on the other side a wall of some kind maybe cloth or plastic would catch all the stuff that is blown toward it. Well bugs can’t overcome this situation and will get blown into this say plastic wall and would then be blown into a turning set of wheels that would be pressing together thus crushing  your problems away. Now we have to be careful we are not throwing out the good with the bad. We HAVE TO device a way to stop the machine from killing good bugs  because if we don’t we may have bigger problems than we have right now. We don’t want to be killing the bugs that are helping us kill the bugs  we don’t want. Perhaps a computer controlled device that could  recognize good bugs and blow them off the conveyor before they are smashed  Also .we have to clean up our rivers, lakes and  oceans. If you look at the weather maps from the 50’s and on you will see that America had a weather pattern that had gulf winds starting in the gulf of Mexico that would pick up moisture from the gulf and as the winds traveled over the Mississippi river area   and picked up more moisture from all the rivers and lakes those winds would combine with all the winds coming from the west which has passed over the mountains out there  and what ever moisture those winds carry and all that moisture insured that we were blessed with a breadbasket for the world. Well guess what folks WE destroyed that weather pattern ! That weather pattern that existed up to the 60’s does not exist anymore but can again if WE initiate the changes that need to be! If we clean up the lakes, rivers and streams of pollution. More moisture will be picked up in the gulf of Mexico and elsewhere and the wind patterns will do their job and  rain will happen and farmers will be happy and stomachs will be full.    Our lifestyles must be changed to survive and putting together all these different changes must be the challenge we face head on and succeed at it.  Otherwise our  grandchildren will have worse challenges then we face today.  We are gifted with this life we spirits have however what we have done with this paradise and with these traveling vessels we call bodies is simply disgusting.  In our afterlife we will all understand that.  This was meant to be a paradise for us spirits, however for many it is a hell on Earth.  In our quest for our desires we snuff out life, we do even more harm.  We are foolish spirits who have ruined our paradise and we simply must start doing things differently in many ways. For those who do not understand that we are spirits let me just say how is it that many, many, many a person have had near death experiences and have had their eyelids closed and were revived to life by our modern medical personnel and were able to tell what happened in the area around their body even though their eyes were closed and they were obviously out of it.  Face the truth, we are spirits inhibiting a vessel we call a body.  This magnificent body we get to use to enjoy this paradise.  What happens when we leave here and where  we go is anybody’s guess and I’m sure should be our number one question but what we do now is our main concern.  We have to insure that there is everlasting life on paradise just as we as spirits have everlasting life.  What we do today and every day will be with us forever in our next existence, our spiritual life. Let’s do something to insure that there will always be spiritual life here.  Hope to hear from you all.


Ron McCune                                           e mail rmccune999@yahoo.com

Also, if you need help in your campaign for President, say advice or suggestions on different subjects, let me know.  Bur I will send you soon suggestions on how you can educate many Americans and others  world wide simply by turning that idiot box we call a T.V. into the best and cheapest education tool we have.  Then I would like to tell you about a health care system that would give quality care to all for cheap.  But these and other suggestions will be revealed in my next letter to you.  For now I’m really busy working 60 hours a week just to make ends meet, and that’s seven days a week too.  Been doing it for 12  years and I’m getting worn out from it so before the toll becomes too great physically, I’d like to get a few things going, so if you would like to help in any way let me know.////////

What I will offer you here is an idea for a new health insurance plan. Now first of all let’s make one thing perfectly clear, the argument that government run programs are just more bureaucracies for us tax payers to support and shouldn’t be done is ridiculous because we are ALREADY SUPPORTING A  HUGE PRIVATE SECTOR  HEALTH  CARE BUREAUCRACIES!!! AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR WANTS PROFITS!!!!!  LOOK AT ALL THE BUILDINGS AND EMPLOYEES AND PROFITS THAT MUST BE MET BY YOU AND ME TO SATISFY THE PRESENT DAY SYSTEM!!!!! OF COURSE MANY IN THE HEALTH CARE BUSINESS DON’T WANT CHANGE!! THEY ARE MAKING PROFITS!!!  Profits before the good of the patient in some cases. So having a system where anyone can join in a health care plan that is modeled on the idea that this plan is a no fault health insurance plan. In other words this plan doesn’t cover irresponsible behavior such as deceases caused by drinking  or smoking. The    deceases health care cost would be passed on to the alcohol, cigarette and other decease causing industries so that those that want to drink or smoke or do other things that worsens ones health will pay for others that choose to also do and got harmed. Also in this health plan the amount you pay will depend upon YOU!!! That’s right,your body is going to determine how much you pay. Those that are overweight will pay more as well as will others that have down things voluntarily to their bodies which causes them to have to see a doctor.   Then we will set up a system which will eliminate much of the unneeded cost of or present day health care system. We will eliminate the right to sue for malpractice thus lowering the cost of health care immensely and review and lower all payouts for past lawsuits and put a cap on all fees charge by lawyers. We will do our best to eliminate bad health care given out by having all health cases reviewed by retiring doctors who could point out mistakes before they happen.Those that become harmed will be offered life time jobs for the government to help support oneself and a tax free life along with other assistance. Doctors will be freed from the fear of lawsuits and instead will be able to practice in a way that will lower the cost of medical care. Doctors will be able to totally concentrate on the job of being a doctor  and providing the right care you need. You will be issued a Medical I.D. Card and number that the doctor can use and have others update as he taking care of you. A quick look in the computer will tell the doctor all she or he needs to know. No more massive amounts of people pushing paper and getting payed for it with OUR  health care dollars.No more lawyers earning ridiculous fees. No more having someone else besides doctors determining whats going to happen to your body. No more unnecessary  medical test will doctors order cause they are scared of lawsuits thus lowering the cost health care. See folks if we do things differently we can achieve better health care at a lower cost. If we take the profiteering out of health care we can make it cheaper. If we take away much of the unnecessary cost we will lower the cost of health care. If we were to set up a system where as    doctors would get payed a set salary to practice medicine as well as the others needed to provide health care we would then lower the cost of health care. If we employ just enough doctors and their needed support groups and OWN AND USE JUST THE AMOUNT OF NEEDED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO SUPPORT OUR MEDICAL NEEDS WE WILL HAVE SUCCESSFULLY LOWERED THE COST OF HEALTH CARE WHILE DELIVERING QUALITY HEALTH CARE TO ALL!!! We can have round the clock service to suit our needs better at no additional cost. You would be able to go to any doctor at any time because your health history will always be available to any doctor. AND NO MORE PRECONDITION REJECTION!! IF YOU ARE SICK WE WILL CARE FOR YOU HOWEVER YOUR RATES MAY HAVE TO BE HIGHER! Also while we are on the subject of health isn’t it about time that we start making food stamp recipient’s health determine what kind of food that that person can buy with their food stamps. When I see my tax payer money going to a food stamp person who uses that food to make their condition worse then all I can say is that things have got to change here. If your condition is a overweight problem then your food stamps are for a select group of healthy foods only that will not make your condition worse but instead improve your condition. What we are going to create is a new system to identify foods that overweight people and all of us should follow. We are going to put either a green or red dot on all foods. A red dot food is food that is not recommended for overweight people and cannot be purchased by overweight people who are on food stamps or any other kind of government assistance and that includes Social Security payments. Now a green dot food is food that your body needs and uses and then disposes of without adding weight onto your body. We the taxpayers of America are going to force the overweight to lose weight.      ///////// What I would like to discuss with you now is a plan for women to use in helping themselves not to become pregnant. I Like to call it the 9-12-9 plan. The plan works on the idea that at the end of a women’s period till her next period there usually is 30 days so women will have to adjust for their day difference. Now most women ovulate mid way between periods so a women has to figure that to be safe give some time before and after that mid time of your monthly cycle. That’s why the 9 days after a women’s period she can use no protection from pregnancy and then the next 12 days to use condoms for protection against pregnancy and then the last 9 days or until her next period the women would not have to use any protection against pregnancy. Following this plan will help insure women who don’t want to become pregnant won’t!!! Now also with the health care plan I offer we can make it so that women can see a doctor and get her tubes tied which will cut down on health care caused by pregnancy and the needed cost of the child. We can slow the population growth a lot by offering this service to ALL women world wide!!!/////

What I would like to discuss with you now is the situation with peoples bodies and the problems we have with them. The biggest problem is weight and how to deal with it so that it doesn’t become a problem.The easiest way to make sure you won’t have a weight problem is to remember that it’s very important that you put food in you that will go through you and out of you and not add on to you. So you HAVE TO KNOW what foods will be used as storage by your body as it builds itself and what foods will not add to your weight as it is used  and disposed by your daily bowl movement  . Two groups of food.One group good for you and the other group bad for you.One group will help you live and the other group will help you die.The chose is yours but the consequences of you choosing wrong is all of our problem because of the cost of health care and Social Security Disability cost That is why is is important to know food.Unfortunately our education system doesn’t teach it and our food industry doesn’t give a rats ass if you live or die as long as they get your money. So after you and your parents payed all those taxes all those years to send you to school to learn, the system still doesn’t teach us how to eat right. It’s sad but most people don’t know how to eat right. And because of that they suffer and then die. So take it upon yourself to go to a health food store and look up books that teach you how your body works and how food affects your body.Good books such as Eat Right Live Longer and You Are What You Eat will teach you a lot  about how to eat as well as many other books they have. In those books there is knowledge that was not taught in school that you need to know so that you can eat right.  Once you start on a diet that fits with what needs to be done with your body so to achieve good health you will see results in months and after a year of good dieting you will see a new you.After a few years of good dieting most overweight people should be able to lose a lot of pounds If one is very much over weight it make take multiple years of dieting to lose all the weight one should but remember it took many years to create the weight problem .And the sooner you get rid of the weight problem the better chance you have at leading a better life.So take it upon yourself to protect yourself from  bad eating habits.
So what to eat is the main question facing ALL of us.YOU have to decide what kinds of food will you be able to eat  that will not harm you.If you want to lose weight you HAVE TO EAT  ONLY food that YOUR MIND TELLS YOUR STOMACH TO GET THE NUTRIENTS out of the food and DISPOSE OF THE REST!!  YOU CAN NO LONGER EAT FOOD that YOUR MIND DIRECTS THE STOMACH TO BREAK DOWN THAT FOOD and turn it into a energy provider fat cell.which in overweight people is cells that the body does not need.because it has enough of  already.You can eat a lot of the food that will just go through you. It isn’t like like you have to starve yourself in order to lose weight. But speaking of starving WE SHOULD ALL TAKE ONE DAY A WEEK TO STARVE OUR SYSTEM SO AS TO GIVE OUR STOMACHS ACIDS A BETTER CHANCE AT DOING THEIR JOB OF BREAKING DOWN, DISPOSING AND CLEANING UP THAT MAGNIFICENT BIOLOGICAL MACHINE WE CALL A STOMACH!!!   I don’t mean that you have to eat nothing at all when I said to starve your stomach for a day just drastically cut down on the amount of food you eat that day and ONLY EAT FOOD THAT DAY THAT will  go through you and NOT ADD ON TO YOU! Your mind is geared to do certain things to each different food. IT DOES NOT HAVE the ability to not store calories that you give it when it does not need them. YOU HAVE THAT Ability OF NOT NOT GIVING YOUR STOMACH UNNEEDED FOOD!  If you give your stomach an apple it will break it down and use it all and dispose of it. If you give your stomach a plate of spaghetti it will break it down and store all  of the new food you have given it as fat cells.Those fat cells DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BODY UNTIL YOUR MIND DETERMINES THAT THEY ARE NEEDED TO PROVIDE ENERGY FOR YOUR BODY TO FUNCTION AT THAT MOMENT BECAUSE IT HAS NOT THE ENERGY AT THE TIME FROM FOOD IN YOUR STOMACH! THAT IS HOW YOU LOSE WEIGHT! Force your body to have to use up some of your stored fat for energy because you have given yourself food all day that fills you but does not have a high calorie count yet has many proteins,nutrients and other things that our body needs in order to function properly These foods that your your body NEEDS and lives BETTER ON  include whole wheat products,preferably 100% whole wheat because the whole wheat kernel contain nutrients that we need to properly regulate our bowel system.Think of 100% whole wheat as the roter roto of foods,natures natural regulator.100% whole wheat products just go right through you and pushes most everything out in the process because it has nutrients that signals your stomach intestines to work thus creating a movement of food through your stomach system. White bread and white flour products doesn’t have the needed nutrients because white flour is made from only the outer part of the wheat kernel and not the more nutritional inner part of the wheat kernel. The inner part of the wheat kernel is what your body needs so give it to it! White flour is not what your body needs if over weight is your problem so in order to lose weight you MUST NOT EAT any white flour products. Eat 100% whole wheat products only!! Now the other foods that go through your body as it is being used and not added on to your body as it goes into to you is beans, fruits and vegetables, whole grain and wild rice,not white rice. Now if weight is not a problem for you you should be able to add nuts and lean meats and fish to your diet to maintain a healthier you. Now for the foods to stay away from if you need to lose weight. ALL DEEP FRIED FOODS, ALL PASTRIES,BUTTER, ALL PASTA PRODUCTS,FATTY FOODS, FATTY MEATS, CANDIES AND CHIPS. So there you have it a weight lost plan and a healthier you plan.////////// Now onto Social Security.The present system has got to go and be replaced with a new system. The Social Security Disability part has turned into another conning something for nothing program that is driving us all BROKE!!! The excuses for US HAVING TO SUPPORT SOMEONE FOR LIFE IS RIDICULOUS!!! The FACT that President Reagan, the hero of the Republican Party,the so called fiscal conservative,HA,is the one that signed the Social Security Disability Act into law is ridiculous!!!  This fiscal drain on our Social Security Funds has NOT BEEN CORRECTED IN ALL the years that President Bush and the Republicans have been in power. Not once have either party come up with a plan that will satisfy US, THE PEOPLE, THE TAXPAYERS!! The FACT that the retirees of today have put in a low amount of money in the Social Security taxes and yet draw out much much more in benefits is not right! We have to redesign the system so that we have a better fairer system. We have to throw out the present system and make the system work better and cheaper by having a program set up were those that are retired and receiving Social Security Benefits will have to work in a nursing home a day or more a month. This introduction of people near ones own age into the nursing home care system will brighten up the day for the ones living there while also giving an extra eye for the way things are run at each  facility. This labor force will help lower the cost of running nursing homes. Then we could even make it cheaper by having US the people own facilities around the country that would care, house and feed the elderly and sick. They would be taken care of by the elderly and others that are needed to run it. Also those on Social Security Disability will be required to work for their benefits unless they are seriously disabled. These excuses that you can’t work because of a sore back or sore leg or sore stomach or whatever else is sore is NOT REASON ENOUGH for you to be supported for life by us.If you ate,smoked or drank yourself to bad health why should we have to pay for it, you should. If you can’t find a job to fit your physical and mental limits than we will!! We’ll create ONE!! THESE SOMETHING FOR NOTHING PROGRAMS HAVE GOT TO GO!!! WE CAN”T AFFORD IT ANYMORE!!/////// Now onto something that is very important to ALL of us and needs to be addressed in order to  to have sound economic growth in our country. What I like to discuss now is the cost of our government. Do you know that the cost of our government is now at THREE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR!!! IT”S RIDICULOUS!!! We have to come up with a new way of running our government AND figure out a new way to run our lives. If we do things differently we can cut the cost of government in maybe half.  Of course we have to get out of Iraq. For Iraq has put us into enough debt. Then we HAVE TO STOP PUTTING PEOPLE IN POWER, PEOPLE LIKE SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, WHO PUT OUR NATION INTO A WAR WITH OTHERS. Then if we turn ALL of the something for nothing programs into something for something programs then we will have cut the cost of government more because of the work that can be achieved with the work force that will be created by making everyone except the serious disabled work for their benefits that they receive from the government. With this work force we can achieve much. Then we have to cut the cost of our government by cutting down on the amount of people it takes to run our government.///////////////////
There I was, lying near death, on some planet in this never ending universe.  Sickness was overwhelming my physical body.  My breath was getting shorter, my health was getting weaker.  I knew I was about to leave this physical body I have inhibited and journey on to  my next life.

Where will I go, I thought as I gazed to the stars above?  What form of life will I be?  Will the next world I journey to be as beautiful as this paradise I am about to leave?  Will my next life be as wonderful as the life I am about to depart?

Suddenly, I felt my physical life start slipping away.  I could feel myself sliding from my physical body into my spiritual body.  I became my spiritual body as I left my physical body, the body I occupied on this planet, behind to waste into nothing as I traveled on to my next life.

Then quickly my whole life that I lived on that planet flashed before myself.  I knew then that my judgment time had come. A time to reflect upon all my actions on that planet.  A judgment of ourselves we are all faced with before we travel into everlasting life.

Everything I did during my lifetime on that planet I quickly examined and  judged in a perspective I never had before.  It was that the truth of God and  reality of what really is became perfectly clear.  I was then able to judge my past actions in my last life accordingly to the absolute truth of God.  For it did not matter what I thought was the truth, it only mattered what really was the truth according to God!  For we are not  judged on what we thought we should have done, but what God knows we should have done.

After I judged myself, I found myself inside what seemed to be a brightly lit tunnel.  This is a common effect we all experience when we leave our physical bodies.  The after life experience is what it is referred to as.

In this tunnel I saw many other spiritual beings slowly progressing towards a brightly lit area ahead.  I then realized I was about to again experience life everlasting with the spirit of God.  The most wonderful experience possible I was again going to enjoy.  I was going to feel God’s spirit within my spirit in God’s kingdom.  My spirit, the real me, the part of me that can never die, was going to spend an eternity in the kingdom of God.

I was so happy to be able to enter God’s kingdom.  After having judged my  actions of my past life in accordance to the absolute truth, I was able to face God with no remorse or shame.  God was able to welcome me into the kingdom of God.  I was worthy of God’s  love so God let me be worthy of God’s spiritual paradise, God’s kingdom in Heaven.  A place where spirits live in total happiness.  For there is nothing in Heaven that could bring any kind of sorrow.  That is the joy of having an environment with no problems, no worries, no shame, no anger, no hate, nothing that could bring any unhappiness.  That is the ecstasy that heaven has to offer all spirits!

Unexpectedly, I started experiencing a tugging feeling.  It was as if something was holding me back, as if someone didn’t want me to enter everlasting life yet.

Suddenly, I felt myself being directed towards another planet in space.  The planet appeared as a tranquil rotating sphere from afar.  White clouds gently rolled over its blue skies and beautiful landscape.  From its magnificent mountains to its sculptured valleys, to its spacious oceans, the planet looked so picturesque.

I came upon a crowd of spirits gathered around the blue and green planet.  They all seemed a bit gloomy and worried.  As I neared the group, one spirit turned towards me and said “Welcome, we have been expecting you.”  I was taken aback somewhat, one moment I’m living on one planet, and the next moment I’m fixing to enter everlasting life only to be directed to some other planet in space.

One spirit approached me as I stood there bewildered.  It was as f the spirits knew I was coming and had so much so say to me.

“This is the  planet its inhabitants refer to as Earth”, the spirit said.  We have all been living down there at one time or another.  We all had the chance to experience the paradise God ahs offered us.  We were all able to partake in the Earth’s many bounties.

“A wonderful planet it surely is.”.  There is many different creatures living on this planet.  There are creatures of many different feathers that soar through the blue sky with such grace and beauty that it  will amaze you. There are small and gigantic creatures that swim so gracefully in the vast amount of water on the planet.  There are many, many different creatures that enjoy the serenity and beauty of the many scenic mountains and vast open plains of this planet.

” The creature we spirits inhibited on that planet along with many other creatures on that planet, can see the beauty  of nature with a magnificent set of eyes, hear all the wonderful sounds of nature with a finely tuned set of ears, taste  nature’s many appetizing delights with an intriguing mouth that also creates many sounds to communicate, smell the many scents of nature, with  an exquisite nose and feel and touch with a body that has unlimited excitements”.

“So what if some spirits can’t do some of these things.  They can surely still enjoy the paradise with a magnificent brain, we spirits possess on this planet.  For all spirits on this Earth are given the gift of life from God.  Let no one deny this gift to anyone”.

“It is a beautiful paradise, this planet called Earth,” the spirit continued, “The planet has many different creatures that in many ways need and co-exist with one another.  It’s a harmony that went on for a long , long time.  All life on this beautiful and wonderful planet should exist forever”

“However, now the planet is threatened by the very species that us spirits have inhibited.  The spirits on Earth are slowly strangling the life out of this planet”.

I looked at the spirit puzzled as I said, “Are you telling me that we spirits have messed up this paradise that God has allowed us to occupy?  This planet that has so many joys to offer us spirits is now going to be destroyed by us spirits!  How foolish can all of you be?  How could you allow this to happen”?

By now a large group of spirits have gathered around listening attentively to the conversation.  Gazing at them quickly, I knew what I was about to hear would not be pleasant.  Something seemed to be bothering all of them.  Their looks seemed to say many sad words.

One of the spirits then said, “What goes on down there on that planet, you would not believe.  Us spirits have occupied a species down there that seems to lose all knowledge of reality, once the spirit transfers down to Earth.  The spirits living on that planet do not realize that the spirit of God is within their spirit which then lives on this planet within this species they occupy”.

” This is the miracle of life!  The three-in-one miracle!!  The miracle of God’s spirit within our spirit that’s within the body that we inhibit on that planet!  That is the absolute truth of life”!

These spirits on Earth do not realize the absolute truth.  They do not realize the gift of life, the miracle of life!  They do not understand the absolute truth of life”!

“The spirits on Earth do not understand what reality is.  The spirits on Earth have inhibited a species that it identifies in its own way, not God’s way.  These species call themselves many different things and go by many different identities.  They do not realize that in doing so only drives them further from the absolute truth”!

“For if the spirit leaves all these physical or other attributes on Earth when the spirit leaves this planet, then how could all these identities be anything else but temporary illusions on one’s self..  So all these illusions of themselves that these spirits possess on Earth are just that, illusions, and shall be no more once they leave this paradise called Earth.  So how could one be what one thinks one is today when later they are that no more”!

“These spirits on Earth do not understand who they really are.  They believe their life ends with the death of their physical bodies.  They do not understand about life everlasting”.

“For when they die on Earth, only their physical bodies die.  Their spiritual body goes on for an eternity.  The spiritual body knows not death, but only life everlasting.  The physical body has the means to achieve death, the spiritual body cannot achieve death, because someone’s spiritual self cannot physically die.  We live on forever”.

“This reality of life on Earth in the physical body and the life after they leave Earth in the spiritual body is not realized by these spirits on Earth. The reality of a spirit inside each and everyone of them is not known to them.  For all of those physical beings on Earth do have a spirit.  While on Earth the spirit is the link between one’s physical life and one’s everlasting life.  That is the absolute truth of life”.

“Also, these spirits do not understand about their judgment time.  They do not know that everything they have done they shall have to answer for when their judgment time comes when they leave this paradise called Earth.  They do not understand that they will know the absolute truth of life when they leave their physical body and shall judge all they have done with their physical body in accordance to the absolute truth”.

The knowledge of what they have done on this planet with their physical bodies will be with them forever.  Everyone of them has a flash of their existence on Earth when the physical body leaves that planet.  What they have done on Earth they will have to all answer for when they leave and will all be judged not on what they thought to be the truth, but what is the absolute truth”.

“When these spirits know the absolute truth they will realize the wrongs they have done on Earth.  The spirits will know that when they do wrong towards another spirit they are only hurting the spirit of God which is within everyone’s spirit.

“The spirits do have a chance to make amends for the evil they have done with their physical body while on Earth, but once they leave Earth it is too late for amends.  Then those that have done wrong or have not tried to change the things they have done wrong will not be welcomed into God’s spiritual paradise”.

These spirits left out of God’s spiritual paradise will  have an eternity to know how they have done wrong and will not be able to feel the spirit  of God within their spirit, because God cannot possess evil.  God is all good”.

“To be possessed by God’s spirit and welcomed into eternal life in the kingdom of God one must be free of all evil.  One must be all good.  One must be as God would be “.

“Those spirits that can’t enter God’s kingdom feel left out of the most wonderful experience one can have.  They will know the joys they will miss in God’s kingdom.  They will know that because of the wrongs they have done on this planet called earth, God will not be able to welcome them into God’s spiritual paradise.  They know they can’t be possessed by the spirit  of God”.

“The spirits left out of God’s spiritual paradise shall have an eternity to wonder why they have brought harm to other spirits on Earth during the brief  time they were there”.

“For the time that spirits spend on Earth is brief compared to the eternity one faces in everlasting life, the life with no end”.

“It is a pity that some spirits shall not be able to enter God’s spiritual paradise because of the wrongs they did  on Earth”.

“These spirits on Earth don’t even realize the wrongs they do.  Many don’t even know they have a spirit. This spirit is forever.  This spirit they have today on Earth within their physical body.  This spirit they will be when they leave their physical bodies”.

“The spirits on that planet don’t even realize that they can communicate with their spiritual self through their physical self.  They don’t understand that God’s almighty wisdom and understanding of the absolute truth of life is available to all those who reach out to God for it.  God will possess and communicate with ones physical self through ones spiritual self”.

“However, God cannot reach out to someone who won’t reach out to God.  Very few of the spirits on Earth know how to reach out to God.  Very few of them realize that the spirit of God is within their spirit which is within them”.

All these truths these spirits on Earth don’t understand.  So you can see they need some help understanding life before they leave this planet they call Earth.  So much depends on them knowing the truth of life, the spirit said”.

I stood there speechless wondering what other facts they were going to tell me.  What has happened to these spirits once they travel sown to this paradise called earth, I thought?  What have they done to have caused so much concern to the spirits who have left there?  Bewildered I asked, “Surely the spirits on that planet could not have done so much wrong even though they didn’t understand the truth of life.  What has happened on this beautiful paradise that causes you all to worry?  What has become of us spirits on Earth”?

Suddenly a spirit came forward.  “Allow me to introduce myself.  I was called Jesus when I lived on this planet called Earth.  I tried to tell the spirits on that planet the absolute truth, but they did not understand me therefore they did not believe me” said Jesus.

So what did they do when you showed them the truth, I asked”?

“They killed me, ” answered Jesus.

“Say what,” I exclaimed, horrified beyond belief.///////////////

The many following letters and opinions are about politics and pertains to the upcoming election and past elections./////   First I would like to address one issue in this election that has a major impact on the lives of many women and an indirect effect on all of us because we have to pay through taxes for the care of those who can’t pay for the care that pregnant women need and the cost of those that can’t take care of their children. That issue is abortion. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO GET AN ABORTION IN AMERICA IF SEN.MCCAIN BECOMES PRESIDENT!!! Sen. McCain WILL DEFINITELY MAKE ABORTION ILLEGAL FOR MANY MANY YEARS TO COME!!! HE”LL BE ABLE TO DO THIS SIMPLY BY REPLACING THE TWO RETIRING LIBERAL SUPREME COURT JUDGES WITH TWO RIGHT WING JUDGES WHO WILL OVERTURN A WOMEN’S RIGHT TO GET AN ABORTION. ONCE OVERTURN IT WILL TAKE DECADES TO MAKE ABORTION LEGAL AGAIN BECAUSE NONE OF THE RIGHT WING JUDGES WILL RETIRE!!! If you can’t make abortion legal again through the courts because of  a McCain presidency would not allow that to happen and the Republicans would in one way or another prevent a law to make abortions legal again to be passed by Congress then you are stuck with abortions being illegal for many many years!!!! Again this is what a McCain Palin administration would bring. So I hope you ALL SEE what we are in for if Sen. McCain becomes our next president. Sen.McCain will give us a America where many many women would not be able to get an abortion and will have to go to Mexico or Canada. Or they will have to take a chance with the law and their lives when they seek out the many underground abortion sites that who knows who will set up with no assurances of proper health care.  GET READY LADIES FOR A MAJOR OBSTACLE IS COMING YOUR WAY IF SEN. MCCAIN BECOMES YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT AND GOV. PALIN YOUR NEXT VICE PRESIDENT!!! ARE YOU LADIES READY TO GIVE UP MANY OF THE GAINS YOU HAVE HAD IN THE LAST 30 TEARS, ARE YOU WILLING TO SAY THE HECK WITH ALL THOSE GAINS JUST SO YOU CAN HAVE A WOMEN VICE PRESIDENT!!!! GET READY AMERICA FOR A HUGE RISE IN YOUR TAX BILL THAT YOU ALL ARE GOING to get when you add all the cost of these new sometimes unwanted babies and their parents and all the legal force that will be needed to enforce this new law that outlaws abortions. GET READY CAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET IF SEN. MCCAIN AND GOV. PALIN WIN !!!!! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!!!!! WAKE UP SEN. CLINTON SUPPORTERS!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE US IF YOU LET YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT WITH SEN.CLINTON’S LOST TO CAUSE YOU NOT TO VOTE FOR SEN. OBAMA. DON’T BE THE CAUSE OF OUR LOST!!!! DON”T LET ANOTHER NADER DISASTER HAPPEN!!! WE CAN’T AFFORD FOR THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN!!! WE CAN’T AFFORD TO PUT OUR WOMEN AND DAUGHTERS LIVES ON THE LINE AGAIN AS THEY SEEK OUT A WAY THE END A PREGNANCY THEY DON’T WANT OR CANNOT AFFORD!!! AND ANOTHER THING, WE CAN’T AFFORD TO WAIT ANOTHER FOUR TO EIGHT YEARS FOR UMBILICAL CORD RESEARCH!!!!! TOO MANY OF OUR LIVES NEED IT NOW!!!!! WE HAVE DEPRIVED TOO MANY TOO LONG FOR A CURE TO THEIR ILLNESS!!!!! DON’T BE THE REASON FOR THEIR SUFFERINGS. ALSO WE CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER FOUR TO EIGHT YEARS FOR OUR HEALTH CARE PROBLEMS TO BE SOLVED!!!! YOU ALL KNOW THAT SEN. MCCAIN DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE OR CARE ON HOW TO SOLVE OUR HEALTH CARE PROBLEMS!!!    /////// The following letter was sent to Pres. Chavez of Venezuela but is meant for all of you too.
I am writing to you  all to try and help explain to you the  argument that President Bush is the devil’s disciple. The presentation  by Pres. Chavez brought laughter and criticism when it should of brought reality and shame. by President Bush.  The  presentation failed what God will eventually will  decide.  Just what the heck is going on here in America and why have we been taken on a path of policy which violates the main commandment of God which is “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”!   That presentation was never presented by you in your address and since you are now the one who started this thrust upon the minds of the ignorant you must go on and finish the presentation of the case against George Bush as how he is the disciple of the devil and how he has manipulated the minds of the masses to do wrong of killing and making them think that this is right and to be proud of the killing and how he has created a war of hell around the world which he created and encourages others to engage in and to be proud of this killing they are requested to do .But the main fact that we are all judged not only by our Congress or the people’s laws of this planet but by God’s law and when we all leave this paradise we call Earth, when we leave this physical wonder of a body and journey into our real selves our spiritual self, we will immediately judge ourselves and know the wrongs we have done here to other spirits and to this paradise us spirits were gifted to enjoy but destroyed.  Mr. Bush and ALL those who have supported Mr. Bush  have better  have a very good reason for starting this  killing field they have started around the world.  Mr. Bush says it has to do with the 9/11 terrorism  I believe God won’t buy that.  But the sad part is Mr. Bush’s policies have created the atmosphere for 9/11 to happen.  President George Bush’s policies toward the Palestinians infuriated the Arab world so much that some decided to do the wrong of harm and 9/11 happened./////// The following presentation was written for this election and is followed by ideas from the last presidential election yet pertains to Senator McCain in this election as well!!!!! He is a copy of George Bush and we don’t need anymore failed government. I mean when Sen. McCain says he has no problem giving out his tax cuts to his rich friends even if it runs up the deficit than you know he’s out of touch with what needs to be done to fix our economy. Since President Reagan  we have experienced 9 trillion dollars of debt  with this Republican  failed way of running our government with their don’t care attitude of deficit spending and we don’t need anymore of that. If anyone out there wants to help me to SURELY DEFEAT McCain this election get in touch with me. We can’t leave it up to Barack alone to defeat McCain.  Sometimes what needs to be said isn’t said or can’t be said by him but can be said by us. Sometimes what needs to be said is not said but must be said by US!!!  /////

This charge by Sen. McCain that Sen. Obama is not ready to be president because of his lack of experience is ridiculous. It’s another character assassination job that Sen. McCain is doing his best  in trying to brainwash us into believing.  The truth of the matter is that Sen. Obama wouldn’t have gotten us into this UNCALLED FOR UNNECESSARY  WAR and has shown the LEADERSHIP THAT IS NEEDED to insure we do not get into ANY MORE HASSLES!!!  WE CAN TRUST  SEN. OBAMA TO DELIVER US PEACE AND YOU CAN BE ASSURED THAT SEN. MCCAIN WILL DELIVER US MORE WAR!!!  Let’s give our soldiers a break. Let’s give our soldiers a boss who will use diplomacy to make their lives easier. AND ONE MORE THING!! This bragging that the surge is working has some very disturbing points that ALL OF US TAXPAYERS SHOULD BE UPSET WITH!!  US TAXPAYERS ARE BUYING PEACE IN IRAQ!!  OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE GOING TO MILITIAS IN IRAQ AND ALL THEY HAVE TO DO GET OUR MONEY IS NOT TO FIGHT!!!  SO US TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING FOR A THIS STAGED PEACE THAT THIS SURGE HAS PRODUCED  AND SEN. MCCAIN SAYS THAT THIS  IS A SUCCESS!!! WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE MONEY RUNS OUT!!! HOW LONG ARE WE TAXPAYERS GOING TO BE STUCK PAYING FOR THIS SURGE AND IT’S STAGED SUCCESS!!  And isn’t success determined by US taxpayers and OUR SOLDIERS not having to put our money and our soldiers lives on the line? WAKE UP AMERICA!!! THIS SO CALLED SUCCESSFUL SURGE  IN IRAQ IS ACTUALLY ANOTHER FLEECING OF US AMERICAN TAXPAYERS BY THE REPUBLICANS!!! We AMERICAN TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING OVER 100,000 FORMER IRAQ INSURGENTS $300.00 A MONTH NOT TO FIGHT!!! THAT’S MORE THAN 30 MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH AND MORE THAN LIKELY A LOT HIGHER THAN THAT BUT WE’LL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE WE CAN’T TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT TO TELL THE TRUTH!!!     THAT’S NOT A  SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM!!!   The Iraq government has to negotiate their way to peace by negotiating and settling their differences. This surge has NOT achieved that. In all the trips to Iraq that Sen. McCain has made he has NOT gotten the Iraq government to settled  their differences. In fact his rhetoric and demeanor shows that he most likely WILL GET US INTO A WAR!!!  Just look at the recent events that just happened in Georgia. The Russians invaded parts of neighboring Georgia to stand up for the small ethnic Russian population that lives in Georgia. The Russians did not go into Georgia to take it over. Yet Sen. McCain screams out in the mad man mentality that he possesses that Russia is trying to be like the old Soviet Union and that all of the former parts of the Old Soviet Union must live in fear. His mad man rhetoric was quickly reeled in by his campaign and his demeanor  changed. If Sen. McCain was president now we just might be in another war, this time with Russia thanks to Sen. McCain’s short sighted narrow minded way of looking at things. It’s as if he has blinders on his head and can’t see any other path to go on. And just because he was in the Navy and a prisoner of war doesn’t mean he has what it takes to  become president. Heck if that were true than than every soldier could say they are qualified to be president. What we need now more than ever before is someone who will have the right judgment to solve our problems and Sen. McCain doesn’t have a clue on how to solve our problems and improve our lives. That is what this election is ALL ABOUT!!! WHO CAN BETTER IMPROVE YOUR LIVE AND WHO WILL MAKE IT WORSE!!!!!
Sen. Obama has devoted his live to helping others improve their lives and as president he can do a lot more for all of us!! I want to tell you a story to better explain why Sen. Obama is better suited for the job of president than Sen. McCain. Allow me to compare the situation in Iraq to a challenge to climb to the top of a mountain. On the rocky, steep narrow cliff path up to the mountain top there will be people who will die or be seriously hurt as they negotiate  their way to the mountain top. The other less dangerous path will have few if any casualties and be less costly in many ways as one negotiates their way to the mountain top. Now which path would you choose? Which path will YOU FORCE OUR COUNTRY”S SOLDIERS TO TAKE!!! Sen. Obama will negotiate our way through problems not FIGHT his way through problems as Sen. McCain would. When Sen. McCain pounds his fist and screams out the best he can that he will not surrender I fear for every person in the military and wonder how many more soldiers will be killed and hurt and how much more broke Sen. McCain will make us ALL!!! DO WE AMERICANS REAL WANT TO PUT SEN.MCCAIN IN CHARGE SO HE CAN MAKE THIS A WAR WITH NO END AND START MORE WARS!!!  PLEASE HELP GIVE OUR SOLDIERS A BREAK BY NOT VOTING FOR SEN. MCCAIN!!!///////

Experience, it’s a word that Sen. McCain tries to use as a sword to attack Sen. Obama.  Sen. McCain tries his best to brainwash us that he has experience and Sen. Obama doesn’t. Well folks when it comes to experience where was Sen. McCain when a Commander-In-Chief  takes our nation recklessly into an UNNECESSARY WAR!!! WHERE was Sen. McCain’s experience when the FAULTY JUDGEMENT to go to war was presented. Did SEN. MCCAIN voice any concern about not going to war as what was needed or did he show lack of experience and a willingness to rule with the power of the gun and the personal that we FORCE to use them. WE DO NOT NEED A WARMONGER FOR OUR PRESIDENT ANY MORE!!! Sen. McCain has a lot of experience in warmongering but HAS NOT SHOWN ANY EXPERIENCE IN PEACE MAKING!!!! IN ALL THE CONFLICTS THAT OUR COUNTRY HAS ENCOUNTERED SINCE SEN. MCCAIN HAS  BEEN IN PUBLIC OFFICE NOT ONE WAS SETTLED BECAUSE OF SEN. MCCAIN!!!  WHERE WAS SEN. MCCAIN and all of HIS  experience when our country with HIS PARTY”S BACKING  was running up up these huge budget deficits. JUST ABOUT ALL OF THE NATIONAL DEBT WAS BROUGHT ON WHILE WE HAD REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS!!!! SEN. MCCAIN’S TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMIC PLANS DON”T HELP HARDLY ANY OF US AND WILL ONLY GUARANTEE THE CONTINUATION OF THIS RECESSION WHICH SADLY NOW IS TURNING INTO A DEPRESSION FOR MANY!!!!! FOLKS, FOR MANY WE ARE NOW IN A DEPRESSION!!!! THE LOWER CLASS IS IN A DEPRESSION AND THE MIDDLE CLASS IS IN A RECESSION!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!    FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS  WHERE WAS  SEN. MCCAIN AND ALL HIS EXPERIENCE  WHEN WE NEEDED SOME ONE TO STOP THIS DISASTER THAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR FINANCIAL WELL BEING AND OUR  ENVIRONMENT!!!  WE COULD NOT RELY ON SEN. MCCAIN  FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS TO HELP US SOLVE OUR FINANCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS  AND WE  CAN”T AFFORD TO ENTRUST HIM WITH THE POWER THAT IS GOING TO BE NEEDED TO SAVE OUR ECONOMY AND OUR ENVIRONMENT!!! SEN. MCCAIN IS TOO MUCH IN THE GRASP OF THE BIG BUSINESS TO BE ENTRUSTED WITH THIS RESPONSIBILITY!!! Sen. McCain wants to built 30 or more nuclear power plants by 2040 or something like that. He is so narrow minded that he doesn’t care about the problems that nuclear power plants create. WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE WASTE!!!! After the nuclear rods are used for power WE GOT TO SAFELY STORE THE WASTE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!! WE FORCE FUTURE GENERATIONS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS TO TAKE CARE OF SOMETHING WE LEFT THEM!!! The future generations are going to have to pay someone and entrust someone to watch and maintain this waste material. It’s like every generation since Jesus Christ was FORCED to care for something that could ruin their lives. AND SEN. MCCAIN wants to enrich the nuclear fuel rods so he can get more use out of each rod which will make them radioactive for many many more years.  SEN. MCCAIN HAS  SHOWN POOR JUDGMENT  AND LACK OF EXPERIENCE WHEN IT COMES TO SOLVING OUR NATIONS PROBLEMS!!!  WE CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE SEN. MCCAIN IN CHARGE FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!!! ALSO WE ARE GETTING REPORTS THAT THE EARTH IS WOBBLING AND GUESS WHAT THE LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR THAT IS. WE ARE DRAINING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF WEIGHT FROM AROUND THE PLANET WHEN WE EXTRACT OIL. AND SEN. MCCAIN WANTS TO DRILL FOR MORE MORE MORE MORE!!! This wobble of the earth will cause us to not be able to predict our weather year to year because the earth will be in a different angle to the sun every year. It may even be pulling us closer to the sun because the earth is lighter. Extracting all that weight in oil from Alaska may be making it easier for gravitational pull of the sun and moon on the part of the Earth where we need lots of weight to hold us away from the sun thus adversely affecting our weather./////    NOW let’s look at this word experience again and how it reflects on this election. Sen. McCain tries to act like he has the experience to be President because of all the years he been in office. Well you don’t say the best player for a position on a football team is the one who has been there the longest, you say the best person for that position on that football team is the one who can do the best job. SO WE NEED TO ELECT  A PRESIDENT WHO HAS SHOWN GOOD SOUND JUDGMENT TO DO THE  BEST JOB  NOT TO ELECT SOMEONE  BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS BEEN ON THE JOB LONGER!!!   SEN.  OBAMA HAS SHOWN HE HAS THE EXPERIENCE  TO BE A PEACE MAKER AND SHOWN-ED  GOOD  SOUND JUDGMENT THAT IS NEEDED TO RUN OUR COUNTRY AND SEN.  MCCAIN HAS SHOWN THAT HE DOESN’T //////

Alright, more mud slinging to deal with. More rhetoric being mouthed off against Barack that NEEDS to be put into perspective. This false charge that Barack is weak on foreign policy because he wants to meet with some foreign  country’s leader is ridiculous. However ONE IS WEAK  on foreign policy if one not only refuses to meet with anyone to hopefully some how improve our country, but on top of that has foreign policies that results in war and nothing getting done to improve our country. Remember GOD WOULD meet with the devil if it would make the devil a peacemaker and we need a president who would bring us peace and NOT someone who has plans of war and confrontation. NOW more than ever WE NEED a peace maker not a war monger!!!  To say one is inexperienced because one wants to meet with adversaries  is ridiculous. In these times we NEED some one who can negotiate  with and not irritate our adversaries.  One lacks experience in foreign policy if ones policies does not achieve peace and Sen. McCain’s demeanor and character will result in more conflict  around the world.///////////

For your OWN good you have better ALL read this following message. This next election is very important because it will determine if that piece of paper in your wallet  called money will become a useless piece of paper. That’s right, our nation’s currency is on the way to becoming insolvent. We Americans are 9 trillion dollars in debt and no one has yet come up with a plan on how to stop this borrowing and how to pay this debt off.  That is why there are many suggestions on this web page on how to lower the cost of government and the cost of living./////

I think WE ALL need to have a little talk here about something very important to ALL OF US!!! That is this upcoming election and what it means to you. For in this upcoming election YOU ALL, REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, INDEPENDENT, AND ANYONE ELSE, are facing problems that need to be solved and we  need to stay focused on electing someone for president who can solve our problems and not dwell on what some preacher said. When you go buy a pair of shoes you look for the best shoes  for your feet. You don’t walk into the store and question every one in the store and every one that made that shoe and had any thing to do with that shoe about anything that you don’t like unless it concerns the shoe. NO!! YOU GO AND LOOK FOR WHAT IS THE BEST SHOES FOR YOU!!!  WELL YOU MUST GO LOOK FOR WHAT IS THE BEST PRESIDENT FOR YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY!!  That’s what’s important here.  It doesn’t matter what the preacher said or what color ones skin is  what matters is what a candidate can DO FOR YOU!!! Don’t be taken in by this right wing character assassination campaign against Barack. You can rest assured that as President of our country Barack  can lead us to peace in many conflicts around the world! Barack can  give us a much better environment than a Republican President can. Sen. McCain wants to let the OIL COMPANIES KEEP their tax breaks they DON’T NEED and SEN. OBAMA WILL TAKE THAT REVENUE AND GIVE IT TO OTHERS TO GET OUR ALTERNATIVE ENERGY POLICY GOING!!! THINK ABOUT ALL THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES WE CAN GET GOING WITH ALL THAT MONEY!!! THE OIL COMPANIES WILL NOT INVEST IN AND DEVELOP MANY ENVIRONMENTAL IDEAS THAT NEED DEVELOPING!!! THEY WANT OIL!!!! AND JUST BECAUSE OIL IS FOUND AND DELIVERED DOESN’T GUARANTEE LOWER OIL PRICES!!! LOOK AT PROFITS OF THE OIL COMPANIES NOW!!! ARE THEY LOWERING THEIR OIL PRICES AT ALL!!!! ALL JOHN MCCAIN AND SARAH PALIN WILL DO IS GIVE THE OIL COMPANIES AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE MORE MONEY!!! IF YOU  REALLY WANT LOWER PRICES FOR OIL YOU WOULD TAKE CONTROL OF THE OIL AND KEEP THE PRICES LOW!!! THAT”S THE WAY TO GO!!!! RUSSIA DID IT AND THEIR ECONOMY IS GROWING!!!  THE OIL COMPANIES AND JOHN MCCAIN AND SARAH PALIN WILL NEVER EVER EVER GIVE US LOWER GAS PRICES!!!!    Barack can correct our fiscal mess instead of carrying on which is what we will end up with if Sen. McCain wins.  Sen. McCain says that he has no problem with giving out tax cuts to the rich even if it runs up the deficit! HOW CAN ANY OF YOU PUT A PERSON IN CHARGE WHO WOULD SAY THAT!!! THEY SHOULD BE FIRED!!! LUCKILY WE HAVE NOT HIRED HIM SO PLEASE DON”T …FOR YOU OWN GOOD!!!//////The following idea is a way for us to insure that Sen.Obama wins the next election. If legal let’s take voters out of states that Barack would win big in November and the states were Barack is expected to lose big  and relocate them to states that are close where a little adding on of more voters to those states would insure a win. Time is running out on this idea so please get moving on it FAST!!! /////// McCain and Palin and the Republicans should be ashamed of the way they callously ridicule Barack Obama for serving as a community organizer in Chicago. After collage Barack went to serve the needs of a needy community in Chicago instead of profiteering from life for his own good. Since adulthood he has  given his life to helping others as much as he could. After getting out of Vietnam McCain returned to the states and partied up with alcohol and women,some strippers, as he turned his back on his wife who had cancer and his children. Some character!!! Then he finds a rich girl who also had no problem fooling around with a married person and decided this was his ticket to prosperity. Barack however went to the WORST NEIGHBORHOOD OF CHICAGO and successfully made many peoples lives better by his leadership in identifying peoples problems and solving them. Barack went into the ghetto of Chicago’s south side and helped put the dope dealers out of business. As mayor Palin never had to put up with and solve the  much worse and terrible problems that Barrack had to solve. Instead of praising Barack for helping others the Republicans and McCain and Palin make fun of Barack. One question for ALL OF YOU!!!! WOULD JESUS CHRIST BE PROUD TO BE A REPUBLICAN TODAY!!! ARE YOU REPUBLICANS PROUD!!!////////            The following was written last election and pertains to Sen. McCain as well this election for he is a clone of George Bush. The following commercial and or pamphlet I would like for anyone  to run in your area or in other areas and especially in religious areas or help me do it. However this commercial was written now and pertains to this election. The commercial starts out by having your T.V. set losing it’s picture and a voice starts saying “Hey YOU yea You!! THIS IS GOD!!!  Since when did I give you permission to violate my most sacred teachings and commandments? Since when did I say You can violate the commandment of THOU SHALL NOT KILL,and violate the teaching of thou shall not lead others into temptation and evil but deliver them from evil and temptation. And when did I say you can bare false witness against others. What’s that answer, I’ll waiting for it, see you soon!!! /////The following was written last election but could be used this election because Sen. McCain is just a continuation of President Bush’s presidency!!!!

I am writing to you and all those associated with you in hopes that you can help achieve a plan I think will help defeat President George Bush in the next election. I don’t have the money or means to do all the things I will discuss, so it will be up to you all to do most of the plans I will offer. I have the ideas, you have the means.

First of all, I am sending you a letter I have written to the Democratic party and in it I will make the case that George Bush is responsible for 9-11 happening and has yet to take the blame or be accused of it by anyone. Why not? Well let’s change that.

In a billboard and bumper sticker ad campaign we will present a message to America that will convince many not to vote for George Bush. I would like to see a whole subway station’s ad boards plastered with anti-Bush messages that would read the following:

The Iraq war is a war started from George Bush’s and Dick Chaney’s imagination. Help stop this deadly imagination. Help give our soldiers a break. Do not re-elect George Bush and Dick Chaney.


Iraq was a threat to America only in George Bush’s and Dick Chaney’s minds. Consider the fact that for eight years under Clinton, Iraq was never a threat to America in any way. However, Bush and Chaney have successfully brainwashed us otherwise. We do not need a dictator telling us what to do because that is what they want to do. America deserves better and so does the world. Do not re-elect George Bush and Dick Chaney.


Mr. Bush and Dick Chaney had four years to make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians with their so called road map to peace which is actually a highway to hell and to 9-11. Why re-elect a failure that will only bring us four more years of war and who knows where these wars will lead us, especially after 9-11 and the Iraq war. It’s time we say enough is enough. For our own good and the good of the world, do not re-elect George Bush and Dick Chaney.


George Bush is a puppet of Dick Chaney who is a puppet of the Right Wing. We don’t need a Right Wing dictatorship running our country. Do not re-elect Chaney and Bush.


George Bush’s and Dick Chaney’s foreign policies caused 9-11 to happen and may cause it to happen again. Why re-elect fear? Do not re-elect George Bush and Dick Chaney.


Bush and Chaney spear with forked tongues. Do not believe everything they say. Especially do not re-elect someone you cannot trust. Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney.


Folks, let’s face the facts, things have gotten a whole lot worse in the last four years and will continue that way under Bush and Chaney. The only way things will get better is if we do not re-elect Chaney and Bush.


Economically George Bush has destroyed the economic harmony that existed between nations and cultures before he came to office. He shows no signs of solving that problem but shows signs of making it worse. For our own good, do not re-elect George Bush and Dick Chaney. They’re only going to ruin our lives more.


George Bush and Dick Chaney have not given us solutions to our environmental problems, yet only made them worse. We need a problem solver in charge of our Earth’s health, not a group led by Chaney and Bush that turns it’s back on the Earth’s environmental problems. For our own good and the good of the planet and all those on it, do not re-elect George Bush and Dick Chaney.


The time has come for change. Do not re-elect George Bush and Dick Chaney.


Terrorists are created by aggravating someone so much that they want to kill you. Bush and Chaney’s policies and dealings with Israel and his treatment of the Palestinians aggravated the Arab world so badly that it turned some folks into terrorists against us. They then took a plan off the shelf and decided to put 9-11 into action. Because of Bush and Chaney, 9-11 happened. Because of Bush and Chaney, soldiers are forced to take orders from their irresponsible leaders, and become sitting ducks in the killing fields of Iraq. Instead of immediately turning over control to the U.N. and Iraq leaders who lead the nation after the war ended, Bush and Chaney decided to initiate An American profiteering rebuilding policy and a bring it in policy which bestows more unnecessary risk of lives for our soldiers and especially for the innocent victims that have been killed, wounded, or wrongly punished in this ongoing mess Bush and Chaney bestowed upon us. Help give our soldiers a break! Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney.


Bush and Chaney cannot go to war for the right reasons. They risk our soldiers lives for the wrong reasons. They risk our economy and our environment without much reasoning or care that they do all these wrongs. Do not re-elect a failure. Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney.


Bush and Chaney have turned America into a police state full of fear. It is our duty to turn America back into a peace seeking nation. Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney.


Let’s set one thing straight. The terrorists do not hate us Americans as Bush tries to brainwash us into believing. The terrorist hate is directed at Bush and Chaney and the way they do things. The only way, and I mean only way, to end terrorism is to not re-elect Bush and Chaney.


This terrorist war is actually battle between Bush and Chaney and them. Let’s end it. Let’s give our soldiers a break. Let’s bring peace to the world. Please, for our own good, do not re-elect Bush and Chaney.


These are times we should not be in. These are deaths and wounds that need not ever happened. This was a fear that never was. This is misery that must end. Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney.


We do not need a Right Wing dictatorship running our country. Do not re-elect their leaders, Bush and Chaney.


The world and our soldiers need a peacemaker, not a warmonger, to lead the most powerful armed forces on Earth. They also need someone to ensure that there will be a livable planet for future generations. Each and every one of us has that very duty. As spirits who are gifted with a magnificent body with wonderful senses to enjoy this paradise we are so lucky to inhabit therefore it is our duty to future spirits to protect this paradise forever. Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney. They cannot guarantee that. Instead they strive to hasten the end of this wonderful paradise.

Now, for this last ad, I want a child or several children reading this as a spot ad on TV.

Our Earth’s refrigerator system is broken and we better get someone in charge that can fix it! Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney. They haven’t a clue how to or a care to.

Well, there you got it. You said you’d spend your money on anything that would get your wish granted to not have President George Bush re-elected and there is the ad campaign that would help do that. Are you game? Can you do it? I’m a seventy hour a week laborer who only makes $8.00 an hour and can’t do this on my own. I’ve been doing these hours for six years and I’m burned out so it’s up to you all, or my time and thoughts have been wasted. Please do not let this happen. The truth has yet to be told and the reasoning has yet to be debated. Senator Kerry should not be let alone to defeat President Bush. We all got to do it. Not only with our vote but with all we can. And all we can do is what I’ll talk about now. How about having a way that will draw more voters to the voting booth. Now what I’m going to suggest I don’t know if you’ll be allowed to do it but if it is legal to do then I think it would be an excellent idea to do. What do you say we start a lotto for all the voters that have voted. All we have to do is have each voter register a one dollar bill’s serial number on a piece of secured paper as they leave the voting booth. Now we could organize this away from the exit if laws require but the whole thing could be pulled off easily. And we could get every business in America to contribute a prize to the jackpot, say a dinner, or car, or movie, or college education, or vacation, or free repairs, the list is endless. We could also have money prizes which you would have to initiate. I’ll contribute my dollar three eighty to that fund. But the whole idea is to get a way to draw people to the voting booth to vote. Now I believe the biggest obstacle to voting is the day we vote. We force people to vote on the day they have to work. Most people find it bothersome to have to vote on a day and then have to rush to get to work. So let’s have the voting day on the weekend. Seeing that the Jewish people would have a problem with Saturday, let’s have the voting day on Sunday. Let’s do it this election. Start the movement to do that. Get it going. Get it done. Now I’m also sending you some other stuff that I am trying to get others to help get out to the public. One letter is ideas I have sent to Senator Kerry and others trying to enlighten them to the truth of the mess we are in over in Iraq.

We must install thoughts into minds just as the Republicans do with there side of the story. With these ads portraying a side of the story that has yet to be told, I believe things will turn against Bush and Chaney. Also get the CHAD problem solved as I ask and talk about it in another letter. There’s a solution. Find it and use it! That must be done this time. Also I’m going to propose something that I don’t know is legal or not but if it is perhaps it can also be used. What do you say, if it is legal, to have ourselves give up on certain states in the election and move that group of voters inclined to vote our way into states that are close to winning for us. We can also move voters from northern states that we most likely will win by big margins and move them into closely contested states. Now I don’t know if this is all legal but as the Republicans showed last election, anything goes in order to win.

Well there you have it, my thoughts on how to win. Of course, if you all are really interested in winning, let’s talk winning peace for good in the Middle East. The heck with Bush and Kerry. I’ll propose a plan to solution and a plan to achieve that solution. What I have in mind is this. The Israeli and the Palestinian is at the core of all the Middle East problems. If we solve that problem, many other problems would dissipate. However, we now have the predicament of having a stern leader on the Israeli side who wants to keep what he has taken. So either Israel gets to keep but then must give up equal or give back what it has taken. If Israel wants to keep what parts it now occupies in the West Bank, then let’s extend the new Palestinian state from the Gaza Strip all the way to the West Bank. Land for land for peace. A large part of the land going from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank may be something the Palestinians may like. If not then we are back to figuring out what to do about Israelis insistence on keeping that land that got grabbed in the 1967 war. The way to make Israel give back that land is to give them a guarantee that they’ll live in peace in their borders of the State of Israel as it was in 1948. Then we are faced with its settlement problem. But being that those settlements are now in the State of Palestine and they will be handled by the Palestinians peacefully. Now to get the people of Israel to go along with this plan and this State of Palestine will be immediately recognized by the world because of our ad campaign to do that will do that, will be to have the name of every Jewish business person listed so that a boycott of all Jewish business people worldwide would be initiated until the State of Israel settles it’s problems with the Palestinians. This boycott campaign will hit the State of Israel where it hurts the most, right in the pocketbook. They will want to make peace once they get pressure from the Jewish people worldwide start telling them to make peace. The Jewish people will force the Israelis to make peace, how about that? In the end that is what this boycott will accomplish. Let me know if you’re game for this plan. It would work, and regretfully, that is the only way we will get peace there, at least quickly, and why not try it? Why not do it? It would work. I could, with your help, write a good copy. We could present the argument for the boycott thru a newspaper ad campaign and watch as peace might be interested in. These are ideas that can change the world. From a new kind of house, not made from wood, to a way to put out forest fires. I believe that maybe you’d like to help get some of these ideas started. Do let me know. Right now I’d like to get all this information to you so we can get on with the challenge of defeating George Bush.

I hope to hear from you.


Ron McCune

P.S. Another ad. All we are saying is give peace a chance. Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney.

P.P.S. I need more figures for better ads. I also need you to fill in the number of deaths and wounded and all damage bestowed upon the innocent. The information I need also is the figures describing the amount of jobs created for each three thousand dollar pay level and of those how many were for the government and how many private sector. How many from government contracts?

P.P. P.S. Bush has started a dog fight in every Iraq neighborhood. Help end this dog fight. Do not re-elect Bush and Chaney.


My fellow Americans, it’s time we face the truth. This Iraq war is a conflict we need not ever have had, for Iraq in no way threatened America. Iraq did not have any weapons of any kind aimed at America, nor did it have any plans to harm us in any way.

For eight years under President Clinton Iraq co-existed peacefully with the United States and the world. The atrocities done by Saddam Hussein the President Bush talks about when he looks for reasons for going to war were done fifteen to twenty years ago and where not currently going on.

Folks, Iraq was a threat to America only in George Bush’s mind and those of this kind.

Yet we went to war. For what? Because we thought that the Iraqi government had weapons of mass destruction or parts there of?

Well North Korea, Iran, and China have weapons of mass destruction. Do we invade them too?

Also since when is suspicion of having some parts of weapons of mass destruction reason to go to war, especially before all other options are explored thoroughly.

Don’t you know that war is an act of purposely killing someone and to purposely kill someone takes an extremely good reason?

Folks, all of you who support President Bush have better have a good reason for killing people here for when we leave this magnificent paradise we spirits are gifted to enjoy and go from our fantastic mortal existence into our forever lasting spiritual self we will all know the truths of life and what is right and wrong. We will then suffer forever for the wrongs we do on our paradise. We will then know that the bombs we have set upon others contains pollutants that hasten the end of our paradise we spirits are supposed to be caring for so that future generations of spirits can experience life in these magnificent bodies on this magnificent planet that we are regrettably destroying so quickly.

When you have chunks of ice the size of small states breaking off our glacier shelves you know the Earth’s refrigerator system is in break down mode and we need leaders interested in really taking care of Earth’s environmental problems, not someone who only talks and does little good and much wrong.

I don’t see the reason to start this war and to kill someone here when that person in no way had any intention of harming me or anyone else in America.

What have we become, a nation of killers who use our might to bully our way around the world? Do we saddle up our troops and put their lives on the line, their patriotism in brainwash mode and their families in misery as we send them off to be freedom fighters for the world while we all go broke.

Come on folks, wave that flag and tell me we are killing and being killed for what reason, to make Iraq our new welfare state?

Who knows? And what is next? North Korea, Cuba, China…IRAN? What a mess.

Yet the worst irony of this Iraq war is that it was certainly revenge for 9-11 on the part of our own president, for President Bush would never had attacked Iraq had 9-11 never happened.

However he aggressively sought and succeeded in brainwashing America, the media, and the world that this war was so necessary when it wasn’t.

But the greatest tragedy is that President Bush himself caused 9-11 to happen, and makes us live in fear that it may happen again and again.

For President Bush’s policy towards Israel and the Palestinians irritated the Arab world so much that some took a plan off the shelf and decided to put 9-11 into action.

When President Bush took over the helm from President Clinton, who had the two sides so close to peace, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict was a rock throwing and rubber bullet shot at legs only conflict.

However, from the word go George Bush, our so called leader, has led the world into a world war.

President Bush has steadfastly and earnestly sided with Israel and assisted them as they used their American supplied money, weapons, and intelligence to overpower a much weaker neighbor as they go on a land grab mission and kill you if you don’t like it policy. This in turn worsened the already ongoing Palestinian uprising against the settlements. President Bush’s so called road map to peace is actually a highway to hell as he has taken our country and the world on a warpath we need not ever be on.

It’s a mess that has been going on for a long time and has gotten a whole lot worse since President Bush started handling things. It will not end until we Americans end it. For Israel has to go back to their 1967 borders or exchange land for land for peace. They might try linking The West Bank, Gaza, Egypt, and Syria. This would solve the whole problem.

But Mr. Bush has allowed all these problems to worsen and then ask for four more years so he can continue to put our soldiers’ lives on the line as they become sitting ducks in the killing fields of Iraq. Who knows what other wars President Bush will start and how much worse he’ll let the Israeli and Palestinian war go, and what other wars President Bush will start and how much worse he’ll let the Israeli and Palestinian war go, and what other consequences will we suffer from that.

President Bush has had four years to create peace in the middle east and all he has done is create wars.

Also President Bush should’ve turned over control immediately after toppling the Iraq government to an Arab dominated U.N. force, who would have gained the respect of the Iraqis and been more able to provide peace. But noooo… Mr. Bush has decided to put our soldiers’ lives up for target practice as they are forced to become magnets for terrorists looking for an easy hit on Americans and all it’s allies. After toppling the Iraqi government we have become it’s creator of chaos by our presence. President Bush has put an all new meaning to drive by shooting. He has caused it to happen to our soldiers, just so he and his cronies could enrich themselves off of America’s new welfare state, Iraq.

President Bush’s policies creates all this terrorism and we will only get rid of terrorism, once we get rid of Mr. Bush as our president. Enough is enough. Let’s put this mess behind us.

It’s time for a change, for these are times we should never be in. These are soldiers whose lives should never have been lost or wounded forever. These are families who should never have had to experience the worst of pains and fears and tears unnecessarily. This is money and energy spent that need not ever had been spent. These are tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi victims whose lives were lost or suffered needlessly. This is an Arab world who will forever look at America in a worse way since Mr. Bush became president and they will not feel better until he is no longer president.

Please for our own good and the good of the world do not re-elect George Bush as president. Let’s give our soldiers a break. Let’s give peace a chance.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in hopes that what I have to say can help enlighten you or help you in any way in your campaign. Some of what I have to say will be about what is happening now and then I’ll tell you about other suggestions I’ll offer which will be about what I feel any president should do.

First, I will discuss world affairs. It just amazes me that nobody in the whole world has yet to put the blame of 9-11 right where it belongs. That is with George Bush. As president, he has let a region, the most violent area in the world, the Middle East, dispute between the Palestinians and the Israelis go up in flames. When George Bush became president, the conflict in the Middle East was just a rock throwing, rubber bullet shot in the leg war of violence. George Bush and Dick Chaney quickly ended that level of violence and before long took it to a whole new level of violence and because of these increasing policy actions of our president which was assisting one side to become violent against the other. We, the US people, have become targets in this war George Bush has started. These are times we should not be in. These are battles that need not ever had been fought. These are our brothers and sisters that should not have ever died or have been wounded. These are tears we should not ever have had to shed. And this is our money that we need not ever have had to spend. This is also the time to seek a new path for our country. A new path to peace, a path that does not drive us all broke. For the number one job of a president is to not spend any of your money. And in this regard President Bush has failed miserably. He has taken the cost of living in America to a new high with all this security commotion that his foreign policy ways have created. The world is what you make it and for the Palestinians it has turned into a hell. Because of this hell, the Arab world got mad at our leader, President George Bush, and decided to do something very drastic. That’s how we got 9-11. Because of George Bush, 9-11 happened. His policies led us to 9-11 and we have been paying for it since. 9-11 would never have happened had President Bush initiated policies that would have resulted in peace in the Middle East. Instead his almost every policy aggravated the Palestinians and the Arab world. His policies even led Yassir Arafat to say publicly to Mr. Bush, before 9-11, to go to hell. Mr. Arafat would never have said that to President Clinton while he was president. But this is the relationship Mr. Bush develops with the leaders of the most suffering group of people in the Arab world.  The Middle East is a whole lot worse off since Mr. Bush became president and we can’t afford to go on another four more years of his wars. How many more of you Americans are willing to put your name on George Bush’s death wall? If you re-elect Mr. Bush then you are helping to build this George Bush Death Wall. You must tell the people. The names of the dead and wounded are being added every day and how many more days of death are we willing to go through. Life has not been good for our soldiers and it’s time we give them some relief. We need a peacemaker not a warmonger. We need someone leading this country who can deliver peace not someone who initiates wars. We don’t need a leader of our country to used our mighty Armed Forces as pawns in his quest to settle old scores. Iraq was never a threat to the U.S. and we all know that so why did we go and spend our tax money to start a war and put all these soldiers lives in disarray, agony, worry, fear, injury, and death as they try to do the job that the president has forced them to do. Soldiers have it a whole lot easier under the Democrats as you all must’ve noticed. Compare the casualties of war since President Nixon. Let’s not count President Johnson for his Vietnam War which was mainly a Republican inspired war. But count the casualties and list them so that us morons whom we all are considering the circumstances we have now to deal with because of our actions. You will be able to see that with the Democrats you get peace, and with the Republicans you get war. You must show that under the Democrats the Middle East conflicts are settled peacefully, not to be engulfed in flames of violence. We can do better and we will do better, but only if we change leaders. The question is will the change be for the better like what we need?

The path that President Bush has taken us on is for many around the world just a highway to hell. For its hell to be out of a job and for many, that’s just what happened in the last four years. Our economy partially collapsed because of the foreign policy ways President Bush has taken us on. He has alienated the Europeans, the Arabs, and others I believe you can come up with. Economically we suffer because they’ll feel less inclined to economically do business with the US. Tourism goes down, buying of US products goes down, and dealing with US business goes down, all because of President George Bush. We need a leader who can bring harmony not disharmony to our economic system. We need a president who can bring economic strength to our economy, not economic ruin. We need a leader who can lead us to where we should be and where we should be is not where we are at this time.

In the last four years, the Middle East conflict has gotten a whole lot worse. Our economy has gotten a whole lot worse. We don’t need a president who has taken us into 9-11 and put our nation under guard at enormous expense because of his foreign policy ways, it’s like he has turned this nation into the “1984” movie. Remember that movie of years ago where the nation was sent on a brainwashing mentality? Well that is where President Bush has gotten us all now. Brainwashed to be fearful. And yet we have to be fearful because of him. Who knows what kind of future wars he’ll take us on if he has another four years. Ask the soldiers how many more wars they are willing to fight. After all the logic for going to war in Iraq could easily be said again about North Korea. Does that mean that since the logic of going to war in Iraq means that we will be faced with a war in North Korea. And if not then why the hell did we go to war with Iraq in the first place? To free it’s people! Well that’s no excuse for putting our military might, experience, and most of all, the lives of our soldiers to free country’s peoples. Heck with that logic. Let’s add Cuba to George Bush’s list of countries to invade. What was the logic for invading Iraq? Saddam was never really a direct threat to us in any way, and most of all, since when did we as a people become so gullible as to be talked into this war? It was sure one con job, just as the tax break relief package which was just pushed and pushed by Bush. And to think how close he has taken the world into a whole lot bigger war had a few things gone differently then they did with all the conflicts we had to experience under President Bush’s watch. These are times we should not be facing and rather not be facing but will be forced to face if President Bush is re-elected. Enough is enough. It’s time to move on to peace and away from the wars. The easiest way to disarm a so called terrorist is to solve whatever problem they have. The easiest way to aggravate a terrorist and make them want to do bad things is to compound their problems. President Bush has compounded the Palestinians problems and that is what started this whole cycle of terrorism that we are faced with today. These times were not here when President Clinton was in office. Oh sure, Afghanistan had their peculiar government and a whole lot of weapons and had people but they were weapons and people who were not inclined to mess with the United States. All their weapons hidden in caves or wherever were intended for future conflict that involved the Taliban trying to seize that disputed land between India and Pakistan. They were never at the time of President Clinton intending to directly hurt us with all those weapons but George Bush has changed that around. President Bush has put us all in the bull’s-eye target of bin Laden. And the victims of 9-11 and all our soldiers and all our pocketbooks are deeply paying for this mess George Bush has bestowed on us. Give our soldiers a break, get rid of Bush as president! Let’s change things around so that we can live in better times than in the bad times we are forced to face now. These are lines and thoughts I want you to say to the people so to awaken them to do what needs to be done. They cannot and will not be brainwashed by President Bush if you speak up. Tell it like it is but remember be presidential at all times for now the people are searching for a new leader but they might agree with you on a few subjects but won’t vote for you if you don’t act presidential, look presidential, and think presidential. You must convince people that you are the one they want for their next president. Remember the last election there was Ralph Nader vote take away and the Florida and nationwide blunder of the voting system with the punch cards. Well, guess Ralph Nader made enough bucks and decided to retire wherever he is and the vote card hassle will be easily remedied by having a sample card maybe with a light that will be available to anyone wishing to use it at every precinct in America that will verify to only the voter who they have voted for. Also have everyone check for the hanging CHAD before they put the card wherever it ends up at. Pull off the CHAD must be a slogan everywhere. Problems, solutions that should be how everything works. And in the Middle East you must now show a plan that will bring peace to the Middle East. Namely the conflict between Israelis and the Palestinians. You must have a plan, start initiating the plan by talking to both sides, if not face to face, then by phone, about your plan and show to both sides and the world that you have a plan and you and the rest of the world are going to see this plan forward like it or not. You must show the world that you want to do the right thing. And the right thing is to make peace. Show the world that you have the leadership to make peace and then go on and make peace. Tell the world that as of one hour after you are elected as far as you are concerned there is a State of Palestine and if it isn’t by then you will make it so. Tell both sides now that the United Nation’s troops will be in charge of security in disputed areas until peace is settled and that the settlements are to be settled by a court in the new State of Palestine and will have Palestinian control of tax money for use of any settlement for land. Tell Israel and the world that they will have to live within their borders if they want peace and tell the Palestinians now to live peacefully, now so that they can have peace in their land on the day you are elected. Show the world the path to peace and they will follow, they will vote for you. Do the right thing and the violence will end on the Palestinian side and with the U.N. providing temporary security the two peoples should be able to live in peace. This act alone by you would bring peace immediately to the Middle East. Do it because in the end it’s the only path for peace. To achieve peace in the Middle East it is up to us, the U.S., to step in and settle this dispute once ad for all. We Americans are the ones who helped arm Israel to the hilt so we are perceived by the Arab world negatively because of this. Israel has used its acquired might to impose beyond the 1948 borders and in doing so has had prolonged agony for many. Enough is enough. Take the stand for a path to peace now and the violence will stop. I wish the president would also take the path to peace, but his path so far has been the highway to hell. Someone has to do something about this mess we’re in over in the Middle East and the question is what other way would end the violence tomorrow? There is no other way so please do it. Or maybe you do have another way but if so then do it. Do something. Enough is enough. Good slogan to use against President Bush. Enough is enough. Enough of these wars, enough of this paranoia, enough of these dead and wounded, enough of this economic suffering, economic downturn, economic ruined. Enough is enough; we don’t need four more years of this. Now because of time restraints and waiting too long to speak up I am sending you this letter now because I feel it’s getting late in the game of electing officials and I wanted my two cents in before the final counts. Also I’m sending you a letter I’m mailing out to whoever can help me with a few ideas I’d like to see started. As a public official maybe you might be able to start some of the ideas yourself. Believe me, these ideas I talk about in the letter can and will change the world. So if you want to help end our dependence on oil and trees let me know. I’d like to hear from you or anyone else who can help. Also if you need help in your campaign, say advice or suggestions on different subjects let me know. But I will send you suggestions on how you can educate many Americans and others worldwide simply by turning that idiot box we call a TV into the best and cheapest education tool we have Then I would like to tell you about a health care system that would give quality care to all for cheap. But these and other suggestions will be revealed in my next letter to you. For now I’ve been really busy working seventy hours a week just to make ends meet. And that’s seven days a week too. Been doing it for seven years and I’m getting worn out from it so before the toll becomes to great physically I’d like to get a few things going so if you would like to help in any way, please let me know.


Ron McCune/////////One more thing I would like to add about this Israeli and Palestinian conflict is how would we ALL react to this situation if the roles were reversed? Would we do the same to the Palestinians as we do to Israelis. Would we give the Palestinians billions of dollars and massive amount of military hardware and intelligence to take away land from Israelis and let the Palestinians kill the Israelis if they didn’t like it? And also aren’t the Israelis today acting somewhat like the Nazis of Hitler’s Germany? Aren’t the Jews of today taking land from  others and killing those that resist. And again unfortunately aren’t we repeating history as we stand by and let a persecution of people lead us into conflicts. The Palestinian conflict is the main problem of the Middle East and must be fixed NOW!!!/////////

Iraq is like a can of worms and Saddam Hussein was the lid on that can of worms. We removed the lid by removing Saddam and now we can’t figure out how to get all the worms back into the can. Unfortunately  Iraq was run with a whole lot more civility under Saddam and let this be a lesson to all of us on how to not  assume that you can alleviate your problems with military might. We have to NEGOTIATE PEACE when ending wars not high tail it out of town and leave the mess for citizens to survive. If you don’t have a plan for peace then don’t make war, especially when it wasn’t necessary to go to war. To try and say that we have to engage the enemy over there so that we don’t have to face them over here is ridiculous and I believe GOD will think so too. THE SO CALLED enemy would NEVER be able to do the things they do over in Iraq over here. PLUS the so called enemy has more respect for the Muslim populations of the world as to not step again to that low of 9-11.They do not want the world turning on their brothers and sisters so they wouldn’t be doing these bad things here. HOWEVER THEY WANT US to spend ourselves broke because when we, our countries, are broke then they have defeated us DON”T YOU GET IT AMERICA !! IT”S  THE PLAN! TO DEFEAT US BY DRIVING US BROKE! IT STARTED WITH OIL AND HOW THE PRICE WENT UP AFTER THE 1972 ARAB AND ISRAELI CONFLICT AND NOW IT ENCOMPASSES THE ADDITIONAL COST OF WARS! SO IT’S SAD BECAUSE IN THAT SENSE  THEY WON! THEY ARE DESTROYING AMERICA BY DRIVING IT BROKE!!!///////


Do not take the title of this article in all seriousness.  We will never kiss America goodbye.  But its the economy and the way our government is currently run that this documentary tries to address.  For our economy is in a terrible state.

This article is written with the intention of suggesting ways to help the economy of America.  Sometimes when you must help someone or something you must first find out what is wrong.  Then you must point out how to correct whatever you feel is wrong.  That is what I am trying to do with this documentary.

The ideas contained within are just a few of the many ways in which we can nake our country better.  Surely, there has to be more.  If you have other ideas that can help our economy or save our government money, write or phone your Representative or Senator in Congress.  Together we can all do something to save America’s economy.  Your Representative and  Senator can be reached by phone at 1-202-224-3121 or by mail at:
U.S. Senate
1200 Dirksen
Washington, D. C. 20510


The House of Representatives
House Office Building
Washington, D.C.  20515

To begin, we must see what happened to our economy and how to correct it.

On July 1st our country made a very big economic decision.  For on that day the third phase of Reaganomics tax cut goes into effect.

From July 1st 1983 to July 1st 1984 our government our government will give out approximately 93 Billion dollars to taxpayers.  This program will hand over a little bit of money to the poor, a little more to the middle class, and a lot to rich class and businesses.  Of course our government does not have all this money, so it will have to borrow from the Federal Reserve in order to function to give out without causing a deficit.  In doing so our government helps keep up the interest rates.  That is the net result of the Reagan tax cut and military buildup.

If I came to you with an economic program that would cause a higher deficit than ever before, would you want to write this program into law?  What if this economic gamble would cause more recession, the worst trade year, pressure the Federal Reserve not to lower interest rates to match the inflation rate, record business closings, leave many businesses tittering on the brink of bankruptcy, record unemployment claims filed, record unemployed people, record people needing welfare and food stamps, and the worst despair in modern times for our nation.  Would you want a program that would have all this as its results?  WELL, AMERICA, YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!

Since we initiated Reaganomics and the military increase, we have added 199 Billion dollars to the deficit as a result of the tax cut and added 43 Billion dollars to the deficit as a result of the military increase.  Add to this the 60 Billion dollar deficit that Reagan inherited, you have a 272 Billion dollar increase demand on the federal budget.  Subtracting from this the 145 Billion Reagan managed to cut from the budget, you have a 127 Billion dollar added need by the federal government to balance its books.

Now adding to this 127 Billion deficit and near trillion dollar national debt will be all the new unemployed people whose taxes will be lost, but who will need government revenue from Unemployment Insurance Compensation.  Then welfare and food stamps and whatever else.

For when companies see the need for all this money they know that there is only one way for the federal government to get it.   Through taxes or borrowing from the Federal Reserve.  Either way lowers profits so companies do not grow because interest rates are too high because the high federal deficit.  This means fewer  jobs which means less government revenue, which means more taxes or higher deficits, which means less growth and higher interest rates, etc………  This is the situation we are in today , A RECESSION!!!!!!!!

When the economy recedes there is a recession.   Businesses are receding their growth and investment in America.   American companies are receding new job growth while also receding company personnel to cut costs.  New businesses are forced to recede their prices to just make sales to cover the operating costs.  Those businesses that cannot lower prices are forced into bankruptcy due to receding sales brought on by the high interest rates.

The bad thing about a recession is that the people on the lower rungs of the economic ladder are actually in a depression state while the effects of the recession slowly draw more and more people into the same condition as the economy progressively recedes.

Unless some action is taken to counteract this recession our economy will fall deeper into the recession.

For the government fiscal expenditures will inflate due to all the demands of the social service responsibilities, Unemployment Compensation responsibilities,  pension responsibilities, medical care responsibilities, Social Security responsibilities, military responsibilities, Federal, State county and city responsibilities, Foreign aid of all kinds, national debt responsibilities, and all other financial responsibilities.  As these bills are added to our economy through taxes, the interest rates will not ever be able to come down to a level that will be able to pull our economy out of this recession.

If you do not understand how government borrowing keeps interest rates high, let me explain.  When the government borrows money from the Federal Reserve, it must get the money to pay back the loan through one way and that is taxes.  That means you and I along with the businesses of America. Now when businesses figure their prices for a product it must figure in that of taxes. The higher the taxes rise the higher prices rise.  As the Federal Reserve knows in the coming years there will be an increase in inflation due to the present day policy of Reaganomics, military increase, and other expenditures along with the inflation in the private markets.  So the Federal Reserve know that there will be an inflation in prices coming for this venture, therefore must charge a higher interest rate for borrowing than the present rate of inflation is.  So m
mainly because of government borrowing is interest rates presently so high.

The inflation rate in the private market place is low now.  However, that is due only to the present recession brought on by  Reaganomics and the military buildup.  For a high government borrowing will help keep interest rates high, which will cause a recession, which will cancel out any inflation.

Now the Federal Reserve cannot lower interest rates because to do so would invite disaster for the American dollar and economy.  For if the Federal Reserve did give out low interest loans now, while tomorrow’s rising inflation id high due to present day policy of high borrowing by the federal government, then these low interest loaners will have gotten away with a good deal for themselves and higher rates for all of us tomorrow.

Because the money that would be paid back on those low interest loans in the future would be worth less than the dollar is actually worth at the time that the money is paid back.  Then the future borrowers will have to make up for this mistake through even higher interest rates to solidify the dollar.

So it is kind of ironic that Mr. Reagan should try to congratulate himself for initiating policies that he thinks helped bring down the inflation rate, when after all it was the recession he created that stopped high inflation!  Things do not inflate when they are receding.  However, our economy should not have a recession and a need for higher inflation at the same time, for to do so leaves our economy open to more of a depression.  Sadly, we are faced with this situation today.

Now I know a few of you were taken in by the Reaganomics gamble.  You were told that all this tax money going to the taxpayers was supposed to be spent on goods and services which would product jobs and wages.  Then the government could collect taxes to pay the Federal Reserve the money it borrowed plus interest and fund a military increase.  However, when the government does not collect enough taxes yet, gives to and spends the money anyway, it has a deficit.

Also, when this tax money is spent on no taxable products at all or foreign goods and services instead of American goods and services the government loses out on the gamble.

But the main reason the Reagan tax cut did not work was that it was giving out just a little money at a time.  So if you were to receive $250.00 this year from the tax cut you would get approximately $5.00 a week.  That is not enough to do much of anything..  A way to explain it better is if you had a friend who was going to give you $250.00 you would think of a bunch of  things to spend it on.  However, if that friend said they would give you $5.00 a week for a year your buying power goes down to buying items costing $5.00 which you can probably already afford.  Then if you were to receive $500.00 for the year you would only get $10.00 a week.  Also part of the tax cut money given out by the Federal government will have to be used as tax revenue by the rest of the local government bodies due to the budget cuts.  So having this tax cut money trickle into your paychecks is not going to move the economy ahead that much. For that 93 Billion dollars will be scattered around the economy too thinly to have much effect.  However, not to spend or give out it would have a better effect.

Also to have businesses collect off this tax cut while high interest rates prevent buying adds to the deficit more.  For businesses can get all the money they want for expansion and machinery, but if nobody buys their products because of high interest rates, what good is it?

Another problem with the tax cut is that it lets businesses collect tax credits to invest in non-profitable ventures thus adding to the deficit by not generating any new tax revenue.

Then to have these high interest rates adds to the inflation cost of a product first for the manufacturer and then for the consumer.  Higher costs means less sales, therefore the higher interest rates are the slower companies can grow which helps bring on a recession.

Furthermore, to have the tax rate cut in the middle of a recession does not help but only adds to the recession by forcing the government to borrow or tax to make up for this lost government revenue.  For the money given out by the government cannot generate as much tax revenue as was handed over.

High interest rates in the United States also helps add to a world recession.  For Foreign countries are forced to compete against the high interest rates paid by the American banks.  This causes less money to be available for their necessary growth thus receding their economies.  Also to have high interest rates in the United States creates an artificially strong dollar.  This action means less exports  for American products because foreign products cost less.

So folks, the trickle down theory did not work so far after spending billions of dollars, so why waste 93 Billion dollars more to see if it will work this time.  When something does not work, you either fix it or change it fast.

Our economy is now in the worst economic mess it has ever been in.  To not correct it by “staying the course” of  Reaganomics we are inviting an economic disaster our country may not even survive from for the near future.

For it is going to take many millions of jobs to make up 175 Billion dollars needed in tax revenue now to balance the budget. Do you think Reaganomics will generate this amount of growth?

So whatever chance we had at having a recovery, it’s slowly slipping away.

Oh sure, there will always be some growth in our economy because people sooner or later must buy a car or other necessities.  However, a lot of sales increase in company figures for foreign made goods.

Also, when the government uses all its charts to explain its theories  it leaves out the most important chart.  That is the chart that shows where our economy should be at to have full  employment and where the economy presently is and why.  So the real question is: Is there enough recovery to employ everyone in a way that’ll insure that they can enjoy the American Dream?  For that must be the goal of ANY ECONOMIC GAMBLE!

Now we did pass up the best opportunity we will ever have of having economic growth that would benefit us ALL!!!!!!!!!!

For when President Reagan cut 145 Billion from a budget with a deficit of only 60 Billion that means he could have had a balanced budget while having an opportunity to do something intelligent enough with this money to insure that in future years our government does not borrow from the Federal Reserve.  That would give us a balanced budget in the future years.  That would ease up pressure the government causes on high interest rates due to government borrowing.

Then the government could have frozen government expenditures for a year or two which would drastically slow the rate of inflation.  This ironically is something Ted Kennedy proposed in 1980 and are forced to do now.

But we must get one segment of our economy to get off the inflationary merry-go-round or we will forever be caught on high inflation.

Because higher prices means higher inflation, which means more taxes which means higher prices etc…….

So we could have gotten our economy moving by doing things differently.  However, we decided to go the Reaganomics route.  Now we must pay for it by even greater sacrifices.

What we need now is a program that when fully initiated will bring a recovery for our economy and a better place for all Americans to live.

But first we must understand that our government went on a spending spree with the tax cut, military increase, and all other government give-outs.  Now we must pay for it by getting  everyone’s hand out of the Federal Government’s pocket.  For no program will work unless it stops the federal government from borrowing form the Federal Reserve so that the deficit and interest rates can come down.  Then there would be more borrowing by consumers and businesses which means more jobs.

Let me explain why it is important to get the Federal Government to stop borrowing from the Federal Reserve.

Our future for industrial growth and healthy consumer market is tied closely to interest rates.  The lower the interest rates are the more consumers can buy and the more businesses can produce goods.  But a high interest rate will drastically slow down all markets.

Now two things can keep up interest rates.  That is high government borrowing or an inflation.  So if we can stop government borrowing and still control inflation somehow the Federal Reserve could lower interest rates down to perhaps 3% to 6%.

In doing so our economy will experience the highest growth period in our history.  This policy alone would help our economy more than ANYTHING ELSE.

So the solutions to our present problems lies in controlling the cost of our government while making sure our government does not spend anymore than it takes in.  In following these solutions we would have less government inflation and balance the budget.  A balanced budget means no more borrowing from the Federal Reserve by the Federal Government which would ease up pressure on high interest rates brought on by high government borrowing.

Then interest rates would only have to rise from inflation alone, instead of the present way of figuring the rate by adding inflation plus government borrowing cost.

Our only problem then would be controlling inflation.  Now the easy way to control inflation ia to control the fiscal obligations of government.  The quickest way to do this would be to give up on the third year of the Reagan tax cut and trim the military buildup.  These two actions would cut about 120 Billion out of the present deficit.

Now let me just say something to all you to there who fear the Russians are coming so we must build up our defense to combat this menace.  I’ve got some news for you!  The Russians are not coming, never will come here to attack or ever had any intentions on coming here to take us over.  For to take over America means running America.  The Russians cannot even run their own country right or any other country they influence, so they know they cannot run ours.  However, we seem to constantly cause each other fear for fear that ones country may be taken over.

What we have to fear though is the huge military demands that is crippling our country.  For that is what the Russians want.  For a weak economy will destroy America just as sure as bombs would. So what should we protect ourselves from?  Someone who may by some remote chance may hurt us or a military buildup that will definitely hurt us.

After all we already have enough weapons to wipe out the Earth 20 times over, so how much more protection do we need?

How much money are we going to spend on military equipment that will someday rust away because it was never needed, while equipment we do need in our economy is not gotten due to present policies of our government?

However, the Russians do need us and Western allies for our goods and services a lot more than we need anything they have to offer.  So as the Russians use our systems for their own benefit, they seem to also seek to destroy our economy for their own benefit.

For the more money we have to spend on military, the less we have to put to the real needs of third world nations.  That gives the Soviets an opportunity to influence a country with its small change gifts and opportunities only to really want to gain some benefit from this country in exchange.  However, if all the countries of the world would only look at the way all these Soviet influenced countries are governed and the lack of free speech and ideas, they would think twice about inviting the Soviets in.  However, sometimes countries are driven to Soviet influence only because inept governments, economic needs, or social injustice problems.  By our government not addressing these problems only lets the Soviets gain more influence.  If we did not have all difficulties in all these countries we would have less confrontations with the Soviets, then maybe we could talk about some REAL PEACE with the Soviets.

For I am sure the Russian people and all the people in the Soviet Bloc really do not want to end the world with their bombs and us Americans and our Allies feel the same.  I am also sure that none of us Americans and Allies are going to invade Russia if Russia does not invade us.  So it’s time for both sides to put down their swords and pick up their plows.  For it is time for PEACE NOT WAR!!!!!!

Then we must find other ways to lower the cost of government so the cost of government does not constantly rise.  We must change our government programs so that these government systems woek for the good of all the people and the economy.

Now we must start controlling government programs so we can cut down on inflation.  We can do this immediately by freezing all cost of government pay and benefits except military pay up to $30,000.00 a year.

Also, we must consider to cut partially or fully from the budget or stop for a year all programs that is not a matter of life or death of a individual or business.  Also, we must consider cutting all government student loans for a year or two.  Science and math studies are to be excluded.

This way our budget can get balanced which means no more government borrowing.  Then the interest rates could come down because of low inflation and no more government borrowing.  Then  we could get more new growth in our economy which means more jobs, which means more tax revenue to do whatever the government needs to do then.

Now I doubt if inflation in the private market would rise no more than 3% to 5% during this growth period.  However, I am sure that businesses are interested in keeping inflation down.

But if inflation got out of control we could freeze all wages above $5.00 an hour, rents, energy prices, and food prices for a year.  Then there would not be much inflation at all.  Besides, since the price of oil is finally as high as it can go, there should be less inflation.  For inflation is caused mainly from one segment of the economy constantly raising prices that affect us all.  Then we must look for ways that will bring the government more money.

One way to bring in more money by the Federal Government is to consider enacting a Flat Rate Income Tax.  For a Flat Rate Income tax would help the government balance its budget and make it easier on all us taxpayers while slowing inflation.

For a Flat Rate Income Tax would enable the government to tax every segment of our society, instead of letting loopholes and other write-offs lessen the money its able to collect.  For less money collected forces the government to raise taxes for those that for no fault of their own cannot deduct taxes.  So it will give us a fairer system than the present system which is sometimes described as Welfare for the rich and poor with the bill going to the middle class.

Also, a Flat Rate Income Tax will enable the government to be able to collect more money.  For a lot of taxable money goes into a lot of loopholes.  We cannot have a tax system which allows for some to write-off and deduct as many taxes as possible.  Collecting some taxes on this money would give the government a chance to slow the increase of taxes for everyone.

But the real good thing about a Flat Rate Income Tax is that it slows the rate of inflation.  For the present tax system adds to the inflation rate in certain markets through tax loopholes.

Let me explain.  When a person sees that they can get a tax write-off for making an investment in lets say the housing market, they will be inclined to do so.  However, when this deduction causes people to do this and then try to make a profit when they sell, then you have s bunch of investors in the housing market strictly to make a profit, which raises prices on the whole market.  However, if these people did not have this write-off then most likely they would not have entered the market.  Thus the only people buying homes would be those who need them who will not have to deal with the profiteers financed by the Federal Government.  Then the cost of homes may very well come down.  So as much as homeowners and other taxpayers feel they are getting help because of a tax deduction they are also being hurt by it through higher prices for homes, goods and more taxes because of others being allowed to deduct from their taxes as much as possible through loopholes which allow them to make more money.

For these tax deductions perpetuate a financial deal that just about guarantees a class of people the ability by using their taxes to get into investment schemes no matter how dumb or unprofitable the investment is.  For if they profit they can collect the rewards and if they fail they can sometimes deduct the loss!  A Flat Rate Tax would guarantee that any investment one makes had better pay off.  This way investors would be attracted to businesses that would make it profitably which would give us a stronger economy.

Also, the present system allows a company to waste its tax deductions and get away with it.  Take the example of a company car.  Now, if a company was not allowed to deduct a company car from taxes, it would have to care for the automobile so it would last.  The vehicle probably would have company restrictions on its use, better use and certainly not allowed to be driven home for personal use at the taxpayers expense.  However, the present system allows a company to do what it wants at the taxpayers expense.  Businesses will have to realize that they are going to have to better manage themselves because tax deductions cannot forever be given out to every special interest.

There is a lot of other things that are abused under the present tax system.  To try and find the lawyers to help with tax cases and judges and courtrooms to decide the cases is only adding to the cost of living for all of us.

However, a Flat Rate Income Tax would rid the need by the government and private sector of many overpriced lawyers and other tax personnel.  This would help cut the cost of government and inflation.

Now under a Flat Rate Tax system, we might still have to allow a few deductions of some sort.  But this question must be dealt with through a government, businesses, and private sectors conference.  Any deduction or write-off must be in the interest of a strong economy and not for the favor of a lucky few.  To do otherwise may put us right back where we started.

Another action that is drastically hurting our economy is the flooding of our markets with cheaper made foreign manufactured goods.  If we do not start a “Buy American” campaign soon, there will not be many markets left for American jobs.

We must realize that when we buy a product that is made in America, we are helping to lower our own taxes by giving someone else in America the opportunity to work and pay taxes.

Foreign countries do not have the worldly responsibilities that we care for here in the United States so they can have cheaper taxes along with cheaper labor.  So to not charge a high tax on imported goods form these countries is only hurting ourselves.

So the next time you buy something make sure it says “Made in America”.  If we all did this we would have a stronger economy and more jobs.  So it’s time we get American’s supporting American jobs.  This way businesses will think twice about leaving America.

One point that must be made and that is us Americans have to start taking pride in one’s work and do the best possible job we can.  To do otherwise makes for inferior products which nobody will buy.  Businesses also have to arrange their companies so that there is more input from everyone in their employment to find the best possible way to run the business.  For managers of companies do not always have the solution to a problem, but another worker might know the solution.  Cooperation yields success when common goals are sought.

These few changes in our economic system may help our economy.  However, it’s time government systems work for the good of the people instead of the people working to support through taxes different programs that do not solve the problems of our society.  People must start working for the good of the country while receiving the goods of the country.  By changing government programs I mean rearranging the way many government obligations are carried out.  We must change the social welfare programs so that for receiving government money a recipient will perform s task for the government.  This work program would cover the following programs: Unemployment Compensation, Welfare, Aid to Dependent Children, Food Stamps, certain Social Security recipients, and all other people receiving government aid.

All these people will have determined how much money they have coming from the government.  Then they will have to work at different public work jobs.  Wages will be determined by the type of job, but should not be the prevailing wage.  For to do so would only inflate the cost of the government program..

Now with this work force, our government will be able to treat many of its countries ills.  For this new work program would put people to work fixing roads, potholes, sidewalks, parks, bridges and other government structures, public schools, and many other things.  They could also clean our highways, streets, cities, empty lots, beaches, and all other public land.  This way the taxpayer gets a benefit for one’s taxes and the recipient feels they are earning their benefits.

Also, the knowledge gained from these different programs will help the worker get a job skill.

We could also use this new work force for many other reasons such as help in disasters, help for older people who want to stay home, crossing guards, auto traffic controllers, public transportation guards, and many other tasks as the needs arise.  Also, we can have these people work in kitchens for the poor, which would be supplied with government surplus food.  To receive food from these kitchens, a person would have to put in some government work.

Another benefit we could add into this program is to have all the material used  in these different projects be bought from U.S. companies only.  This way we have American taxes supporting American workers.

To have this kind of program would provide a better environment for every community.  You may think that a program like this would cost a lot of money.  But the cost in misery by not correcting the problems of  our society is far greater than any dollars worth and the benefits of this program is immeasurable.  Also the amount of employees and space used by all these present programs can be used thus saving cost and getting a better return for ones tax dollar.

Another way that would cut the cost of government, would be to consider the following program.  To help cut the cost of retirement funds that have to be paid by the government, the following system would have to take effect.  All government employees would not be allowed to work for the government more than eight years.  To be excluded form this group would be the following people:  all elected officials, all armed services jobs, and all other jobs that require lots of experience or trust.  Our government simply cannot afford to pay for all the retirement bills of all the government retirees for to do so is only going to help drive our government broke and add to inflation.  Also it will give a chance for all of us in times of need a better opportunity to get a government job.

One other group of people that would automatically be included in this program would be the handicapped.  By guaranteeing the handicapped a lifetime job, we save our government money because lots of handicapped people are already receiving some sort of financial assistance from the government.  But we will also be giving life more meaning with a job while also providing them with an opportunity to fulfill their hopes and dreams wile providing for their needs.  Of course, this program would have to include provisions so that only certain handicaps are included.

Another way to help the handicapped while also cutting government expenditures would be to examine the following program to see if it can be initiated.

All handicapped people would be eligible to life to join a health insurance policy of their parents or another relative.  Also single individuals who want to sponsor a handicapped person on their health insurance policy by taking out a family plan policy can do so.  This will cut down on government paperwork, insurance costs, and employees.

But most of all it would provide some peace of mind to the handicapped person by not having to worry about health insurance.  They will have a good chance of getting health insurance through their government job or another person’s policy.  This way parents of handicapped children can better plan for a life for their child instead of worrying over the hardships.

This program must be set up so that it is not overburdening to the private insurers.  We can help do this by having a top limit on the amount of handicapped insurance policies each company would have to carry.  Any over the limit would be put into a pool which would be shared by the rest  of the insurance companies.

The government would have to cover certain illnesses encountered form one’s handicap.  This would help keep the cost down for insurers.  If needed a small surcharge could be added to these accounts.

Then something has to be done in this country about private and government health care cost.  We are at the day where a matter of life or death is determined by one’s ability to pay.  We must come up with new ideas to address these problems.  The health systems as they are now set up does not hold down the cost of health care.  Us Americans have a huge bill coming in the future for health care unless we do something now to change that.  We will never be able to fully hold down inflation until we control the rising costs in all markets especially health care.

If something is not done soon we will be forced to look into a national health insurance program which will be ran by the government.  For that is the only alternative to the present system which allows doctors and other personnel the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply performing routine office visits.  There is too much abuse in the present system so changes have got to be made somewhere fast.

Another problem we must seek to correct is the pollution problem.  For not to seek the solutions only passes the problem on to the next generation.

One of the worst problems facing our nation today is pollution.   Pollution has affected every person’s life and has added a huge bill to our economy.  Pollution has harmed our air, water, and land.  Now is the time to stop this problem before it is too late!!!!!  For we should not leave it to the next generation to correct our mistakes.

The following programs when fully initiated will help reduce pollution drastically.

First of all we have to realize that there is one source of pollution that is making up probably a lot of the pollution in our air.  The culprit is vehicles of all kinds and lawn mowers that do not work properly, thus allowing the burning of oil in  the cylinder of the motor to be burned with the gas after which it is let out in the exhaust.  You know those foul smelling oil burners and improperly running diesel vehicles.

The following will insure that these vehicles are not driven until repaired.  The Federal  Government will operate a toll free number 1-800-POLLUTE.  This line will be used to report any violators of any kind of pollution laws.  When reporting any polluter’s vehicle, a person should give the license plate number, make of car, and location of car.  Authorities at this number would then notify local police where vehicle is located.  They will then demand inspection of the vehicle.  All polluting vehicles will either be confiscated or  allowed to stay only if they have a Detroit Boot put on its wheel.  The boot will be removed when vehicle is repaired or to be towed if need be.

A time period would be allowed to give these people a chance to fix their vehicle.  However, after that date these people have to realize that it is in their own interest along with everyone else’s that we do everything we can to cut down on pollution.  It is much cheaper and easier to fix a vehicle than someone’s health which is harmed by pollution.

Along with using this number to report polluters of ALL kinds, the following program should be put into effect to help everyone understand how to work with certain products.  At all places of employment, there will be posted a list of products that is considered harmful to one’s health or environment.  On that list will be shown what the product is, how it harms one’s health, how to work with the product and how to properly dispose of the product.  This information is also to be posted on ALL shipping and receiving forms.  Only products that are used in place of employment are deemed to be harmful will have to be posted.

These few programs would help us and our environment immensely.  Along with other measures that are finally being taken maybe we can all feel better about the future.

Another program that should be considered is to have the government initiate and educational program that  would be available to every American through a medium that is available to everyone.  That is the television set.

The government will make available to every television station across the United states educational courses that will be taught by the best teachers.  Subjects of importance to employment needed by local viewers will be taught.  New and old trades will also be taught.

These tape recorded programs will be shown at late night when local television is not presently being used.  ALL companies and individuals may tape record these programs for later use.

All local libraries also will be able to show these programs with the aid of headphones which is to be supplied by the individual listener.

Tests can be given and the answers are to be shown at a later date.  Text books also may be purchased or loaned by local libraries, other stores or a central office.

This way we can have a better way to teach everyone, everything of importance they want to know in a less expensive way.  A better educated person has a better chance of making a better living for oneself.

The subjects I have just discussed have to be analyzed by all Americans.  For discussion of ideas is one thing this country now lacks.  One way we could change that is to have in our country a National Election Day.  This day should be the last Saturday and/or Sunday in October from 6 A.M. to 8 P.M.  This way everybody everywhere in America would have the time to vote.

All the subjects I have discussed are subject to corrections for I do not have all the answers to our country’s problems.

I cannot say we would need to do all of these suggestions.  For some of them would not have to be initiated if we could just get rid of a lot of waste by the government in all areas of its domain.  However, until we do we have to figure in some way to get our interest rates down.  That is the only way for any economic growth to really happen in our country.  For economic growth is definitely what all of us need now.  Only changes that can bring down the interest rates to 3% should now figure into all of our planning or there may not be all that much to plan for.  For without a job life is miserable.

So the choice is yours America, Save the economy or Kiss it Goodbye!!!!!!!!!/////////The following letter was sent years ago to all the major television networks. I have not seen any action taken on any of the following suggestions so it is up to ALL OF YOU to get these suggestions acted upon!!!

I am writing to you directly because I feel that when one wants something done that should be done, then go right to who has the most responsibility to get it done right.  That is you.

Now there are three things that I would like to discuss with you, so let me begin.
First, I would like for you to stop promoting smoking.  You are the MOST responsible for the continuation of this terrible deadly drug addiction that has affected us all either directly through poor health and/or emptier pockets on indirectly through higher health insurance cost for us all.  You in the media are advertising the reasons one gets this tobacco habit every time you show someone smoking on T.V. or the movies for that matter.  People learn from what they SEE.  Stop showing people how to smoke, how it�s supposed to make one look and feel.  Every time you show someone smoking cigarettes or tobacco you help others do the same.  Oh, yes you do!!!  Stop being the pushers of dirty deadly bad habits!

Make a corporate rule that all shows are not to show anyone smoking and then go through all the upcoming reruns or movies and cut out all smoking scenes.  And if the scene has someone talking and smoking, just either cut the frames to show a part of the picture that doesn’t show the cigarette smoking or forward or reverse to the last frames and dub in the voice.  But stop promoting smoking!  No excuses!!! You have better because and Ii really don’t want to go through with this but I will get others to boycott every product that is advertised during that particular show.  Full page newspaper ads will drive up support.

Now I’m sure that all these different do-gooder organizations would go along with such a boycott, but let’s not let it go that route.  Be responsible, please stop being a pusher of bad habits.  Be a leader, don’t wait for others to do it or force you to do it, but lead the way to the righteous thing to do.  I’m sure the many, many people would appreciate it if you do.

Now I would like to comment on your comedy shows.  They stink mostly. What’s wrong did people forget how to write comedy?  Sometimes I’m lucky to get five laughs out of a show and mostly those laugh tracks are the only ones laughing.  We need humor!!!!  It is the best medicine for an drag out, miserable day.  Humor makes one feel good and you all are doing a poor job at making the public feel good about T.V.  You are boring the public not only with your so-called sitcoms, but mostly all your other T.V. shows too.  People have had enough of your cop shows, your late night soaps, as well as your daytime soaps which to this day I can’t see what is so exciting about boring stories.   They want excitement and you aren’t providing enough of it!!!!  The viewer wants a different kind of humor, instead of your typical punch-line humor.  It seems that that is basically the only kind of humor there is on T.V. series.  You need adapt more motion humor and situation humor into your shows.  By motion humor I mean humor that is derived from action, not verbal response.  You should test your comedy writers to see if they can even write motion humor.  Make sure they know how and adapt that knowledge to the programs they write.  Also, why do you have the same cast playing the same characters every show..  Why don’t you give actors different scripts about different things in each show in which they play different parts?  Keep the audiences interest going that way.

Now for the other thing I’d like to share with you.  I am sending you a short story script that I wrote.  It is entitled “The Absolute Truth of Life”.  However it’s just my opinion, not necessarily the absolute truth of life.  However it is I believe an interesting story that could serve for a base for an exciting movie.  It could be lengthened to show different scenes of violence being committed to show how one is hurting another through what they do.  Also a more in depth look at how we are polluting the planet would fit in nice.  And the story could be presented in a whole new way to suit your taste.  For I know that some parts you may not want to present at all. Especially the part about abortion.  The abortion part I was going to take out before I sent you the story, but I thought it only fair that I show you how I wrote the whole story.  You can use it any way you want.  But I’m sure that the audience would love seeing a story based loosely on this story I’m sending you.  In fact if you could somehow get proof that a spirit does leave the body at death, which  is true, then that will really intrigue the audience.  I’m sure that also the movie can lift the consciences of some people so that they are better people in the future.  Now I would like to say that as much as you can rewrite the story for a movie, I would like if possible to see the script before production.  This way I could at least advise or put my two cents in.

Now onto another subject.  What if you all had to take your shows to every little cluster of audiences around the country and show them each show?  Would be expensive right?  And it would take vast amounts of people, buildings and much more.  However, you use a tool, namely the T.V. to get lots of people all at once using one set of actors.

Well, we have the same problem today with education.  Most people experience learning basically the same way. The sit in many expensive buildings while being taught by expensive teachers.   Why, oh why can’t you all get together and offer college courses and vocational trade courses on cable or free T.V.?  Think of the drastic change such an action would bring.  NOBODY would have an excuse for not bettering themselves.  Everybody would get an access to an education of any kind.  The cost of the federal, State and local governments would be greatly reduced.  People would then look at T.V. as an education tool, which it should be, instead of an idiot box.  You could make this type of programming without any inconvenience to you at all.  Simply have the educational programs run late at night when you aren’t really using the airwaves much.  People can then record the shows on their V.C.R.’s and play back as much as needed to learn any subject.  Tests could also be sent in to a special address using computerized forms which would cheaply enhance the public’s knowledge.  Books could also be advertised and bought to do the courses.  This way education does not become the privileged of a few, but the opportunity of all.  A brighter nation is a more successful nation.  All the businesses could also chip in by providing completely detail information of their trades and operating that is needed to operate on a V.C.R. tape to be shown by you  on T.V.  This way businesses would have the personnel trained for whatever trade needed to operate their business.  You ALL are the only ones who can provide this type of service.  It is your responsibility to do so.  End the decrease of ignorance once and for all.  Give to America a nation prepared to meet any challenge  with educated people.  Help lower the cost of government.  You could even have commercials on these shows to help lower your cost.  Not that your cost should be that high cause actually you can just put a camera in any classroom and just about get all the information needed to do the T.V. course.  Businesses would be more willing to co-operate than colleges because colleges are trying to save their ass just like the military is today.

So it is up to you all to help bring a better America or a continuation of a run down America.  Educate America and the world cheaply.  Another thing, why don’t you all ask people to send in scripts for production.  If you give some kind of reward for good scripts then maybe you would get better T.V.  After all  T.V. doesn’t have to be dominated by T.V. series.  It’s time to broaden the horizons of T.V. as variety is the spice of life. So that is all I have to say for now.  Please get back to me on my suggestions. GOOD LUCK!!!


Ron McCune//////


The world needs your help.  For in all of your hands you all hold the possibility of stopping the growth of new A.I.D.S. cases.  You folks have the power to drastically change the ways this disease is spreading.  For the sorriest thing about this disease is that many are spreading it unknowingly or purposely to others.  This growth potential must be stopped immediately.  You are the only ones who can do that right now.  To rely on the U.S. government to initiate a program to achieve or near zero growth like you only can is saying to others to be infected in the future people that corporate policies is more important than initiating a program that could save their lives.  Sometimes in life you  must lose money in the interest of man and woman kind.  However in the end you may not lose any money at all and yet gain a lot of good publicity.  What I have in mind is a program that will get many if not most of the A.I.D.S. carrying people to identify themselves willingly to other people as A.I.D.S. carrying people so that nobody will want to share a needle or have unprotected sex with that person.  How do you get these A.I.D.S. carrying people to willingly do this?  Easy!  By telling them that you will supply them with a lifetime supply of the drug AZT.  If they get a tattoo of  the word A.I.D.S. enclosed in a circle in the middle of their right cheek of their buttocks.  The government could and does pay for the testing.  You just supply the drug.  You could use drug stores nationwide to help in distributing the drug by making patients pickup of drugs at a pre-arranged destination.  Now the cost of the drug could be lessened for you by setting up a fund where donations by the public could be sent to.  Celebrities could also be encouraged to donate concert time where donations could be collected in benefit concerts.  Also a payment plan by those receiving the AZT drug based on their income could be set up to alleviate the cost.  Of course this payment plan should only apply to the financially well-off patients.  You don’t want to give any A.I.D.S. patients reasons for not joining this program. But then to get them to join this program you MUST tell the people that all information collected will be held in the strictest confidence.  Otherwise the percentages of people joining will be drastically reduced for a near zero growth rate.  This way ten years or so down the line we will  be looking at near extinction of this near dreaded disease that is growing like a wild fire.  Put out this wild fire before it inflames much more.  I beg of you to take the leadership that is needed to rid this terrible disease from the face of the Earth.  Don’t wait for others to do what you can do best. Be a leader and try to get other drug companies that also have A.I.D.S. related drugs to also contribute to your program.  This will also help get more people into the programs.   For the sooner we get all these disease carrying people to stop spreading their disease, the better off we all are. And the best way is the program I have described.  In fact it is actually the only thing.  Only you can do it so please do.
Also, you should seek to have all A.I.D.S. patients who are getting these anti-A.I.D.S. drugs at below cost to volunteer 6 or so hours a month or so doing volunteer work at various A.I.D.S. hospitals or patients homes.  After all nothing in life is free.  To get a little one must give a little.  To make this disease less costly to society, the A.I.D.S. patients must shoulder more of the care for themselves.  Giving the A.I.D.S. patients a program that helps themselves as well as helping other patients with A.I.D.S. would help bring out the best in these people.
Black and dark skinned people will probably have to have the tattoo put elsewhere if the tattoo on the buttocks cannot be seen.  Maybe locate it on the bottom of their feet, but only if it won’t disappear with time.
Please don’t rely on the U.S. government to initiate this program as I have already suggested it to them and have gotten no reply.  But then this government we pay for can’t do much of anything right.  Maybe you’ll have better luck but why wait.  The longer you wait the more will die.  We are of a DEADLY disease here not some common cold.  Drastic measures are called for to stop one of the greatest menaces that has hit our society in modern times.  Maybe as the government sees the benefits of this program, they’ll kick in some money and/or the public too.
Also, you’ll have to periodically check to see if the tattoo is still embedded in the cheek of the A.I.D.S. patients.
Now you could say that people now can get this AZT drug under present circumstances, but aren’t you just providing a chemical to help a dying person live longer just to spread his or her disease all the more?


Ron McCune///////

Guns. They are something in today’s world we unfortunately need. But you have to remember that when we allow ourselves to have guns we have to do it right or else we have chaos. It’s ether gun control or no control. For we cannot control the criminal when we allow them to get a gun and  then they go ahead and use it. They, the criminal become something that they would not normally be when they possess a gun .They become possessed by an evilness that makes them do things that no other weapon can match. The criminal would not conduct him or herself in the same way if the criminal had to use a knife, bat or another weapon. Only a gun gives the criminal a great advantage over there victims. Against a  knife, bat or other weapon we would feel we might have a chance to defend ourselves.  But a gun is a whole different story. So I hope for the good of us all and to make the job of our police officers a lot easier lets get some control over the guns ////////
Guns. Some will say you can’t live with them and some say you can’t live without them. However you look at it we are stuck with them. What counts the most is what to do with them and how to keep them out of the hands of those that shouldn’t possess them.  Now as much as we are all in agreement that we have to have laws in order to keep the guns out of the hands of those that shouldn’t have them isn’t it better to enact policy and laws that would make it harder for criminals to get the guns in the first place. In other words lets dry up the gun market place that GIVES the criminal the opportunity to purchase a gun in the first place. How do you do that? EASILY! All we have to do is enact laws that says you are allowed to have a gun but you are only allowed to buy two more guns. Also we we HAVE TO outlaw semi-automatic weapons and limit the amount of ammunition sold for automatic weapons. You can keep the guns you already have but are restricted to purchasing two more guns. Rural farmers, hunters and gun collectors could have something worked out for their needs  All gun sales from this moment on will be registered with the government so that we can get a HANDLE ON THE EASILY EXCESSIVE ABILITY of the criminal gun market. Now I know that all you gun freaks are flipping out about registering your FUTURE gun purchases but you got to admit we do have a problem and we got to do something about it . The criminals can get guns too easily because any non-criminal can purchase as MANY GUNS AS THEY WANT AND SELL THEM TO THE CRIMINALS!!!!!  DO YOU HEAR, WE HAVE TO STOP THAT!!!!  By having laws that says you can only buy two more guns all those that want to sell guns to those that shouldn’t have them will only have two guns to sell. After that they’re out of business. Then we enact laws that ALL gun sales must be registered with the government. Violators with  criminal intent would be dealt with seriously with 2 years in jail. Take the initiative out of selling guns and the criminals will have a harder time purchasing guns in the underground gun market place. Then we will get to the day  when many criminals won’t have guns and I’m sure they’ll be a lot less vicious and destructive and evil and easier to deal with. Most of all we’ll take away the one thing that makes them be the worst they can be.  Then we’ll have a better world, a safer world, a peaceful world. Help do all you can to get these laws passed. I’m sure most of the public want these laws passed. I’m sure it would help the Democrats to try and get these laws passed because it would help them win elections because surely the Republicans will oppose these common sense gun control laws. Read more on my web page at www.mybetteramericaplan.com about this subject and more ideas that will help all. ///////
I would like to present a few ideas to the law enforcement personal and military personal around the world. First I would like you to answer why is it that the gladiators protected themselves better against the enemy than you do. The police of today have only to get bullet proof shields with gun ports and bullet proof helmets and bullet proof trench coats and they would be able to approach any gun toting criminal and tell them to drop their weapon or kiss their butt goodbye. I’m sure some folks might thing it looks foolish for police to be dressed like this but it’s more foolish to be wounded or dead when one could of protected themselves. Then when looking at dwellings for criminal activity especially kidnapping instances why don’t the police rely on this technology that where a camera is able to show who is in the dwelling by I believe using infrared technology or something like that.This way you have a better chance to see if someone is hiding or being hidden. Then why don’t we put the best one to solve some of the crimes when we can. Why don’t we use dogs to place the suspect at the scene of the crime. Dogs can pick out the scent of the criminal at the scene and identify that scent of the criminal in a  lineup. Rapist will have to drop their pants and I’m sure the dog will identify who had sex with who. Use the dogs knowledge to help you do your job. Also why do we put the police, those that have to maintain order in this sometimes wild west world of ours we call America in such harms way as they do their job. IT”S TIME TO MODERNIZE THE WAY POLICE CARS ARE SO AS THE OFFICER IS IN A BULLET PROOF VEHICLE THAT HAS LIGHTS AND CAMERAS that have the ability to see all around  and to fire different kinds  weapons in all directions. The cameras would be linked to central command so many if needed can help with needed assistance. Now we could right now put bullet proof film on all police cars now which would add a lot of security to an officers job. The cost of totally encasing the inside of the police car with this bullet proof film could be easily be picked up by donations from the community and government. When chasing a fleeing vehicle that refuses to stop a day-glow pink color paintball would be shot at the fleeing vehicle by the police car and anyone seeing these cars can report their location and NOBODY can repaint the vehicle without police permission. Any one who does could loose their business and face jail time and fines.     When stopping a vehicle the officer would be in a full length bullet proof coat with a hat that instantly would bullet proof the head when needed and directed to do so. Maybe a bullet proof motor cycle looking helmet may be the way to go. Think about the two bank robbers who years ago in L.A. made that get away from the crime scene on foot and car in a broadcast chase that resulted in a big shootout with the police. Those criminals had the protection that every officer should have.  Then when stopping vehicles in desolated areas maybe it would be safer for the officer to stay in the car and make the occupants get out of car and put hands on front passenger side of car hood where a machine on the hood would fingerprint and if needed handcuff a person. Then when trying to get dangerous suspects out of a building, car or anywhere send in the SKUNKS!!! Well,not the skunks but their smell that ALL of us can’t stand and will surely want to leave whatever area that smells like a skunk. Skunk bomb the criminal would be a easier way to make them give up. Also we have to come up with a better and lest costly way of making criminals pay for their crimes. Crowding prisoners together in jails is too expensive and only makes them worse. To try and create a human hell in the form of prisons is not rehabilitation but only a form of revenge that only makes the avenged more dangerous to us all. What we need is for the non-violent criminals to have to work off their sentence in meaningful work projects. The real bad and the violent prisoners would be housed in a situation where each criminal would have ankle or arm wire or chain attached to them that would be hooked up to a rail system that would have separator bars that would make it impossible for one inmate to come in contact with another. It’s ridiculous to have to hire all these guards to watch all these prisoners when all we have to do is make it so that they can’t come in contact with each other. We could warehouse the violent prisoners in desolated areas where a thin retractable wire will chain them by the ankle or wrist to a steel pole that has cement encased in it. The 600 pound pole will be buried 15 feet in the ground and the prisoner will have enough wire to walk around in  his or her space. Each space will have a small cement block room with a bed and toilet and sink and table and chair. The food will be delivered by a rail system to each space so that there is not any need for contact with prisoners thus relieving us from the fear of violence. A camera could ride the rail that travels through the prisoner area to keep an eye on everything.           //////

I am writing to you in hope that what I have to say can help enlighten you or help you in any way in your campaign.  Some of what I have to say will be about what is happening now and then I’ll tell you about other suggestions, I’ll offer which will be about what I feel any President should do.

First, World Affairs, it just amazes me that NOBODY in the whole world has yet to put the blame of 9/11 right where it belongs.  That is with George Bush.  For as President, he has let a region the most violent area in the world, the Middle East dispute between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s go up in flames.  When George Bush became President, the Middle East dispute was just a rock throwing, rubber bullet in the legs only war of violence.  George Bush and Ariel Sharon, Arafat quickly ended that level of violence and before long took it to a whole new level of violence and because of these increasing policy actions of our President, which was of assisting one side to become violent against the other we the U.S. people have become targets in this war George Bush has started.  These are times we should not be in.  These are battles that need not ever had been  fought.  These are our brothers and sisters that should not have ever died or  have been wounded.  These are tears we should not ever have to shed.  And this is OUR money that we need not ever have had to spend.  This is also the time to seek a new path for our country, a path to peace, a path that does not drive us all broke.  For the number one job of a President is to NOT spend any of YOUR money.  And in this regard President Bush has failed miserably.  He has taken the cost of living in America to a new high with all this security commotion that his foreign policy ways have created.  The world is what you make it and for the Palestinians it has turned into a HELL!  Because of this hell the Arab world got mad at our leader, President George Bush and decided to do something very drastic.  That’s how we got 9/11.  Because of George Bush 9/11 happened.  His policies has led us to 9/11 and we have been paying for it since.  9/11 would never had happened had President Bush initiated policies that would have resulted in Peace in the Middle East.  Instead his almost every policy decision aggravated the Palestinians and the Arab world.  His policy even led Yassir Arafat to say publicly to Mr. Bush before 9/11 to go to hell.  Mr. Arafat would never had said that to President Clinton while he was President.  But this is the relationship Mr. Bush develops with the leader of the most suffering group of people in the Arab world.  The Middle east is a whole lot worse off since Mr. Bush became  President and we can’t afford to go on another four more years of his wars.  How many more of you Americans are willing to put your name on George Bush’s Death Wall?  If you re-elect Mr. Bush then you are helping to build this George Bush’s Death Wall.  You must tell the People.  The names of the dead and wounded are being added every day and how many more days of death are we willing to go through?  Life has not been good for our soldiers and it’s time we give them some relief. we need a peacemaker not a war monger.  We need someone leading the country who can deliver peace not someone who initiates wars.  We don’t need a leader of our country to use our mighty Armed forces as pawns in his quest to settle old scores.  Iraq was never a threat to the U.S. and we all know that so why did  we go and spend our tax money to start a war and put all these soldiers lives in disarray and agony, worry ,and fear injury and death as they try to do the job that the President has forced them to do.  Soldiers have it  a whole lot easier under the Democrats you ALL must point out!  Compare the casualties of war since President Nixon. Let’s not count out President Johnson for his Vietnam war, which was not mainly a Republican inspired war.  But count the casualties and LIST them so us morons, which we ALL are considering the circumstances we now have to deal with because of our actions, we will be able to see that with the Democrats you get peace and with the Republicans you get wars.  You must show that under the Democrats the Middle East conflicts are settled peacefully, not to be engulfed in the flames of violence.  We can do better and we will do better but only if we change leaders will we get the changes for the better that we need.  For the path that President Bush has taken us on is for many around the world is just a highway to hell.  For it’s hell to be out of a job and for many that�s just what happened in the last four years.   Our economy practically collapsed because of the foreign policy ways President Bush has taken us on.  He has alienated the Europeans, the Arabs and others I  believe you can come up with. So economically we suffer because they’ll feel less inclined to economically do business with the U.S.  Tourism goes down, buying of U.S. products go down, dealing with U.S. companies goes down all because of President George Bush.  We need a leader who can bring harmony not disharmony to our economic system.  We need a President who can bring economic strength to our economy, not economic ruin.  We need a leader who can lead us to where we should be and where we should be is not where we are at right now.  In the last four years the Middle East conflict has gotten a whole lot worse.   Our economy has gotten a whole lot worse.  We don’t need a President who has taken us into 9/11 and put our nation under guard at enormous expense because of his foreign policy ways, it’s like he has turned this nation into the “1984” movie.  Remember that movie of years ago where the nation was sent on a brainwashing mentality.  Well that is where President Bush has gotten us all now. Brainwashed to be fearful.  And yet we have to be fearful because of him.  Who knows what kind  of future wars he’ll take us on if he has another four years.  Ask the soldiers how many more wars they  are willing to fight.  After all the logic for going to war in Iraq could easily be said again about North Korea.  Does that mean that since the logic of going to war in Iraq mean that we will be faced with a war in North Korea.  And if not why the hell did we go to war with Iraq in the first PLACE?  To free its people.  Well that’s no excuse for putting our military and worst of all the lives of our soldiers to free other countries people.  The heck with that logic and add Cuba to our or should I say President George Bush’s or for he acts like a warrior sometimes, but lets add Cuba  to George’s list of countries to invade.  What was the logic for invading Iraq?  Saddam was never really a direct threat to us in any way.  And most of all since when did  we as  people become so gullible as to be talked into this war.  It was sure some con job, just as the tax-break relief package just pushed and passed by George.  And to think, how close he has taken the World into a whole lot bigger war had a few things gone differently than they did with all the conflicts we had to experience under President Bush’s watch.  These are times we should not be facing and rather not be facing but will be forced to face if President Bush is re-elected.  Enough is enough!  It’s time to move on to peace and away from the wars.  The easiest way to disarm a so-called terrorist is to solve whatever problem they have.  The easiest way to aggravate a terrorist and make them want to do bad things is to compound their problems.  President Bush has compounded the Palestinians problem and that is what started this whole cycle of terrorism that we are faced with today.  These times were not here when President Clinton was in office.  Oh, sure Afghanistan had their peculiar government and a whole lot of weapons and lead  people but they were weapons and the people who were not inclined to mess with the U.S.  All their weapons hidden in caves or wherever were intended for some future conflict that involved the Taliban trying to seize that disputed land between India and Pakistan.  They were never at the time of President Clinton intending to directly hurt us with all those weapons but old  George has changed that around.  President Bush has put us all in the bulls-eye target of bin Laden.  And the victims of  9/11 and all our soldiers and all our pocketbooks are deeply paying for  this mess old George has bestowed upon us.  Give our soldiers a break and get rid of George!  Let’s change things around so that we can live in better times, than in the bad times we are forced to face now.  These are the lines and thoughts I want you to say to the people so to awaken them to do what needs to be done.  They cannot and will not be brainwashed by President Bush if you speak up.  Tell it like it is, but remember BE PRESIDENTIAL at all times, for now the people are searching for a new leader but, they might agree with you on a few subjects but won’t vote for you if you don’t act Presidential, look presidential and think presidential.  You must convince people that you are the on they want for their next President.  Remember, the last election there was Ralph Nader vote take away and the Florida and nationwide blunder of the voting system with the punch cards.  Well, I guess ole Ralph made enough bucks and decided it retire wherever he is and the vote card hassle will BE EASILY REMEDIED  by having a sample card maybe with a light that will be available to anyone wishing to use it at every precinct in America that will verify to only the voter who they have voted for.  Also HAVE EVERYONE check for the HANGING CHAD BEFORE THEY PUT THE card wherever it ends up at.  Pull OFF THE CHAD must be a slogan everywhere.  Problems, solutions that should be how everything works.  And in the Middle East you MUST show NOW a plan that will bring peace to the Middle East.  Namely the conflict between the Israeli and Palestinians.  You must have a plan, start initiating the plan by talking too both sides, if not face to face, then by phone, about your plan and show to both sides of the world that you have a plan and you and the rest of the world are going to see this plan forward like it or not.  You must show the world that you want to do the right thing.  And the right thing is to make peace.  Show the world that you have the leadership to make peace and then go on and make Peace.  Tell the world that as of 1 hour after you are elected as far as you are concerned there is a state of Palestine and if it isn’t so by then you will make it so.  Tell both  sides now that the United Nations troops will be in charge of security in disputed areas until peace is settled and that the settlements are to be settled by a court in the new state of Palestine and will have Palestinian control of tax mainly for use of any settlement land.  Tell Israel and the world that they will have to live within their boarders if they want peace and tell the Palestinians NOW to live peacefully NOW so that they can have peace in their land on the day you are elected.  Show the world the path to peace and they will follow, they will vote for you.  Do the right thing and the violence will end or the Palestinians will side with the U.N. providing temporary security the two peoples should be able to live in peace.  This act alone by you would bring peace immediately to the Middle East.  Do it because in the end it’s the only path to peace in the Middle East.  It is up to us, the U.S. to step in and settle this dispute once and for all.  We the Americans are the one’s who helped arm Israel to the hilt so we are perceived by the Arab world negatively because of this. Israel has used its acquired right to impose beyond the 1948 boarders and in doing so prolonged agony for many.  Enough is enough.  Take the stand for a path to peace now and the violence will stop.  I wish the President would also take the path to peace but his path so far has been the highway to hell. Someone has to do something about this mess we’re in , in the Middle East and the question us what other way would end the violence tomorrow.  There is no other way so please do it!  Or maybe you do have another way but then do it.  Do something .  Enough  is enough!  A good slogan to use against President Bush is enough is enough!  Enough of these wars, enough of the paranoia, enough of these dead and wounded, enough of this economic suffering, economic downturn, economic ruin.  Enough is enough, we don’t need four more years of this.  Now because of time restraints and waiting too long to speak up, I am sending this letter now because I feel it’s getting late in  the game of electing officials and I wanted my two cents in before the final counts.  Also, I’m sending you a letter I’m mailing out to whoever can help me with a few ideas I’d like to see started.  As a public official maybe you might be able to start some of these ideas yourself.  Believe me, these ideas I talk about in the letter can and will change the world.  So if you want to help end our dependence on oil and trees let me know.  I’d like to hear from you or anyone else who can help./////I would like now to present to you a plan that will help revive America’s economy. It’s aq plan that will get American’s to start buying more American owned vehicles. For the auto market is a major part of the current trade deficit as well as a major reason for past deficits. American cars are made just as well as any other cars and much better than many cars so it’s time we Americans start building our economy and not other country’s economies by buying American owned cars. It’ time for some of us to stop being economic Benedick Arnold s. A nation wide advertising campaign will hammer these points into the public’s mind. The ads will be posted shortly for you to view and advertise in your community. Help spread the message. The heck with cement barrier walls, we’ll have cast iron walls shaped like this.
Second wall deflector
Any blast would be deflected from buildings.
Cast iron wall or other bombproof material.  But don’t use a material that will fragment deadly pieces if exploded.


To whomever may concern

Ron McCune
xxxx Mahaffey
New Port Richey, FL

To St. Petersburg Times,

Folks, I would appreciate it if you would print the following letter in your newspaper, in the letters to the editor section.
The column, I would like, would be headed by, To Whomever it may concern.

Your Honor, your Honor, hold your horses here.  Before you give this overpriced taxpayer supported vicious murder case to the jury we the people would like to call to the stand one more witness who we believe may have been of the murder scene as it was happening and may be able to shed some light on the truth.  Thank you your honor, now will the witness please come forward.  Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help me, o.k. never mind.  We all know it’s impossible for you to lie.
Now it is a known fact that you were at the murder scene after they happened because your footprints are there.  What we now want to know is were you at the scene of the murder as they were happening and if so do you know whom the murderer is.  So to find this out please follow me.
Now it is a known fact that a dog was barking loudly near the time of the murders.  It is also a known fact that a dog would bark loudly if that dog was accosting someone or as would be the case here, to arrive upon the scene of the murder as it was happening and then barking loudly to confront or chase away someone who was harming the dog’s master.  It is also a known fact that a dog arriving after a murder has happened and the murderer has left, would whimper, maybe give a bark, then listen and pause and then continue a bark and a listen until some attention was received.  So since we believe that that you may have been at the scene of the murders as they were happening and because of your great sense of smell and other great senses that you, the deceased’s victim’s dog perhaps you may know who the murderer is, especially if the murderer was the defendant as it being that you are familiar with the defendant and his looks and body odor.  So now, we the people would like to conduct the following test to see if you know who the murderer is.  We would like to request witness protection for the witness until this test is done.
Now for the test.  First, I would like all those who know this witness to please come forward and pat the witness on the head for a while.  Then pick up the knife next to the dog and put the knife down on the other side of the dog and then again pat the dog on the head for a short while.  Then I would like the sequestered defendant to come into the courtroom, go to the dog and do the same.  What is that objection I hear from the defense?  Have you no regard for the truth?  Haven’t we both paid enough to know the truth or is someone paying not to let the truth be known.
Come on O.J., take the test or are you scared?  Well, I’ll tell you what O.J., if you are guilty and you are judged to be not guilty you know that sooner or later you are going to have to encounter the witness for I’m sure someone will see that it is so and when that happens the whole world will be watching.  So, what are we waiting for O.J., on with the show?  Say what O.J., you want to wait until after the jury returns a verdict and hope that the jury sets you free?  Come on O.J. we the people cannot take a chance in letting a murderer free.  So pet the dog, damn it!  Now!

Ron McCune
And the undersigned!

That’s all folks.
Thank you

p.s. if you are too chicken to print, this letter please let me know as soon as possible so I can find some other paper that has the balls to publish it.  Also, don’t give out my address and phone number or print it.  In addition, I give permission to anyone to publish this letter elsewhere, say L.A./////////


Dec. 7, 1997
Ron McCune
Mahaffey Dr.
New Port Richey, FL     34653

Yassir Arafat
C/o Said Hamid or PLO Office
1730 �K� Street N.W. #703
Washington D.C.  20006

Dear President Arafat,

Hello, greetings, I bring you a plan that I believe will achieve what you and many of your citizens need and what is peace in a place you wish to call home, a home of peace.
Right now, you may think that the leadership in Israel stacks the cards against you but there is a way to get them to change their game and force them to make a serious move to everlasting total peace.  That is you have to hit them where it hurts most, and that is in their pocketbook.
The plan I present is a plan I am sure you have heard but for the pain of it all, I cannot see why it hasn’t been used yet.  When all else has failed and you feel you are dealing with people who has desires that conflict with perceived agreements of peace then plans must be made to make those that are against peace to want peace.
In this case, how do you do it?  Simply, by getting the peoples of the world to join your struggle and help force the aggressor into submission.
First, a presentation of your case needs to be made to the people of this planet, our physical paradise.  As spirits of everlasting life inhibiting a physical masterpiece of a body we would all like to enjoy this physical paradise we are blessed to enjoy and you must state as should all the people of the area that you all want peace in a home of your own, in a land of your own just like everyone else enjoys.
Now, once you have convinced everyone that your desire is peace, we will get everyone to join your struggle by convincing them that they are the ones who can insure peace.  By joining, a worldwide boycott of all Jewish owned businesses or companies and all Jewish professional personnel will have force Israel to concede and make real attempts at peace.
For when all the Jewish professional people start losing up to 20% to 50% of their livelihood due to the boycott and they start getting scared that they may not get that business back, then they will contact Israel and tell them to make peace immediately before things get worse for themselves.
Now saying to the people of the world that they all are the best chance to get this peace deal done with and unfortunately the only chance to get it done considering the circumstances will put burden of guilt on people if they do not join in the boycott.  To put the pressure on the people to solve this problem because all else has failed, is the idea behind the boycott.  To make the people of the world feel empowered to solve this problem, is the idea behind the boycott.  To make the Jews of the world force Israel to make peace is the idea behind the boycott.  To get someone to force Israel to make peace is the idea behind the boycott.  To get everyone to get on Israel to make peace is the idea behind the boycott.  All these reasons will lead to goal of getting peace in the Middle East.  It is most likely the only way to get peace in the Middle East.  For the bottom line is that the leadership of Israel’s government is intent on getting as many settlements built as they can, and what’s happening now is doing not much to stop this intent.  President Clinton has hopes for peace, but hindered by the leadership of Israel who will sup their nose at President Clinton and maneuver as best they can to get all the territory they can get.  For land, grabbing is now the Israel’s goal.  For the excuse of holding land for security reasons does not hold up in the court of common sense.  Israel is secured, but the occupation of others land is what makes it insecure because aggression always brings on aggravation, which sometimes leads to violence, which causes insecurity.
And then when Israelis make the statement that they are taking back or however they put it, land that was their forefathers doesn’t hold up in the court of common sense.  For if that excuse held muster, then foreseeable, the Indians of America would take over America just as Israel is doing.  For the country of America to help finance this aggression through its support of Israel through loan guarantees and other freebie welfare money makes no sense especially when it frees up money for Israel to use to expand their settlements.
To have to rely on the government of the United States to get Israel to make real peace is surely going to be hard considering the joint session of congress gave Israel’s prime minister a standing ovation and has yet to lift one finger ever to stop Israeli aggression.
I say to you, the idea I talk about is your best chance.  Are we going to get going on the road to peace by joining to get the job done or will I have to start the job myself.  Let me know.  Hope to hear from you all because I’ll need your help considering I’m a single parent who has to work 7 days a week to survive and surely don’t have the funds needed to get going on this plan.  However, I will see that it is done.


Ron McCune


Sept. 15, 1996
Ron McCune
Mahaffey Dr.
New Port Richey, FL  34653


I am writing to you in the hopes that you can help me help others, or that I can help, you help others.  Or even better, we can help each other help others.  But the fact of the matter is that many need help and from what I can see nobody knows what to do to help and detailing how we can help those in need of help is what this letter is all about.
Now let me just say that just because I have not typewritten this letter on some fancy paper, does not mean what I have to say isn’t worth much because what I have to say will help people and save lives.  However, being a single parent who is barely making it, financially, and being that my health is going downhill fast, I’m too broke to afford a typewriter or to pay to have this typewritten.  So please disregard the grammar and please for the sake of womankind, children and mankind, please listen and act on what I have to say because it is important.
Now I will say that I have tried to get the government to act on these suggestions but as I found out the government is not always the one to get the job done that needs to be done and now I turn to you and I pray you don’t let me down too.  For if you do let me down, you are really letting millions of people down who need help.  Now let me begin.
First, do you want to prevent a murder?  Well you can.  Very simply too.  And in the process, you can throw a lifeline to many in need of help.  How you may wonder?  By just setting up a system that enables anyone to record what it is that they are about to do.  Now think about it.  Why is it that many women are killed many times across this planet of ours?  Because the killer believes, they can get away with the murder.  Well, what if there was a way to know who the murderer is?  Do you think that person would murder someone if they thought that someone knows who they are and that they, the murderer, would be identified as the person who was with the victim?  Well, I think not.  That is what this program is all about.
What I have in mind is, a phone recording system set up where as someone could call the number (i.e. 1-800-U-RECORD) and can then record up to two minutes any message they want.  Now at the beginning of the recording one would push the buttons on the phone to record their personal area code and phone number so that when the search for ones recording is needed it can be done easier.  For those without phone numbers, they could press the # button and then press the phone buttons that spell out the first three letters of their first name and the first three letters of their last name.  Then the first thing they all must be instructed to say is “Hello, my name is�.�.  This way searching the recordings will be made easier for someone seeking the right recording.  Then the person should be instructed to say exactly what it is they are going to do and with whom they are going to do it with.  Now a good thing also would be for the person making the recording, which in 95% of the time would be a woman, would be to have the woman give the phone to their date so that, that person can give their name and maybe address.  At least we will have a voice recording of that person which can help a lot if need be.  To play the recording over the airwaves would sure help in identifying the wrong doer because someone might recognize the voice of the person the police would be looking for if need be.  In addition, in the recording the person could describe the appearance of the person they are going out with so that voice and physical identification could be used to search for wrong doers.  And all known information that could be used to find the wrong doer should be given on the recording.
Now with this system in place, in all the places we need it, worldwide, I do believe that we can cut down on the molestation of women worldwide. Especially where I believe its needed most and that is right here in the good ‘ole U.S.A.  Let’s make it a better world, a more secure world, a more responsive world, a more caring world for all.  Let’s not let another woman go out without a lifeline, a phone lifeline to help her on her way through the rough life women have to face.  Let every woman, and I believe a few men, have the ability to confront their aggressor that the authorities are going to know that I was with you and that you will be confronted if anything happens to me.  I do believe that many a wrong doer will not do wrong if the wrong doer knows that they will most likely be caught if they do wrong.  Lets give women who get picked up by men they do not know enough about the ability to defend themselves in some way.  This may be the only thing that would keep them alive and free from harm.  Now in order for this to work, I do suggest that this recording program MUST be kept in the strictest confidence and recordings released only to authorized police personnel who are investigating the physical harm of someone.  This information should not be able to be used by jealous spouses or others who seek information on the tapes for reasons other than personal safety.  We have to have the complete trust of those making the recordings that what is on the tapes is only to be heard by the police if the police need information about a felony crime.
So there you have it, a way to cut down on crimes against women and a few men.  Are you going to help to get this truly needed lifeline started?  I hope so.  Please do!  I can only make the suggestion; you can make it a reality.  I’m too poor to do it but you have the ability to do it.  Let’s not let another woman suffer because of our inaction’s.  Too many have suffered already.
Now on to the next request.  How would you like to give almost everyone in America and perhaps the world a free education on almost anything?  You can.  That is you and all the other people looking for a good cause to invest in.  This is something that has to be done NOW!  This is something that is needed so much now because of the cost of education and the much needed education by us all for to better ourselves for tomorrow.  No more shall education be costly with this plan.  No more shall anyone anywhere be denied an education on anything with this program.  With this program education will be a 365 day 24 hour a day operation whereas everyone better get a VCR, a TV or cable because with this new program education is going to FINALLY enter the mass media stage.  I always said that if the entertainment system had to present the Bill Cosby Show, the way the education system presents education then Hollywood would have had to hire 50,000 people to play Bill Cosby and that does not include everyone else in the show along with those who help resent the show.
Well that is the problem with education today.  We are still educating people the way they did in the 19th century, the 18th century, the 17th century, and so on.  It is about time we start using that idiot box that is in almost every home in America and the world and instead of making zombies of the masses we are going to make the most educated people in the world at a lot lower cost than we are doing now.  One teacher can teach millions of people over the television network or we pay the teacher to teach what 30-50 people inside an expensive classroom on an expensive campus supported by many expensive workers and many expensive things.
Come on, it is about time we start doing things cheaper, yet better.  It is about time we start doing things differently.  Heck, it’s past that time.  Here we are entering the 21st century and 50 years or more after the invention of TV, we have yet to use the TV as an educational tool.  How foolish are we?  Well I will tell you how foolish we are.  I have tried many, many years ago to get the government and the television industry to initiate an education system on television.  Guess what?  No action at all on their part on this request.  Why?  Well I believe that the television industry does not want an educational system on television because to do so would cause them to lose viewers to their mindless programs.  Well that’s mighty selfish and only you are left to help bring this dream to reality.  I beg you to do this for the good of the country.  You and all the others like you, who look for good programs to invest in, are all that is left for something like this to happen.  Are you also going to let the ability of one to benefit their intelligence going unheeded?  Please don’t.  I don’t know who to turn to next.  Truthfully, can you think of anyone or group who can pull off what I have in mind.  It is going to take a lot of money to set this up nationwide, and maybe worldwide.  In the end, after it is set up, we will be able to educate everybody.  Which is something we are nowhere near right now, on almost any subject?
Now think about it.  Every industry of every kind we’ll have a fully knowledgeable staff for every job that they have.  Every industry will have lower training expenses because of this program.  Every person will have the opportunity to learn many trades and occupations so that they will never, ever, have to say that they don’t know enough to get a good job.  Learning will become a lifelong undertaking.  No longer will ones monetary situation keep them from learning.   One will be able to learn at one’s own pace and ability.  Many, many, many advances are to be had with this system compared to our present backward system of learning.  It’s high time we start doing things different and be it education, recycling, the government and other things we have to start finding better ways to operate our government and our lives.  Especially now, because of the fact that our country is bankrupt being that it owes 5 trillion dollars and growing and has no idea on how to pay for it and the only thing making any worth to all of that printed paper we call money, is the creditors who every month keep the disaster from striking us today.  Think about it, if we don’t redesign our whole way of life so that the way we do things are done cheaper then all that money you have won’t be worth any more than the toilet paper in your bathroom.  In fact, your toilet paper will then be of more use.  We are facing insolvency.
Therefore, I hope you understand why it is so important that we do things different and cheaper and the education plan I am trying to push is just a part of the change that has to take place.  Now this new education system could work something like this.  On cable systems nationwide or maybe even worldwide, a variety of channels would be offered free that would teach college courses, trade courses, offer health advice, and teach us everything we need to know.  Now I am sure every industry would love to be able to make a video of the learning process.  Trades needed to run America’s economy and videos on how to run the rest of the company so the problem of getting the videos to show on the cable channels should not be very hard to get.  And I’m sure we can get the best teaching professors to teach us all instead of the stupid way we do things now, where many professors are paid to teach a few at a time.  Then with the videos, you can then have them sent to all libraries around the world where all can learn at their own pace.
With this cable system, you will need to have a TV guide that will surely look like something else because the listings would be a lot but if the networks don’t like it, so what.  Advancement takes a back seat to no one.  Those that offer no advancement have no right to gripe.  The airwaves are going to be the new wave of learning and let no one stand in its way.  Now I do not know how many channels you will need but I don’t think it will be that hard of an undertaking.  It will be worth every penny invested.  I am sure that if all you folks that look for investments to make for the benefit of children kind, could surely join and get this idea off the ground and running.  DO IT!  It is very important that you do and I see no reason why you shouldn’t.  Considering that many businesses will want input in the training tapes, perhaps they too will join in getting this off the ground.  Make it a big movement that is thorough in its teachings for reaching in its distribution and must have a way of testing people’s intelligence on different matters that they learn.
Now I figure that we can have set up perhaps at libraries and schools, a computer system that would test people’s abilities to verify ones intellectual progress on the subject of concern.  These test sites should be a computerized program that would test and store ones records of progress so that all employers can check ones potential when hiring someone.  A nationwide college on TV.  A nationwide trade school on TV.  Make the dream come true.
In addition, I believe a great amount of books on different available subjects would have to be offered through libraries to help people with their learning.  However, as we all know it, quicker to see the move of a book than it is to read a book.  Therefore, most of the learning, I believe, will be derived from tapes but books should accompany the tapes.  We also should set up in as many communities as possible.  A trade-training center where many trades and machinery can be studied and learned so all can get hands on experience on different machines and trades.  Again, I believe industry would gladly help with this need.  The only question now is are you caring to help with the educating of America?  I hope you do.
Now onto my next request.  I am trying to end a very bad habit that is killing many Americans and costing us a lot of money because of higher medical costs.  This bad habit is smoking.  What I’m going to do is force all television networks and moviemaker into taking all smoking scenes out of movies and TV shows.  Now we all know that cigarette advertisements were banned from TV, but we all must have been asleep at the wheel because cigarette smoking is done fragrantly numerous times daily on the screen.  The cigarette industry has pulled a fast one and has gotten their products advertised better now in the movies and TV shows than they did in commercials and this must be stopped and will be stopped but only if we the people rise up and put a stop to this terrible act.  We cannot allow our children to learn smoking from the movies and TV.  We have to have a society where no one is ever again shown how people smoke on the screen.  We must learn that it is an unacceptable behavior and we’ll never learn or teach that if we allow it on the screen.  Kids see people smoking and they believe that it’s O.K. to smoke.  Well that’s no way to run a society and that is no way to raise our kids.  Anyone who doesn’t agree to get smoking off the airwaves should not go around bragging how they take the high moral ground.  This is what we must press on the Republican and Democratic parties.  They will probably not support prohibiting smoking on the airwaves and being that I already tried to get President Clinton to support the ban and have yet to get any response; I figure that another battle plan has to be initiated.  Now I will say that I have tried to get the networks to voluntarily take smoking off the air but they haven’t responded either.  However, they all will once we put the battle plan into action.
The plan is to start a nationwide boycott of all major brand products and major company’s services that advertise on TV.  Also, we will stop attending all movie houses and stop renting all movie videos from video renting stores and stop buying all videos.  Doing all these boycotts will go after those most responsible for the advertisements on TV and those profiting the most from movies and videos.  These actions will defiantly force the TV industry and the movie industry to comply with the request to get smoking off the airwaves.
Now to get people behind this boycott, we’ll first have to publicize the boycott and convince the people to back up this boycott campaign until it fully succeeds.  Therefore, I have written an ad that could be run in every major newspaper, which will get the campaign started.  I have tried to get the ad run free in the ‘Letter to the editor’ section but so far had no luck.  So I guess that the newspapers will force us to pay for the advertisement but I’m sure that word to the publishers that man subscribers may just cancel their newspapers subscriptions may just change their minds.  Then once the boycott starts I’m sure that the professional sports people and the big name companies are going to quickly join us in our quest to rid the airwaves of people smoking.
So there you have the plan.  I hope you join me in this fight or please do take it upon yourself to help move this quest on or let’s work together.  Either way, let’s do it!  Get back to me on what you will do as I’m too poor to pull this off alone and am seeking all the help I can get in pulling this off.  Or why don’t you take it to the finish.  One other thing, we are going to boycott is all the pay for view cable stations.  Then to start the whole campaign, I figure to have a commercial on TV that shows in fast motion pictures of all the famous people who have smoked on the screen.  The whole commercial will visually show only this until the end.  It will start out saying, “Hollywood sure pulled a fast one on us and the television industry is now partners to their total lack of regard for public well being”.  No, I think a better one is, “So you think we got cigarette advertisement off the airwaves but look what Hollywood and the television industry have done.  They have shamelessly taught our children and us adults what the whole deadly experience of smoking is all about”.  What we see we learn.  What Hollywood is teaching us is something we should not learn.  So that to forever we will wipe from our conscience the image of a smoker we are demanding that the television and movie industry erase from all videos and movies the scenes where someone is seen smoking.
The movie making industry and the television industry refuses to comply.  With a reasonable and honorable demand are asking you to join us in a boycott of all movie theaters and stop buying and renting all movie videos.  Then to go after those that make television richer we are asking everyone to boycott all professional sports that are televised.  Finally, to bring on tremendous pressures on industries we are asking everyone to boycott all major brand products advertised on television and to cancel all pay for view cable channels, except those that agree to take smoking off the airwaves.  With all these actions I’m sure we’ll succeed in getting American’s to clean up their act.  I don’t want my little brother and sister to ever see the image of a smoker.  A little girl is shown in the last frame saying and looking right at the camera and the camera view is lowered from just her face to the rest of her, which is shown her to be holding her baby brother and sister, and a voice says, “Smile”.  Then a flash is taken of the three children sitting on the couch.  The camera then backs up as a parent says to the other parent, “A picture says a thousand words”.  End of commercial.
Well, there you have my suggestions on the matter.  What are you going to do to further the thoughts?  Get back to me on it.  Oh, one more boycott and that are all the companies of the tobacco industries.
Now onto the environment.  What I have in mind is getting a recycling program going.  First nationwide and then worldwide.  Now I am sure there is no disagreement that such a program is needed, especially because no adequate program exists now and the only question is how we will do it.  Well, this question I seek to address now.  First, in every home in America we would have a new kind of garbage can.  This garbage can will have different compartments that will have different color plastic bags to hold the recycled material.  We’ll have a compartment for clear glass, colored glass, clear plastic, color plastic (plastic manufacturers are going to have to start setting up a system that allows the public to know which plastic is recycled together), paper, newspaper rack on bottom with colored bag or locate it on the side for back, metal, aluminum, good food waste, bad food waste, along with other waste.  I think that covers it.  I believe a good receptacle would look something like this following picture that can be made square or round.

Now each compartment will have a different plastic bag signifying what is in the bags.  The bags will have drawstrings to ensure closure and make for easier handling later.  Each compartments component could easily be disposed of without worrying about other components.  Each component will have a way to secure the bag to the top of the can and hang freely down.  When each bag is to be disposed of it will be put into a new kind of garbage can that has different compartments for each colored bag is special ingredients.  Then having all the garbage already separated in the right way, the garbage trucks will have to change so that a can or dumpster can easily dispose of recycled garbage.  This can easily be done in several ways.  Once the recycled material is collected it will be determined which industries can use the stuff and as much force as possible should be used to get all industries to reuse this recycled material because of the simple overriding fact that future generations of people, our great grandchildren will need the material that we are gorging today.  Take what you need from the Earth, your temporary physical Garden of Eden, but use the Earth wisely so that others too may enjoy our paradise forever.  That has to be a goal of all of us and we must learn and practice.  Then with all the waste material, not used by industries, we HAVE to start a new industry that will convert all recycled material waste into homes for the poor around the world.  The poor are going to support a worldwide project that will take material and convert it into furniture and homes.  I figure that the amount of metals, aluminum, wood, plastic, rubber and other materials that is daily discarded now will, with this program, make use of all of it.  Thus saving the Earth and many of its people of suffering.  If we can provide a good home with furniture with the entire throw away stuff of today, we will have lessen the burden on county dumps, lessen demands on Earth�s resources.  In addition, we create enough fertilizer for many poor farmers worldwide because all the good food waste will be mixed with the entire world�s yard waste, which will make for much fertilizer of the natural kind, and start a program whereas the poor help themselves instead of asking the ones with money to help them.  However, to get the program going it is going to need your help.  Don�t let the future generations of people, animals and other life forms down and not act on this one.  We have to be out to save the planet.  Not on a do as you want policy of today.  Things have to change and you all have the power to change it.  In fact, there aren�t any other ones around to do it.  I have tried the government but no response.
Don�t let my poor grammar influence you to where you think what I say isn�t so because what I say should be so and what I say is what you should be looking at not on how I say it.  What I have to say now is very, very important.  I have in mind an invention that can heat up a home or building without any cost.  Well, just the cost of powering a small fan which could be powered by the sun.  Now this heating system uses no fossil fuels of any kind and creates no pollution what so ever.  Think about it, a way to heat homes around the world during winter with very, very little cost.  The money saved by the consumers could easily be applied to the American economy as well as other economies and a sure rise in the GNP will soon follow.  Also, the less use of oil for heating will reduce the pollution caused by oil and slow the worldly demand of a product that HAS TO BE around for future generations of people.  What are we to say to future generations who will have not the means to make plastic because there is no oil left and all the other uses of oil will be no more.  All because of us.  No more, I say.  Will you help me get this product on the market so that a direction we should be going toward, namely away from the use of oil, will be undertaken?  Of course, I know I�m making a lot of suggestions so whichever ones you want to act on, feel free to do so.
As I say, I�m too poor and I do believe I�m about to lose my job so I can�t afford to do anything on any of my thought at the moment.  So you see, I must urn to you for action.  You can surely create the needed action on these matters I have discussed.  You can surely help change the world from the ways of wrong into the ways of right.  Do it or let�s do it, either way it must be done.
Sometimes I feel like a scuba diver would feel when he or she would say to a group of divers checking out a cave deep within rivers under the Earth and saying that we better be going before high tide or we�ll never get out alive.  Well what I�m saying is that change must be done in many areas or we�ll never have a planet that will survive what we are doing to it and with some simple changes in many different areas, things can and will get better.  But changes have to be made and the question is what do we change to become better in every way and the thought contain within are meant to help answer that.  These thoughts and others I guess I will have to put into a book and entitle it �Blueprint for a New America�, if I want to get my ideas done if, you do not do something.  In the book, I will show how to immediately balance the budget while paying off the national debt in perhaps 10 years.  Now wouldn�t that be great!  Well it�s possible and if you�ll like to hear about it, let me know.  Let me say this though, my plan is the ONLY way to pay off the national debt so the sooner we all start my plan the better off we�ll all be.  This plan and others I have, will help the country and the world.
Another plan I have could stop forest fires.  What needs to be done is to have flatbed trucks drive along roadways ahead of the fire�s wind direction, have poles (approximately 50 feet tall or taller, if need be) and they will extend up only after leaving the truck bed.  They will slide off so the truck can keep moving as it lays down the poles that will have fireproof material attached to it. The pole will rise up mechanically after the pole is laid onto the roadway or ground.  It�ll be like a giant tennis net from ground to 50 feet or so high that�ll be attached to each pole and can be lowered or raised as need be.  The fireproof �nets� will be wrapped around the poles or laid neatly on the truck so as the truck moves the net is leaving the truck and then a pole attached to the net slides off the truck and the more net and the pole XXX.  Then a mechanism makes the net pull up all the way to the top of the pole once the pole lands on the ground from the truck.  This can be rigged up to work from a helicopter too.  In addition, this fireproof material can be used to cover homes in the path of fires.  Either a helicopter can drop a tent like fireproof cover over the house or from the ground; fireproof wraps can be pulled with cars over the house to cover it up.  Cables attached to fireproof wraps would be thrown over the house, attached to car and pulled over the house.  About two or three wraps on a house should do it.  Or even better, make shells that open up over a house, two shells per house, one at each end.  They are transferred as half horseshoe like and place near house at each end, then spring open like a horseshoe to cover the house and lapped over in the middle fast and house surely saved and speaking of saving I want all of you people who donate money to good causes to contribute to a cause I want done.  I want all foreign-posted military service people in lands where threat of bombing is severe to; at least, have the ability to survive this terrible incident.  If you look at the building that was bombed in Saudi Arabia you will notice that the one thing standing undamaged in the whole place was the bathtubs.  That�s right, cast iron is not affected by flying rock which is what causes most damage and surely glass won�t harm it so there you have the answer to the problem.  What is needed are cast iron closets in each room so when warning by bell is sounded everyone gets into the cast iron closets which will have water, bucket, radio, 2-way radio, and food & made comfortable.  Then everyone can be made more comfortable.  Now I already tried to get the government to do this but I�ve yet to get response so I think you all have the ability to both get the military to do this or bury the darn things yourselves and give them to the soldiers as a resent from all of us over here at home.  I think all you foundation folks should be good for at least 10-50 cast iron closets apiece and while we are at it perhaps throw in a bombproof bed while we are at it that will look like this.   I think this idea should be undertaken as soon as possible.  Please get on it.  I am sure many people would appreciate it.
Now back to fires.  I believe it is not the quickest way to put out a fire when you rely on just water.  What we need is to cut off the oxygen, which feeds the fire.  So if we were to drab a tent like cover that is fire proof over the burning house we�ll have cut off most of the oxygen and thus slowed the fire drastically.  The horseshoe house fire protector I discussed earlier would probably work in this cast too.  Now onto the people caught in fires.  A way to get them out is to have a crane attached to a box big enough for ire victims to get into.  This crane will have the ability to move in a way whereas it can maneuver up to a building, go through an opening such as a door or window, and enter the fire.  The whole part of the crane that enters the building must be encased in a fireproof material.  Then a loud intermediate alarm should be on the cage to attract fire victims and some kind of flashing lights would help.  Fire department personnel can also be in there to help get fire victims.  Now onto a way to help cool the Earth, while cutting the cost of cooling a home.  Roofs around the world are a cause in some way for the Earth�s temperature rise.  Of course, its not a major reason but if we can eliminate this heating of roofs then perhaps maybe we can cut down on the temperature of the Earth a little bit.  Heck it is worth a try.  So what I figure if we get most homeowners to cover their roofs with a tarp that reflects little heat or more at all.  This tarp will be held in place above the roof about two or three feet.  This tarp should be used on all tile roofs, as they are the ones I believe that give off the most heat.  Another good thing about the tarp is that it helps cool a house in the summertime thus saving cooling cost.  This is just another small change we can make to create a lot of good.  Another plan of mine would enable farmers to be able to avoid a freeze of their crops during wintertime or whenever.  This low cost way can save lots of crop damage and ensure crop growth.  Again, if you want to help me get this project off the ground let me know.  So there you have it.  These ideas and others of mine if you want to hear them are for you to now carry on or help me carry them on.  Being that I will be unemployed soon and being a single parent doesn�t leave me much choice in what to do.  However, you can help me get many of these things moving.  I�m not out to make a capitalistic gain on these suggestions even though common sense says I can sure use a job but my desires are to make this paradise that all of us spirits are blessed to enjoy into a better place that can survive our existence here.  We spirits and we are spirits inside this physical body we inhibit.  The proof of that being that many, many people have left their physical bodies during accidents. They became just their spiritual selves, as they watched what was going on with their physical body. After they were revived, they were able to tell exactly what happened to their physical body even though their eyes were closed.  We spirits must do all we can to ensure that this truly physical paradise we call Earth that we are gifted to enjoy will last forever.  Future generations of spirits and as well as spirits who have already been to this garden of Eden would want it to be so and these suggestions as well as others I have can help to achieve that.  Hope to hear from you and hope we can work together on something of good.


Ron McCune

Oct. 12, 1996
Ron McCune
Mahaffey Dr.
New Port Richey, FL  34653

President of AFL-CIO
815 16th St. N.W.
Washington D.C.  20006

Dear Sir and all those at AFL-CIO,

I am writing you in the hopes that I can help you and you can help me with the different ideas that I have to offer.  Now I will say that being that I may soon be unemployed, I definitely don�t have much ability to carry out any of these ideas.  However, I hope that you can assist me in getting them going or take them up yourselves but being a single parent I most certainly can take the plans too far being broke as I am.
Now for my first plan.  I want to start a campaign, a buy American campaign.  The way we are going to get this campaign started is with a billboard advertisement of different ads that convey different messages.  The main one would be a billboard, in red, white and blue lettering, like this


and the rest of the signs in colors that are easy to read from afar.  Also maybe the line REBUILD AMERICA should be added under BUY AMERICAN.  The next billboard would read in red, white and blue lettering,


The next billboard will read in red, white and blue lettering,

SERVICES FROM ANYONE WHO DRIVES A JAPANESE CAR OR A KOREAN CAR! After all they don’t buy our cars so why should we buy theirs! Heck they won’t even buy our beef. They use their buying power to protect their markets and we should do the same!

Now I don�t know if the last line should read anyone who drives a foreign car because from what I see it is Japan that we have the trade deficit.  The worse with but if there�s other countries then lets add them on.

The next billboard would read, in red, white and blue lettering,


The next billboard would read, in red, white and blue lettering,


The next billboard would read, in red, white and blue lettering,


Another billboard would read,

BUY AMERICAN. Another billboard would read, America is dying, economicly, and only you can save it by buying American autos and products and services. Don’t be a economic Benedict Arnold. Support your country while you still can before it’s too late.

Another billboard would read,


Another billboard would read,


Or another billboard would read,


Another billboard or ads for that matter would read, in red, white and blue lettering,


Another billboard or ad,

YOU SALUTE OUR FLAG AND SAY, YOU LOVE OUR COUNTRY THEN YOU BUY A JAPANESE (FOREIGN) CAR.  HOW HYPOCRITICAL!  BE A REAL PATRIOT.  BUY AMERICAN! Another billboard or ad, The Japaneses and Koreans don’t buy our cars so why should we buy theirs!! Heck they won’t even buy our beef!!!

Another billboard or ad, Remember,you are the number one cause of our trade deficit! Stop the deficit, BUY AMERICAN!!! Another ad would read,


Now with all these ads I�m sure Americans will get the message about what is causing our economic problems, in some way that is and that we are on a mission to stop that.  We have to do something to stop the Japanese auto manufacturers from taking over our domestic auto industry especially when the Japanese refuse repeatedly to reciprocate with balanced economic trade.  We have to stop this foolishness of giving our country away.
We must come up with a program to get American�s buying American products and especially autos so that more people will be able to get jobs here in America.  This plan does that.  Have you got a better plan?  If not then I�m asking you to help me get it started or you get it going.  Again, my circumstances prevent me from doing much of anything now.  Now I also would like to have at every car show nationwide a group of people passing out flyers to every person entering the new car shows a copy of these ads and a detailed report on our accumulative trade deficit with Japan and why it is important to not continue this situation.  We must make as many people as possible aware that it�s up the each and every one of the new car buyers to rebuild America�s economy not someone else who has no intention what se ever of equaling a trade policy.  It�s up to us, the American people, to fix the situation right.  After all, if we don�t do it, it will never be done and we will all end up losing big.  The auto industry is America�s biggest employer and it�s easy to drastically increase America�s economy if we can only get people to buy American cars.  That is what this ad campaign is all about.  Are you with me on this one?  Are you going to do anything about what I suggested or are you going to do anything else to get the job done?  If not then just remember, something is better than nothing.  Now let us do something.  Now I would have gotten this typed but I am broke.  In fact, I need a job, got one?


Ron McCune


Help! Help!  There�s a pusher in my house and the pusher is in your house too.  Believe me it�s true.  And it�s about time we join forces and throw the pusher out of our homes and our lives.
Now I�m sure you are wondering whom this pusher is and what is it that is being pushed.
Well the pusher is that idiot box in you house you call a television set and what is being pushed is cigarette smoking.
That�s right folks, what the television and movie making industries are doing is to carry on what we the people have banned from commercial television namely cigarette advertisement.
The television and movie making industries have taken the cigarette and turned it into a prop to make people look cool, act cool and be cool even though we are all aware of the fact that only stupid people smoke for only someone stupid would engage in a habit that most likely would sicken them and may just kill them.  And it�s mighty sickening and disgusting that Hollywood would use this prop and it�s going to stop now!
We cannot allow television and movie making industries to stoop so low as they do when they take a deadly object, which the cigarette is, and uses it to create an image.  Every time a person is shown on the screen, taking a puff or holding a cigarette an image is trying to be portrayed.
This is an image we do not need to be seen nor learned.  It is terrible that the television and movie making industries would shamelessly brainwash our children and many gullible adults with an image that says its O.K. to smoke when we know it is not so.  When we are trying so hard to get children not to smoke we do not need someone to come along and show them how it�s done and all the other mental hang-ups that one gets from smoking.
Also by having this deadly image portrayed daily on the screen, we are making it more difficult for many, many people who are trying to quit this awful habit.  Should we help them quit or are we going to continue being an accessory to their self-inflicted injuries or death?
That is the choice America, are we going to stop Hollywood from destroying American lives in one of the many ways that they do?  Well not only do I hope so, I think it�s your duty to do so and here is the plan to do just that.
Starting July 1st, we are all going to stop attending all professional sporting events.  However, the Olympics have nothing to do with this boycott being that it is not a professional sporting event.  In addition, we will not go to any movie theaters and cease buying or renting video tapes.  Then to make sure we reach our objective we will stop buying goods or services from all large size companies.
By carrying out these boycotts, we will have hit financially at those most responsible for bringing us all that is on television and the movies while benefiting from it.  Once they start feeling the financial squeeze from the boycott, they will then join us in our quest to erase from our consciences the image of a smoker.
That will be achieved by either making the movie and television industries cut out or black out all scenes with someone being shown with a cigarette.  This will be done on all films shown on T.V. from now on and on all video tapes sold or rented.  And no excuses!  With the technologies of today it can be done.  Moreover, if they do not they will face the consequences of our boycott.
Now won�t you please join us in our attempt to clean up our act?


Now onto my next request.  I believe a good way to really get interest in the next election is by holding an Election Day lotto.  That�s right, by have a game to be made by voting.  I believe more people would vote.  Now I�d like to know if you�d help get this started by making a prize contribution of any kind.  Be it money or free subscriptions to your magazine, etc.  In addition, it would help if you could help spread the word to your friends and public acquaintances about this idea perhaps we can get every business in America to contribute to the Election Day lotto.  All someone would have to do to enter the lotto is to go vote on Election Day and when they vote they take a dollar bill out and record the serial number on a sheet of registered paper that will be numbered by city, precinct, etc.  That�ll be used when picking the winners.  As I am hoping that there will be many winners due to having many perhaps just about all businesses making product or service contributions I believe we�ll be able to give incentive to people to vote.  What they have to vote for is another problem and I hope maybe you�ll be interested in one or more of the following ideas.  The first one idea I�m kicking around where a new political party is set up so as to formulate new ideas for how to run our country.  Being that both political parties are obviously engaged in a way of doing things that results in things the way they are it, obviously we need a new voice, a new government, a new way of doing things, an escape from what we are now as a nation.  The question that is never asked nor has yet to be answered at least until I have my say, is what kind of government should we have.  There is an interview I would like to give to your magazine.  What I have planned is for me to, temporarily, run for president under its banner of this new political party.  That is until others better than I take up on what the party stands for.  However, being that this new political party would be called the Boston Tea Party anyone can put forward a platform on which to run.  Mine is a platform, which is a different way of running our government than any way presented so far.  My way will be the Better American Plan.  It will completely change the way our government is run and reduce the cost of government by 50% or more.  It would pay off the national debts in 10 years; provide adequate health care for all.  Also, move the country and the world on a path that will lead us into a safer fiscal environment instead of the welfare economy that exists today in our economy due to the size of our government. Which is probably 40& of our economy.  So forty percent or somewhere around there of economy is the government then obviously we have to cut the cost and man-woman power of this government of ours.  That is where the solution lies and that is where the Better America Plan comes in.
In the new government, we all contribute.  All Americans are required to perform 3 days of work for the government per year.  All construction cost of government will be done by prisoners.  All upkeep of government run attractions will be born by visitors.  N.A.S.A. Dept. of Education and Dept. of Labor will be history.  Those who give a damn about stars and planets elsewhere will have to pay to find out whatever themselves, we are not going broke finding out things that do not mean a damn.  Who cares about how many people are employed where; we will live without the information just fine.  Who needs many, many teachers in many, many expensive buildings drawing expensive salaries when we can just have free education for everyone on T.V.?  That�s right, we can get the same job done a whole lot less expensively by using the television as a learning classroom on every subject so that all Americans can become educated at any time in their lives on any subject they need.  In addition, with computers we can all be tested easily and cheaply.  The best possible government at the cheapest possible price.  That will be the goal of the �Better America Plan�.  With the elimination of the Social Security System also, we�ll be able to save billions of dollars.  But don�t forget the old, for the �Better America Plan� will have the old caring for the old.  When a person retires from the workforce, they will go into a system where old people (65-72) take care of the other old people.  Also all old folks drugs will be purchased by government, at near to cost, and distributed in as cheap yet secured system as possible.  Perhaps we can just use the mail system to distribute all non-narcotic drugs needed by the old and poor.  The way of governing in the New American Plan is geared where everyone takes care of everyone so that the cost of help needed by all at one time or another is lesser.  That is the only way to cut the cost of government, for the people to take the responsibility by themselves upon themselves.  The children will take care of the children.  All schools will also have daycare centers where older children care for younger children on a rotating class participation as needed.  All schools will be children zones where children can and will play and stay.  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  With rearranging the appropriation of funds from unneeded government projects into projects that directly improve lives we will all achieve a new, better America.  In all school zones, there will be a police guard to organized safety concerns, and then we will give OUR children the best this world has to offer.  All kids will have free food to guarantee the best their bodies can be.  They will have a swimming pool, basketball court, and all the other sport facilities to use all the time they are off school hours.  Now being that schools are the only place around that have facilities where sports places are, it only reasons to use these facilities for the enjoyment of children.  Also we the people own the school buildings, the government school system does not, so we the people can dictate that our schools be given to our children for them to use as much as they want.  No more shall kids say that they have nothing to do.  For at every school will be someone for them to do something with.  We will let children have a place for them to call their own.  While relieving stress on many a family we�ll offer children a world of great fun where they can play many different sports, study to be smarter, play video games, watch movies, talk with friends and make many new ones.  So much they can do and no more days of nothing to do.  So much proper direction can be given to OUR children, so much that we can immediately, immensely change the ways of our youth and prepare them for a happy, healthy, educated way of living instead of the everyone on their own way of living they, our children, face everyday.  You do have the opportunity yourself to change immediately our education system.  Thru the funds you donate, you can setup a free education system that will be shown free on cable T.V.  This project I want started will take help from many as I have unsuccessfully tried the government and failed.  Therefore, it is up to us the people to do what should have been done years ago.  We need and must have A.S.A.P. a new education system in America.  A way for all Americans to, freely, engage in an education of whatever they want, whenever they want, would greatly better our country.  No more shall anyone be too poor, too old, or too unable to get an education.  At any time in anyone�s life, they may better themselves.  No more shall the T.V. be an idiot box that hypnotizes everyone with brain garbage that has tilted towards the perverse and violence because it is easily written material than better scripts that could be but is not.  The television shall become the learning tool it should always have been.  No more shall the networks controlling this video box in our house.  This video voice box shall now become America�s new classroom.  Maybe 40 channels in all.  Can you imagine the mind power of the masses in about 4-5 years or surely even less?  People will forever be improving themselves.  The T.V. will be replacing all need, well maybe not all need, but most need for all forms of educational facilities.  Just like when we eliminate needs for government we in turn, lessen the cost of government.  When we also lessen the cost of the way we do anything we all benefit in some way through the lessen demand on our economy.  To lessen the cost of doing anything and everything is the goal of the New America Plan.  Be it cutting the cost of government by getting rid of the House of Representatives in Washington and throughout as many states as possible or by cutting the cost of the postal system by making only three days of mail delivery on non-commercial routes we will in the end, end up with a better economy.  Of course, there will be pockets of recession caused by the massive layoffs of those who indulged in the �public welfare programs�.  That will be cut but to stem a bleed, you must fix the wound.  To cut to the cost of government and private sector you must change the way we do things and lay off some people.  Everyone must realize that in the end we will be stronger economically and the other side of the coin is if we don�t cut the cost of everything possible, we�ll drawn in debt.  The only answer to our problems is to change the way we do everything.  We have to get rid of many government programs and change the way others are ran.  We have to get rid of the unemployment compensation program as it is run now and instead when someone is approved for unemployment compensation they�ll work for that money.  No more free rides in the new America that the Better American Plan will yield.  Everybody works for what they get.  You need food stamp; well you are going to work for them, no more free rides.  People have to work to pay taxes so people will have to work to get that taxed money.  In this way of doing things people will not try to abuse the system because they will have to work for any benefits that the new government offers.  Also doing things this way will make people who pay taxes a little happier about paying taxes because they�ll feel that they are getting something for their tax money.  In the end, people�s taxes will come down because the old will be taking care of the old, children will be taking care of the children, in a better, healthier environment.  Prisoners will work for the government in factories supplying government needs.  Welfare people will work for their benefits along with those that receive unemployment compensation, disability compensation, food stamps, recipients and any other government give-away programs.  Then when we put a cap of $30,000 tax-free money of ANY & EVERY government retiree we will save a lot more.  We are going to pinch every savings we can out of this government until it is the leanest damn thing we have to pay for.  For that is the only way for our country to survive.  To survive the challenge of paying off this 6 trillion dollar debt is the goal of the Better America Plan.  We have to have a way of doing thing cheaper.  If you are interested in pursuing these ideas and others, have such as the new house of tomorrow made of glass that will be nearly cost free to heat and air condition.


June 25, 1996
Ron McCune
P.O. Box
Port Richey, Florida

To whoever may concern at

I am writing to you in the hopes that you can agree with me on a serious subject and go along with a plan that will correct a wrong, a wrong that you are contributing to.
That wrong is the viewing of someone smoking on the airwaves.  You having the power over a segment of the airwaves are promoting this wrong by showing this wrongful act.
Now, let me explain.  Smoking is a learned habit.  You could take a person who has never viewed a television or movie and never seen anyone ever smoke and give that person a cigarette, tell him or her how to smoke and let that person try smoking.
The odds are that person would not like the taste of smoking and being not intoned to the mental hang-ups of smoking probably would not smoke.
However, if the person watches others smoking almost everyday on this idiot box called a T.V. and in the movies that person watches will obviously.  That person will have been, as we all are because of you, brainwashed into understanding the image of a smoker.
Now do you see the wrong you are doing?  You brag so much about doing things to help people with all you do but on the other hand, in this regard, you are doing wrong.
For the sake of doing what is right, I am asking you to take smoking off the airwaves.  I would like you to publicly come out and say that you are not allowing the viewing of smokers on your airwaves.  The technology is there for you to do it.  So please, no excuses, do what is right.  Let�s not let the future generations become indoctrinated with the image of a smoker.  Stop this indoctrination now.  Be responsible, do what is right and what brings good.
I do believe if you are to do what is right and get smoking off the airwaves the public will look upon you with admiration and good will.  However, if you unfortunately decide not to take off smoking from the airwaves then we will have to go to plan B.
Plan B is going to be one heck of a boycott against your business in every way we can.  First, we are going to take out ads in every major newspaper.  This will lay the groundwork for the boycott.  From there, many people are going to spread out across the nation asking others to stop attending major professional sporting events.  Then we are going to ask people to stop buying all major brand products.  We are then going to tell the sporting club owners and major businesses that it is because of you and your airwaves that we are not buying their products.  In addition, being that they are your biggest income I am sure you will feel the heat soon enough.  And you know as well as I know that when someone tries something else well there�s that chance that they aren�t going to try your product again or not as much.  Therefore, I do not think that all these large corporations, which are your main income, are going to appreciate you messing up their business.  Then they will start getting mad at you and maybe even cancel their advertising account with you.  You wouldn�t want that to happen now, would you.
Now you know as well as I do, that this boycott is going to go over big once it gets started.  People are upset with the way the movie and television industries have warped the public�s mind and something like this is a good way for them to vent their frustrations out on you so I wouldn�t let it get to the boycott stage if I were you.  On this one, you are going to lose big if you resist.  If you do resist, what grounds are you going to resist?  You won�t have a foot to stand on.  So just, do it and get it over with.

Sincerely thank you,

Ron McCune


BEEEEP.  This is a test.  For the next sixty seconds on your wonderful yet delicate bod you will conduct a test.  Remember this is only a test.
No, wait a minute.  For some of you, no many of you, this test will be a reality.  Now I don�t know which of you it will happen to but let�s all take the test now so that we�re all prepared for it when it does happen.
Now I want you to get on a scale.  Don�t be shy, we won�t peak.  Good, now I want you to get a large strong plastic bag and fill it with sand equal to your weight.  All right, now go up to the roof of a ten-story building, go to its ledge and then take a rope that is the length of the distance to the ground minus one foot.  Then tie that rope securely around your body.  Now pick up that sandbag and jump off the roof and knowing that you will not hit ground let me mention to you that the object of this test is to hold onto the bag you holding with just your hands.  No bear hugging now.  O.K., did any of you succeed?  I don�t think so.
Now I will explain the reason for this test.  I hope none of you will do but unfortunately many of you will do, only in a different way, a deadly way, the car accident way.  You see, when you are in a vehicle that is going down the road in a way its like you are rushing through space as you would if you were jumping off that ten story building.  Be it horizontally or vertically, your body will move if it forced, be it from gravity or a vehicle.  However, sometimes that vehicle you are in will suddenly stop because of an accident and unless you have your seat belt on, you are going to keep going forward.  What will stop you is your dashboard or windshield or some other part of the vehicle, which many times will take that thin layer of flesh rapped around all the soft tissue.  In an accident, it is as if you are the XXXX log that makes up all those different parts that make you tick for which doctors have hundreds of words for but we will just say your innards.  They will literally up your vulnerable body part or bruise it so bad that you will wish that you did put on your seat belt.  By then it would be too late.  So don�t let it be too late.  Buckle up.  Be forewarned and for all of you who are too foolish to buckle up because you think it�s not cool or some other dumb reason, just remember that thought of a person trying to hang onto a sandbag after jumping off a building.  Nobody, no matter how strong you are, is going to be able to hang onto anything in your car that will stop you from smashing into the insides of your car during an accident that will prevent them from getting hurt.  Well maybe a very slow speed accident some of you might be able to but the chances are, that most accidents are at speeds above 30 MPH and not too many, if any people walk away unhurt from those accident they weren�t wearing a seat belt.  So buckle up, don�t be stupid.  Don�t get hurt.

June 30, 1996
Ron McCune
Mahaffey Dr.
Port Richey, FL

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I am writing now to you in hopes that what I write about can help you and those around you help others.  I just hope that someone in this administration would start doing some of the things I have asked be done.  Since the biased hearings in the congress on everything you all have done, it became obvious that I do not stand a chance of ever directly helping you all.  However, I will say this AND it must become known to the whole public that we all aren�t squeaky clean when it comes to our past and to restrict input from only those squeaky-clean people is going to exclude a lot of potentially good advice and work by the unsqueeky clean people.  Many companies would not be as good run had they had to accept employment or advice from only squeaky-clean people.  The same goes for the government.
Now onto the episode about you and some other woman, I forget her name, being on the roof of the White House.  I believe you were doing something involving acting. Whatever it was, I did not get to see a story line about exactly what happened, and how the press especially Mr. Woodward portrayed it.  Now you must realize that there is a whole segment of the press who possess beliefs of the Republicans.  Hired in their present position because of their leased attitude and are like the subjects in the story about seven blind people asked to describe an elephant after only having one touch of the elephant.  These reporters are going to hound you all over town with leased theories.  Do NOT check against these reports or wave them off as foolish or biased reports without fully negating them.  Adequate and sufficient disclaimers given in a way that will get out to the public the whole story is foolish and wrong and must not happen especially in this campaign where the opposition is trying its best to smear your administration.  You must do something drastic and different to get your side of the story out and the real only way is to start a �Clinton Report� ad in every newspaper every Sunday to counteract any B.S. that�s floating around during the week.  To leave it up to the press, when so many of the press are short sighted themselves and management controlled press is biased and will hire only people who posses their biased opinion.  Well, I hope you see the meaning.  These people are going to make that public look at a story from a certain angle of thought and now you have to counteract that somehow.  If you do not, you let people become misinformed and maybe not vote for you all.
Get with it and get the fight for the truth out so that the other side does not succeed at their character damage strategy.  That is what the whole Republican strategy is about and you must have a strategy to negate that.  Now I know that you probably won’t be having me work for you because of the stupid squeaky-clean government policy that is forced upon us all today but I can help from afar.  I hope.  I want to help you or do it with others or by myself with financial aid from someone by running the appropriate ads to help you all.  I know my plans could negate any need they can throw while at the same time create a great image of the Clinton administration and a factual negative campaign against Bob Doyle and the Republicans that would knock them right off their feet.  Do you know anyone with some extra bucks that they like to put to a good use?
Now onto the bombing in Saudi Arabia.  It was a very sad event that is made even sadder by the fact that not one single solider should have gotten hurt in any way from a blast of this kind or any other kind.  I think so, of this sort of bomb.  That�s right!  Not one solider should have been hurt if only the bomb is exploded from such a distance away from a building and the only way a person should be hurt is if the bomb is ignited inside or very near the building.  That�s right!  I want you all to look at the pictures of the bombed out building and tell me or yourselves since you all control things, what is the safety device that was not used?  Yes, I can say that I will stand inside any building, like the bombed out building, and experience the bomb blast and walk out scratch free.  Now what is the safety device or to give you a better clue, object that is used right, could have let everyone in that building to walk out scratch free and marvel at the whole in the ground.  Come on, before you go any further I want you to give me the answer to my question.  It�s simple yet I�m disgusted that with all the money the military wants from us financially broken citizens they couldn�t even figure out what was the obvious protection against acts like these.  O.K., you give up?  Well, I hope you did get the answer but if you didn�t THE ANSWER IS BATHTUB!!!  That�s right.  The bathtubs were undamaged in all the apartments so obviously the way to negate a bomb right now today is, until I get you to build the ultimate bomb protector closet, is to have guards viewing all XXXXXXXXXX on U.S. Forces bases and others bases as well.  When a suspicious vehicle is sighted the fire alarms are pulled and all personnel in the building are directed to get all the way into the bathtub and pulling a metal cover down over the bathtub, which is then bolted down and wait for the all clear signal.  Now I�m sure that this will have to do until we can build a bombproof portable, yet bolted to the floor, closet that can even withstand a fallen building bomb scenario.  A person would strap down into a sponge like seat that can XXXXXXX the shock of the bomb and give bodily protection in case the building collapses and the closet, still intact, falls down with the building.  Each closet would have a three-day supply of water and food and medical care material, radio, 2 way, phone and maybe a TV with a VCR, why not the military spends so much anyway.  Just kidding.  Anyway, a bomb will only spray destructive material that is in the area that can be moved by the bomb.  Now naturally we shouldn�t have windows in these buildings thus eliminating the flying glass problem and we should definitely build these buildings different so that any bomb would have a difficult time hurting anyone.  Bombs can only do so much damage and putting materials and designs into buildings so that flying debris is minimal is desired.  Now a design to do that is maybe like this.

Steel wall liner inside

All hallways to be lined with cast iron walls

Outer wall to be cement with strong wire mesh inside.

All building columns are to have 2-3 inch or more, if needed, steel rods so to stand up to bombs.  All buildings are to have in each room a bomb closet located furthest from outside wall bolted floor with thick bolts that is attached to steel bars inside cemented floor.  Cast iron is probably the best material to make the bomb closets out of, I think but until every room gets them, we will have to use the bathtubs.  All bathtubs, hallways and doorways should have bombproof strong helmets sternly attached yet easily detached on walls.  Helmets are to be made to fully cover head and small see through plastic, maybe opening for eyes and tiny holes to breathe.  Also full body jackets of a material that will help shield the body against flying debris are to be located with the helmets to use if necessary.  Two kinds of alarms to be used in all buildings.  One for fire and one for bomb alerts.  All floors and roofs and perimeters are to have an emergency loudspeaker system that can be used to shout direction to do so that everyone acts fast to achieve safety.  Perhaps trench coat and helmet should be kept in bathtub and definitely bomb closet.  Cement barriers that slide to open and close should halt traffic a decent enough distance away to not allow bombers a chance to get closer.
All present military and other government buildings that are now being used should have cast iron walls installed or some other material strong enough to sustain blast.  Make walls portable so that they can be used in any dimensions where needed.  Maybe the porta walls should look like this.

Poles that are just across the room to other walls,
Thus bracing walls

Wall            Wall

All four walls are to be cast iron walls or other material stronger than stone.  Ventilation considerations are needed.  Maybe small holes for air and light.  All glass windows are out as well as glass fixtures in buildings.  Now this way of living is needed I believe only in the Middle East since that seems to be the only spot where these things are needed being that, that is where the bombers attack.  In addition, bomb drills must be started and efforts made to get everyone protected in 10 seconds or less.  A stop zone far enough away from all buildings must be initiated.  Porta blast walls are to be d�cor with scenic scenery to negate ugliness.//////////O.K. folks,the election is over and Barack has won and now it’s time to figure out how to get out of the mess our country is in. It’s like our country is the Titanic and we have because of poor decisions run ourselves right smack into an iceberg. How we handle this disaster is going to determine if our country sinks or survives. The American dollar is facing insolvency and how we react to this disaster will determine if our country goes bankrupt or not. Actually our country is already bankrupt. The Chinese and the oil rich Arabs before them only been loaning us enough money to put off our day of reckoning.  We are already around 11 trillion dollars in debt and have no idea on how we are going to pay it back. Think about it, our country was only one trillion dollars in debt when President Jimmy Carter left office. Then President Reagan, the King of Deficit Spending and President Bush Sr. and President President Bush Jr. added nearly 9 trillion dollars more to our national debt. We could of and should of payed off our national debt in the early 1980’s. Now we are stuck with no plan at all on how to get out of this mess. Wait, let me correct that, I am the only one in America to present a plan that will get us out of this mess. Actually I presented the plan in 1983 and now today it needs to be done. What I am presenting is a way to run our government on 500 billion dollars a year or less. The plan is the combination of the ideas I have already presented on this web page plus a few more ideas that I will discuss now. First to cut the cost of government more than what I have already recomented we will get rid of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with a 31 member governing board. This governing board will consist of a elected percentage of liberals and conservatives and moderates of different ethnic backgrounds who can very well run our country just as good as we do today and a whole lot cheaper! We can also downsize our State Governments with this plan. Why pay many for what a few can just as well do.  Then we will initiate a new Government Retirement pay scale where as nobody gets more than $35,000 a year in tax free retirement money. Sorry, but we have to cut the cost of government. And considering the economical situation our country is in we have to do all we can to correct the problem we are facing. Unfortunitly the stimulus package that President Obama passed will not help get us out of debt but put us much more in debt. And as much as President Obama wants to do good and help others with gov’t jobs and gov’t benefits of many kinds you are not solving a problem but only delaying drasticly needed remedies to the contributing problems and burdening and bankrupting future generations. For many in the stimulus package who get free money from unemployment benefits it is not much more than a six month extension till disaster hits. Kind of like being stranded flooding in the middle of the ocean and having a life preserver thrown to you that has a six month usage limit and being told that we don’t know if anyone will come to the rescue and we doubt if anyone will. That’s a part of your stimulus package that you all are going in debt for. Plus we are all going in debt to stimulate our economy with all the traffic jamming road work jobs we got coming up every warm weather work day that is suppose to help get our economy working. Add in the new members of our United States welfare club, our crooks in ties, our legalized thieving bankers who want to be rewarded with massive amounts of money  after their schemes of legalize thievery didn’t work out. Instead of packing them all off to the poor house with pink slips they install false fears of disaster if we are without them so we are going to go into debt so they can have another day at the job. WHY!!! When you do a job wrong and destroy your company aren’t you fired not rewarded? And this story that we have to hang on to the failures because we need their expertease doesn’t hold up because we are ALL replaceable even banks and companies!!! Also to help create jobs while we go into more debt we will weatherize gov’t buildings and create other Green jobs to help our enviornment. However lets not waste this opportunity to really change our lifestyles with some NEW INVENTIONS AND NEW SOLUTIONS THAT WILL SURELY SAVE OUR PLANET!!! I hope with all that money that’s not too much to ask for. However WE DO HAVE enough money in the stimulus to put up a windmill system in the wind states of North Dakota and South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, California and a few other states that will generate enough electricity to power anything and everything we want it to. Think about it, in four years we can be free from the need to import oil!!!! With the new electric cars coming out we can cut our need for oil and cut pollution at the same time.So that is some of the reasons we are going into debt with this stimulus package.Now at this time I would also like to put in my two cents about the stock market and how it has been acting lately. First of all I always said that the stock market is like a gamblers pit where the only two gambling games going on is the hot potato game and the pyramid scheme game. In the hot potato stock market game you are trying to get rid of your stocks because it’s not worth what you payed for it and in the pyramid stock market game you are hoping that someone will give you more money for your stock than what you payed for it. In the stock market GAME there is only two ways to make money. Either you are going to make money by selling the stock for more than what you payed for it minus inflation or you are going to get a divedent from the profits. Seeing that there is not many companies posting a profit and nobody could get others involved in any pyramid scheme game of buying stocks the stock market took a crash. That doesn’t mean our country is finished. It only means that the stock markets profiteers days are temporary over. They’ll BE BACK! THE GAME GOES ON!!! FOREVER!!! It’s the on going stock market game played with YOUR real money. However this is an EXCELLENT time for companies to buy back their stock while it is cheap so that when times are better and profits are there to be had the company will have less shareholders to pay divedents to thus giving the company a better chance to keep prices low which will help increase sales. Now I would like to awaken you to a situation that is causing most of our problems and that is how we  run our country. We are tied into a way of life and that is killing us, physically and mentally. The way we run our government and the way we take care of those that can’t take care of themselves is driving us broke!!! We cannot go on any longer this way. It has got to stop and change. We HAVE TO DESIGN NEW WAYS for those who cannot take care of themselves to take care of themselves without burdening the rest of the taxpayers. New programs run by the poor for the poor that will feed and house the poor. We will have a capitalistic system for those that can find work and we will have another system lined up so that those who can’t find work will WORK in a program that takes care of them. TWO SYSTEMS operating side by side in America, that is what our country needs. Unfortunitly what we have now in the U.S. is a system by which the rich and almost rich take care of the poor. One system, that’s all we have. WHY!!! Some say that Pres. Roosevelt was the creator of the welfare programs we have today but a lot of his programs were work programs. Today we have the something for nothing programs. President Lyndon Johnson created and expanded many of the something for nothing programs back in the 60’s when our nation was faced with poverty and civil unrest. President Reagan greatly expanded the something for nothing programs when he created the present Social Security Disability program which in many many cases is just another taxpayer  supported vacation for someone to poor land for someone who in many cases can still work or because of their own fault can’t work as well as they could. Considering the fact that our nation is broke it is time we look at all government programs to see if we can do things differently so that our cost of government comes down because we simply can’t go on the way we’re going. WE”RE BROKE!!! It’s time we fire our government and start over with the goal of creating the best possible government for the cheapest possible price. It’s time we remake our government so that it isn’t driving us broke. It’s time we create programs that enable the out of work people and the poor people and old people and the not too sick people and others to take care of themselves in a way that doesn’t burden the taxpayer. It’s time we take all the programs that the government uses to help the needed such as Unemployment Compensation  Insurance and food stamps and Social Security and eliminate them. We will then create programs by which it is determined how much help one needs and then having that person work in a program that will get that person the help they need, be it a food program for the poor where they grow and cook their own food or a housing program building dwellings for the poor or working in work force in every city that that cities mayor uses to provide labor for the different things things that need to be done in each and every city. Doing this will DRASTICALLY cut taxes in every city. /////////// I would like to shift gears a little bit here and discuss with you how the planet Earth will be like Mars in about 100 years. We have messed with the Earth drasticly in the last 70 years and in the process we have somehow messed with the one thing that matters most to the survivability of us humans and all other species and life on this planet. We are melting the Earth’s icebergs and snow covered mountains and the North and South poles. Without the icebergs and snow covered mountains and North and South poles our planet will warm up year round and the sun’s heat will evaporate all the water from the planet and as time goes on the Earth will then be like Mars. WE are on that path to disaster and if you want to listen to these full of it Republicans and their backers at Fox about how we don’t have anything to worry about and we need not do anything more than “drill baby drill” then we are in trouble. And if you keep electing these political candidates who will do nothing to stop global warming as the present Republicans in Congress are doing then your planet Earth will definitely be Mars in 100 years!!! You see since the introduction of the turbo jet engines we have been doing something to the enviorment that we have never in the history of Earth have ever done before. We have heated up the upper atmosphere. This constant daily 41 million miles of 500 degree heating by these turbo jet engines have heated up our 30 degree below zero upper atmosphere and in the process our Earth is getting warmer. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYBODY ESPECIALLY YOU REPUBLICANS!!!! AS HOT MOLECULES HIT COLD MOLECULES THE COLD MOLECULES BECOME WARMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!! As this heated upper air stream hits our ice or snow covered mountain tops it starts to melt the ice and snow. As this process goes on the icebergs slowly disappear which causes the Earth to get warmer. As the icebergs melt the flowing water in and under the iceberg causes the iceberg to melt faster. As the water melts and travels to the ocean it will cause the water level in our oceans to rise. More water in our oceans combined with warmer weather will cause more rain and nasty storms. More water in the oceans puts more weight on the plates that make up our Earth which causes more pressure on the plates which causes more and bigger earthquakes. This is the cycle we are in right now. Because of the massive amount of harm we do to the planet in so many ways about every ten years you’ll notice a change in our Earth’s environment that will reflect on what we have done to the planet in the last ten years. We are now in the process of melting all our icebergs and snow covered mountains and that should be accomplished in about 30 to 50 years the way we are going. During this time we will see drastic weather conditions world wide as storms cause flooding and other damage.Then once the icebergs and snow covered mountains are gone we are in for Hell!!! For once the icebergs and snow covered mountains are melted we are at the point of no return. We will not get any more rain inland which means NO CROPS which means NO FOOD which means MASS STARVATION!!! All the ice and snow that the North and South pole have will not be enough to provide much rain if any and whatever rain there will be in those small regions of the Earth will not be enough to grow anything and there isn’t anywhere to grow anything much at the poles anyway. We will be doomed!!!! In other words the Earth will no longer be able to return our planet to the condition it is like today. The Earth then will be on a path to death which none of us will be able to stop. For then the sun will start evaporating all the water on the surface of the Earth. First the rivers will evaporate due to the lack of rain and then the lakes and then the oceans will all evaporate. There will at this time be no more rain because the heat will simply evaporate the clouds. There will be NO MORE COLD AIR ON EARTH EXCEPT AT THE POLES and that means no more rain. For to create rain Mother Nature must mix cold air with hot air which creates static and clouds and lightning and rain. No cold air, no rain. It’s as simple as that. UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYONE!!!! As the Earth gets no more rain all plant life will die and the Earth will start to become baren like Mars. Once the oceans are evaporated the Earth will be like Mars. Many of you alive today will be seeing this happening in your life time. It will all start going bad in about 25-50 years. Is this the future you want? Do you want to give our grandchildren this future or are you going to stop flying these turbo jet engine airplanes?!!!! /////// Now onto this BP gulf oil spill. We have a very serious problem going on in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill and the dispersents we have used to fight this oil spill is causing the strong moisture Gulf air stream to act like it is now a desert like air stream. It’s like we have created a black hole in our Gulf air stream. The proof is in the pudding. First of all think about it. For the last thousands of years every time a tropical storm or hurricane approached the gulf area it would get stronger because of the way hurricanes work. Now I always said that a hurricane is like a blind octopus seeking to swim in the deepest warmest water to swim in. Also a hurricane is like a giant water evaporating machine in the sky that is sucking up as much moisture it can from the water below and this water evaporation is happening for hundreds of miles around the hurricane. As this water is drawn up into the clouds it is drawn toward the center of the hurricane which makes the hurricane stronger. Also on the outer edges of the hurricane you’ll notice cloud wind bands I think they are called that are the directional signals for the hurricane to tell the hurricane where to travel to as the wind pattern is also pushing it around. So every time for the last thousands of years a hurricane would enter the Gulf of Mexico it would ALWAYS get stronger because the Gulf has a lot lot of warm water. But this year ever since the BP oil spill we have a very different situation going on in the Gulf of Mexico. BECAUSE of what happened with this oil spill and the dispersents in the water it is IMPOSSIBLE this year to have a hurricane in the Gulf. The proof is in the pudding. Look at the weather maps every day after the oil spill and especially when a tropical storm approaches the Gulf. We have had four tropcal storms enter the Gulf this year and every one of the storms got weaker as it got nearer to the oil spill area. It’s impossible for a tropical storm to get weaker over warm deep water unless something is wrong. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYBODY!!!! When nature’s storms can’t get moisture they get weaker. It;s abnormal the way the gulf air stream is acting this year since the spill. There is no major storms to speak of even though this was suppose to be a season of many hurricanes and strong tropical storms. If you look at the weather maps since May you will see that Mother Nature was churning up one storm after another across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to our continent. However this year every single one of them fizzled in the Gulf of Mexico I guess you can say the oil spill was a blessing in disquise because two of the four tropical storms that entered the gulf were headed right for New Orleans.So Mother Nature is telling us that something is wrong in the Gulf of Mexico and the fish are trying to tell us something too. The fish are like the canery in the miners cage and the fish leaving the oil spill in the way they did say’s something is wrong. The fact that they wouldn’t come back is proof that something is wrong. We cannot settle any damage lawsuits with BP until we get the full scope of the damage and how long this damage will last. The fact that there is not much fishing left in that oil spill area means many people are going to hurt for years to come. The fact that nature uses moisture to lower temperatures is also of concern here. What we have going on now in the whole southeastern part of our coutry is a HEAT WAVE!!!! There is hardly any moisture coming up from the Gulf jet stream so the southern part of the wind pattern that crosses America has less cloud cover which means more heat. Now we are in a time period in history where the glacial melting is putting more water into the oceans which means more water to be absorpt by nature which means more rain. So the heat wave does not extend northward so much because the moisture stream coming from the Pacific. This Pacific air stram crosses over the west coast and then the Rockies Mountains where it picks up more moisture from the snow covered peaks and then dumps it’s storms on the Midwest. Normally the Pacific air current and the Gulf air current meet up in the Midwest and make storms for the whole East coast. But this year since the oil spill all the cloud cover traveling over the oil spill disapates drasticly. To this day weeks after the oil spill we still can’t get cloud cover over the oil spill area. We have to realize that we have a problem still going on in the Gulf. It’s not like we are done with cleanig up just because the well has been plugged and no longer leaking oil. Mother Nature and the fish are telling us that we still have a problem here!!! Also take a look at the weather maps in the last two months and you’ll see a decrease in cloud formation around Florida where the Gulf water jet stream travels. Even the big storms and potential hurricanes this year are going to the south of the Gulf and traveling right across southern Mexico to the Pacific instead of traveling up to the Gulf or they veer north as they approach the eastern seaboard of the United States thus not even getting close to that water that flows from the Gulf and travels up the eastern seaboard. Those dispersents in the water may be causing something bad to be happening here. We have to look at the problem we have and figure out some way to solve it quick. We can’t let this problem extend any further into our Gulf and oceans. WE have to imediatly get that Whale ship back to the oil spill area and as many other ships too so that we can once and for all clean up this mess so that it is no more a problem. We have to syfon all the water in that oil spill area so that we again have a normal situation in the Gulf. Now I have contacted the White House with this information in the middle of July and Sen. Whitehouse and a few others in Congress and the major news networks about these concerns and request for some action taken and so far have gotten NOTHING!!! So it’s your problem America, you want a Gulf jet stream or not? The choise is yours. Do NOTHING or DO SOMETHING!!! Now I will say that at this time in the events of our planet we are at the point where what we do in the near future, say the next twenty years, is going to determine whether this planet survives or not. For in about twenty years when the snow covered mountain tops are no more and the glaciers are on the irreversible fast track to extinction our planet will be on a path to shutdown. We can’t manufacture the glaciers or put snow on mountains so we will be then be doomed into a hot dry climate which will cause massive crop loss and starvation. In about twenty five to thirty five years or so folks that is what we face if we continue on the way we are today. Now I will say that things might be getting better in the future if we can get new ways to live in a co-existing way with this planet. We still have time to save ourselves from the oncoming disaster we are about to face if we stop flying turbo jet airplanes and start driving electric cars and start to heat our homes and water for free with inventions that I can develop if someone out there would help me do so. Also we need to develop a massive wind mill system in many parts of the world to provide our electrical needs. Also we need to provide areas of shade over as much of the glaciers as we can. By hooking up cables between mountains we could make huge sheets hang from the cables so to provide shade for the glacier below. We can also shade the rest of the glacier too by having sheets or something else put a foot or more above the glacier or snow covered areas. Let’s keep the sun off the ice and snow as much as possible because without the sun ice and snow WILL MELT A LOT SLOWER!!! Then lets start making snow for the mountain tops. If we can make snow for the sky resorts then we can make snow for Mother Nature. If we keep packing the snow on all the mountain tops then the sun will have a harder time melting all the snow. Then to help put out fires we could make a contraption that looks like those long cloth things that are in car washes that wash you car as it is moved thru the car wash. WE could make about twenty or more cast iron poles with many long 6 inch wide strips of fire proof cloth attached to it. Attach the 1-5 thousand foot contraption together and attach a very long fire proof cable to it and make it to hook up to a helicopter and you can put out any fire anywhere. Make it so that the helicopter could drag this contraption along the front of a fire line and you’ll be able to put out any forest fire or house fire. These are the things we need to do. The question is are we going to do them. Are we going to save ourselves?!! Or are we going to do a slow death.///////// I would like to discuss with you now the subject of taxes and specifically the Bush’s tax cuts that are ready to expire. There is a lot of debate about letting the tax rates for the rich taxpayers to go back to the level that they were before the tax breaks. I believe that is a good idea. Why? Because a strong economy depends upon people’s ability to buy things that fuel YOUR COUNTRY’S economy. When you give money to the very rich people they go ahead and save it or buy stocks or bonds or gold with it or buy foreign cars or take vacations to foreign lands but they don’t buy much of the things that fuel OUR COUNTRY’S economy. They already own the things that need to be sold to fuel OUR COUNTRY’S economy. To fuel the economy you must give the tax breaks to people who will buy the things that fuel OUR economy. It’s as simple as that. Now a lot of you rich people who will be getting your taxes raised will feel upset but the taxes don’t go up a lot until one makes more than a million dollars a year and there isn’t many of those folks out there so why are you Republicans fighting a tax that doesn’t benefit you unless you are super rich. One should support policies that help OUR economy not hurt it. Now I hear talk from the Republicans that the rich meed money to fuel the economy. The Republicans say the rich need the money to hire people and to improve their businesses. Well you can have all the money you want and if nobody is buying your products then that money isn’t going to help you at all. Get the people to buy your products and then take the money from the sales to hire people and to improve your company.///////// Switching subjects here to the honey bee problem. I would like to point out a BIG PROBLEM we have. It was reported that an investigator threw a cell phone into a bee hive and the bees went crazy. So obviously cell phones are creating havoc to the bees. The cell phone causes the female queen bee to not be able to communicate to the other bees thus leading to confusion and the queen bees desire to escape the grasps of a bunch of male bees it cannot control. And if we don’t have the common sense to realize this problem and stop it by not using cell phones any more we are in for a bigger problem because it’s the bees that pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables we now eat. We either fix this problem or face the consequences of less food which means more hunger, less healthy diet and then more illnesses./////I would like to get back to the subject of the BP Gulf oil spill and it’s effect on the environment. It is now the middle of September and if everyone would look at the daily weather map you’ll notice that the oil spill area is still looking like a desert when we look at the evaporation amounts. Think about it folks, in the middle of the gulf in the oil spill area we have an area that normally would be getting a lot of moisture and rain not getting hardly any moisture and rain. The oil spill area to this day has not gotten much rain at all since the oil spill. It’s lucky if it’s gotten 2 inches of rain since the oil spill happened and in the last month hasn’t gotten much rain at all!!! To this day clouds just disappear as they cross over the Gulf oil spill area, just as they do over a desert. Also the major storms and hurricanes crossing the Atlantic and heading west toward the East coast and Mexico and the Gulf are avoiding the Gulf ENTIRELY and just continue traveling West into the Pacific Ocean. It’s like Mother Nature KNOWS that the Gulf is not a good place for a storm to survive so it avoids this area. Also the storms or hurricanes are avoiding the eastern seaboard of North America and dissipate a little as they get close to land even as they are out to sea. The dispersant in the water may causing less water absorption. These dispersant chemicals have traveled from the Gulf then around Florida and then up then eastern seaboard. How long their effects last and where they go from here we need to know. Also WE HAVE TO GET out to the Gulf and siphon as much dispersant and oil droplets out of the water as we can with the Whale ship and all other ships that can siphon the water clean!!!//// It is now the beginning of October and if you would look at the weather map for the Gulf of Mexico you will see that there is VERY LIGHT IF ANY CLOUD FORMATION!!! IN THE BIGGEST BUCKET OF WARM WATER IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN WE CAN”T GET ANY OR ONLY LIGHT WATER EVAPORATION!! WE GOT A PROBLEM HOUSTON, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!! I have talked to a scuba diver who has gone diving in the gulf. He say’s the oil is on the ground floor on the bottom of Gulf of Mexico in big area where the oil spill happened. He said there is a plume of oil miles long and wide that is sitting under that blue floating water that we all see from above. He says that the oil has enter the many kinds of caves down there and has covered all of the rocks. The life and the lifestyle of the fish has been shut down for years to come. Look at what happened with the Valdez oil spill, Mother Nature to this day has not recovered. We can’t let that happen here in the Gulf oil spill. WE HAVE TO GET OUT TO THE GULF AND FINISH CLEANING UP THE OIL!!! QUICK!!!! WE CAN”T AFFORD TO LET MOTHER NATURE’S WATER TO MOISTURE EVAPORATOR MACHINE IN THE GULF TO BREAK DOWN!!! THERE HASN’T BEEN A MAJOR STORM IN THE GULF FOR MONTHS!!! DO SOMETHING!!! LET”S BOYCOTT BP OIL UNTIL WE GET BP OIL TO CLEAN UP THEIR MESS!!! SPREAD THE WORD OF THE BOYCOTT ACROSS THE PLANET!!! ////////Now onto politics. I have now announced my intent on running for Congress representing my district. I will be running in every election for the rest of my life which considering my health won’t be long. I’m doing so so that I can present my ideas on how to run our government and change the world for the better. I really don’t expect to win however I expect my solutions to be discussed and initiated BY YOU THE PUBLIC!!! If you want to help me put up advertisement on different medias across the country let me know. Now onto the plan for changing of America. Because of the situation our country is in today new remedies must be initiated to get us out of the mess we are in. Being that we are in debt up to about 12 trillion dollars it’s only obvious that we have to start doing things differently. The Republicans have no details about how to change the government and only seem to complain about how bad things are when they are the main cause for most of our problems. The Republicans talk about deregulation when it was a lack of regulations that got us into the mess we are in. The housing problem is manly caused by lack of regulation of contracts. The oil spill happened because regulations weren’t followed. The banking problem was caused by regulations not being followed and the Republican leaders try their best to stall or stop progress that will help regulate things properly. If the Republicans take over either the Senate or House in Congress we’ll never get the regulations we need on anything!!! Is that what you want America!! A STANDSTILL GOVERNMENT!!! We’ll never get any more progress on many of the issues that face our nation if the Republicans control either branch of Congress. OUR GOVERNMENT WILL COME TO A STANDSTILL IF REPUBLICANS CONTROL EITHER BRANCH OF CONGRESS!!! We will not get any kind of legislation that we need to better improve our lives. A chance for better laws will be lost for the last two years of President Obama first four years in office. A standstill government and a standstill nation is what we are headed for if the Republicans win. Now I just like to tell a story here that will better illustrate my point. Picture this, you have a car and are traveling down the road and then your car breaks down. You pull over to the side of the road, pop up the hood and wonder what is wrong. Along comes someone who complains about the model of your car saying that it is a piece of junk. Without hearing what is wrong with your car and the complaining person offering no advise on how to fix your car would you turn the keys over to that person and tell them to fix your car? Of course not. Yet that is what you are willing to do with your country. WHY!!! Are you that mad that you will throw away common sense and not look at the full explanation of the problems that confront you. All the Republican politicians have done was complain about things even though they have ALL STALLED OR STOPPED MUCH of the legislation that would of helped us all. We WOULD NOT be in such a bad mess if the Republicans hadn’t PURPOSELY created a ripoff housing boom that devastated our housing market and banks. Then they destroyed America’s economy even more when they turned their backs while the biggest bank robbery ever was going on in the derivatives market and other money making schemes that rich Republicans create to make THEMSELVES RICHER!!! The Republicans even hold up extending the tax cuts until they get THEIR REQUESTED TAX BREAKS FOR THE SUPER RICH!!! Then every bit of legislation that the Democrats tried to pass that would of helped to make our economy better the Republicans opposed even if they tried earlier to get the same legislation passed. The Republicans couldn’t even take care of things before and now in our worse of times they want to control our lives again. Never trust someone who has burned you so many times before. THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS PURPOSELY DESTROYED OUR ECONOMY AND NOW THEY COMPLAIN HOW BAD IT IS EVEN THOUGH THEY OFFER NO HELP IN MAKING IT BETTER AND STAND IN THE WAY OF THINGS GETTING BETTER!!!! I have sent this web page to the Republican leaders a long long time ago and they don’t have the guts to do any of the suggestions I propose. Since the days of President Reagan the Republican leaders have tried their best to do what they could for themselves even if it hurt the country. The Republicans are the MAIN cause why we can’t get the military budget under control. The Republicans in Congress are doing their best to funnel lots of money and contracts and jobs and profits from investments into THEIR REPUBLICAN PARTY’S MEMBERS POCKETS!!!!! DO YOU THINK THESE REPUBLICANS ARE EVER GOING TO GIVE UP THIS MILITARY INDUSTRIAL GOLDMINE THEY FORCE US ALL TO PAY FOR!!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! THESE REPUBLICANS ARE USING YOU TO GET RICH!!!! OF COURSE IT DON’T HELP WHEN THE DEMOCRATS DON’T OFFER A MORE LEANER GOVERNMENT SO THAT’S WHY YOU ALL NEED MY WAY OF RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT!!!! However the Democrats had to get us out of the deep economic hole that the Republicans put us into. The Democrats had no choice but to buy our way out of a depression. You may not all agree on the tactics that were used to get us out of this jam but it is working. WE ARE NOT IN A DEPRESSION!!! HOORAY!!! Of course jobs will be hard to find for a while but that is not the Democrats fault. All companies receded their workforce and it’ll take time to improve. As people need to replace the things that wear down they’ll buy things which will then improve the economy. As credit is made more available the economy will improve. The RICH REPUBLICAN BANKERS ARE HOLDING UP THE CREDIT MARKET JUST TO SCREW UP THE ECONOMY MORE!!! DOING THIS THIS WAY THE REPUBLICANS FEEL THEY’LL HAVE AN ISSUE TO RUN ON NAMELY A BAD ECONOMY!!! When about 40% of the economy was credit related before this recession one can easily screw up the economy easily by shutting down the flow of credit. With the Federal Reserve finally stepping in and freeing up the money markets the economy will improve. The economy would improve a lot quicker if we ALL made it a point to BUY AMERICAN!!! With every dollar spent let’s help create a job for an American. If we ALL started buying ONLY Ford and GM vehicles those companies would be in good financial health. Once those companies are in good financial shape then those companies will help other industries grow which will help others…. So let’s get the ball rolling America!! Ford and GM vehicles are just as good and in many cases better than other countries vehicles. And so is every other American made product. So support your country and buy American. And why are you buying foreign vehicles. The Japanese and Koreans and Europeans NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL buy our cars so why are we buying theirs. All you are doing is adding to our U.S. trade deficit every time you buy a foreign vehicle anyway. Also the Japanese are killing our whales and over fishing our oceans. So until they stop doing this I’m asking ALL OF YOU TO STOP BUYING JAPANESE VEHICLES. LET’S MAKE THEM GIVE UP THIS WHALE KILLING AND IF THEY DON’T THEN THEY WILL PAY FOR IT BIG TIME!!!! LESS PROFITS!!!! Join in the boycott everyone and you too kids!!! TELL YOUR PARENTS that you don’t want them to buy Japanese or Korean cars or products. Help save your fish. You’ll want to see them when you get older and not read about them as some extinct or rare fish that you did nothing to save. SO SAVE YOUR COUNTRY, SAVE YOUR PLANET AND SAVE YOUR LIFE BY NOT VOTING FOR THE REPUBLICANS!!! THEY HAVE DESTROYED YOUR COUNTRY BEFORE AND THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN!!!! THEIR ECONOMIC PLAN WILL BENEFIT THEM AT THE EXPENSE OF US. IF THEY CONTROL EITHER THE SENATE OR THE HOUSE THEY WILL PASS BILLS THAT BENEFIT THEM AND THEY WILL CUT ALL ELSE TILL THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT. IT IS SCARY BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO IDEA ON WHAT TO DO AND WILL BE CARELESS IN HOW THEY DO IT!!! YOU ARE ALL IN FOR A GRIDLOCK GOVERNMENT IF THE REPUBLICANS CONTROL EITHER BRANCH OF CONGRESS!!! NO NEW LEGISLATION TO BENEFIT ALL AMERICANS. THE PROGRESS AND LEGISLATION THAT WE ALL HOPED FOR IN 2008, THAT HOPE THAT WAS SO MUCH OPPOSED IN EVERY WAY BY THE REPUBLICANS WILL BE COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED BY THE REPUBLICANS CONTROLLING EITHER THE SENATE OR THE HOUSE!!! THAT IS THE REPUBLICAN INTENTION!!!! TO STOP PRESIDENT OBAMA FROM LEGISLATING. SO EVEN THOUGH YOU DON’T AGREE WITH EVERYTHING THAT HE HAS DONE AS PRESIDENT WITH THE REPUBLICANS YOU WON’T AGREE WITH ANYTHING THAT THE REPUBLICANS WILL DO!!!!!! THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS THAT THEY WANT TO DO. AND YOU ARE GOING TO TRUST AND ELECT SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE MASSIVE ECONOMIC PROBLEMS THAT THEY THE REPUBLICANS CREATED. FOLKS, YOU NEED POLITICIANS WHO CAN DEVELOP ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS NOT ECONOMIC PROBLEMS. THINK OF THE ECONOMY AS IF IT WAS A PIE. SO THAT EVERYONE COULD HAVE A PIECE OF THE PIE YOU HAVE TO HAVE A POLICY THAT ASSURES THAT EVERYONE GETS A PIECE OF THE PIE. THE REPUBLICANS WHAT AS BIG A PIECE PIE FOR THEMSELVES AS THEY CAN GET AND THEY ARE LICKING THEIR CHOPS AT THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET EVEN MORE OF THAT PIE AFTER THE ELECTION. HOWEVER IF THEY CONTROL WHO GETS WHAT PIECE OF THE PIE THEY WILL MAKE SURE THAT THOSE THINGS THAT THEY WANT WILL PREVAIL OVER THINGS THEY DON’T WANT. THE MILITARY IS THE REPUBLICANS CASH CROP AND THE TAX POLICIES THAT BENEFIT THEM THE REPUBLICANS WILL BE OFF THEIR CUTTING BLOCK BUT THE REST OF US ARE FAIR GAME. A GOOD WAY TO RUN AN ECONOMY IS TO INSURE THAT EVERYONE GETS A PIECE OF THE PIE. THIS WAY THE PIE GROWS!!! WITH THE REPUBLICAN POLICIES THE PIE SHRINKS, THEY GET MORE, YOU GET LESS. THAT’S THE WAY IT HAS WORKED WITH THEM AND THAT’S THE WAY IT WILL ALWAYS WORK WITH THE REPUBLICANS!!! THE WAY TO MAKE THE PIE GROW IS TO GIVE PEOPLE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE SOME OF THE PIE. SUPPORTING TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH IS JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW THE REPUBLICAN POLICIES GREATLY HURT OUR ECONOMY AND OUR CITIZENS AND OUR COUNTRY!!! THE REPUBLICANS LOOK AT THE PIE AS IF IT WAS SOMETHING THAT THEY TRY TO GET THE MOST OF. THE DESIRE TO MAKE MONEY IS OK IT’S HOW YOU DO IT THAT COUNTS. THE REPUBLICAN POLICIES HAVE GIVEN US A DEVASTATED HOUSING MARKET, A DEVASTATED STOCK MARKET, A RIP OFF DERIVATIVES MARKET, DISREGARD FOR NEEDED REGULATIONS AND COMPLETE EFFORT INTO TRYING TO NOT PASS ANY NEW REGULATIONS THAT ARE NEEDED AND NOW THEIR LATEST SCHEME. THE GOLD RUSH!!! YEA THESE REPUBLICANS ARE SETTING UP A LOT OF YOU INVESTORS INTO A NEW SCAM, THE GOLD RUSH SCAM,THAT’S GOING TO END UP AS THE FOOLS GOLD CRASH!!! ALL OF YOU INVESTORS INTO GOLD WILL ONE DAY SOON BE HOLDING A PIECE OF SOMETHING THAT NO ONE WANTS ANYMORE AND THEN THE SELLING GAME BEGINS AND THE PRICE DROPS. THOSE THAT SELL AT A PRICE HIGHER THAN THEY BOUGHT THE GOLD FOR WILL WIN AND THOSE THAT SELL FOR LESS THAN THE PURCHASED PRICE WILL LOSE. WHEN THE SELLING STARTS GET READY FOR OUR NEXT REPUBLICAN INSPIRED CRASH!!! THE REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN HARPING ABOUT THE GREAT IDEA TO INVEST IN GOLD EVER SINCE THIS RECESSION STARTED. AND NOW YOU ARE GOING TO PAY AGAIN FOR THEIR MISGUIDED ADVISE!!! GOOD LUCK!!! YOU PEOPLE HAVE LOST YOUR ECONOMY BECAUSE OF THE REPUBLICANS AND NOW YOU WANT THEM TO DO IT AGAIN. DON’T BE FOOLISH. KNOW WHAT IT IS YOU ARE GETTING INTO!!!! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!! If the Republicans control the Senate or House they will prevent legislation from passing that would stop any if not all of their gambling schemes that the RICH CAT REPUBLICANS USE TO GAMBLE WITH OUR BANK DEPOSITS AND INVESTMENTS!!!! It’s like putting the bank robbers in charge of guarding your banks every time the Republicans control either the Senate or House. NO LEGISLATION GETS OUT OF CONGRESS THAT WILL PROTECT US THE CONSUMERS FROM THE THIEVES OF WALL STREET AND THERE WAYS OF LEGALIZED GAMBLING WITH OUR MONEY IF THE REPUBLICANS CONTROL EITHER THE HOUSE OR SENATE. IT TAKES TWO BRANCHES OF CONGRESS TO PASS ANY LEGISLATION AND THE REPUBLICAN GOAL IS TO TIE UP EITHER THE SENATE OR HOUSE IF THEY WIN. YOU ARE GOING TO PUT TO A STANDSTILL ALL LEGISLATION HELPING YOU IF THE REPUBLICANS WIN EITHER BRANCH OF CONGRESS!! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!! Now I’ll admit that this economy is slow to recover and we are all upset over that. However we are NOT on a depression and that we can be thankful to President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress for. I know that a lot of you were upset how some of the money was spent but President Obama had to create an economy where there was none. He had to create jobs just to jump start the economy. If he hadn’t the economy would of been a lot worse than it is today. Most areas of the country would of seen layoffs of many police, fire fighters and teachers if President Obama didn’t help them with the stimulus package. Twenty million or more people would of been without help from unemployment benefits were not for President Obama’s stimulus money. Think about the toll that would of had on our economy and their lives if they didn’t have that money to spend. We would of been in a much more worse of a place than we are today. AND WE WILL BE IN MUCH MORE WORSE OF A PLACE IF THE REPUBLICANS CONTROL OR LIVES BECAUSE FOR EIGHT YEARS UNDER PRESIDENT BUSH WE NEVER GOT WHAT WE NEEDED BUT THEY MADE SURE THAT THEY GOT WHAT THEY THE REPUBLICANS WANTED! THE DEMOCRATS KNOW THAT THE BUDGET DEFICITS ARE TOO HIGH. BUT THEY HAD TO BUY OUR WAY OUT OF THIS MESS AND ARE MAKING SURE THAT WE ALL GET OUT OF THIS GAMBLING FIASCO THAT THE REPUBLICANS CREATED WITH THEIR WALL STREET GAMBLING GAMES WITH OUR BANK MONEY. WE FINALLY ELECT SOME PEOPLE, NAMELY OUR PRESIDENT AND THE DEMOCRATS, TO STOP THIS GAMBLING, AND THEN YOU PEOPLE WANT TO PUT THE REPUBLICANS BACK IN CONTROL. ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT? THESE REPUBLICANS WILL STOP AND BLOCK ANY AND ALL LEGISLATION THAT WE NEED TO INVESTIGATE THE MANY WRONGS ON WALL STREET AND MANY OTHER THINGS THAT NEED INVESTIGATION, BE IT THE ENVIRONMENT, YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR RIGHTS!!! ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP WHAT POSSIBILITIES LIE AHEAD FOR US IF THE DEMOCRATS STILL CONTROL THE SENATE AND THE HOUSE. THERE WAS MUCH LEGISLATION THAT WAS DELAYED BEING PUSH THROUGH CONGRESS. SOME DEMOCRATS GOT COLD FEET BEFORE THE ELECTION ON THE ISSUES BECAUSE OF VOTER BACKLASH BACK HOME. BUT AFTER THE ELECTION WITH THE DEMOCRATS STILL IN POWER WE CAN MOVE FORWARD WITH A LOT MORE LEGISLATION THAT WILL BENEFIT US ALL!!! BUT WITH THE REPUBLICANS IN CONTROL THOSE DREAMS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW ARE OVER. HISTORY!!! DON’T BE A FOOL, DON’T BE CRUEL TO YOURSELVES. ELECT SOMEONE WHO IS GOING TO WATCH YOUR BACK. WE ALL KNOW THAT THE REPUBLICANS WATCHES BIG BUSINESSES BACK AND THE HELL WITH YOU!!! WE CAN’T GET THE TAX CODE CHANGE TO STOP MASSIVE DODGING OF TAXES BECAUSE OF THE REPUBLICANS. THEN THEY SAY THEY WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS TO GOOD HEALTH CARE!!! THEY BRAG ABOUT THE DESIRE TO OVER TURN THE RIGHTS THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS JUST GOT FOR YOU. THE RIGHT TO INSURE YOUR CHILD TILL THE CHILD IS 25 YEARS OLD. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT? YET EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTED AGAINST THAT RIGHT THAT HAS TAKEN SINCE 1776 TO GET. AND THEY SAID THEY ARE GOING TO APPEAL IT!! ARE YOU GOING TO LET THEM DO THAT?! ARE YOU SO MAD AT PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS FOR NOT HAVING THE WHOLE ECONOMY FIXED ALREADY? GET REAL FOLKS. IT TAKES TIME TO GET OUT OF THIS HOLE THAT THE REPUBLICANS HAVE PUT US INTO. PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS CAN’T JUST SNAP THEIR FINGERS AND THE DEPRESSION IS OVER AND THE RECESSION TOO. GET REAL!!! It’s now the day before the election and to this day I have yet to see any discussion of the issues. All I hear is complaining. All I hear is madness. I hear you folks are about to turn control of your government over to the Republicans who still carry the plan that got us into this financial mess. You people never learn. You’re just a ship of fools! It’s like you have had surgery a while ago and the doctor really botch up the surgery. You go seeking a doctor to straighten out the wrongs of the first surgery and you find one. At the brink of death the new doctor saves your life and tells you it will take time to heal. You go home and complain that it is taking too long and you decide to go see the first doctor to see if the doctor can fix whatever it is that ails you. You then decide to give that doctor, who already messed up your life before and almost cost you to die, you’re going to give that doctor the power to PERFORM ANOTHER OPERATION ON YOU. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING AMERICA! GET READY FOR YOUR SURGERY! YOU FOLKS ARE IN FOR SOME SURPRISES!!! If the Republicans win control of the House they WILL CONTROL THE PURSE STRINGS OF AMERICA!! THEY WILL HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF SEEING WHO GETS WHAT MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT. WATCH OUT ALL OF YOU ON UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. YOUR DAY OF RESCUE IS OVER! THE REPUBLICANS WON’T LET YOU BE HELPED ANYMORE. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! FROM THE LAST I HEARD THAT WAS SOMETHING LIKE 20 MILLION PEOPLE COLLECTING UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. NO MORE MONEY FOR THEM! GET READY FOR YOUR NEXT RECESSION IF THE REPUBLICANS RUN THE SHOW. 20 MILLION PEOPLE NOT CONTRIBUTING TO THE ECONOMY WILL SLOW UP THE ECONOMY! MAKE THEM WORK FOR THE BENEFITS BUT DON’T STOP THE HELP! IT LIKE ALL YOUR RELATIVES CAME OVER TO YOUR BIG HOUSE AND TOLD YOU THEY WERE ALL WITHOUT ANYTHING TO LIVE ON. SOME IN YOUR FAMILY INVITES THEM ALL IN AND ALL TAKE CARE OF THEM. THEN SOME DECIDE TO KICK THEM OUT! GET READY FOR THE REPUBLICAN BOOT! AND TO ALL YOU DEMOCRATS WHO WISH FOR BIPARTISANSHIP I SAY GOOD LUCK! YOU HAVE MORE OF A CHANCE OF HELL FREEZING OVER! THESE REPUBLICANS ARE GOING TO RELISH TAKING AWAY AS MANY BENEFITS AS THEY CAN FOR ALL OF YOU. NO MORE HELP FROM UNCLE SAM! YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! BUT THEY WANT THEIR TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH!!!! THEY’RE SICK AND TIRED OF PAYING FOR YOU!! THEY STILL WILL WRECK THE ECONOMY MORE WITH THEIR DEMANDS THAT THE RICH GET THEIR TAX CUTS SAYING THE RICH NEED THE MONEY TO CREATE JOBS FOR US. HA! THEY’VE HAD THOSE TAX CUTS FOR TEN YEARS AND THE RICH LIVED HIGH ON THE HOG WHILE NOT CREATING MANY JOBS AT ALL. I MEAN GET REAL FOLKS, THESE REPUBLICANS ARE CONNING YOU! HOW ANYBODY EARNING LESS THAN $650,OOO A YEAR CAN VOTE REPUBLICAN JUST AMAZES ME! THOSE MAKING LESS THAN THAT WILL ONLY SEE THEIR TAXES GO UP SLIGHTLY IN AMOUNT AND IS AN AMOUNT THAT WILL NOT HURT YOU MUCH AT ALL. THOSE WHO VOTE REPUBLICAN WHO MAKE LESS THEN 250,OOO A YEAR WON’T SEE MUCH INCREASE AT ALL. THOSE WHO VOTE REPUBLICAN AND MAKE LESS THAN 100,000 A YEAR WON’T SEE ANY INCREASE IN THEIR TAXES. BUT BECAUSE YOU ARE STUPID YOU DUMB ASS REPUBLICANS WHO MAKE LESS THAN $650,000 A YEAR ARE GOING TO DEMAND THAT THOSE RICHER THAN YOU GET TO KEEP THEIR TAX BREAKS EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T NEED THEM AND IT WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEFICIT BY PREVENTING THE GOVERNMENT TO COLLECT MORE TAXES. BUT IN YOUR NARROW MINDED REPUBLICAN MIND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS THAT TAXES ARE BAD AND YOU CAN GET YOUR THRONGS OF BRAINWASHED REPUBLICANS TO SAY THEY AGREE! WELL IF YOU FEEL THAT WAY LET’S HAVE THE GOVERNMENT NOT DO ANYTHING. THAT WAY YOU WON’T NEED TAXES! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT REPUBLICANS! BUT NO YOU GOT TO HAVE YOUR MILITARY INVESTMENTS COVERED BY US DUMB ASS AMERICANS WHO STILL SPEND WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON THE MILITARY. PRESIDENT EISENHOWER WARNED US ABOUT THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. WE NEVER HEEDED HIS WARNING AND WE ARE STILL PAYING FOR IT. The time is now for it to stop. We don’t need bases or troops in Europe, Japan and many other ares of the planet. Being the world police that stands by and does nothing has to end It’s an expense we can no longer afford to provide. If the bases only need is to have troops ready around the world we can easily set up portable landing strips that can land big planes. It would work something like a accordion metal grail that when needed would be put up by four to eight ships. The ships would line up two to four on each side. The grail would open up like a accordion with the ships on each side hooking up by cables to hold up the landing strip for the airplanes. Giant air bags underneath the grail would help hold up the airplane strip. A sand pit at the end of the landing strip would help slow up and then stop the planes that are landing. After stopping a grail in the sand under neat the plane would rise out of out of the sand and move the plane on the grail out of of the runway and by the same grail moved onto another ship for unloading, refueling or repairing. Then when done the plane can be put on the grail and go back to the runway to take off. And if you are worried about being torpedoed have each ship on both sides a contraption on a rail that can move the length of the ship that would when needed a big metal plate attached to a long arm riding the rail would stop the torpedo when it would run into the metal plate thus blowing it up. Metal detectors can help locate and the torpedo and computers can line up the plate for a direct hit. Then if we would give All of our active duty soldiers in harms way a bullet proof trench coat and a bullet proof helmet maybe we would then save some lives. These are just a few of the things we could do to lessen the cost of our government. Considering that the Republicans are now in control of the House they will try to pass many bills of their liking and stop all else. Even though the Republicans failed to win the Senate they feel that they can pick off a few conservative Democrats to go their way on the issues and laws they want passed. Watch out America! All of your health care gains may be repealed. The only thing standing in the way is President Obama and his veto pen. But they will try to over ride that too. Stand firm with your pen, Barack! It’s going to be a long two years. The hopes of Barack and many others are dead! Round two begins. What gains that have been gotten must now be protected. What policies and direction that this government now takes must be stirred by President Obama into a policy and laws that that benefit us ALL! Just because the Republicans run the House doesn’t mean that they run the country. President Obama and the Democrats need to stand up firm and do not flinch when facing the Republican onslaught of laws that benefit them and not the rest of Americans. Stand up firm against the tax cuts for the rich! Say no more! What is the reason for the tax cuts for the super rich anyway? None of the reasons presented so far to extend the tax cuts for the rich have made any good economic sense. ONLY POLICIES THAT BENEFIT OUR ECONOMY SHOULD BE PURSUED! THE DEMOCRATS HAVE TO STALL, FILIBUSTER, DON’T LET BILLS ONTO THE SENATE FLOOR FOR A VOTE, VETO, AND THEN CIRCLE YOUR WAGONS TO PROTECT YOUR VETO!!! THAT HAS TO BE THE BATTLE PLAN FOR THE PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS! BUT YOU DEMOCRATS AND YOU BARACK MUST COME FORWARD WITH YOUR OWN PLAN TO HELP AMERICA IN THESE TRYING TIMES. That’s how you survive for the next two years. The President and the Democrats MUST offer an alternative way of doing things and have the VOTERS decide in the next election just whose policies they want to vote for. In the next election the Democrats will have more of their voters willing to show up and vote so perhaps things will change in two years. However the Democrats NEED TO GET A BETTER GROUP OF PEOPLE TO RUN THEIR SHOW!!!! THE DEMOCRATS RUNNING THE CAMPAIGN IN THE MID TERM ELECTIONS DID A TERRIBLE JOB OF SELLING THE DEMOCRATIC POLICIES AND EXPLAINING THE REALITY OF THE ECONOMY. PUT HOWARD DEAN BACK IN CHARGE OF THE DEMOCRATS SO THAT THE DEMOCRATS WILL HAVE SOMEONE IN THERE WHO KNOWS HOW TO FIGHT! THE NEXT ELECTION IS TOO IMPORTANT SO WE CAN’T AFFORD TO REPEAT THE MISTAKES OF THIS CAMPAIGN. The problem is that the Democrats rely on the Democratic Party and Democratic politicians to present their case. The Democrats HAVE TO start presenting their case to the public in a better way. The Republicans did it with the tea party and now it’s time for the Democrats to find a way to get their message out. Perhaps full page ads in papers and mailed brochures to every household fully explaining what the issues are would help immensely. SOMEBODY OUT THERE DO IT!!!! Now onto this debate about renewing the Bush tax breaks. President Obama and the Democrats HAVE TO stand up against this idea that giving tax breaks to the super rich helps our economy. It’s another ridiculous conning idea that the Republicans are trying to hustle America into buying. Don’t bloat the deficit anymore with this tax cut for the rich. No good comes from this tax break for the rich. It is a bunch of b.s. that the tax breaks for the rich creates jobs. Jobs are created by demand. The products that fuel our economy which then create jobs are already owned by the rich. All these tax breaks do is create wealth for the rich which they invest in gold or gamble on the stock market or other things that DON’T CREATE ANY JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS MUST OFFER A NEW TAX BILL THAT WILL CUT TAXES FOR ALL THAT MAKE LESS THAN $650,000 A YEAR AND CHALLENGE THE REPUBLICANS TO OPPOSE THAT! PROPOSE THE LEGISLATION AND TELL THE Republicans that that is all that they are going to get! That or nothing. Stand up to the Republicans Barack!!! They can’t override you on this one!!! There is not 60 Senators stupid enough to fall for this REPUBLICAN HUSTLE!!! Now to completely change subjects to a health issue. I would like to discuss with you a way I have to kill the flu and stop colds. I have worked for years around people who have had the flu and I haven’t caught the flu in years. Also I have NEVER had a flu shot! I have what I believe is a cure for the cold and flu. Every time I feel I am coming down with the flu or a cold I would take two Centrum equivalent vitamins a day for the first day I started feeling a little sick. I take one in the mourning with breakfast and one at dinner time. I only do this for one day and the next day I would take only one vitamin. The next day if I’m still feeling like I’m sick I would take two vitamins again. Every time for the last ten years that I have done this I have kick the flu out of me when I felt I was getting it. I NEVER had the flu develop in me this whole time. I would feel like I was getting the flu and then take two vitamins and then the feeling of getting the flu was gone. I NEVER developed the flu when I did this!!! I have only once had to take the two vitamins a day twice. Every other time taking the two vitamins a day would kick the flu out of me in one try. One day of this treatment seems to work fine for me. See what it will do for you! Now onto the economy. Our country is in a revolution because of it’s economy. And our economy is in a mess. Both the Republicans and Democrats are responsible for this mess and neither party knows what to do or are willing to do what has to be done. America is in a predicament. We have a government we can’t afford and a Congress that is unwilling to do the things that need to be done so that we have a government that we can afford. And yet if we do the things that need to be done to get to a government that we can afford then we temporary worsen our economy. You see, we have created this government machine and to trim it drastically down means laying off massive amounts of government employees which would then create massive unemployment and more recession. Yet we can’t afford to keep this government we have. We can’t keep borrowing money to finance this government. However the goal is to get taxes and cost down so that U.S. companies can compete world wide. This would create jobs here in America. So Congress has to do something. Yet Congress and the President has been keeping us out of a big recession and a depression by borrowing all that money when they did. So you see we are damned if we do and we are damned if we don’t! So it’s going to be tricky to get out of this mess. But we better for our future depends upon it. Yet both the Republicans and the Democrats aren’t willing to do what has to be done to get out of this mess. Both sides won’t cut Congress down to 33 members and end all retirement benefits for all government officials except critically needed government employees. Both sides won’t get rid of NASA, the Labor Department, trim all government departments and cut the military budget in half by closing all foreign military bases and not purchasing any military hardware for a number of years, stop supporting Israel in it’s takeover of Palestine and figure out a way to make peace in the world so that we don’t have to be the world’s police and eliminate all the something for nothing programs and replace them with something for something programs. So what are you going to do America? What are you going to do Congress? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO REPUBLICANS? Are you going to give tax breaks to the rich even though it hurts our economy and then end earmarks? Is that your answer? Well since because of my health I don’t think I have much time left on this paradise let me throw in my two cents before I go. You ALL have to figure out a better way to run your life and your government. If you look for little cuts here and there you don’t solve your problem. You have to COMPLETELY CHANGE THE WAY YOU DO THINGS SO THAT YOUR NEEDS DO NOT BECOME AN EXPENSE YOU CANNOT AFFORD. HOW DO YOU REORGANIZE YOUR GOVERNMENT TO ACCOMPLISH THAT MUST BE YOUR GOAL! All the ideas that I presented so far will give you a government that will not drive you broke. However a thought that will help you understand why if you change things your life will improve. Look at the economy and the relationship the government has with it as if it were a stool with three legs. The three legs hold up the stool. The government has stepped in and created three different ways of holding people up from poverty. The three things the government does is provide housing, food and medical care. If we can reorganize those three things so that it is not a burden to provide aid but an investment we will then lower our taxes. If you make people work for their aid you will see less willingness for fraud and more incentive to survive by getting a job. It’s time you got something back for your tax dollar. With the demand for government aid at a all time high and the inability of the government to provide that aid it’s time we reprogram our programs so that we get more for the buck. If you take this new work force and give it to each mayor and governors you would see a major drop in property taxes because so much new laborers would then be provided to every town and city. The thought is going to become everywhere on what to do with this new massive work force and how can we use it to improve our lives. You’ll finally be getting something back for your tax dollars. If you have to work and have to pay taxes just because you work don’t you think that someone else should have to work to get some of that tax money if they want some! Let me change subjects to the gulf oil spill and it’s effect on us ALL! The rain pattern this year in this area of Florida and around the whole southeastern part of the U.S. has been effected by this oil spill. The rain clouds this year did not measure up to the clouds and rain fall of past years. We use to have clouds that looked like mountains in the sky that would yield massive amounts of rain. This year none of that. This year we had a little rain which means our water reservoir is going to be low unless we slow up our demand for water. With the cold of winter around the corner the farmers are going to want to use water to protect their crops against the freeze. A much better way to protect their crops would be to have the farmers have huge sheets of RECYCLED plastic stretched over their fields during cold times. These almost air tight plastic sheet crop covers would get their air heated by the natural heat from the sun and would also get heated by magnifying glasses that would heat different objects that would provide heat at night and day. Doing this should easily stop crops from freezing anywhere. It will also stop the practice of using water on crops during very cold weather in the hope of stopping the crops from freezing. This saving of water will greatly increase our water level in the future and stop some of this sink hole problems. Farming like this also gives the farmer a worry free opportunity to yield better crops. No more worrying about freezing means no more winter freeze crop lost. No more crop losses means stabilized food prices. No more crop losses means farmers can feed more. Another way to feed more is to start vertical gardening. It’s an idea whose time has come and an idea that will be needed as the global warming worsens in the future and the population will be forced to live up north so to be near rainfall. Vertical gardening in the cities is needed to provide needed food to the masses and the poor in an area that lacks space. One can grow a variety crops in large plant holders that are enclosed in an near air tight compartments. Many plant holders are then hung from a totem like pole that will automatically water the plants and move the plants up and down the pole for inspection and picking. This idea would be very useful in the desert areas and in areas that animals feed in. These totem pole plant holders could be put up at areas that animals feed at so that we could end animal starvation. With ALL the money that has so far been donated to ALL the different organizations that are suppose to feed and care for All the animals that need help I must say that new ways of getting the job done must be initiated. WE MUST set up STOCKED FEEDING AREAS in ALL areas that critical need for animal population growth is needed and in other areas too. We need to have stocked mini pools with a variety of seafood for the polar bears at different locations. Someone set up many animal feed lots throughout the world staffed by volunteers who will live for free out there while they feed the animals. Start planting fruits and vegetables for the animals in the wilderness areas so that the animals will have food to eat. Instead of just viewing Mother Nature as you trek through it help plant the seeds that will feed the animals. Plant an apple tree or a pear tree or a patch of strawberries or other berries or watermelon. Every animal loves watermelon! Plant some lettuce or cabbage or tomatoes or any other thing that you can plant for the animals to feed on. Replant the wilderness with the foods that the animals need! EVERYONE become a Johnny Apple Seed! Doing these things will make the animals see that we are trying to help them and then maybe they will be encouraged to reproduce more and feel more at peace and not have the need to seek for food amongst us so much and be better fed. Help keep the animals well fed in these times of diminishing food possibilities that we have imposed upon the animals of this planet. And speaking of imposing upon animals I believe it’s time we redesign zoos so that they are not a jail for animals to be displayed for us to gawk at. It’s time we start making zoos into highrises where the animals can roam from floor to floor. The whole highrise would look like the jungle that each animal came from. ALL animals would be given toys to play with of some kind to stimulate their activity needs. All animals will have lots of area to roam in so as to give the animal a feeling that it is some what free and well fed so it will be happier and more like it’s natural self. With a highrise the possibilities for space is not a difficulty. We can design it so that as much as possible there will be as close a contact to animals as possible and only in certain areas so that the animals that want to mingle with humans can. Very large glass enclosures can let us get up close to the animals that want to get up close to us. Slides on both sides of the glass will give the people and animals a chance to inter mingle. Swings on both sides of the glass is another way for people and animals to inter mingle. People can go to the upper floors by elevator and then walk the wilderness path down that goes through the areas where the animals live. Let’s make these zoos a home away from home for the animals. Now back to politics. President Obama should stand up to these Republicans in their quest to get their way on the tax issue and other issues too. With the Democrats in control of the Senate and the White House no legislation can pass unless the Democrats approve of it. In the Senate the Democrats should try to pass all the laws that the House have sent them. It’s now or never on most if not all of those bills so what have you got to lose. Let the Republicans show their position on these bills. Make the voters see what they are missing so that the next election they’ll vote in your favor. Show the public what they’ll get with your way of doing things because the Republicans are showing how they want to do things. They want to be our dictators!!!! The Republicans want to use extortion to get their tax cuts and will use their dictatorship ways to get their way. The Republicans will hold up all legislation till they get their way. It’s too bad we don’t have a president who will stand up to them but in the interest of not letting this recession thing get any worse President Obama seems to have to cave in to the demands of the extortionist Republicans. However I have a question for all. Who amongst us are going to pay for our bills? Shouldn’t it be the ones who have the most and not stick our children with a bill which they won’t be able to pay which means THE END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT!!!!! GOT THAT EVERYBODY!!!! OUR NOT BEING ABLE TO PAY OUR BILLS MEANS THAT WE AS A NATION IS BANKRUPT!!!! OUR CHILDREN S DREAMS FOR A GREAT NATION TO LIVE IN WHEN THEY GROW UP IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE OF US AND ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THE REPUBLICANS WON’T ASK THE ONES WHO HAVE MORE MONEY THAN THE REST OF US TO CHIP IN SOME MORE SO THAT OUR CHILDREN WILL STILL HAVE A COUNTRY TOMORROW. The Republicans say that the rich need the money to create jobs but the rich have had that money for ten years and haven’t created any more jobs with all that money so that argument is all hogwash. Jobs are created by demand and only from demand. If people aren’t demanding to buy your product then all the tax breaks in the world aren’t going to help your business and if people are demanding your product then you don’t need a reason for a tax break. We need to stimulate this economy more and every American knows that a multi millionaire is not going to walk into their business and buy any of their products with all the tax money that the rich have gotten. And all this talk that the rich needs this money to create jobs is not true because the rich are already getting tax breaks to hire people. Until this economy starts getting demands for it’s products this economy isn’t going to recover. To put money into the hands of people who will buy THINGS with the money is the way to create new economic activity.When businesses start seeing their inventory moving they will then order more products which will then create more jobs. So a question to all Republicans is how is all this money going to the rich going to create any new economic demand? How many things if any are the rich going to buy so that the unemployed will then get a job? Don’t you rich people want to get richer by having more people buying your products? Then you have to spread the wealth a little so that the economy will grow instead of trying to hang on to all you can and no one else getting any or not much at all. The rich are the only ones who can prevent our budget deficit and national debt from going out of control. Until we can get this government to cut down to a level that we can afford we need to collect all the money we can to pay for the way we run our government. And the way we run our government is terrible and expensive. It has to change because what we have created is a welfare economy. What we have created is the United Welfare States of America and we can’t afford it. If we don’t change things now the way we run our government will drive us into bankruptcy. In fact it already has! Our government has grown to such a large size and too many are now depended upon it for their well being. We are no longer a nation of fifty United States. We have become a nation of maybe sixty depended ununited states or so and many citizens of other nations. Thanks to our stupidity we have added Iraq and Afghanistan to our new dependent states of America. When you are complaining about not having enough money to pay for police or fire fighters or other needed personnel remember that YOU are paying for most of the police and fire fighters and other personnel of Iraq and Afghanistan. Also YOU are the one who pays the bills for us to baby sit the world with our soldiers in Korea, Japan, Europe and other places around the world. Then YOU are paying for our new welfare department, our flying industry who falls to the scare con game of the so called terrorist and demands massive amounts of OUR TAX DOLLARS to provide security to those that fly. Those that do not fly must pay for the welfare of those that do fly. Bin Laden is using fear to drive us into bankruptcy even though HE IS DEAD!!! More than likely BIN LADEN got caught up hiding in one of the caves that got blown in the beginning of the war in Afghanistan. If Bin Laden was alive don’t you think that he would be all over the media sticking his opinion upon us in one way or another? I challenge Bin Laden to present himself to a camera and share his opinion in detail on up to date news like the last elections. He can’t because he is dead. However the anger that has brought Bin Laden to the point that he did the wrong that he did is still alive and living in the Palestinian and Arab minds as we let Israel do what it wants in the Middle East. Now the Middle East Israel and Palestinian war is again at a point where no progress is being done to achieve end results. Israel as always does something to continue their grip on the land that they took from the Palestinians. But the reality is that we, US AMERICANS, have helped Israel take this land from the Palestinians in the wars between Israel and the Arabs that happened in 1968 and 1972. In those wars the United States of America gave radar information to the Israel armed forces that enabled the Israel armed forces to have a military advantage over the Arabs and with this information they were able to maneuver their armed forces to win those wars. With this information Israel was able to identify the plane that the brother of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was flying and then shot it down killing him. Since these wars happened back then we the United States of America have been the MAIN BACKER OF ISRAEL as it forcibly takes more and more land from the Palestinians. We finance Israel, we arm Israel, and we stand by and do NOTHING as Israel takes over whatever land that they want from the Palestinians. THAT IS WHY 911 HAPPENED!!!!!! Former President Bush jr. took the war to a whole new level with his way of protecting Israel as it terrorized anyone who did not comply with THEIR way of doing what they want in the land of the Palestinians. President Obama made a BIG mistake two years ago when the Israel elections where held in not TOTALLY backing the women cadidate that lost the election for she was our only hope for peace. It is now time to bring down the Israel government by US AMERICANS by forcing Shamon Perez to stop supporting the present Israel government which will force new elections in Israel. Then WE THE PEOPLE MUST bring this conflict to an end by forcing the Jews of the world to make peace with the Palestinians. WE will do this by boycotting ALL JEWISH OWNED BUSINESSES WORLD WIDE. ALSO DO NOT DO BUSINESS with any JEWS. This action will force Israel to make peace. President Obama SHOULD force Israel to make peace. He should just go to the United Nations with the worlds backing and declare that there is going to be a Palestinian state and that’s the end of this madness and the beginning of the path to peace!!!!! So if you want to end all this terrorist stuff force Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. Now I would like to change subjects here and offer a little advice on how to help yourselves in the winter to face the problems associated with snow. When I use to live up north in snow country I had a way that helped me get through every snow storm. When the temperature would get cold to help get my car to start in the coldest of weather I would when I parked my car overnight take a thick insulated blanket and put it over my engine and battery. Wait till your engine has cooled down before you do this. You do not want to put the blanket on a hot manifold as it might catch fire. AND DON’T FORGET TO TAKE THE BLANKET OFF THE ENGINE BEFORE YOU START YOUR CAR BECAUSE IF YOU FORGET YOU MIGHT END UP WITH ENGINE PROBLEMS. I forgot one time and broke my fan belt. Maybe Stick a big sign over your stirring wheel reminding about the blanket would help. But believe me doing this will make your car start right up in the winter as if it wasn’t froze at all. But try to get the blanket to cover the air intake for the engine. Then to make sure that your car won’t be snowed in when you park your car overnight and expect a lot of snow take a few pieces of plywood and position them in the front and back of your car from the bumper down. Doing this will prevent snow from getting under the front and back of your car. If you can put a sturdy piece of cardboard along side each of your wheels. In the morning you just lift the plywood away from your car and with a little shoveling you are ready to go. You should also keep an ax in your car to help break up ice when you get stuck in the ice or hard snow. The pick side of the ax gets right through that ice to the gravel with only a little effort and gets the job done quickly. Good luck in the cold because it’s going to be a harsh winter this year and for the next few years because all the planets are lining up and that means less heat getting to the planets. Keep your fingers crossed and PRAY that the gravity pull doesn’t redirect some of these meteors toward Earth. There is a chance that that may happen. LET’S BE ALERT TO THE PROBLEM AND PREPARED PROPERLY TO AVERT ANY CATASTROPHE. SO PLEASE NASA do some worth while work and track the skies for incoming meteors. And to all you military people figure out a way to blow up this meteor with a nuclear bomb before it hits the Earth. Don’t be too concern about the many small fires that doing this will cause. We can put out fires, we can’t overcome a big impact of a huge meteor. Besides most of the fire balls from the broken up meteorite would probably end up in the oceans where it would be no problem. Another note that must be told and that is that we are going to be in for some sever weather situations for the next several years. With the planets all lining up there is gravity pull that is abnormal and very strong. With there being more water in our oceans there is additional stress on the different plate sections of the planet which creates more sever earthquakes and also more intense storms and winds. Get ready for some nasty weather for more water means more water evaporation which means more rain or snow. Also this unusual weather conditions might explain the recent strange bird deaths. Maybe the birds sense and are startled by the oncoming strong winds that is approaching so they try to take off in flight to avoid it. As the birds are flying away they encounter some severe wind which tosses their bodies around in flight which causes death and life threatening injuries. These unusual weather conditions are just another proof that there is global warming and that we have to do something about it. WE HAVE TO ELECT PEOPLE TO PUBLIC OFFICE THAT WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! OTHERWISE WE ARE DOOMED!!! We have to elect people who will investigate those that do us wrong. We can’t afford to have politicians who will protect those that do us wrong! And now we have a tragedy in Tucson, Arizona that is the result of the ugly rhetoric that the Republican Party promotes. This gun man who did this shooting was influenced by the derogatory language and antagonistic attitude of the Republican leaders. It’s not like he woke up one mourning and for no apparent reason decided to shoot someone. When someone sick hears candidates for public office say that maybe if some can’t get what they want at the ballot box then there might be some who resort to the second amendment and you have a former vice president candidate who would resort to a dangerous ad of cross hairs to try to make a point without fully telling EVERYONE PUBLICLY A LONG TIME AGO FROM DAY ONE when the ad appeared that it was not meant to harm anyone physically and seeing that it might then do THE RIGHT THING AND STOPPED IT!!!! The Republican Party leaders must asked itself if it does the devils work for the devil works in mysterious ways. The devil has to get someone to do the devil’s work. The devil can’t do the devil’s work, you do. When you do the devil’s work you are the devil’s deciple. To get people to do the devils work the devil convinces people that they are doing good when they are doing bad. When you support someone to the point where you empower them or convince them to do evil then you are as evil as the one who does the evil things. When you stop common sense legislation that would help stop the wrongs that guns confront us with and then lend yourself to aiding people who shouldn’t have guns with kinds of guns and or ammunition that none of us should have then you are making the devil proud for you are doing the devils work. When you have the power to do good and yet do not then you are wrong. When you stop others from doing good then you are wrong. So watch what you are doing. For you are not judged on what you think should be but what God judges should be. You’ll be responsible for everything that you have done. And for all of you out there who don’t believe in the after life let me tell you something that made a believer out of me. Years ago I had a medical problem and I almost died. In fact I would have died had I not been given help. As I was getting help I was leaving my body and floating above myself as I was watching those that were trying to save me. I would go from watching myself then flow down into my body only to leave my body again and then finally getting back into my body for good. Then years later I talked to this guy who told me what happened to him. He had a fight and during the fight he got stabbed with a knife and was in serious condition. He was losing a lot of blood and during the trip to the hospital he passed out. However once he passed out he said he saw himself floating over his body watching all the commotion that was happening to his body. He was totally out and yet he was able to describe everything that the medical workers were doing to his body afterward when he recuperated. He also described what his relatives were doing in the waiting room. He was able to know what was going on around him even though his eyes were closed and he was not conscience and near death. How can so many people have this same experience of seeing whats going on around them even though they are not conscience. There is more to ourselves than just our physical self. The fact that so many of us had this SAME experience says that there must be a spiritual self to all of us. So be warned that all that you have done with this physical body that you temporary occupy will be with you for an eternity as you transfer from your physical body into your spiritual body. Do not do wrong for you will regret it forever. However now because of the times we live in we are faced with more people who are willing to do wrong and in the process hurt others. In the process of protecting us from the ones who do us wrong the ones who are willing to put their lives on the line just so we can have some peace of mind, the police are unfortunately getting shot at too much. We have to put a STOP TO THIS. WE HAVE TO GIVE THE POLICE THE POLICIES AND LAWS AND EQUIPMENT THAT WILL ALLOW THEM TO DO THEIR JOB SAFELY!!! WE HAVE TO PASS LAWS THAT WILL ALLOW THE POLICE TO USE ANY EQUIPMENT THEY NEED TO PURSUE AND CAPTURE CRIMINALS THAT CAN POTENTIALLY HARM ANYONE. WE HAVE TO PASS LAWS THAT WOULD ALLOW POLICE TO USE HEAT SEEKING CAMERAS TO SEE INTO DWELLINGS AND ENVIRONMENTS TO SEEK OUT THOSE THAT THEY PURSUE AND TO USE THE INFORMATION TO APPREHEND THE CRIMINAL OR OTHERS THAT THEY SEEK SUCH AS LOST PEOPLE OR HOSTAGES. RIGHT NOW THE LAW DOES NOT ALLOW THE POLICE TO USE THIS EQUIPMENT. WE HAVE TO ARM ALL POLICE WITH BULLET PROOF TRENCH COATS AND BULLET PROOF HELMETS AND BULLET PROOF SHIELDS AND BULLET PROOF CARS. WE HAVE TO SHOW TO THE CRIMINAL THAT THEIR BULLETS ARE WORTH LESS AND IT’S EITHER SURRENDER OR DIE. NO MORE WILL THE CRIMINAL BE ABLE TO HIDE FROM OR HARM OUR OFFICERS. Also to help the police find fugitives or lost people the police should hang multiple heat seeking cameras and recorders facing in different directions hanging from a pole underneath a helicopter. As a crop duster sprays a field a police helicopter could cover a whole area which after wards or during the flight could study the film from the cameras to see if any heat from humans was seen on the cameras. Also to find dead people fly the helicopter over the area of suspicion with a bunch of flies encased in multiple baskets with tiny holes for them to smell hanging from a pole underneath the helicopter. The baskets are attached to a wire that is attached to the pole. Make sure the baskets are far below the helicopter. The baskets are to hang at near ground level or tree top level and do fly down wind. After the helicopter flies around a suspicious area with the flies trapped in the ventilated baskets you put marks on the flies or other methods of tracking that can be attached to a flies and you simply let the flies go and they will automatically go to any dead thing in the area. Follow the flies because they always know where the dead are. Also when the police need to know if a person did at that moment rape someone have a dog sniff out the victim thoroughly and then have the dog go to a line up and thoroughly sniff out the suspect in a clothes off line up.Have the dog sniff the clothes too. The DOG WILL GET THE GUILTY ONE EVERY TIME!! The police have got to let the animals and insects help them do their work!!! Now onto health. I would like to suggest that every women who is pregnant should eat a hand full of soy beans every day during her pregnancy. The reason this advice should be taken by everyone is that there is all the different amino acids that a human needs for development in a soy bean. It is the only food on Earth that has all the 11 different amino acids that our body needs to create a protein. The body creates nine other amino acids but you MUST SUPPLY your body with the food to give it the other 11 amino acids that your body needs to create a good protein cell. Soy beans have ALL 11 of those amino acids that you must give to your body for good health. If a pregnant women eats soybeans every day the fetus will grab all the different amino acids the fetus needs for good development. Then maybe we will have less problems with birth defects. Also we should be giving soybeans to the elderly and for that matter everyone. Let’s all be assured that we are getting the right amino acids every day. Maybe we will all get healthier! We could and should start having it to be required that all foods that can should add soy flour to their products. Then we will ALL be getting ALL of the amino acids that make up the proteins that make up every single cell in your body. I sure that a lot of illnesses would improve and many would never happen. So do yourself some good and daily get some of your proteins from soy beans and then take a good multivitamin and your body will be able to perform better for you will be giving your body critically needed things it needs for good development every day. Eat well so you can be well so that you can live well. Now onto the situation going on in Egypt. The poverty revolution has claimed another victim. After poverty tumbled the Democrats in the last elections in America the down side of poverty has cost President Mubarak of Egypt his throne as dictator of Egypt. Of course President Mubarak violations of the human rights of his country’s citizens is also a major cause of his demise. As much as the opposition feels that President Mubarak should resign immediately they must realize that President Mubarak seems to have done what he has done because he wanted the country to have elections in September instead of two months which would have been the case if he resigned immediately from what I understand. He seems to have resigned his duties to the vice president and is President in name only. IF that is the case then the opposition should feel somewhat good because the truth is that they won most if not all their demands. The fact of the matter is that Egypt would have one heck of a time putting together ALL of the necessities to have ALL of the political parties and candidates to put together a campaign for political office in two months. THINK OF ALONE HOW MANY AMENDMENTS OR WHATEVER ELSE IT IS GOING TO TAKE TO RUN THIS NEW KIND OF GOVERNMENT THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO CREATE AND VOTE FOR. BE PATIENT AND DO THE JOB RIGHT!!!!! YOU WON THE WAR NOW START THINKING OF WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR COUNTRY AND START CONVINCING OTHERS TO VOTE TO DO THE SAME. Now as much as the people wanting to get President Mubarak to leave the presidential palace all they have to do is to make it so uncomfortable to live there that he’ll want to leave. A house without electric and water is a house that no one wants to live in. A house with thousands of people marching around outside with wooden flappers on their feet and hands clapping and stomping their feet and yelling about any ole thing that they wanted to yell about would be a house that no one wants to live in. A house with so many people outside that no one could get in or out of is a house that will not last. A traffic jammed house is a house that will not survive. And let this revolution be a MESSAGE TO IRAN. YOU ARE NEXT!!!!! THIS MOVEMENT FOR PEOPLES RIGHTS WILL NOT BE STOPPED BY YOU ONCE IT STARTS!!! Well now finally Mubarak has hightailed it out of town. The people’s revolution has brought down another tyrant. Now onto Iran. Everyone who can should contact the opposition in Iran and tell them about Egypt and that they in Iran could do the same in Iran. Anytime they want to the opposition could tie up the government and the country to the point where it could be considered shut down. If the Iranians would traffic jam all government buildings areas no one would be able to get to work. If you tie up the governments phone lines they would not be able to receive calls. If the government wants to ride their thugs on motor bikes through your crowds you just take that extended jump rope you carry and see how well bikers can jump rope. If the government send in cars to break up your gatherings you just remember that cars are nothing but things that are upheld by air in tires that go flat when they roll over a wooden plank of nails. If you are worried about the tanks remember that no one can drive a vehicle if you can’t see the road. A blanket, sheet or other cover over the eye view hole on a tank or windshield of a car will make a driver unaware of where it is that they are going or what to shoot at. Maybe even spraying some foam mixture like liquid nail over the sight port hole would surely tie up the tank. Maybe having water balloons filled instead with blacken honey or other dark sticky stuff bounced against car windows would help the opposition in it’s time of need. But the Iranians must get the regular Army and the workers to back them so that there to be a more effective revolution. Mobilize and then go on strike. Shut down as many functions of daily life in a strike that would stop your country. Iran’s government can’t stop it’s people desire for freedom. It won’t be as easy as it was in Egypt. The military in Egypt was not fighting the people. In Iran it may be a different story. Whoever the foe the government in Iran is ready to do battle. Not like Egypt where the military was held back from attacking by none other than our great President Barack Obama who made sure that the military stayed out of the fray. We Americans are held IN VERY HIGH REGARD BY THE EGYPTIANS BECAUSE OF THE WAY PRESIDENT OBAMA STIRRED OUR COUNTRY THROUGH THIS EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION. Now IF THE REPUBLICANS WERE IN CONTROL JUST THINK OF THE WAR EGYPT WOULD BE IN RIGHT NOW!!! ANOTHER WAR AND MANY MORE THE REPUBLICANS WOULD HAVE BEGOTTEN US!!! INSTEAD WE ARE BLESSED WITH A PEACE MAKER, PRESIDENT OBAMA, WHO HAS DELIVERED PEACE! Now the people of Iran are restarting their revolution and the cry for freedom from tyranny is spreading like wildfire throughout the Middle East. Soon we will see a whole new world in the Middle East. The suppressors cannot contain the masses. The trick to winning any revolt is in the numbers. You MUST overwhelm the opposition. Bring out the masses every day at certain locations to drive up support. Wear sunglasses or mask your face if you worried about being identified for retribution by your government. Wear head gear like a motorcycle helmet or football helmet or construction helmet if you are worried about head injury. Wear a turban or wrap a cloth around your head if no helmet is found. Using kitchen cooking pots on your head would do the trick. Wear padding under a hard piece of plastic or other hard surface under a hat will also help. Use metal pans for protection against things that the opposition fires at you. Use garbage can lids for shields. If you worry about night time raids by the government apprehending you then you must make the enemy scared to come into your neighborhood at night. Leave them with no car and make them have to walk home empty handed. When they park outside a building overwhelm them. Make them so scared that they give up!!!! Throwing balloons filled with dark sticky liquids at vehicles from roof tops will impair the drive ability of the vehicles. Using cars to trap other cars in the streets will help to impair the opposition as it tries to apprehend you. A severe leaking radiator hose makes a car not drivable. No headlights makes it hard to drive at night and slows up a vehicle. You can use many pieces of wood such as two by fours or broom or mop handles tied together that can be throne in front of cars to stop or make havoc. Spare tires on rims will work too. A tank travels on nothing more than a set of tank tracks that is turned by gears. Now how many movies have we seen where to stop a gear you just stick a metal pipe in the gear and the gear can’t turn any more. To stop a tank just throw multiple crow bars or car jack bars or pipes fasten together into the gears of the tank. Then blind fold it with sheets and then spray sticky stuff that hardens like liquid nail into the tanks eye port hole. Smash the machine guns with slug hammers or large rocks so that they are bent and then can’t fire. Never go to the enemy for battle. Make the enemy come to you. As It approaches it will be easier to defeat than if you march into their spot where they have set up their power. If they over take a square and kick you out and then they set up their tanks and troops in the square just go some where else and organize. To contact each other especially at night just do as the birds and the monkeys do to communicate. Make a certain slow noise for greeting. Another fast noise if you need help. Another noise to tell all that the enemy is in sight. And other noices as you see the need for. Use the noises to follow the opposition and then to lead the opposition into a trap and then destroy their cars from the rooftops and ground and from any floor in between. Lead or wait for the opposition to be on a narrow street where you can bombard their vehicles with many different things. Then escape on rooftops by getting two very long ladders bolted side by side together which at the end is another set of ladders bolted to it. Attach strips of plywood to the steps to make it easy to run on. Use the ladders to go rooftop to rooftop as you escape after you have trapped and attacked. If they are trapped and hurt then they won’t pursue well enough and escape should be easy. The front line of attackers must protect themselves from harm. They are the ones who take most of the attack.They must have shields to protect against bullets. Home made shields of 3 foot by 5 foot metal plates pushed on skate boards or moving dolleys or a two wheel cart or a shopping cart or anything else with wheels on it would be good to hide behind as you advance on the opposition. If you can’t find enough metal plates then use any hard metal such as cars, BATH TUBS, metal chairs, bricks, cement blocks, many two by fours taped together, car tire rims and any other hard object you see around. Use cooking pots especially cast iron ones. Put two across and four down and then tie and tape them together on a piece of cardboard. Lead the charge with the others a safe distance behind with their protection too. Put up sheets 20 feet high on sicks in the front and else where when needed that will block the oppositions view sight. Remember with most fights the opposition is led by a SMALL force of people who do the dirty work of harming and killing and are usually backed up by the Army which kind of stays back as they let this small force to the fighting. That’s because in many times those troops in the back are just workers who needed a job so they joined the army but are not really into this fight that the are now confronted with. And many of the leaders in these armies feel the same. So if you can get by this small force that’s leading the opposition charge there is a good chance that the rest of the troops will not even join in the fight. Many times this small force that leads the opposition charge are just payed thugs who will flee when they see that they are losing the battle and will only fight if they feel that they are winning. They lack the conviction, they are doing it for the money. So try to win over the troops before you do battle. Make it clear in every way you can that this is not a battle between them and you. It’s between you and your government. AND FIDEL,YOU ARE NEXT!!! The time has come for the revolution to spread to the most deprived people on this side of the planet. The people of Cuba have yearned for freedom much too long and it is now time for that wave of freedom to touch to touch their souls. And we must help them achieve that feel of freedom. Here’s the plan. First we have to relay the thought that the revolution will start in a about a month or two. Let the word get out to all that it’s happening. This way you’ll build up the citizens anticipation and eagerness to join in. Then right away mail food supplies to friends in Cuba so to help them through this mess as it is happening. Then tell the Cubans to go on strike when it starts and to close down the government once it starts. However before you start you must make it clear to the government workers and all those puppet followers of Fidel that this is not an attack against them but an opportunity for Cuba to get better for all and that this is the time to do it. Then once it starts we in the rest of the world must join in and go traveling on the seas and after getting lost we all land in Cuba. So we take some THINGS to protect ourselves with as we explore where we have landed. Now I’m sure a massive amount of boats carrying many people who are carrying many THINGS would be a sight for any Cuban seeking freedom. So lets get the ball rolling and lets topple one more dictator. After all the whole world owes Fidel a swift kick in the ass for Fidel is the the one who is responsible for the outbreak of A.I.D.S.. Years ago Fidel sent Cuban troops into Africa to fight revolutions and over their some of the troops must of eaten some A.I.D.S. infected monkey meat. After being infected with the virus these soldiers came back to Cuba and after several years started to become sick. They went to the hospital and were put in medical care where they started infecting the male nurses and others who readily had sex with them. When the boat lift was initiated by Fidel and President Carter the deceiving Fidel didn’t inform us well enough about the problem that this decease was causing. And after hearing something about strange illnesses that this decease was causing good hearted President Carter didn’t protect us well enough from this decease and the spread of A.I.D.S. started. So Fidel, the world owes you a swift kick in the ass and it’s about time we give you the boot. Now onto the Middle East. Qaddafi, you better watch out. Remember what they did to Saddam, they’ll do the same to you. They’ll hang your ass from the nearest tree if you don’t back down and leave town. Now if Qaddafi wants to use force to hang onto power just remember LIFE IS LIKE A GAME OF CHESS, HOW YOU PLAY IT DETERMINES IF YOU WIN OR LOSE!!! If Qaddafi wants to lodge bullets at you just protect yourself so that bullets won’t hurt you. Wear metal protection of some kind.If you can’t find a shield of some kind just take make a sack of several bags thick and fill them with big rocks or sand. Wear the bags with straps or carry them. Make a vest like a life preserver but have it filled with rocks or sand. Use marble top tables for shields. Sew pouches on your coats and fill them with rocks or sand. Take a cart or any thing with wheels and load it up with large bags filled with rocks or sand and hide behind them as you move around. The revolution in Libya is turning ugly. So those that are protesting MUST take the initiative to protect themselves. MAKE IT SO THAT THEIR BULLETS ARE USELESS AND IF THEY TRY TO HARM YOU YOU WILL DESTROY THEM!!! IF THEY SEND PLANES OR HELICOPTERS AFTER YOU HIDE IN DOORWAYS OR INSIDE BUILDINGS TILL THE COAST IS CLEAR. DON’T BECOME SITTING DUCKS AT A FIRING RANGE!!! PATRIOTS OF FREEDOM FROM AROUND THE WORLD SHOULD JOIN IN THESE REVOLUTIONS IN EACH COUNTRY. BE PART OF THE CHANGE THAT IS ENGULFING THE WORLD. IN CERTAIN AREAS ANYONE CAN WALK INTO LIBYA. TAKE A WALK INTO A REVOLUTION!! HELP YOUR NEIGHBORS IN THEIR QUEST FOR FREEDOM. JOIN THEIR REVOLUTIONS!!! BUY AND DONATE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF BULLET PROOF VEST AND OTHER NEEDED STUFF FOR OUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS AND TAKE THE VEST AND OTHER STUFF AND YOURSELVE FROM ONE REVOLUTION TO THE NEXT. Now a word to all of you fear mongers who say we have to fear these revolutions because the Muslin brotherhood is going to take over and create an anti American government. Put your boogie man talk away in your closet of fear props. If you think that any of these countries are going to try to make another strict Muslin control country like Iran think again. These freedom fighters are freedom loving, peace loving respectable responsible people who are going to turn the Middle East into one of the biggest economic boom towns that this world has seen. Think of all the consumers that are now free. Think of the tourism and trade that we can now have. Think of all the companies that now will open up a plant in the Middle East. Think of all the money saved by not having to pay for all the military machinery needed to prop up dictators. Fear not the revolution but clap your hands with joy for those that are freed! A year from now there will be a much better world in the Middle East with all the commerce that will be going on. Nobody is going to be able to rain on this parade. 2011 will be known as the year of revolutions against fear and dictatorships. The world is changing and for the better. Once Iran’s government is toppled and the Palestinians get their state then the Middle East will settle in for years of peace and prosperity. So President Obama, get this Palestinian state created once and for all. We will NEVER HAVE Middle East peace until the Palestinians get their state. Stop letting anyone stop you from getting it done. Just pull all the sides together and put the map on the table and get the job done!!! We all have suffered 40 years,since the 1972 war,for the problems that this war has created. Some, such as the Palestinians, have suffered a LOT more than others. But we all payed in one way or another. Be it the increase in taxes to pay for ALL the military hardware and personnel in ALL of the countries in the Middle East or the increase in the price of oil since the 1972 war when the Arab world said that they will use the price of oil as a weapon against those that it sees as being responsible for the Palestinian problem, WE ALL PAYED!!!!! SO LETS SETTLE THE PALESTINIAN PROBLEM FINALLY!!! Settling the Palestinian problem has taken much too long and caused too much misery. It is the most important issue in the Middle East to settle and as these revolutions evolve they will eventually hit the West Bank. So solve the problem before it becomes more of a problem. And like I said earlier in this web page how would you people of Israel feel if the shoe was on the other foot? How would you Jewish people feel if it were the Palestinians who were taking your land away from you saying things about it was theirs because of some religious reason or some reason about someone living there hundreds or thousands of years ago? And would ALL OF YOU AMERICANS GIVE OUR TAX MONEY AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AND MILITARY AID TO THE PALESTINIANS AS THEY DO TO THE ISRAELIS WHAT THE ISRAELIS NOW DO TO THE PALESTINIANS?!!! WAKE UP AMERICA, SOLVE THE PROBLEM THAT YOU ALL HAVE CREATED!!!! FOR WITHOUT AMERICA THE ISRAELIS WOULD HAVE NEVER NEVER NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO BEHAVE THE WAY THEY HAVE AND NEVER NEVER NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!!!!! Now back to the revolutions. The struggles in some revolutions have turn violent. PROTECT YOURSELVES!!!!! BUILD BARRICADES AND HIDE BEHIND THEM AS YOU APPROACH THE OPPOSITION!!! !!!!! Can’t find some of the stuff I recommended for barricades then just knock down brick walls with trucks and put the bricks MIXED WITH SAND in multiple layered plastic bags or boxes. MIXING BRICKS OR ROCKS WITH SAND OR DIRT DRASTICALLY SLOWS UP THE BULLET AS IT RICOCHETS THROUGH THE BRICKS WHICH WILL DECREASE THE BULLETS POWER WITH EVERY INCH THAT IT HAS TO TRAVEL. Then put the bags of bricks or rocks on the front and back of a pick up truck or car or lift trucks or in dumpsters or anything with wheels and push or drive it at the opposition. Tie bags onto the bumpers and let them hang inches off the ground to stop low flying bullets. Tie a metal bar or plate to the bottom of the bag to stop any bullets that get through these last inches of protection. Put up a large front of protection as you approach the opposition. The bigger the barricade the better!! Put up sheets to hide the view of the opposition. As much as possible make the opposition waste their ammunition as long as it does not harm you. People only carry so many bullets and once they run out of ammunition the gun is useless!!! Use a mannequin to make the opposition waste their bullets. Dress the mannequin up as a fighter and poke it’s head and part of part of the rest of it out from behind the barricades to make the opposition waste their ammunition. Also use multiple mannequins to poke out from hiding at the same time to confuse the enemy and as the enemy tries to figure out which is the mannequin and which is not you will have time to target the enemy. To confuse the pilots of helicopters who are firing upon you just aim a lases light at the pilots eyes and the gunners eyes. Aim the laser lights at the drivers eyes of enemy vehicles. IF YOU CAN’T SEE THEY CAN’T DRIVE THEIR VEHICLES!!! I hear it temporary blinds them. Use these laser lights against any one that shoots at you. Put multiple laser lights on sticks and safely aim them at the opposition from behind your barricades. Lead the oppositions forces into traps and make the troops and tanks waste their ammunition as they use their guns and tank cannons to blast their way out of barricades of cars that you used to trap the tanks and opposition vehicles and troops with on narrow streets. Attack then from rooftops with everything you got in your house. Getting hit by a bullet hurts but so will a chair or couch or rocks or dishes or an iron or tools or a bowling ball thrown from a rooftop and landing on your head. OUCH!!! Get the opposition holed down with a pile of everything hard in the house. A couch thrown from a rooftop onto a car will harm it as well as many weapons will!!! So will Molotov cocktails followed with gas filled balloons. Be patient in your revolutions. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your country. It took years to wreck your country so it will take time to win your revolution and time to fix your country but at least YOU ARE ON TRACK TO GET IT FIXED!!! KEEP UP THE WORK AND SOON YOU GET THE JOB DONE!!! SOON YOU WILL TASTE FREEDOM!!! AND IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF ARREST IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT OR AT ANY TIME DURING THE REVOLUTION SIMPLY DON’T SLEEP AT HOME OR GO HOME. ARRANGE SAFE SLEEP HOUSES FOR THE PARTICIPANTS OF THE REVOLUTIONS! TAKE A SUITCASE OF CLOTHS AND LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE THROUGHOUT THE REVOLUTION!!! HIDE DURING THE WHOLE REVOLUTION!! IF THEY CAN’T FIND YOU THEN THEY CAN’T ARREST YOU!!!! NOW A WORD TO ALL OF YOU RIGHT WINKERS WHO WOULD GAG IF YOU EVER SAID ANYTHING NICE ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA. IF YOUR SEN. MCCAIN WERE PRESIDENT NOW WE WOULD BE AT ANOTHER WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!! ONE THING THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA DOESN’T WANT TO DO IS TO PROVOKE A MAD MAN, ESPECIALLY ONE WITH WEAPONS AND ONE WITH A STOCK PILE OF OIL THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE DESTROYED AS HAPPENED IN THE FIRST GULF WAR. SENATOR MCCAIN HAS ALREADY STATED THAT HE AND HIS WOULD OF BEEN SECRETARY OF STATE THE SENATOR LIEBERMAN WOULD OF BOMBED LIBYA ALREADY WITH THEIR EXPRESSED DESIRE FOR A NO FLY ZONE WHICH WOULD OF PUT US INTO ANOTHER WAR AND ESCALATED THIS ONE FROM WHERE IT IS RIGHT NOW. WITH TIME THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS WILL WIN WITHOUT OUR NO FLY ZONE MANEUVERS WHICH WOULD HAVE CAUSED A WHOLE LOT MORE HARM THAN THIS WAR HAS ALREADY!!!! Now onto the politics of America and it’s “BUDGET WARS”. But before I can give you my opinion about the budget I must give you my answer to the budget problem because doing so saves me a lot of time presenting my idea about how to fix our problems. The solution to many of your problems could be described in one word. WATSON!!!! The computer that IBM just built and put on the game show Jeopardy is the answer to many of our problems. This computer can teach EVERYONE ON EARTH ANYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING AT ANYTIME. LEARN AT HOME FROM THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE!!!!!! At any age and at any time of day anyone will be able to learn any thing they want to. Think of the better world where your quest for knowledge is unlimited. Think of all the taxes we will save by not having to built schools and hire teachers. We could then turn our schools into 24 hour learning social centers where our young kids can be cared for and if needed around the clock care. Then we could put “WATSON” the computer in drugstores and have “WATSON” use a camera to look at our body and make diagnose of certain illnesses and give prescriptions for the ailments. No longer will we have to pay dearly just for a medical opinion. Also “WATSON” could lower the cost of living in many ways by taking over all the office duties of the government and private sector businesses. Think of the savings we could have in the medical field alone from having Watson do the medical office work and minor and some major medical diagnose and perform medical test on patients and perform lab testing So IBM, put your “WATSON” to work before someone builds “WATSON II” and beats you to the market place. After all everyone will need only one Watson to run whatever they need Watson to run. And now because we have created a government that we can no longer afford and are desperately looking for ways to cut the cost of government it is about time we get a Watson to run as much of our government as possible. I’m sure Watson could take over all the employment number counting JOBS done at the Labor Department that is DONE JUST TO SATISFY A BUNCH OF GAMBLERS ON WALL STREET WHO ARE TAKING OUR BANKING MONEY AND INVESTMENTS AND GAMBLING IT ON WALL STREET!! ALSO I’M SURE THAT WATSON CAN take care of looking for jobs for any of US! So why hire someone to do what a machine could do. WE could easily run our government a whole lot cheaper if we were to stop paying people $200,000 or more a year in life time benefits for a job that pays for the same job $45,000 a year in the private sector. With all the life long benefits that public employees get it is easy to see that their salaries are costing us dearly and it’s time we end it. It’s an expense that we can no longer afford. Police and wounded vets deserve their benefits but everybody else in government have got to give up a lot in benefits and salary. We the taxpayers should only be paying public employees a REASONABLE salary and a reasonable low cost to taxpayers health insurance for public employees and NOTHING MORE!!! IF YOU GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WANT MORE THEN PAY FOR IT YOURSELVES!!!! Now back to the revolutions!!! Libya’s revolution is getting ugly. So plans must be initiated to counteract any maneuvers Gaddafi does. Use your anti air craft guns against the tanks. You have more chance of getting a hit and doing significant damage going after a tank than missing an airplane. The tank and other big gun vehicles is the biggest obstacle you face on the ground so do all you can to take them out. The anti aircraft gun will do it easily. You freedom fighters also have to start building your portable, movable barricades. As a military outpost is built of mainly sand bags because they stop bullets you MUST BUILT DIFFERENT kinds BARRICADES TO MATCH WHATEVER SITUATION YOU ENCOUNTER!!!!! Every time you come upon the enemy you MUST have a bullet proof barricade between you and them. Start outfitting your vehicles with sand bags. Put metal bars across the front of a truck or car extending a yard of more on both sides of the vehicle. Tie sand bags to the bars and you have a portable movable bullet proof barricade. Put two or more cars or trucks or other vehicles side by side and advance upon the opposition with this barricade. Have your freedom fighters advance safely behind the barricades. Or get bull dossers or trackers or trailers filled with sand bags and hide behind them as you move the barricade towards the opposition. DO NOT WASTE YOUR AMMUNITION!!! YOU MAY NEED IT LATER AND NEED IT BAD SO MAKE EVERY BULLET COUNT. IF THEY THROW TEAR GAS AT YOU JUST QUICKLY IF YOU CAN WHEN THE CANISTER FIRST HITS THE GROUND COVER IT UP WITH A CAN OR ANYTHING LIKE A COAT SO THAT THE TEAR GAS WON’T GET OUT INTO THE AREA. IT’S ALSO TIME FOR THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS TO GET SOME BETTER WEAPONRY AND REINFORCEMENTS!!! SO JOIN THE STRUGGLES OF YOUR NEIGHBORS FOR IN END YOUR LIFE WILL IMPROVE IF THE DICTATORS ARE GONE!! If they start using air power then it’s time for President Obama and the rest of the world and all you ‘Ollie Norths’ to pitch in and supply the weaponry needed to attack the planes. The freedom fighters also have to start playing the dodge ball game strategy to make the dictators army waste their ammo. Engage them in strategies that make them shoot a lot at you after you attack them with a hit and run or hide strategy. Lead them as you retreat into a trap where you attack them. Retreat your freedom fighters toward an area where you have reinforcements and the at the right moment use those reinforcements to attack the dictators troops. When planes come at you to attack you don’t be in the line of fire. As the plane comes in for an attack against you with it’s bullet guns IF YOU CAN scatter your vehicles and especially yourselves as the plane comes in for a shot at you with it’s bullets. Remember the planes bullet guns are fixed to shoot straight ahead so don’t be in that line of fire. The planes bomb you from high above but to use their bullets they MUST fly lower and directly at you. So dodge out of their direct fire path. It’s also time for ALL you Right Wingers to start start helping these fighters instead of being scared of them. It’s time to HELP them in ANY WAY YOU CAN instead of waiting for the GOVERNMENT to. YOU YAK about making it a better world so here’s your chance to CREATE ONE!!! DON’T WIMP OUT!!! Now onto the Japan earthquake and some thoughts about it and suggestions on how to survive one and how to help those affected by it and the tsunami. Because of the planets all lining up in our universe next year the gravity pulls on our planet increases. WE are in for some MAJOR EARTHQUAKES!!!!! SO BE PREPARED!!! After the water stops coming in from the tsunami use boats to rescue people. Import massive amounts of boats into the affected areas to assist in the rescue areas. EVERYONE in the world in areas that COULD be hit by a tsunami should have a life preserver in their cars and houses and work place so that when needed you can use the life preserver to float in the water as it encompasses you. Use pool or swimming flotation things too. Create rafts from anything that is wood, anything that would float. Use fire axes to chop the wood from anything. TIE THE WOOD TOGETHER AND YOU GOT A RAFT!! EVERYBODY ON THE TITANIC COULD OF BEEN RESCUED IF THEY WOULD OF TAKEN ALL THE WOOD ON BOARD AND TIED THEM TOGETHER TO MAKE RAFTS!!! DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!! They even made a movie about the Titanic where in the end one of the leading characters survives by floating on a piece of floating wood. We could design blow up life preservers!!! GET RICH SOMEONE, MAKE THEM!!! If you don’t have a life preserver then use plastic bags filled with air and sealed and then tape or tie them to your body. Tape them to your legs too. Get to the highest ground or building. When looking for people in damaged buildings use heat sensing cameras to find victims. Bring in ALL the helicopters and boats from around the world that you can by planes into the affected areas. When using helicopters to rescue people attach a ten yard long slow turning rescue bar to the bottom of the rescue cable. Have multiple Fel-Pro tie straps attached to them and also wrist or leg hang noose straps or ropes. NOW WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM IN JAPAN WITH THE NUCLEAR REACTOR DAMAGE. With Japan having so many nuclear reactors on an island that is so prone to earthquakes the question is WHY DOESN’T EACH AND EVERY SINGLE REACTOR HAVE A round the clock STAFFED MANUAL WATER SUPPLY BACKUP TO THE REACTORS!!! IF ALL IT TAKES TO PREVENT A MELTDOWN IS FOR THE FUEL RODS TO BE IMMERSED IN A POOL OF WATER THEN WHY CAN’T WE INSURE THAT THAT SIMPLE PROCEDURE IS ALWAYS DONE!!! Huge water towers next to the reactors could help cool down a reactor until it gets electricity back up. Open a valve and gravity would bring the water onto the fuel rods. And why isn’t the backup generators on a platform high above the flood water level. In fact why aren’t they on the highest point on the nuclear structure. All you have to do is run the wires from the pump at the pool of water that holds the rods up to the roof to the generators. Put all the pumps in water tight compartments. Make everything water tight. Put a huge sprinkler system over the rods and the pool of water that holds them. WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM IN JAPAN! THERE WILL BE MORE SEVERE EARTHQUAKES COMING IN THE NEXT SEVERAL YEARS! WE CANNOT ALLOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REACTORS TO HAPPEN AGAIN! THE DRAIN ON JAPAN’S ECONOMY AND THE LIVES OF IT’S PEOPLE IS TOO GREAT! THESE PROBLEMS COULD BANKRUPT JAPAN!! DON’T BUILD THE REACTORS NEXT TO OCEANS THAT ARE IN EARTHQUAKE ZONES AND IF YOU DO BUILD THEM HIGH ENOUGH TO BE OUT OF WAVE DAMAGE! ALL REACTORS SHOULD HAVE THE ABILITY TO SAFELY HAVE A PERSON PHYSICALLY LOOKING AT THE REACTOR RODS AT ALL TIMES AND A TRAINED STAFF THAT IS TRAINED TO MANUALLY PUMP THE WATER INTO THE POOL THAT HOLDS THE FUEL RODS ANY TIME IT IS NEEDED! ALL REACTORS COOLING ROD POOLS SHOULD BE RIGGED SO THAT IT HAS A HUGE WATER TANK NEXT TO THE POOL. ANY TIME THE WATER LEVEL GETS BELOW A CERTAIN LEVEL THEN WATER FROM THE RESERVOIR IS AUTOMATICALLY SUCKED INTO THE FUEL ROD POOL. THE SYSTEMS YOU USE TO COOL THE RODS RIGHT NOW ARE INADEQUATE! FIX THEM BEFORE YOU LOSE MORE REACTORS!!!!!!! FIX THE PROBLEM BEFORE IT DRIVES YOU BROKE AND POLLUTES THE WORLD! IF THE RADIOACTIVE POLLUTION STARTS MAKING IT’S WAY INTO THE OCEAN THEN THE WORLD IS IN DEEP TROUBLE!!! OUR FISH WILL BE AFFECTED AND OUR DIET OF THEM MEANS WE WILL BE AFFECTED. AS THE BP OIL SPILL KILLED THE FISH OF THE GULF AND THE ECONOMY IN THE AREA THE SITUATION IN JAPAN COULD POLLUTE THE OCEANS FOREVER!!!! IF WE CAN’T CONTAIN THE HEAT OR RADIATION AND THE MELTDOWN BEGINS WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO STOP THE PROBLEM FROM GOING INTO THE OCEAN!! THAT IS WHY WE NEED A SYSTEM SET UP WHERE AS IF WE EVER GET A PROBLEM WITH ANY NUCLEAR REACTORS WE THEN HAVE A TOP NOTCH TEAM OF EXPERTS READY TO ASSIST IN FIXING ANY PROBLEM THAT ARISES FROM THE OPERATION OF A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. WE CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO DO THE RIGHT THING WHEN IT COMES TO NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. WE HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN IN MIND ON HOW TO CONTAIN A MELTDOWN!! ALSO THE NATION OF JAPAN SHOULD START MOVING ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE AFFECTED AREAS INTO AREAS OF THE NATION THAT IS NOT AFFECTED BY THE QUAKE. HAVE YOUR COUNTRY’S PEOPLE TAKE IN ONE OR MORE PEOPLE TO HELP IN THE HEALING PROCESS. IF PEOPLE ARE OUT OF THE AREA THEN IT WILL GREATLY HELP THEM HEAL BUT IF THEY ARE THERE IN THE DISASTER AREA THEN THEY WILL NOT FORGET THAT HORRIBLE FEELING THEY HAVE RIGHT NOW. SET UP AN AIRPORT LANDING STRIP SOMEWHERE AND THEN START HELICOPTERING THE PEOPLE TO THE TEMPORARY AIRPORT WHERE THE PLANES COULD START FLYING THEM TO BETTER AREAS. OR BUS THEM OUT. WE NOW HAVE A VERY BIG PROBLEM WITH THE NUCLEAR REACTORS IN JAPAN. WE HAVE A MELTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO CONTAIN THIS DISASTER BEFORE IT CAUSES THE END OF THE OCEANS LIFE WHICH IN THE END MEANS THE END OF OUR LIFE BECAUSE RAIN COMES FROM EVAPORATION OF OCEAN WATER AND IF THE FISH BECOME ILL THEN SO WILL WE AND SO WILL THE PLANTS AND ANIMALS!!!!! THE FISH WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS DISASTER SO WE HAVE TO START THINKING OF NOT ONLY A WAY TO CONTAIN THE DISASTER BUT ALSO A WAY TO MAKE SURE THAT IT DOESN’T MELT INTO THE OCEAN. WE HAVE TO START THINKING ABOUT A CONTAINMENT BARRIER IN FRONT OF THE OCEANS SHORES. WE HAVE TO START BUILDING IT NOW WHILE WE CAN AND BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!! WE ALSO HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO BUILT A SOMETHING TO CONTAIN THE NUCLEAR PLANT’S MELTDOWN. WE CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE RUNNING THE SHOW AT THE COMPANY THAT OPERATE THESE POWER PLANTS ANY MORE RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONTROLLING THIS PROBLEM. THEY OBVIOUSLY CAN’T!!! SOMEBODY HAS TO STEP FORWARD AND FIX THIS PROBLEM!! WE NEED A PLAN!!! WHERE’S THE PLAN!!! MAYBE WE COULD PUT LEAD TENTS OVER PARTS OR ALL OF THE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. BUT WE HAVE TO START BUILDING SOME KIND OF CONTAINMENT FOR THE NUCLEAR MELTDOWN!!! ALSO YOU FOLKS AT GENERAL ELECTRIC, THE ONES WHO BUILT THESE REACTORS, HAVE TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO INSURE CONTINUOUS WATER FLOW TO ALL THEIR REACTORS AND THIS GOES FOR ALL BUILDERS AND OPERATORS OF NUCLEAR REACTORS OF ALL KINDS EVERYWHERE. WE CAN’T AFFORD TO HAVE A LACK OF WATER TO CAUSE SUCH A MELTDOWN PROBLEM AGAIN! YOU FOLKS IN JAPAN AND GENERAL ELECTRIC BETTER FIX THIS PROBLEM BECAUSE IF THIS MELTDOWN AFFECTS US THEN WE AREN’T GOING TO WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU ANYMORE!!!! YOU IN JAPAN COULD BECOME THE NEW HAITI!!! WAKE UP JAPAN!! WAKE UP WORLD!! DO THE RIGHT THING!!! BECAUSE OF THE PLANETS LINING UP AS THEY ARE AND MORE WATER IN THE OCEANS BECAUSE OF MELTDOWN OF ICE CAUSED BY GLOBAL WARMING THERE IS A LOT OF PRESSURE ON THE PLANETS PLATES THAT WE ALL STAND ON, SWIM IN OR CRAWL ON. YOU IN JAPAN WILL DEFINITELY BE FACING THIS VERY SAME SITUATION AGAIN IN THE NEAR FUTURE SO GET PROPERLY PREPARED FOR IF YOU DON’T THE NEXT ONE WILL PROBABLY WIPE YOU OUT!!!! It isn’t rocket science on how to figure out how to prevent a nuclear meltdown!!! It isn’t rocket science to figure out a way out of this mess!!! FIRST, EVERY NUCLEAR POWER STATION will have installed a MASSIVE WATER STORAGE SYSTEM IN EVERY BIT OF AVAILABLE SPACE AT EVERY PLANT to prevent this from ever happening again!!!! SECOND ALL nuclear reactors world wide then need to have EVERYBODY working at the power plant to be trained and skilled in how to operate the manual water pumping system at each nuclear power plant. This massive water storage system would take up all the space in the power plant that is not being used by anything else. By lowering the ceilings and narrowing some hallways and rooms and filling that space with containers that hold water we could store a lot of water at each power plant. Make it so that as many as these containers are hooked up together so that the water could flow from one container to another to the pool of water that is needed to cool each reactor. Make it so that each container of water could be empty into a container and transferred to the pool of cooling water if the continuous flow to the cooling pool is interrupted. WORLD WIDE EVERY NUCLEAR REACTOR AND NUCLEAR ROD HOLDING TANKS MUST BE DIRECTED TO HAVE A THREE DAY SUPPLY OF WATER ON SITE IN THE AREA OF THE COOLING POOLS!!!!!!! These workers at each plant have to realize as I’ m sure they do, that they are are last line of defense at every plant if something goes wrong. They have to put their lives on the line to stop whatever disaster is encountered and if they are not willing to do this then tell them to go find anther job. Now it would be good to only allow someone to be in the defense of the disabled power plant for only a little while and then be relieved by another worker but if no reinforcements arrive then the workers HAVE TO STAY AND FIGHT THE DISASTER TO THE BRINK OF IMMINENT DEATH!! Now basically the MAIN job in a disaster is to make sure that water stays in the cooling pools so the task is to have workers in full body lead suits working to make sure that water is ALWAYS in the pool. Use all means necessary even if it means manually pouring the water into the pool from the many water containers that will now be in ALL power plants. If the workers are in lead suits or something better like water and lead suit combination then the damage would be lowered more and hopefully enough to help the worker not to become ill from the encounter. Making a full body water suit that is overlapped by a multi-layered lead suit may help. Using a scuba diver air tank or equivalent for air breathing should help cut the risk of harm. Store enough air tanks to hold a while. As they wait for the cooling pool to need more water they could wait in a safe zone like a multi-layered lead curtain shelter next to the pools. Many lift trucks must available to move the water containers. Multiple ways to get to the cooling pools so that one can get water into the pools should be made. Lift devices that can be manually and electrically and battery operated should be put along each and every pool. A combination water pumping system that works electrically and a diesel powered pump system and a manually operated pump system will be at ALL nuclear power plants. Multiple water lines from the power plant running to a river or ocean that can automatically AND manually get water pumped into the power station when needed should be installed at ALL nuclear plants. These water lines will have multiple hookups inside and outside the plant so that the ability to combat an emergency is enhanced. A huge water tower should be built next to each nuclear power plant and all pools of water that have nuclear rods or nuclear material. To help stop the disaster that is going on right now try using offshore boats to pump water onto the disabled nuclear reactors. If the boats water sprayers can’t reach the nuclear power plants then have the boats spray the water into a multiple containers or dug up holes in the ground and then transfer that water somehow to the disaster. Or if you can hook up a water hose line all the way from the boats pumps to the disabled power plant. Use a helicopter to get to the highest point on the disabled power plant that you safely can with the water hose and start the massive spraying of water onto the disaster. Or hold onto the hose from the helicopter or helicopters. Use multiple helicopters to hold up the water hose if needed. Just hang a wire between them and tie the hose to the middle onto a device that you can use to direct the spray. Or take high ladder fire trucks to hold up the fire hoses. BUT DO SPRAY WATER ON ALL NUCLEAR VAPOR MIST OR SMOKE COMING FROM THE DISABLED NUCLEAR POWER PLANT BECAUSE IF YOU NOTICE FROM NEWS STORIES THE MIST GREATLY AND I MEAN GREATLY DIS ABATED WHEN THE PLUMES OF MIST ARE SHOWERED WITH WATER. SO TO GREATLY DECREASE ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION FROM A DISABLED NUCLEAR REACTOR SIMPLY SPRAY DOWN ALL VAPOR MIST COMING FROM A DISABLED NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. IN FACT KEEP A WATER SHOWER GOING OVER THE WHOLE SITE WHERE THE DISABLE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IS ALL THE TIME, DAY AND NIGHT!!!!!! THIS WAY YOU ARE ASSURED OF STOPPING A LOT OF THE RADIATION POLLUTION FROM GETTING FURTHER INTO THE WORLD!!! THINK ABOUT IT, IF THE WATER IN THE COOLING POOLS IS STOPPING MOST OF THE RADIATION FROM GETTING INTO THE AREA WHERE THE POOLS ARE LOCATED THEN WATER IS OBVIOUSLY AN INHIBITOR OF RADIATION MOLECULES!!! MAKING PROTECTIVE WATER /LEAD SUITS AND SPRAYING WATER ALL OVER EVERY INCH OF AN AREA OUTSIDE THE DISABLED NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IS A WAY TO DRASTICALLY LOWER THE DAMAGE FROM NUCLEAR RADIOACTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO WE SHOULD TRY TO INSTALL IN THESE DISABLED REACTORS AND ALL NUCLEAR REACTORS AND NUCLEAR STORAGE FACILITIES A VENTILATING SYSTEM WHERE ANY TIME VENTILATION IS NEEDED THIS SYSTEM KICKS IN AND DEFERRED THE AIR INTO A FILTERING SYSTEM MADE UP OF WATER MIST MIXED WITH SAND AND FILTERS. HECK THE BEST THING IS TO GET A HUGE TENT OR CURTAIN MADE UP OF LEAD AND WATER TO COVER THE WHOLE DISABLED POWER PLANT!! I JUST HEARD ON THE NEWS THAT THE RADIATION SHIELD TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY DOES MAKE PROTECTIVE MATERIAL THAT STOPS RADIATION!!! PLEASE SOMEONE AT THIS COMPANY MAKE THIS TENT AND SOMEONE BUY THIS COMPANY’S FULL BODY PROTECTION BODY SUITS AND TRANSFER THEM TO ALL THE WORKERS IN THE DAMAGED AREA FIGHTING THE DISASTER SO THAT THEY STAY ON THE JOB LONGER AND WON’T FEEL THAT THEY CAN ONLY WORK SHORT PERIODS. IT IS RIDICULOUS THAT WE HAVE AVAILABLE A RADIATION PROTECTION SUIT AND YET THE ONES WHO ARE SUPPOSE TO FIX THIS PROBLEM ARE SAYING THEY CAN’T WORK BECAUSE OF RADIATION FEARS!!! WE NEED TO HAVE THOSE FIREFIGHTERS HOSING DOWN THIS DISASTER TO BE ABLE TO HAVE AS MANY TRUCKS ON THIS DISASTER AS THEY CAN!!! DON’T MAKE THE TENT AIR TIGHT BUT MAKE IT SO THAT THEIR ARE MANY OVERLAPPING STRIPS OF MATERIAL MAKING UP THE TENT. THIS WAY A PRESSURE RELEASE OF BUILT OF STUFF INSIDE THE REACTOR CAN GET VENTILATED AND DOESN’T CAUSE AN EXPLOSION FROM TOO MUCH BUILDUP OF PRESSURE. INSTALL WATER HOOKUPS, LIGHTS, CAMERA AND DIRECT-ABLE WATER HOSES ON THE UNDERNEATH OF THE TENT SPRAYING WATER ONTO THE REACTOR AND YOU SOLVED YOUR DISABLED NUCLEAR POWER PLANT PROBLEMS!!!! ALSO ON THE BOTTOM OF THE TENT HANG LARGE AIR VACUUM SUCTION TUBES INTO THE DISASTER AREA TO VACUUM ANY POLLUTED AIR. RADIATION MONITORS WOULD DIRECT THE TUBES AROUND. VENT THE AIR INTO A MIST CHAMBER MADE UP OF SAND AND WATER. THEN BURY IT AND THE REACTOR WHEN YOU ARE DONE AND MAKE SURE NO RAIN WATER CAN GET IN TO CAUSE RAIN RUNOFF PROBLEMS IN THE FUTURE!!! IF THE TENT IDEA ALONE WON’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM THEN MAKE A HUGE WATER POOL MADE UP OF STRONG THICK PLASTIC AND THE RADIATION SHIELD MATERIAL MADE BY RADIATION SHIELD TECHNOLOGIES REINFORCED WITH CABLES AROUND THE DISABLED NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS AND FILL IT WITH WATER. SEND EQUIPMENT IN THE WATER AND ONCE THE FUEL RODS HAVE COOLED DOWN EITHER BURY THEM OR REMOVE THEM TO BE TRANSFERRED TO SOMEWHERE SAFE. WE SHOULD HAVE THESE TENTS AND PLANS READY TO GO WORLD WIDE AND IMMEDIATELY TRANSFERRED TO ANY DISABLED NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS!! A QUICK WORD ON THE MIDDLE EAST WARS. IF YOU LOOK AT LIBYA T.V. PROGRAMS ABOUT THE WAR YOU WILL SEE THAT THE PEOPLE CHEERING ON THE GOVERNMENT OF LIBYA ARE ALL STAGED!!! THE PEOPLE ARE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS FAMILIES AND PAID SUPPORTERS AND IN NO WAY REPRESENTS THE FEELINGS OF THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE OF LIBYA. SO GET OVER THERE PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD AND FREE AGAIN ANOTHER NATION!!!! A NEW BETTER NORTHERN AFRICA AWAITS US ALL!!! BACK TO THE NUCLEAR MELTDOWN PROBLEM IN JAPAN. If you look at an aerial view of the disabled reactors you will see that you have tall electrical line towers surrounding the power plants. Use these towers to string cables onto them and then hang water hoses onto it that are directed toward the disabled reactor. Then you can use the cable to lower and raise workers and equipment onto and into the disabled reactor. Make the cables of graphite steel so that there is less weight strain on the towers but maybe we’ll have to also put a cast iron line made up of multiple cast iron links for flex ability instead to withstand the heat if there is that problem. Or maybe wrap fire proof material around the graphite cable. Put cameras onto the cables and lower them into the nuclear reactors to assess the damage and to help in the work that needs to be done. ALSO WE SHOULDN’T ALLOW THE STORAGE OF FUEL RODS AT NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS THAT ARE VULNERABLE TO MAJOR EARTHQUAKES AND TSUNAMI. AND THOSE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS SHOULD HAVE ON SITE A SEVEN DAY SUPPLY OF WATER FOR EACH REACTOR COOLING POOL! ALL REACTORS WORLD WIDE THAT ARE VULNERABLE TO TSUNAMIS SHOULD HAVE A WATER PROOF WRAP PUT AROUND THEIR REACTOR BUILDINGS AND ALL SUPPORT BUILDINGS. ALSO ALL AROUND THE BUILDINGS THEY SHOULD HAVE WAVE PROTECTION BARRIERS PUT UP. Perhaps around the reactors we should put up high round pyramids with holes on top so that if needed poles can be stuck into the holes to use for hanging cables onto to work on the disabled reactor. To help to put water into the reactors bring in high cranes or put up a scaffold next to the reactor. Now a message to ALL nuclear power workers world wide. It is way beyond time for you to come to the rescue of your industry. Japan’s nuclear meltdown situation that happened could derail the public’s enthusiasm for nuclear power. ALL OF YOU IN THE NUCLEAR POWER INDUSTRY MUST TAKE IT UPON YOURSELVES TO DO ALL YOU CAN TO HELP SOLVE THIS MESS AND ASSURE THE WORLD THAT IT IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!! JOIN IN AND HELP JAPAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!!YOUR REPUTATION IS ON THE LINE!!! Now I have e-mail this web page to numerous nuclear power companies in America and Japan and have yet to see any response. So I guess nuclear power companies answer to anyone having a problem with nuclear power plants is that YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!! WELL THANKS A LOT NUCLEAR POWER PEOPLE!!! YOU NUCLEAR POWER PEOPLE CREATE A MONSTER AND WHEN THE MONSTER GETS LOOSE AND UNCONTROLLABLE YOU SAY WE ARE ON OUR OWN AND THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND JOIN TOGETHER TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!! One other thing Japan!!! Don’t let the contaminated water runoff go into the oceans. The people of the world live off the fish of the oceans and we don’t need for that food source to become contaminated. If the fish start developing cancers that means whoever eats the fish may become sick too! Don’t mess with fish, the main source of protein for the majority of the people of the Far East. Make water runoff ponds and then dispose of the water safely. Now a word about airborne nuclear reactive molecules. I don’t give a damn how strong a airborne nuclear molecule is no match for a water molecule. The water molecule will overtake the the airborne nuclear molecule every time. SO PLEASE START SPRAYING WATER INTO THE AIR ABOVE THE REACTORS SO THAT WE CAPTURE ANY NUCLEAR MOLECULES FLOATING OUT INTO THE ATMOSPHERE. MILLIONS OF DROPS OF WATER WILL SURELY CAPTURE WHATEVER NUCLEAR MOLECULE IS COMING OUT OF THESE DISABLED REACTORS. NOT ONE MOLECULE SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE IT THROUGH A STRONG MIST SPRAY!!! SO PLEASE EVERYBODY CALL RADIATION SHIELD TECHNOLOGIES AT 1-866-733-6766 AND TELL THEM THAT YOU WANT TO PUT MONEY INTO THE FUND THAT WILL PUT THESE TENTS OVER ALL OF THE DISABLED NUCLEAR REACTORS AND BUY RADIATION PROOF BODY SUITS FOR ALL OF THE WORKERS!!!I am now going to continue adding on information about the Japan nuclear reactor meltdown in this section of the web page from now on. So if you want my opinion about the nuclear reactor problems and what to do about it then just keep reading on from this point on to where I change subjects. Now I think that the best way to build this tent is to think of the way that they build those tents that they put over houses to fumigate them for bugs. But on the side at the top make it look like a drive by mail box looks like but as the tent vees up away from the structure there will be a w shape to it so that as exhaust from the reactor is leaving the reactor it will go twice or three times through a water shower chamber shaped in the shape of multiple w’s going upward. Put the shower nossels at the sides of the w and the drain at the bottom of the w.This whole water showering part will be up an away from the reactor so that water won’t get into areas where it is not wanted. Have this water mist shower ventilating system designed all around the reactor so that easy ventilation happens and no buildup occurs. If chemicals or other additives or ways can be added to this water filtering plan go for it!! If we can make a sticky board on top of the venting vents where a strong fan would blow all molecules at the sticky board and nuclear molecules ones would stick. I’m hearing that the radiation levels are rising and that they are finding radiation in the ocean. FOLKS WE GOT TO DO SOMETHING QUICKLY!!! LET’S GET THAT TENT BUILT NOW!!!! I’m hearing that the wwater coming out of the reactor has very high levels of radiation. DO NOT DUMP THIS WATER INTO THE OCEAN!!! DO NOT LET THIS RADIATION CONTAMINATED WATER GET INTO THE OCEAN IN ANY WAY!!! GET AS MANY CONTAINERS AS YOU CAN TO HOLD THIS WATER UNTIL YOU CAN PROPERLY DISPOSE OF IT!! WORLD WIDE WE CAN SURELY FIND THE CONTAINERS TO HOLD THE WATER! IT IS BECOMING MORE OBVIOUS BY THE DAY THAT THE PEOPLE AT THE REACTOR TRYING TO CONTROL THE PROBLEM CANNOT!! IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN CANNOT FIX THESE PROBLEMS!! SO IT’S UP TO US TO SAVE OURSELVES FROM THIS DISASTER!!! STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING EVERYBODY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!! It has now become obvious that the government of Japan does not care about humanity and all of the other life on Earth. The Government of Japan lets this disaster become worse by the day and lets the company who is responsible for the disabled power plants make one mistake after another! WE ARE ALL DOOMED IF WE CONTINUE TO LET THIS SITUATION TO BE SOLVED BY THOSE THAT CAN’T! The federal and cities governments of Japan has already gotten this web page from me and they won’t even move those unfortunate people out of the damage area and into a normal area. Why the people of Japan don’t take these people out of the damaged area and put them up in every schools gym or anyone else s stadium or place of worship or any other space out of the damaged area is beyond me. It’s like if after the hurricane that flooded the New Orleans area we were to just leave the people in the area to sit in the disaster area. BUT IF THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT TAKING CARE OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE THEN WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF OUR NEEDS!!!! THE NEED TO GET THIS PROBLEM SOLVED IS OUR NEED!!!! GOT THAT JAPAN!!! UNTIL YOU, JAPAN, GET THIS PROBLEM SOLVED WE THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO STOP BUYING ANYTHING MADE IN JAPAN!!!! STOP BUYING JAPANESE CARS AND TRUCKS!!! THAT SHOULD WAKE YOU UP JAPAN AND MAKE YOU SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!! THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN ARE NOW LETTING THIS CONTAMINATED WATER SEEP INTO THE OCEAN. THE DECEASES ASSOCIATE WITH THIS TYPE OF CONTAMINATION WILL BE AROUND FOR MANY MANY YEARS!!! WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO SAVE OUR OCEANS BECAUSE ONCE IT GOES SO DO WE!! I cannot believe that ALL of you people stand by and do nothing while the worst disaster that we face is getting worse by the day! When there is a plane crash you have the government come in and solve why it happened and how we can prevent it from happening again. WHEN A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT HAS A PROBLEM AND GOES INTO MELTDOWN WE STAND BY AND DO NOTHING. WE LEAVE IT UP TO THE NUCLEAR POWER COMPANY TO SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEM. WHY? WHEN WE FLY WE ARE MORE PROTECTED THEN WE ARE FACED WITH A NUCLEAR MELTDOWN PROBLEM THAT COULD AFFECT US ALL A WHOLE LOT WORSE. IT’S TIME WE SET UP A GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY WHO CAN POOL THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF NUCLEAR MELTDOWN PROBLEMS AND EMPOWER THEM TO IMPLEMENT THEIR SOLUTIONS TO A NUCLEAR MELTDOWN HAPPENING ANYWHERE. Read from this point on for more information about the nuclear reactor meltdown problem which will be written soon. Now a quick word on the Middle East wars. I get a kick out of these Republicans. If they were ever to say anything nice about President Obama I guess they would probably get kick out of the Republican party. President Obama handled this Libyan war very good. The people of Libya will soon drive Kadaffi out of town. Behind the protective shields of the NATO forces the people soon shall take over Libya. Settle down all of you skeptics, the war will be over soon!! The President and leaders of other nations are just doing a slow less killing secretive approach to this war and if you Republicans aren’t understandable of that then that’s too bad!! The Republican gun tooting diplomacy has caused our country enough harm!!! It is nice to have a President who can stir the world through so many revolutions while not losing one American life!! And it is nice having the people of the areas in revolutions look up to our President Barack Obama!!!!! It is good to have the Arab community hold America in such high regard!! It is good to have a president who wants to win battles without having the USA troops doing the direct fighting. THERE ARE MORE WAYS TO WIN A WAR WITHOUT HAVING OUR TROOPS STICKING THEIR NECKS OUT!! GOT THAT REPUBLICANS!! IF WE WOULD HAVE MARCHED OUR TROOPS IN RIGHT AWAY AS SEN MCCAIN AND THE REST OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY SAYING WE SHOULD HAVE THEN WE WOULD OF HAD ONE HECK OF A BLOODY MESS. IF WE WOULD OF WENT IN WHEN KADAFFI HAD ALL OR MOST OF HIS TROOPS IN TRIPOLI THEN WE WOULD OF HAD TO FACE A CONCENTRATED STRONG ENEMY. INSTEAD OUR PRESIDENT LET KADAFFI’S TROOPS GET ALL THE WAY STRETCHED FAR AWAY FROM TRIPOLI BEFORE HE BOMBED THEM. TAKING OUT MANY OF KADAFFI’S BEST TROOPS OUT IN THE OPEN MADE THEM EASY TARGETS. GREATLY WEAKENING KADAFFI OUR PRESIDENT IS NOW PUTTING ON THE SLOW SQUEEZE TIL KADAFFI GOES. IT’S NICE TO HAVE A WAR AND BE VICTORIOUS WITHOUT LOSING A SOLDIERS LIVE. I’M SURE ALL THOSE IN THE MILITARY ARE GRATEFUL AND HAPPY. YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY TOO!!! Now back to America’s budget wars. America is in the mist of a revolution over it’s government’s budget. After the Republicans CAUSED the country to slip into a recession President Obama had to somehow save our country from slipping into a depression and complete financial ruin. So President Obama had to borrow and spend our way out of this financial mess that the Republicans handed our country. However in doing so President Obama single handily destroyed the Democratic party by going too far and spending all he could on anything he could. By violating the voters rule of being economically responsible with taxpayer money President Obama gave the Republicans ammunition to again attack America with more of their con games on how to run our country. Of course we would not be in as much of a financial bind as we are today if President Obama had NOT extended the Bush tax cuts for two more years but he was scared that our country would sink further into a recession if he didn’t cave in to the extortion ways of the dictatorial Republican Party and give the Republicans what they wanted while getting some of the things that the President wanted. In putting off till the next election the fight for what we should do President Obama set up our country for the present budget wars we are now in. As much as President Obama has in one way or another disappointed EVERYBODY in America we would be a whole lot more disappointed if the Republicans ran the whole government. For the Republicans are STILL talking about their VOODOO ECONOMIC PLANS OF GIVING TAX BREAKS TO THE RICH AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYONE ELSE!! Now we have the latest Republican scheme to balance the budget by changing the way Medicate and Medicare are run. The Republicans want to give retirees money to go buy their own health insurance and give states money to care for their sick. However as we all know insurance companies make you pay a YEARLY deductible before they pay for anything so ARE YOU SENIOR CITIZENS READY TO PAY OUT OF YOUR POCKET YEARLY FOR EXPENSES THAT YOU WILL NEED EVERY YEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! ARE YOU SENIOR CITIZENS READY TO LET THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY DECIDE WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WILL HAVE MEDICALLY DONE TO YOU!!! DO YOU SENIORS THINK THAT ANY OF YOU ARE GOING TO BE EXEMPT FROM THIS REPUBLICAN SCHEME OF RIDDING THE REPUBLICANS OF ANY MORE RESPONSIBILITY OF CARING FOR THE POOR AND ELDERLY. AMERICA, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY OUT OF THIS FINANCIAL MESS WE ARE IN AND THAT IS MY BETTER AMERICA PLAN WAY OF DELIVERING HEALTH CARE FOR THE POOR AND ELDERLY!!! WE HAVE TO TAKE OUT AS MUCH OF THE CAPITALISM AS WE CAN OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE AND WE HAVE TO REQUIRE THOSE THAT BENEFIT FROM IT TO PITCH IN AND HELP THEMSELVES!!! Now onto the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It has been a year since BP oil spill and neither BP or our government are doing ANYTHING to finish up the job of cleaning up this oil from the Gulf. Millions of gallons of oil has sunken to the bottom of the Gulf and the oil has now sunken to the deepest part of the Gulf where it is very hard to get at. Of course BP and OUR GOVERNMENT LED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA ARE TOTALLY IGNORING THE FACT THAT THERE ARE STILL MILLIONS OF GALLONS IN THE GULF THAT WE HAVE NOT RETRIEVED. AFTER THE WAY BP HAS ACTED SO FAR WE WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED BY THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR BUT TO HAVE OUR PRESIDENT OBAMA AND HIS ADMINISTRATION TO ALSO ACT SO IRRESPONSIBLE IS BEYOND BELIEF AND DISGUSTING!!! ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN I GIVE PRESIDENT OBAMA A FOUR ON HOW HE HANDLED OUR ENVIRONMENT PROBLEMS. IT’S STARTING TO APPEAR THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA IS ALL TALK AND NO SOLUTION TO MANY OF OUR ENVIRONMENT PROBLEMS. PRESIDENT OBAMA IS BECOMING A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT IN MANY WAYS ESPECIALLY IN THE ENVIRONMENTAL ARENA. BUT THEN PRESIDENT OBAMA IS MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN THE REPUBLICANS WOULD BE SO WE ARE STUCK WITH THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS. WE HAVE GOT TO SOMEHOW GET THIS OIL OUT OF OUR GULF. JUST BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SEE THE OIL DOES NOT MEAN IT IS NOT THERE. THE FISH KNOWS IT’S THERE AND THE FISH ARE BECOMING DEFORMED FROM IT. SCUBA DIVERS SEE THE OIL DOWN THERE AND SAY IT COVERS THE CAVES AND THE REST OF THE AREA AROUND THE SPILL. THE OIL IS NOW IN AREAS THAT IS GOING TO MAKE IT VERY VERY HARD TO GET AT TO RETRIEVE. THINK OF THE GULF LIKE IT WAS A BOWL. PUT SOME OIL AT THE TOP OF THE BOWL AND IT WILL MAKE IT’S WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BOWL. THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR GULF. THE GULF IS SHAPED LIKE A BOWL. WHEN THIS SPILL FIRST HAPPENED MANY PEOPLE INFORMED BP, OUR GOVERNMENT AND THE PUBLIC THAT THERE WAS MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF OIL FLOATING UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE OF THE WATER. BP AND OUR PRESIDENT AND HIS GOVERNMENT TOTALLY IGNORED THIS FACT AND EVEN SENT A SHIP THAT WAS CAPABLE OF SIPHONING UP MUCH OF THIS OIL HOME WITHOUT USING IT. NOW THE FISH AND ALL OTHER LIVING THINGS IN THE GULF ARE STARTING TO PHYSICALLY SHOW THE EFFECTS OF THIS OIL SPILL ON THEIR HEALTH. AS TIME GOES ON WE HUMANS WHO EAT THIS FISH AND OTHER FOODS FROM THE GULF WILL BECOME INGESTED WITH THE TOXINS THAT THE FISH ABSORBED AND GOD KNOWS WHAT EFFECT THAT WILL HAVE ON US. WE HAVE TO GET BP TO GET DOWN THERE IN THE GULF AND FINISH CLEANING UP THIS MESS AND THE ONLY WAY WE ARE GOING TO GET BP TO DO THIS IS TO BOYCOTT BP OIL UNTIL THEY CLEAN UP THEIR MESS. JOIN IN THE WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT OF BP OIL. LET’S SHOW BP AND THE REST OF THE BUSINESSES OF THE WORLD THAT THEY BETTER NOT MESS UP OUR ENVIRONMENT WHEN THEY DO BUSINESS OR ELSE THEY WILL PAY FOR IT!!! PASS THE WORD OF THE BOYCOTT ONTO EVERYONE UNTIL EVERYONE BOYCOTTS BP OIL!!! It is now coming up to the hurricane season and I’ll bet you a dollar three eighty that there won’t be a hurricane developing in the Gulf of Mexico this year just like there wasn’t any developing last year all because of the Gulf oil spill caused by BP OIL Company. If you look at the weather maps for the Gulf you will see that not much moisture at all develops around the oil spill area. Hurricanes needs moisture to grow upon and the hurricanes always seek out the parts of the Earth that can give itself the most moisture. As much as this may please some folks on the coast line in the Gulf that they won’t have to again worry about damage from the hurricanes we need the rain in the Gulf to bring fresh water to the Gulf. If very little fresh water gets into the Gulf then all the polluted water coming into the Gulf from the polluted Mississippi river will be mixing with all the polluted water caused caused by the oil spill and this mixture is a recipe for disaster. The oxygen content of the water will be lessened and the fish will be affected in some way by it. Hopefully the fish will flee the area and move onto other ares of the ocean but fish are programed to go to certain parts of the ocean at different times of the year and many fish don’t know how to recognize pollution until it’s too late. Many more species of fish life live in the areas that are affected by these pollutants and have no where else to go or lack the ability to escape the disaster they encounter. So you see we have to somehow get this oil out of the Gulf! UNDERSTAND THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA AND BP OIL!!! WE HUMANS AND FISH DON’T WANT TO GO SWIMMING AND FISHING IN A POLLUTED BOWL OF WATER!!! Well it is now the end of April and our nation is experiencing some huge deadly tornadoes. These tornadoes are unlike anything that we have seen but because of the BP Gulf oil spill they will for this year and very possibly next year be a common happening in the Southeastern part of our country. WHY? Because tornadoes are formed by cold and hot air meeting and because of the winds currents when they meet the cold air meets the hot air and starts circulating. The cold air sinks as the hot air rises and because of the wind currents this starts a swirling effect. Because the BP Gulf oil spill dried up the Gulf stream we now have much much more hot air coming out of the Gulf moving up North with the Gulf stream. Since the beginning of time this Gulf stream use to bring moisture from the Gulf up North to the Southeastern part of the USA where it would meet with the currents coming from the Pacific which then crossed over the Rocky Mountains where the currents pick up cold weather. HOWEVER IF YOU WOULD LOOK AT THE CURRENT WEATHER MAPS THERE IS HARDLY ANY IF ANY MOISTURE COMING OUT OF THE GULF AND TRAVELING UP NORTH. THERE USE TO BE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MOISTURE COMING OUT OF THE GULF AND TRAVELING UP NORTH WITH THE GULF STREAM BUT ABOUT 20 TO 25 YEARS AGO THAT WAS DRASTICALLY LESSENED EVERY YEAR SINCE THEN. NOW WITH THE BP OIL SPILL THERE ISN’T HARDLY ANY AT ALL!!!!! Due to the fact that there is now more water in our oceans due to global warming and the melting of the North and South pole ice there is a lot of moisture coming from the Pacific currents but there is very little moisture coming from the Gulf currents. Also due to the fact that the planets all line up now there is more pull on the Earths magnetic field and this causes more pulling on the Earths wind forces and global plates. Also the lining up of the planets means less solar rays are reaching Earth from the Sun which means longer and colder cold periods during the year. The lack of moisture coming out of the Gulf gives a tornado more power because moisture will hold down the ability for a tornado to get stronger because moisture cools down the air. As raindrops fall from the clouds above they are leaving an area that is near 32 degrees below zero, that is until we dumb ass humans decided to put 500 to 2300 degree flying machine airplanes up there. This rain cooled the air so tornadoes couldn’t get that big because there wasn’t enough hot air meeting the cold air. But now because of the BP Gulf oil spill there is much much more hot air in the Southeastern part of the USA. That is why there won’t be any of these massive tornadoes in Kansas where many tornadoes usually happen. These massive tornadoes will be happening in the South from 100 miles west of Mississippi River to the border of Giorgia. So all you folks in Alabama and Louisiana have better start making plans to protect yourselves from these deadly tornadoes that will be happening again to your part of the country. I ADVISE ALL OF YOU LIVING IN LOUISIANA AND ALABAMA TO PUT TORNADO PROOF SHELTERS IN YOUR HOMES. THESE SHELTERS WILL BE THICK STRONG METAL CLOSETS IN YOUR HOUSE THAT WILL BE STRONGLY BOLTED TO THE CONCRETE FOUNDATION OF YOUR HOME. OR PUT A CROSSED STEEL REINFORCED THICK CONCRETE CLOSET STRONGLY ATTACHED TO THE FOUNDATION IN YOUR HOME. YOU FOLKS LIVING IN TRAILER HOMES COULD PUT A TORNADO PROOF CLOSET IN YOUR TRAILER AND ATTACH IT TO A STEEL REINFORCED FOUNDATION THAT IS STRONGLY EMBEDDED INTO THE GROUND.PUT A WIND ALARM ON YOUR HOUSE AND HAVE DRILLS TO GET EVERYONE IN YOUR HOUSE PRACTICE IN GETTING INTO THESE TORNADO PROOF CLOSETS SO THAT YOU ARE READY FOR THE NEXT BIG TORNADO BECAUSE THEY WILL BE HAPPENING AGAIN!!! SO WE HAVE BP TO BLAME FOR THESE WICKED TORNADOES AND IT’S TIME FOR PAYBACK TIME!!!! AND SEEING THAT THERE IS SKY HIGH COST OF GASOLINE AND RECORD PROFITS FOR THE OIL COMPANIES IT IS ABOUT TIME THAT WE THE CONSUMERS START FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THOSE THAT EXPLOIT OUR NEEDS!!! IT’S TIME WE THE CONSUMERS START A GAS WAR TO LOWER THE PRICE OF OIL. WE WILL BOYCOTT BP OIL, MOBIL OIL AND EXXON OIL UNTIL THEY LOWER THEIR PRICE OF THEIR OIL BY 20 CENTS. THEN ONCE THEY LOWER THEIR PRICE OF OIL THEN WE WILL BOYCOTT THE REST OF THE OIL COMPANIES UNTIL THEY LOWER THEIR PRICE OF OIL. THEN ONCE THEY LOWER THEIR OIL PRICE WE WILL AGAIN BOYCOTT BP OIL, MOBIL OIL AND EXXON OIL UNTIL THEY AGAIN LOWER THEIR PRICE OF OIL. WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO THIS UNTIL THE OIL COMPANIES PROFITS COME DOWN TO A REASONABLE LEVEL!!!!!!! THEN ONCE WE GET OIL PRICES DOWN TO A REASONABLE LEVEL WE WILL NO LONGER BUY BP OIL!!!!! JOIN IN THE FIGHT TO SAVE YOUR LIVE AND YOUR ECONOMY!!! DON’T WIMP OUT AMERICA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD!!! I’VE BEEN TRYING SINCE 1975 TO GET THIS BOYCOTT STARTED AND IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU ALL STOP BENDING OVER AND GETTING SCREWED BY THE OIL COMPANIES!!!! JOIN THE BOYCOTT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We now have the Senate hearings on the way the oil companies operate and the oil companies hustler excuses on why they need their tax subsidies to operate. The Democrats are trying to end these tax write offs and the Republicans are going to MAKE SURE that these subsidies last an as long as they CONTROL either the House of Representatives or the Senate or the Presidency. So I hope ALL of you folks who have voted for these Republicans are HAPPY paying these high gas prices BECAUSE YOU ARE the ones who are CAUSING EVERYONE to have to continuously pay for high gas prices. The argument that the oil companies NEEDS these tax write offs to operate is ridiculous because with their high profits they would drill for oil with or without these operating cost tax write offs. THESE OIL COMPANIES TAX WRITE OFFS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN ANOTHER REPUBLICAN WELFARE PROGRAM FOR THE RICH!!! AS THE REPUBLICANS COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYONE ELSE GETTING GOVERNMENT WELFARE THE REPUBLICANS DO THEIR BEST TO GET ALL THE WELFARE THEY CAN!!! THE REPUBLICANS ARE PREVENTING ANY LEGISLATION THAT WOULD STOP THE OIL SPECULATION MARKET SCAMS THAT ARE DRIVING UP THE COST OF OIL BY AS MUCH AS 40 PERCENT!!!! ALL THESE REPUBLICANS DO IS PROTECT THE CAPITALISTIC PIGS AS THEY FINANCIALLY ROB ALL THE MONEY THEY CAN IN ANY WAY THEY CAN!!!!!!!! THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TRIES TO BRAG THAT THEY ARE ARE THE PARTY OF LINCOLN AND THAT THEY ENDED SLAVERY BUT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF TODAY IS DOING THEIR BEST TO MAKE ALL OF US THEIR SLAVES!!!!!!!!!!! AND PRESIDENT LINCOLN WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE A MEMBER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF TODAY!!!! SO REPUBLICANS, STOP USING PRESIDENT LINCOLN’S NAME TO PROMOTE YOURSELVES!!! PRESIDENT LINCOLN WOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOU REPUBLICANS!!!! ALSO PRESIDENT REAGAN WOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE WAY YOU REPUBLICANS HAVE DESTROYED OUR COUNTRY WITH THE WAY YOUR POLICIES HAVE DESTROYED US ECONOMICALLY!!!! SO STOP USING HIS NAME TOO!!!///////////////// Well someone finally found Osama bin Laden. It took long enough. President Obama took just one year and eight months to find Bin Laden. However former President Bush had seven years to find Bin Laden and couldn’t. Yet the Republicans want the Bush administration to get some credit for the apprehension of Bin Laden. WHY?!!! The most incompetent President ever George Bush couldn’t find Bin Laden even though Bin Laden was living in a somehow safe house just a mile or so from a Pakistani military complex for many years while Bush was President. If former President Bush deserves any credit it is credit for provoking Bin Laden to initiate the horrors of 9-11. Bin Laden initiated 9-11 because of the way former President Bush treated Yassir Arafat and the Palestinians and how as President Bush allowed Israel to antagonize the Palestinians in any way they wanted to. WE have been at war in the Middle East ever since the Israeli and Arab war started in 1967 and 1972. This conflict is STILL going on TODAY!!! Now Israel wants to make Jerusalem their capital. Another obstacle to peace Israel wants to create. After taking over the Palestinians land with settlements they want to create more havoc by moving their capital to Jerusalem. It’s about time WE THE PEOPLE of the world step in and say that Jerusalem is Capital of Religions and no nation is going to make Jerusalem their capital. After all how does Israel expect to move their capital to Jerusalem? There is not enough room in Jerusalem to offer office space and housing to ALL the government officials of the Israeli government. Also the traffic congestion caused by this move would devastate Jerusalem. So stop being so self centered all you Jews and President Obama it’s about time you make peace in the land of the Palestinians because there is no peace in the Middle East until there is peace in Palestine!!! GET THE JOB DONE PRESIDENT OBAMA OR WE’LL HAVE TO GET A WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT OF ALL JEWISH PEOPLE WORLDWIDE STARTED!!!! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT ISRAEL!!!//////////// Now back to the BP Gulf oil spill. We now are into spring and all the melting snow has been running down the many rivers of central USA and emptying into the Mississippi River. Now our Gulf of Mexico will be turned into the Gulf of Pollutants!!! With ALL the pesticides and pollutants mixing with All the oil still in the Gulf from the BP oil spill the Gulf will be a waste bucket. The fish and other wildlife in the Gulf are going to suffer tremendously us humans will be swimming and fishing in this waste bucket. Already Texas is experiencing the worst drought that they have in years. The sand storms of the past may soon be returning to Texas. If you look at the lower part of the USA that surrounds the Gulf you will see that there is not much rain clouds and there isn’t much rain. The Gulf jet stream exist no more. Texas feels it and the area directly around the BP oil spill feels it. The rains come to the northern part of the Gulf states but the southern part of the Gulf states don’t get much rain. So in Texas with it’s dry sandy land it feels it worse than the other Gulf states. Here in Florida we don’t get the big storms that we use to at this time of the year. Sure we get some clouds in the sky but they are nothing like the clouds before the Gulf oil spill. And the rain surely is not the same. There isn’t enough water evaporation coming from the Gulf into the clouds to create the rains that we had before the Gulf oil spill. Luckily for the rest of the nation there is much water evaporation coming from the Pacific air stream and the snow cover mountain tops of the Rockies to give the rest of the nation some rain but the lower Gulf states will suffer. It also looks like there won’t be any hurricanes in the Gulf again this year as the hurricanes will once again bypass the Gulf and travel from Africa to all the way across the southern part of Mexico and into the Pacific. The southern part of Mexico will see some wicked storms and flooding this year. Be prepared Mexico!!! Maybe we can get Mexico to clean up this oil spill since BP and OUR GOVERNMENT WON’T!!! WAKE UP BARACK AND DO YOUR JOB!!! GET THIS OIL OUT OF THE GULF!!! THIS DISASTER WILL BE WITH US FOR MANY YEARS UNLESS WE GET THIS OIL OUT OF THE GULF!!!! NOW TO GET MORE VOTES PRESIDENT OBAMA WANTS TO OPEN UP MORE OFFSHORE AREAS TO OIL DRILLING EVEN THOUGH THE POSSIBILITY THAT ANOTHER SPILL MAY HAPPEN AGAIN BECAUSE THE TECHNOLOGY TO PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN IS NOT SURE PROOF!!! THANKS A LOT BARACK, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO CALL YOU THE PANDERING PRESIDENT THE WAY YOU ARE GOING!!! WAKE UP AMERICA, WE COULD DRILL EVERY AVAILABLE OFF SHORE OIL PIT AND THE PRICE OF OIL WILL NOT COME DOWN. THOSE GREEDY CAPITALISTIC PIGS IN THE OIL INDUSTRY ARE STILL GOING TO MATCH WHATEVER PRICE THE ARABS SET!!! OUR PRICE OF OIL HAS NEVER COME DOWN NO MATTER HOW MUCH OIL THE USA PRODUCES!!! IT HASN’T YET AND IT NEVER WILL!!! THE OIL COMPANIES ARE OUT TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CAN AND WITH THE REPUBLICANS CONTROLLING ANY PART OF OUR GOVERNMENT THE OIL COMPANIES ALWAYS WILL!!! THE ONLY WAY FOR THE PRICE OF TO COME DOWN IS FOR US AMERICANS TO OWN AND DRILL AND SELL THIS OIL TO OURSELVES JUST AS VENEZUELA HAS DONE!!! WHY DO YOU THINK THAT THAT COUNTRY DOESN’T HAVE THE PRESSURES OF THE HIGH COST OF OIL LIKE WE DO!!! This is a message to all of you gay guys and lesbians out there who are having a fit that the Federal Government and President Obama won’t legalize marriage between gay and lesbian people throughout the nation. Give up on your Federal Government legalizing Gay and lesbian marriage wish. Our country simply cannot afford to legalize gay and lesbian marriage on the Federal level throughout America. If we did it would further drive our country broke. It’s bad enough that somehow we taxpayers got hustled into giving Social Security benefits to widows and I still don’t understand why we allowed that. After all why is it that we tax payers have to pay for many many years of benefits to someone’s lover, maid, cook, child care giver who is their marriage partner. Why can’t the rest of us when we die leave our benefits to our lovers or other relatives? And if we were allowed to our country would be more broke than it is right now. We have to come up with ideas on how to get our country out of the financial jam it is right now not figure out how to drive our country more broke! And in saying that under my better America plan we should make all widows and those who some day may seek widow benefits to have to work in nursing homes to earn the benefits that they get or are going to get. So it’s nothing against you gays and lesbians personally, we just can’t afford to allow gay and lesbian marriage at the federal level.So give up all your complaining about the federal government not allowing you to marry. Get your marriage at the state level but remember at the federal level it can’t be done. Now we can give you gays and lesbians certain rights on a Federal level and the states should do that now but stop gripping at President Obama and the Democrats for not allowing you to marry at the Federal level. After all the Democrats have given you many more rights than the Republicans ever will. And the Republicans aren’t inclined to give you any more rights!!! You know that is a fact!!!////// Now onto the way the Armed Forces fight wars. I just like to say that I did send all of this information to President Obama at the White House but as usual they ignore me. That is why I’m running for President of the United States. All Barack Obama and the White House does is send me request to send them money, well they forget it! It’s about time that the Armed services start fighting wars in a whole new way. We have to employ modern technology when we sent our troops out onto the battle field. We can’t keep putting their lives on the line fighting wars the same way we did in the Revolutionary War. We have to stop making our troops stick their heads up out of a bunker as they take aim at the enemy. We have to redesign our bunkers. We have to make our troops bunkers so that there are cameras that seek out the enemy with heat seeking vision and night vision and movement vision and noise detection and any other way that will detect the enemy. We have to put mechanical decoys out on the perimeter around bunkers that will see and shoot at the enemy. Make these decoys look like branches on trees, movable rocks, flying birds or insects, plants or flowers or any other disguise that will fool and identify the enemy. Use computers that will use heat vision that finds movement of enemy to identify approaching enemy troops. Once the enemy is seen and identify there has to be a different way than sticking up one’s head and firing at the enemy. A computer will see the enemy and will control a weapon to accurately shoot at the enemy. That’s right! Let’s use computers to accurately attack the enemy!!! We do it in video games, let’s do it in real life. Let’s use computers to save our troop’s lives!!! No more sticking our troops heads out of bonkers to fire at the enemy!!! A computer will do the fighting for them!!! A computer can identify and accurately shoot at an enemy just as well as our troops can. So why not do it? Why put a soldiers life on the line when a computer can do just as well of a job? Then we must redesign our troops bunkers so that computers find and fire upon the enemy. We will have bullet proof cameras and guns stationed around the bunker to see and fire upon the enemy. We will have decoys put up throughout the bunkers that will draw enemy fire which the computers will pick up and fire upon. These decoys that look like soldiers will help the enemy waste their ammunition and as they fire upon our troops. Then we must redesign body protection for our troops that protects their whole body not just the mid section. Perhaps a bullet proof trench coat with a bullet proof Dart Vader style helmet would help our troops. Also we have to give our troops bullet proof shields to hide behind as they approach or look for the enemy. But most of all we have to initiate policies that will make wars not desirable. In Afghanistan we have a country that is rich in minerals yet I bet there isn’t one mining company. If we were to let the people of Afghanistan, with the world’s assistance, own and operate the mining of their minerals then we would see a whole new attitude by the Afghan people. They would not want war but would want to be part of the new economy that would be part of their country. Also Afghanistan is fertile land for the growing of pomegranate. If all nations around the world were to make pomegranate a required juice drink for all school kids then I’m sure that the farmers of Afghanistan would be kept busy and happy delivering this product to the world. Give the people economic opportunity to better themselves is how you turn a warrior into a peace maker. We have to do the same around the world. We have to turn warriors into peace makers! We have to change the mindset of someone from bad into good.////// Back to the government and it’s inability to pass a budget for our country. The Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for six months and the President and the Democrats have controlled the Presidency and the Senate for two and a half years and neither side have yet to come up with a plan to get America out of the financial mess we are in. Now I will say that President Obama made things a whole lot worse when he extended the Bush tax cuts in a deal with the Republicans that got the Republicans to sign on to some of his desired legislation. We would not be in such a financial mess if President Obama hadn’t caved in to the Republicans when he signed the two year extension of the Bush tax cuts. Also Congressman Ron Paul, who is also a Republican candidate for President, does offer some solutions to our government’s financial mess. However even he doesn’t go far enough. So with that said let me offer the summery of my plan to solve America’s economic problems. My Better America Plan would totally change the way our government is run. Let me start with which government agencies I would eliminate. I would eliminate the Labor Department, the Department of Education and NASA. Why you may ask? Because we don’t need them. We don’t need the Labor Department because basically all they do is do a head count of how many people are employed in the United States. Who cares but the money dealers on Wall Street. This information doesn’t make our lives any better but obtaining this information is making our lives worse by requiring us taxpayers to pay for another worthless Government employee. Now If there are labor laws that need investigating and prosecuting then the Department of Justice should be the way to handle these problems. We don’t need the Department of Education because first of all we could figure out a different way to get college loans to students. Also it’s about time we start figuring out a way to make computers the teachers for us all about anything we want. Like I said earlier perhaps we could get ‘Watson’, the IBM computer, to teach all of us anything at anytime. If we could teach for free then we wouldn’t need student loans! Why are we paying thousands of teachers in thousands of classrooms to teach the same thing? Considering that our nation is broke we have to start looking for the least expensive way to do everything. It’s about time we get a frugal attitude about our government. Now as far as NASA goes why are we paying for thousands of day dreamers? NASA is the biggest waste of money in our government. Just think of all the good if we were to have all those NASA scientist in the medical field or other scientific fields doing things that would surely benefit us. Instead we pay them to daydream about space! Why did we go to the moon? We’ll never live there. On the dark side of the moon it is nearly 300 degrees below zero for weeks on end! Who wants to live up there! We’ll never live on Mars yet these scientist who are wasting there time and our money are spending billions of our tax dollars exploring places we’ll never want to be. NASA says there are minerals on Mars and water on the Moon that we could use. HA!!! We could use the money down here that we are spending for NASA’s day dreamers fantasies about space travel. Besides we got enough water and minerals down here and who will want to go in space and work in an environment that is 300 degrees below zero with no beaches or any beautiful landscape to enjoy. If you won’t want to live in the desert or the South Pole what makes you think you are going to want to live and work on the Moon or another planet!!! To spend money exploring space is a waste of time and money. To spend massive amounts of money to take pictures of space is an expensive way to pay for just photographs. Maybe we could sell the photographs to recoup our wasted taxpayers dollars but we’ll never get our money back that way or any other way. Now onto the U.S. Postal Service. The Postal Service is a place where we can save a lot of money. First we are going to get rid of Saturday delivery of mail. Then we can further reduce the cost of the U.S. Postal system by limiting residential Postal delivery to three days a week. In very rural areas mail delivery will be limited to two days a week. Commercial business routes would still get 5 days a week mail delivery as well as businesses on other routes except small businesses on very rural routes. Those that want more delivery of mail can always get a Post Office Box number. Then the U.S. Post Office is a great place to have the handicap people who are guaranteed a life time job to work. Those handicap people who can do the Post Office jobs will have the opportunity to work there. It would also help them mentally to be able to mingle with the public as well as give the public the opportunity to see and relate to the handicap people. Then we are going to go through every department of our government on the Federal level and the State level and see if their are any jobs that can be replaced with the ‘Watson’ style computer. We have to do our best to eliminate every Government job that we can do without. After all Government employees and Government obligations and Government things are the main reason our country is in this financial mess. Oh yea, we can’t forget about the main reason we are in this financial mess, Wall Street. Wall Street has caused our country more problems than all of our enemy’s combined! Wall Street have ripped off us Americans with their financial hustling schemes and have gotten away with it with the help of the Republican Party. The Republican Party prevents the passage of any laws that would rein in the money making schemes of Wall Street. Of course we won’t have these problems if the worst Democratic President of modern day era former President Bill Clinton hadn’t allowed Wall Street to take our bank account money and use it to gamble on the speculation market and other money making schemes. As much as President Clinton likes to brag how good the economy was under his watch he just happened to lucked out by being in office at the time that the computer industry grew from nothing into something. Bozo the Clown would of had a good economic time as President with all the computer economic growth that happened during the 1990’s so it wasn’t President Clinton that caused the economic growth that happened then. However he does deserve credit for not involving America in any wars which is one of the main reasons for budgets to become more broke. However he passed up the one opportunity for America to have a better opportunity to have peace with the Arab world when he brought Yassir Arafat and Israel to the peace table and let them go their separate ways without any peace at all. We all know what happened after that. The next and worst President of all time President George Bush jr. allowed Israel to treat Yassir Arafat as if he were a rat in a hole and bombarded his headquarters mercilessly for weeks on end until a mysterious illness caused his death. This action caused the Arab community to look at America with such disdain and hatred that one of those Arabs, namely Osama bin Laden decide to put the 9-11 terrorist attack into action. Of course former President Bush jr. and his evil side kick Vice President Dick Cheney won’t take responsibility for causing 9-11 to happen but God is waiting for them to pass judgement on all of their actions and the Devil has a place reserved in Hell for all their actions. However none of this would of happened if President Clinton would of resigned from office 20 months before his term expired and let Vice President Gore take over to show America what kind of a President he could of been. Instead President Clinton stayed in office and many American voters passed judgement in the next election with disdain directed at President Clinton and voted against Vice President Gore. Then the biggest jerk of them all Ralph Nader decided his ego needed stroking and decided to run for President which further hurt our chance for a better America. So thanks President Clinton and Ralph Nader for screwing up our country. And now we got President Barack Obama destroying the Democratic Party with his way of governing. After the 2010 election so many of us thought that the days of Republican rule was over. But President Obama resurrected the Republican Party with his spend all he can policies. Then he further aggravated the problem when he extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich which only drove our country more broke. This broken economy is what the Republicans are running on and they are using it to convince the dumb ass Americans to vote for them again!!! However these dumb ass Republicans have yet to come up with one idea that all Americans could agree upon to get America out of their economic calamity. In fact the Republicans are stonewalling against the solutions that are needed to get us out of this financial mess. The Republican Party resists any tax hikes for the very rich saying it would hurt the economy. Yet the Republicans are hurting the economy by preventing the government from collecting enough money from taxes to run our government. The Republican Party wants the economy to worsen because they know that is the only chance they have of winning the next election. But then President Obama and the Democrats aren’t cutting enough out of the budget either and that is why I am offering all of you my Better America Plan. To continue on with my suggestions on how to correct America’s economic problems we will now discuss the largest economic problem of them all, the military. The military is driving us broke, as well as the welfare system and the social security system and the cost of government employees and paying for government things. These five things we have to cut drastically in some way for our country to survive. So let’s start with the military. We have to stop trying to be the policeman of the world. We don’t need military bases in Germany. After all World War Two is over and the Russians are going to ever attack America so what are we doing there. We don’t have to be in Korea for the North Koreans are never going to attack South Korea and if they did most of the North Korean Army would defect to South Korea. We don’t need troops in Japan. There is no threat from them or anyone else in the area. China is no threat to us in any way but economically. And if we are to beat China economically we have to cut our entire budget in every way we can and raise as much revenue as we can. I only hope that all of you Americans understand that no matter which political party you come from because your future depends on it! To further cut the Federal budget we have to cut the cost of how we run our Government. We can do that by cutting Congress temporary for ten years to a 31 member Governing Board. This elected board will have at it’s disposal an elected seven member board of professional investigators who will individually investigate anything that needs investigating. Now in order to do this we will have to do it with a change in our Constitution. To do this we will have to have a nation wide collection of signatures for a petition to put on this plan into law in every State. You lawyer folks are going to have to work this one out on how to do it. Then to further cut the cost of Government we will limit retirement benefits of all government employees to a maximum of $25,000 a year. Being that all government employees have been part of an organization that has driven our country broke government employees don’t deserve any more than that. The only ones exempt from this would be wounded warriors and wounded law officers. Then we will make it so that a person cannot work for the government more than eight to ten years. Exempt from this rule will be the military and critically needed personnel. Also exempt from this will be all critically handicap people who will be offered a life time job with the Government. These handicap people getting guaranteed Government jobs will only include the blind, deaf or those that cannot speak, cerebral palsy people, those with missing limbs or others with very extreme disabilities that they are born with that are able to work. However overweight people, drug addicts, smokers, alcoholics and mental problem people will not benefit from this lifetime guaranteed government job program. Doing this will further limit the cost of retirement benefits and welfare payments payed by the tax payers. Then we will change the welfare system. There will be no more something for nothing programs. If someone wants assistance from the Government then that person will have to work for that assistance. People will report to their local mayors office where the mayors will determine what work in the community the recipients of Government aid will perform in order to get the assistance. All people receiving food stamps, child support assistance, unemployment compensation assistance, housing assistance, medical assistance, Social Security Disability assistance or any other assistance will have to work for their assistance. So that all these people receiving Government aid can get to their required Government work a photo I.D. bus pass will be issued with a way to securely show that the pass is only being used to travel back and forth to the required work site. With this new massive workforce available to every mayor across America all of our real estate taxes should be coming down. Initiating this policy will also give incentive to people to find work in the public sector. We are also going to change the way the Social Security System is run. Older people will start taking care of themselves. With the work force that mayors will have at their disposal we will also have able body Social Security recipients work a certain amount of hours at nursing homes to take care of the elderly. This work force will also help seniors in their homes with whatever help they need. Then we will open Government run nursing homes that will provide care to the elderly and sick who cannot pay for their own health care. Then to bring down the cost of medicine to the poor we will have the Government buy medicine for the poor and distribute it through the local drug stores. I know a lot of you are shouting socialism but we have to figure out the cheapest way to take care of those that can’t take care of themselves. It’s either that or watch your taxes go up as we pay profiteers massive amounts of tax money to do it instead. It’s an either or situation. We can’t let capitalism profiteering drive up the cost of programs that the taxpayers have to support. We have to figure out the cheapest way to run our government or our government will drive us broke which is exactly what it is doing. Also we are also going to initiate a policy that will stop the problem of woman having one kid after another and putting them and their children on Government assistance which makes us the tax payer have to pay for the family. After having one child on welfare a mother will have to have her reproductive tubes tied. After having two children on welfare a mother will have to have an hysterectomy. We also have to start offering a free government program to women to have their tubes tied and free hysterectomies. This should be done world wide. We should set up a privately funded program where we’ll pay women $1,000 dollars or more or less to have a free hysterectomy. This is the only way we will control poverty for many while not sending the rest of us into deeper debt. Then we have to figure out ways to bring in more money to the government so that the government can pay it’s bills while paying off the national debt. Now one way we can cut the cost of Government is to require those that profit from using the Lords name to profit themselves while not doing the Lords work will stop doing that. Religions are the biggest hypocritical organizations in the world. They all brag about being the house of God yet all of them are hardly nothing more than self feel good clubs practicing ritualism. If religions want their no tax exemption then the religions are going to have to do the Lord’s work. All religions wanting tax exempt status will have to provide food and housing for the poor. These places of worship are not used at night and could be used at night to let the homeless get a little sleep there. These religious places can help feed the poor a meal without much problems. So we are going to make a law that says 35 percent of the money received by tax deductible religious organizations must go toward feeding and housing the poor. We are going to make religions organizations and religious people actually do the Lord’s work. Then we are going to end another tax deductible welfare program. We are going to make it so that the only tax deduction you can have is tax deductions for organizations that feed, house or medically care for the poor people or animals. That’s it, nothing more. No more are you going to use a tax deduction to finance right or left wing organizations that do nothing more than yak yak their opinions about subjects of concern to mainly only themselves. No more are you going to use tax deductions to finance organizations that entertain the rich or anyone else. Now these organizations that get these tax deductions will have to spend the majority, say 80 percent of their tax deductible money on the people or animals that they are saying that they are helping. Then we are going to go over the whole tax code to make sure that there is no more schemes to avoid paying taxes and no more welfare for the rich tax avoiding schemes. Then we are going to help revitalize the American manufacturing base by making a law that exempts any new manufacturing plant from paying any kind of tax for five years. This will include Federal, State, Social Security, income tax, sales tax or any other tax. Then we are going to put a tariff tax on all imported goods from around the world. If the world expects America to police and care for most of the people around the world then they are going to help pay for this chore. We are the world’s biggest consumer market place and we are going to make sure that Americans get jobs creating this market place. No more shipping jobs over seas or across borders. Then we are going to drastically cut down the cost of Government by changing the way we run our prison systems. It is costly and ridiculous the way we punish criminals for the wrongs that they have done. We are going to offer non violent criminals a chance to work off their sentences in government run work programs that are geared to actually rebuild America in ways that need to be done. All violent prisoners and those prisoners not willing to work off their sentences will be put in prisoners camps in fields where the climate is not extreme where they will be separated by fences, barb wire and ankle chains in 50 feet by 50 feet sections where they will stay until their full sentence is served. They will have the opportunity to work to get a remote controlled indestructible limited access t.v. and limited access computer to learn how to be a better person. No more paroles for good behavior because their bad behavior won’t bother anyone but themselves. No more spending millions and probably billions of dollars on babysitting criminals. We are going to use this prisoner guard workforce in the police forces around the country where they are needed. In their approximately 50 foot by 50 foot area the prisoner will have a twenty foot by twenty foot cement block house that will have their bed, toilet, shower, sink, eating bench and table, t.v. and computer. All will be indestructible. Food will be delivered by a small train as will supplies. Nothing from the public will be given to the prisoners. Letters will be copied and delivered and anything allowed for possession by prisoners will be bought by the prison staff with the prisoners money. No contact will be between anyone and the prisoners. No more babysitting prisoners. We will have a moving camera keeping an eye on all prisoners. ///// Back to America’s economy. The more I hear the news from Washington about how both parties voice their opinions on what to do about the economy the sicker and more disgusted I get. These politicians should all be fired! The Republicans are nothing more than a bunch of idiotic capitalistic pigs and the Democrats haven’t yet come up with a way to get us out of the economic financial mess that all these entitlement programs have caused. President Obama foolishly caused much of this mess by extending the Bush tax cuts and now we are stuck with the dictatorial ways of the Republican party’s insistence that there be no new taxes. The Republicans still insist that the rich needs their tax cuts to create jobs. That is the most idiotic thing to say. The only thing that creates jobs is demand! Period! If there is no demand then you can give the rich all the money you want and they won’t be able to create any jobs! If the rich were to have their taxes raised and there was demand for goods they would have enough money still to create jobs to meet whatever demand there was. If they don’t have the money they can find ways to borrow the money. We can lower taxes for companies but not for individuals. It’s the companies that create jobs, not individuals! Individuals create demand and companies fill the demands! The rich have most of what the companies make so we have to get more individuals to buy the things that companies make. Like I already said the economy is like a huge pie. The more the people can buy a piece of the pie the bigger the pie will be. When more people can buy things in our economy our economy grows. It’s as simple as that. The rich don’t buy a lot of things in our economy. They have all the things that our companies make. So they buy foreign cars, go on foreign trips or invest in schemes that don’t create jobs! So we have to get rid of the bush tax cuts for the rich and end all tax loopholes and then lower companies taxes. We should give a tax free benefits to all new hires for one year also. Then we should end all entitlement programs and initiate the something for something programs that I already described! Then we should charge tariffs for most imported goods while we Americans start buying American made and owned goods. That is the only way out of the economic mess we are in! Are you going to do it America! The choice is yours! Either save America or kiss it goodbye! This message is to all the law enforcement people around the world and to all the criminal people around the world. It’s about time that we start using technology to find out the truth when it comes to questioning criminals and suspects. I hear that there is a way to identify certain changes in certain chemicals or brain waves when a person is lying and doing their best to cover up the truth. Law enforcement people have to test those suspects that they are questioning to see if they are telling the truth or lying. A lie detector test that is now used is not enough. We have to see inside the body and look at the mind and the chemicals the mind makes when someone is lying to find out the truth of the matter. Now this can be done right now I believe because the law enforcement officials are going to be initially using the information from this new way of telling who is telling the truth to find out who is the real suspects in a crime. They won’t be using it yet in the court room. So nobody can refuse this test because it does not yet involve the trial of whatever wrongs that the police are investigating. It is only to find out if someone is lying or telling the truth. And in doing this the police can better zero in on the guilty suspects and put the pressure on them to get to the truth of the matter that they are investigating. We have to start doing this type of test on suspects that are under investigation by police. We can’t let another O.J. or Anthony family get away with murder. If we have to make laws that allow it then let’s get these laws created. We have to put road blocks up in front of criminals who want to do wrong and this test is one heck of a road block! Now back to the economy. Just as I predicted the conning ungodly capitalistic pigs Republicans are up to their extortionist conning ways again. Now they are using the August 2nd deadline for a deal to avert default by the American Government to get what they want. As much as we all know that we Americans have to cut the cost of Government the way the conning Republicans are proposing to do it is out right selfish and irresponsible. The only plan for reducing the cost of our Government that the Republicans have presented so far is to privatize Medicare and raise the retirement age of beneficiaries in the future. Then they want to lower the cost of Government programs to I think it was the 2006 level while requiring the government to have a balanced budget without offering any idea on how to do it. That’s It! A cut, cap, and balance plan! Yet no details at all on how to achieve it! Then the Republicans complain and holler about President Obama not offering any details about how he and the Democrats are going to achieve their plan to cut the federal budget by I believe it was 4 trillion dollars over so many years. The Republicans also refused to endorse and support the plan because it contained taxes. Of course President Obama should of offered more details on his plan but he was willing to negotiate what those cuts would be. The Republicans want all Americans to suffer immensely while they do not suffer at all because they don’t want to pay any more taxes and won’t under their extortionist plan that they are conning America into having to accept. By holding off on any deal that will avert a Government default on Aug. 2 the Republicans have forced our Government to have to immensely cut spending without bringing in any more revenue. The conning Republicans are going to make America go on a fiscal diet while it is in the middle of a recession. While America is hurting the most the unfeeling Republicans want Americans to hurt more. So what President Obama should do is to cut the budget by closing every Government office and military base in every Republican district in America that he can. Also cancel any construction contracts and any other Government contract that is in Republican districts or controlled or owned by any Republicans nation wide. If the Republicans don’t want to pay for the Government then they won’t get anything from the Government! It’s time to play tough President Obama! If Congress wants to lead our country into default the they should be the LAST ones payed when our country goes into default. Also All government employees beside the military should not be payed. Then we should pay only severe emergency Medicare and Medicate payments and Social Security payments to recipients making less than $40,000 a year. Also Social Security Disability payments will go out to only those with very severe mental and physical disabilities. The Republicans are now playing hardball with our country’s economy and using extortion to it’s extreme to get the budget cut as much as possible as long as it doesn’t affect them. They yak about President Obama not coming up with any details about how he plans on cutting the budget yet offer no details themselves. The Republicans have forced our country to cut billions and trillions of dollars from our budget and yet have offered no details on how to do that. Unfortunately we Americans are also represented by a bunch of dumb ass Democrats who also offer no details. Everyone says we must cut our budget and no one but me offers any way to cut the budget. The Republicans brag that they are offering the cut, cap and balance law that they insist will solve our problems but they offer no details on what they will cut, some info on what they will cap and no information how they will balance our budget. The only idea that the Republicans have offered yet on what to do with the budget is the Ryan plan which was a ridiculous way to fix our budgetary problems. /// Now onto the problems in the Gulf states and their lack of rain and droughts. When are all of you people experiencing drought in the lower Southeast going to sue BP Oil for all of your miseries. After all it was the BP Oil spill in the Gulf that is causing the drought. So shouldn’t they pay for it?! Your problems with the drought will be going on for the next several years so your financial problems will continue. Don’t let those that caused your problems to get away for paying for it! The resent thunderstorm that fizzled when it hit Texas is only proof that the weather pattern in the Gulf is drastically changed since the BP Gulf oil spill. That storm would of ordinary turned into a near hurricane or a hurricane but instead turned into nothing but a little rain. Wake up America, you have a problem in the Gulf and the Government and all of it’s agencies are doing nothing about it! Neither is BP Oil!!!!! ////////CONTINUATION OF THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF LIFE….. ” They killed me.” answered Jesus. “Say what,” I exclaimed beyond belief. Jesus looked at me with such sorrow and cried out “Yes,they murdered me in the most cruel and vicious way they could. The spirits on that planet forced me to carry a heavy wooden cross a long way through angry mobs of spirits who cursed and spat upon me as they threw rocks and other things at me. They also whip lashed me along the way. Then these spirits hung me on a cross with steel nails that they embedded into my hands and feet.As my blood dripped from the crown of thorns that they stuck into my head, the nail wounds and from the whip lashes that gave me along the way they then challenged me to create some miracle to get myself out of the murder that they were imposing upon me.”

“I looked at them all, knowing that they all misunderstood just what the truth of life is and couldn’t comprehend just what it was I was trying to teach them. All I could say was, ‘God forgive them for they do not know what it is that they do’! Then they took a steel spear and stuck it into my side to insure I would physically die. After that they took body down from the cross and stuck it into a hole in the wall. After getting over all this shock That I just went through I left my physical body behind and transferred into to my spiritual body. My spiritual body appeared to those who were watching my physical body. I hoped that this witnessing of life after death would help them understand what the truth of life was but it seems that I failed at that.” said Jesus sorrowfully.

I stood there speechless just wondering how these spirits could do such horrendous actions against another spirit for just telling them the absolute truth of life. “Jesus,” I said ” Surely you must of convinced someone that there is life after they leave this planet. Surely someone understands the truth of life! Surely someone has figured out just what it was you were trying to tell them! Your death must not be in vain!”

“Since my physical death I’m sorry to say that the spirits on that planet still don’t understand the absolute truth of life,” answered Jesus slowly,”You must understand that these spirits on this planet are a bunch of misinformed spirits. They have totally lost conception of who they are and just who they are and why they are able to enjoy life on this paradise they call Earth. They are a terrible disappointment.” said Jesus sadly. ” To try to explain the truth of life the spirits on Earth have created many kinds of organizations that they call religions. Just about all of these religions dictate that it’s members construct magnificent expensive buildings to pray in as their richly roped and richly cared for leaders instruct them in many different ways on their opinion on how to worship God and what is the absolute truth of life. Although God is somewhat pleased to hear prayers of worship God is sorrowed by the expensiveness of the place of worship whose buildings are not even offered to the homeless to sleep sheltered from the blistering night cold.”

“In fact the spirits on this planet spend more money and energy on building and maintaining these houses of worship than they do on the poor.” Jesus said.

Another spirit said ” Just as these spirits on this planet turned their backs on Jesus when he was born on this planet they continue to do the same to many more spirits. They don’t understand that to worship God one must also respect, care for and love all of God’s spirits. They don’t realize that the spirit of God is within all of us.”

Another spirit then said “These spirits don’t know that to worship God one only needs to meditate within one’s spiritual self to feel the presence of God’s spirit. One needs not build expensive buildings to pray to God. In fact God would rather see all that money and energy instead go towards helping others. When one helps others then one is doing God’s work.”

“But with all of their praying these spirits on this planet still don’t know the truth of life.” continued the spirit. “These spirits have divided themselves into many different categories and are constantly antagonizing one another in many cruel ways because of the divisions that they bring upon themselves.”

“These spirits on this planet label themselves with many made up identities. Because of biological reasons they look different so they identify themselves with many different descriptions. However they attach all sorts of conditions on these identities that they use which causes them to loss touch of who they are.”

“When these spirits leave this paradise that they call Earth they will not even think of any of these identities that they have label themselves with. All the characters that they label themselves with on this planet shall be no more once they leave this planet. In the after life they are all the same, they are all only spirits. They are no different in the after life so they are no different during their life on this planet they call Earth.”

“However,” the spirit continued, “these spirits go further into dividing themselves by putting all sorts of identities on the pigmentation of their skin, place of birth, the way they look and the way they feel about each other.”

“So because of all of these separations that they bring upon themselves they lose touch of their self and why they are able to enjoy God’s gift to us spirits, this life on a beautiful paradise they call Earth.”

“The spirits on that planet don’t know that when they partake of Earth’s many pleasures for their own self satisfaction or at the expense of other spirits and not let their spiritual self become part of their physical self they are only abusing the gift of life on this paradise that God has given us.”

“These spirits on this planet do not partake of this paradise in the way that God had intended it to be” another spirit said. “They live in ungodly ways. These spirits exhibit selfishness, greed, hate, anger and bitterness towards one another. Surely that is not the way that God meant for us to be on this paradise.”

“I can’t believe what I just heard,” I exclaimed. “Of all the lives I have lived and all the planets I have existed on I have never encountered anything like this. This paradise that God has given us spirits must be changed so that the spirits who live there can be one with God so that they will be one with God when they leave this paradise and enter everlasting life. It is becoming apparent to me that for many spirits that may not be so.”

“You have told me much about these spirits that I can’t comprehend. I can’t understand why it is not apparent to these spirits on this planet they call Earth that they are all the same. They are all the spirits of God. Their life is the life that God has bestowed upon us spirits. That life is god’s gift to us! God’s life is our life! God’s spirit is within our spirit. God’s spirit is our life. Without God’s spirit we would have no life!”

The more I heard the more bewilder I became. I then asked “Tell me, what kind of identities have these spirits given themselves that causes all of you to worry so much?”

As the spirits looked at me sadly one of them said “These spirits have lived on this planet a long, long time. Because of the different climates that they live in their skin pigmentation changed to different shade.”

“However, these spirits attach all sots of identities upon themselves depending upon the shade of the shade of their skin pigmentation.They even made slaves out of massive amounts of spirits just because of their skin pigmentation.”

“But they are not the yellow, black, brown or white skin beings that they call themselves. these are just made up colors and identities that they have given themselves.”

“All of these made up color identities will have no meaning once they leave this paradise they call Earth” the spirit said. “When these spirits leave this paradise they will not even think of themselves as brown, black, white or yellow spirits because then they will have no skin pigmentation at all.”

“However,” the spirit continued, “these spirits who live on this planet are taught from the first moment of their live on Earth to the last moment that they are either a white, black, brown or yellow being. They are taught that by everyone on that planet for as long as life has been existing on this planet. They have been brainwashed into believing these made up identities that they have given themselves. It seems like this brainwashing will never end.”

“They are not the colors that they call themselves but yet believe it to be so. So because of all of these color identities and all of the other fictional identities that they identify themselves with these spirits on this planet lose touch of what God meant them to be. They lose touch of who they really are.”

“All of us spirits have been living on that planet at one time or another,” another spirit said. “All of us have been brainwashed too. We believed the things we were told.”

“We were even brainwashed enough to divide this beautiful paradise into what we called countries. That seems to be the most antagonizing thing that we have done on this planet.”

“There are numerous countries on this planet and almost every one of these countries have trained killers to protect themselves from other countries spirits,” the spirit continued. ” These countries armies of trained killers are instructed with expensive destructive weapons whose intention is to bring the most possible harm to other spirits from other countries on this planet.”

“These spirits are proud of of their trained armies of killers and give them rewards for killing other spirits on this planet,” the spirit said. “Can you imagine that! Giving awards for killing other spirits! These spirits never cease to shock us!”

“Most countries even use the name of God to try to justify their killings of other spirits. Some spirits even try to convince themselves that they are doing the work of God when they kill other spirits”

“How would God have anything to do with the taking of a physical life away from a spirit. Why do these spirits on Earth think that God would take away a physical life that God has bestowed upon us. These spirits on this planet don’t understand what is going on. They do not understand the absolute truth of life.” the spirit continued.

“They even have wars between these countries that they created. You wouldn’t believe how many spirits have already been killed in these wars. As these spirits battle each other in these wars they fight to their deaths. The purpose of these wars is to kill the other country’s spirits. These spirits on this paradise are cruel.”

“These spirits on Earth even have had what they call World Wars. Many countries have joined in these World Wars and many beings have perished in these World Wars. These spirits have had two World Wars already. However you can say that since the beginning of time that these spirits on this planet have always been at war!” exclaimed the spirit.

“Now all the spirits on Earth fear what they call World War III. That’s because certain warring countries now possess what they call nuclear bombs. These countries already have enough of these nuclear weapons to blow up the world 60 times over. Can you imagine that! Now we all wait in fear because these spirits on this planet might just disintegrate this beautiful paradise.”

Another spirit then said “On this planet there are many other kinds of bad spirits who are killers who kill for many other reasons. These spirits kill each other for this stuff they call money. They kill others because of lust in their minds. They kill each other because of the hate they have for another spirit. They kill with no remorse at all. They have even made games of killing of other species. on this planet.”

“These spirits on this planet kill without knowing that when they kill another spirit they are also taking away God’s life that is inside of the spirit that is inside the physical body of the one that they killed. These killers are hurting God as they are hurting others and themselves. Because God will never welcome killers into God’s spiritual paradise,” exclaimed the spirit.”

I stood there baffled beyond belief. The more I heard about the spirits on this planet the more concerned I became. I wondered why these spirits let their lives progress the way they did. The life that the spirits faced on that planet sounded harsh and cruel.

“Tell me, “I said, “Surely the spirits on that planet know how to enjoy life in a good way. God must find some pride and happiness in the life that God has given us.”

“Oh yes,” answered a spirit, “Most of the spirits on that planet do show love and kindness toward other spirits but they do not show love towards all of God’s spirits. Many spirits only show love towards the spirits they know.”

“These spirits enclose themselves in groups called families and friends. These families and friends are mostly made up of loving, kind and peaceful groups of spirits. It is truly beautiful how the families and friends co-exist. God is aglow with joy from the wonderful experiences these spirits have with their families and friends.”

“However these spirits show a lack of concern for the spirits that are not part of their families and friends. They turn their back on those that they do not love or like. They mostly care only for the well being of their family and friends and the heck with anyone else.”

.”Their lifestyles are are most evident of the lack of concern they have for other spirits on this planet,” continued the spirit. “These spirits on this planet are ruining this planet in every way possible. They have polluted the air, the water and the land with the waste that they have created from the way that they live. They don’t seem to care that they are slowly killing this planet and all that live on it. They don’t seem to care to stop doing it either. They don’t have a plan to stop it and aren’t seeking a plan to stop it.”

“We don’t know how much longer this planet can sustain the life threatening way of living that these spirits on this planet have adapted. The time is fast approaching when life on this planet may die because of the pollutants that they have manufactured. They don’t realize how fragile an environment can be. The end of life on other planets came about because of the environment and the same could happen here. That must not be so!” exclaimed the spirit.

“This is a beautiful paradise that should be passed on forever from one generation of spirits to the next generation of spirits. Let no generation of spirits deny the next generations of spirits that privileged of life on this paradise!”

“This is a one of a kind paradise. Nowhere is life the same on other planets. Nowhere else is the joy of physical life so enjoyable and wonderful.”

“It is not right that these spirits are destroying this planet for their own satisfaction. It is not right that this planet is being destroyed with such ungodly, selfish and sadistic lifestyles”

Another spirit then said, “Their lifestyles and ideological way of thinking have led these spirits on this planet to create different systems of governing. They have what they call a capitalistic system, a communist system, a socialist system and other ways of governing themselves.”

“Some of these ways of governing are so unjust, cruel, self centered and evil. Some of these systems and governments enslave the majority of the spirits on this planet. This planet that God has given us to live on was meant to be enjoyed and not to enslaved for survival. The material happiness and financial gains that these systems of governing have have to offer causes most spirits on this planet to lie, cheat and steal from other spirits while it causes other spirits to literally work themselves to death.”

“Sadly none of these systems seem to be adequate when it comes to taking care of the poor and needy on this planet. There are many spirits enjoying the many material wonders of this paradise and there are many more spirits that are barely able to survive. There are many spirits who can fill their stomachs with the many delicious foods this planets has to offer yet there are many more spirits who are literally starving to death or are going hungry from lack of enough food to eat.”

“Because of the way this planet evolved some land was able to grow food easier because it was more fertile. But because these spirits divided up this planet into different countries some spirits have the ability to grow food while others don’t”

“Then these spirits who can grow more food selfishly store mass amounts of food for their own benefit. Meanwhile other less fortunate spirits suffer mentally and physically from lack of food,” continued the spirit sadly. “To share the many bounties on this planet with all of the spirits so that everyone could find happiness was God’s intention. Sadly that that has never ever happened.”

I stood there speechless momentarily and then said “How could all of this be true? How could all of these things I was told happen to such a beautiful paradise? How could something so spectacular turn so ugly? I just wonder if this gift of physical life to us spirits on this beautiful wonderful planet will be wasted away. Only they and time will tell. What a future to have to face.”

I looked at Jesus and the rest of the gathered spirits and said, “I know now why you feel so much concern and sorrow for the spirits on this paradise they call Earth. But tell me, what is your reason for telling me all of these things. You act like I’m now part of this life on this planet.”

Jesus then said,”It is now your turn to partake of the physical wonders that this paradise has to offer. It is now your time to experience the physical life on this planet we have all had a chance to live on called Earth. Enjoy it the best you can but share the enjoyment with everyone else and not just yourself. And help preserve this planet so that this paradise will go on forever.”

“Share with all this wonderful paradise and you’ll be sharing the gift of life and love that God has given us. You will possess a mind that will give you the ability to love and care for all the spirits on this planet or you can be selfish, self centered and cruel towards other spirits on this planet.”,/p>

“The choice is yours but do not forget that you are a spirit that remembers all. You are a spirit that knows the absolute truth of life. You are going to be a spirit inside a physical body that has the spirit of God within your spirit!”

Jesus continued, “We want you to tell the spirits on this planet what we have told you. We want you to tell them the absolute truth of life. Tell these spirits that they do not die when their physical body stops functioning but instead only transfer onto their next existence, their spiritual existence. Tell them to not fear their physical death but to rejoice in life everlasting. Tell these beings on this planet to be one with God so that God can be one with them in God’s spiritual heaven. Tell them to be ready for the after life on this planet. Tell them that they are a spirit inside a physical body that has the spirit of God within their spirit!”


I’m madder than hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! Also all of you Americans should feel the same! I’m sure you do! I’m talking about our country’s credit rating and why it was downgraded from AAA to AA+. The RepubliCONS are trying to blame President Obama for this downgrading and as much as he deserves some of the blame for this downgrading when he extended the Bush tax cuts for two more years it was the Republican policies that has caused all of this mess. When the hell are you moron Americans going to stop being CONNED by these RepubliCONS! The RepubliCONS Bush tax cuts for the rich have destroyed our economy because they have drastically lessen our governments ability to collect revenue. President Obama had to get our Government to spend massive amounts of money to save our country from a financial meltdown when he took office two and a half years ago. President Obama had to save a select few of our banks from bankruptcy because if he didn’t then guess what folks, we would of had a repeat of 1930 Depression! Guess what folks, two and a half years ago our banks didn’t have enough money in their banks to cover our deposits. If all of you would have found that out and rushed to the banks to withdrawn your deposits you would not have been able to get your money! What happened in 1930 would of happen again! Our country would of been in a very deep Depression now if President Obama didn’t save our banking industry. However President Obama didn’t put limits on how much of that money would go towards bonuses and salaries but these bailed out companies did pay back most if not all of the money that they borrowed.

Also as much as President Obama is taking a lot of heat because under his presidency more people than ever before are collecting food stamps and welfare of all kinds just remember it was the RepubliCONS policies that created the recession we are in today that caused so many people to be out of work and needing government assistance!

The Depression in 1930 was started when a few people went to the bank to get their money out and was informed that the bank did not have their money on the books. The crisis we face today was caused by the RepubliCONS allowing the speculation market to exist which is one of the main reasons our country is in the financial mess is in today. In so much as it was former President Dumb Ass Clinton who allowed the speculation market to be created it is the RepubliCONS who are preserving this speculation CON game which we ALL have to pay for with our deposits. The RepubliCONS won’t pass laws that will end the speculation market so we the people are stuck with this CON game until we get rid of the RepubliCONS>!

So the only way we are going to solve our economic problems is to get the Republicans out of Congress while also getting the spend all you can Democrats out of office and replace them with fiscally responsible people. And as much as the Tea Party tries to pull the wool over our eyes with their lies about trying to get our Governments fiscal house in order these capitalistic racist pigs just are sick and tired of giving money to people that they hate! Yet these Republicans and their Tea Party members say over and over again that they want to rebuild America and blame President Obama for the condition America is in. These Republicans yak yak about cutting the Federal Budget and promising to balance the budget yet they offer no specifics what so ever on how they would achieve that. The RepubliCONS like to complain about how President Obama wrecked our economy yet it was the RepubliCons who wrecked our economy and President Obama had to spend massive amounts of money to get America out of the jam that the RepubliCONS created! The Republican candidates for public office are nothing more than a bunch of capitalistic pigs intent on preserving the rich peoples monies and insure ways for the rich of getting more money!


Folks, We got another big problem on our hands beside the economy. We have an environmental problem of great magnitude on our doorstep. We are not going to have any hurricanes or major storms in this part of the world at all this year. This will cause a lot less fresh rain water entering our ocean, water systems and environment which will lead to other problems. Because of the BP oil spill and all of the different dispersant that BP OIL used to combat the oil spill major thunderstorms and hurricanes that were impossible to form in the Gulf last year as only I predicted will not form in this part of the world at all this year. The different kinds of dispersant that BP Oil used has now spread all over the Caribbean and part of the Atlantic Ocean just North of the Equator. I don’t know if it is true but I heard that BP Oil is still using these different dispersant to fight the oil spill but if it is true we have to immediately get BP oil to stop doing this. We have to get a world wide boycott of BP Oil started to make BP Oil pay for the the damage that they have done to our environment. The drought in Texas and the lower parts of the Gulf States is caused by this BP oil spill and the damage continues.

It’s a sad time for the United States military and America. A helicopter was shot down and 31 people were killed in Afghanistan. We have to devise ways to insure that this won’t happen again. An idea that I think might work is to have all military helicopters lined inside and outside with bullet proof material. Engines, roller blades and other critical needed parts to fly would get additional bullet proof material. All troops would sit in bullet proof seats. All helicopters would have a bullet and grenade proof net attached to the sides and underside of the helicopters. This retractable three layered net would be extended about thirty feet from the helicopters. These bullet proof nets would be four inch squares that would be spaced to allow air to flow thru the three layers of protection but would be situated that no bullet or rocket fired grenade can get through. Once a part of the net is exploded by a grenade a new section would automatically roll out to cover that area.

Then we have to create a way so that road side bombs do not hurt our soldiers. We have to equip all vehicles with a system that absorbs the blast of a bomb. Also we have to look at ways that could stop the transmission of signals from cell phones to bombs. I’m not familiar with the transmission process of phones but I believe that we can create an absorption system to absorb the explosion of a bomb. By putting multiple layers of some kind of thick gooey liquid stuff encased in that lite strong steel mesh material would absorb much of the blast. This way by the time the blast force actually reaches the vehicle it would be decreased by enough so that it wouldn’t cause as much harm. Soldiers, protect yourselves in every which way you can! That’s an order! Especially from your families!


Well the RepubliCONS never stop amazing me. After the last election when they tried to brainwash us Americans with a capitalistic pig Governor from Alaska who couldn’t finish the job she was elected to because of fear from further scrutiny about how she conducted business as Governor the RepubliCONS have found another bullshit artist to carry their narrow minded ideological stupidity into the campaign season once again. Governor Perry is a joke just as Sarah Palin is a joke. Both go around making claims and charges yet never put forth details about why their charges are the truth or offer any details about how they would achieve what it is that they say they would do. Beware America! The RepubliCons will cut as much as they can from the Federal budget yet won’t say what they will cut. America will suffer big time from the Republicans if they control all branches of our Government.

More tomorrow or soon on what to do now. TO BE CONTINUED… /////